IPO Allotment Status – Check Date, Process and Allotment Status

Last updated on March 4, 2022

According to experts, IF you have decided to invest in current or upcoming IPOs in India, it is necessary for you to have a thorough knowledge of the IPO application process and associated terms like IPO allotment status, IPO allotment date and calculation. It reduces the chance of loss and misinformation. So, let’s first start with the basic definition of IPO allotment.

IPO allotment statusWhat is IPO Allotment?

IPO allotment status is meant to provide insightful details about the number of shares allocated to the investor in an Initial public offer (IPO).

The IPO allotment process is usually performed by the registrar of the IPO. IPO allotment date refers to the date when the allotment status is publicized on the web portal of the registrar of the IPO.

IPO Allotment Status – Allotment Procedure & Calculation

The procedure of IPO allotment usually takes place within a week of the IPO release date in the case of all Large-Cap IPOs. In the case of IPOs of Small and Medium Enterprises, it may take some more time. But in a majority of scenarios, the IPO allotment status is made available for checking within one week.

The calculation of IPO allotment is exhibited by the registrar of the IPO in a document named the Basis of Allotment. When it comes to doing an IPO allotment status check, investors can visit the portal of the registrar after the IPO allotment is done. They are also notified by NSE, BSE, CDSL, and NSDL through SMS and email.

Check IPO Allotment Status Here

Looking for the IPO allotment status of the latest IPOs. Click on the link given below –

IPO Name Open date Allotment Date Allotment Status
Aether Industries IPO Feb-22 Feb-22 Check Here
Campus Activewear IPO Feb-22 Feb-22 Check Here
Protean eGov Technologies IPO Feb-22 Feb-22 Check Here
Rainbow Children’s Medicare IPO Feb-22 Feb-22 Click Here
Vedant Fashions IPO 04-Feb-22 11-Feb-22 Click Here
Richa Info System Ltd IPO Click Here
Adani Wilmar Limited IPO Click Here


FAQs About IPO Allotment Status 2022

  • What is IPO Allotment Status?

The shares released under an IPO are allotted to individual stock investors via a lottery system if there is an oversubscription of IPO. The main objective of IPO allotment status is to furnish detail about the quantity of shares previously applied and eventually allotted to a specific investor in an IPO.

  • How can I check IPO allotment status?

The IPO allotment status check can be done online on the web portal of the registrar of the IPO. An investor can check allotment status by feeding his or her PAN Number or the IPO allocation number.

The registrar of the IPO also issues a basis of allotment document for this purpose. This document features the details of the number of applications he got and the way share allotment is done in the IPO.

  • What is IPO Allotment date?

Answer – An IPO allotment date means the day when the IPO allotment is revealed to the public. The particulars of the allotment can be checked on the official web portal of the registrar of the specific IPO. It exhibits the details of stock owners and usually takes one week to carry out the IPO allotment formalities.

  • What is the IPO Listing date?

The IPO listing date means the day when a fresh IPO is released in the stock exchanges initially. In other words, it is the day when the share of the company is released for the public under the IPO. In India, the shares are listed under BSE and NSE.

  • Where can I check IPO allotment status?

The IPO allotment status can be easily checked on the web portal of the registrar of the IPO.

  • What is an IPO register?

An IPO registrar plays a crucial role part in the issuance of the IPO and the overall IPO process. In other terms, they are usually referred to as registered financial institutions. The registration can be fetched from two authorities, i.e. SEBI and the respective stock exchange. The company willing to release its IPO can pick its registrar given its own terms and conditions.

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