Alice Blue Online Trading Platform

Alice Blue Online is one of the well known discount broker in India. The discount broker provides trading platform for all types of browsers and devices. Some salient features of Alice Blue Online trading platforms are –

Alice Blue Online NEST review-

Alice Blue Online trading platform, NEST is available for download on its website and can be easily downloaded and installed on mobiles and desktops. The firm’s terminal-based software is an offering from Omnesys Technologies. The terminal has some amazing features and offering including-

  • Live monitoring of multiple stock markets.
  • Ease of placing orders aftermarket.
  • News, notifications, latest stock market updates, and other important alerts.
  • Feature of auto square-off and admin.
  • Availability of advanced computational trading interface.

Alice Blue Mobile App review-

Along with an amazing interface, the Alice Blue Mobile App lets you access your previous holdings, orders, market watch, account limits, etc. with quick and easy access. The application is light in size and offers a variety of features, making trade handy and quick for traders.

Alice Blue Online Benefits-

  • Utmost transparency with pricings and brokerage plans.
  • Offers exposure or leverage up to 20X in Intraday trading.
  • User friendly and easy-to-use trading platforms.
  • Offers competitive brokerage to traders.
  • Earning and referral features.

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