MyValueTrade Review & Brokerage Charges

MyValueTrade Review


Basically, a part of the Master Capital Services Ltd, MyValueTrade (MVT) is a leading discount broking firm in India. Setup in the year 1985, Master Capital Services is among the leading financial services company in the country and possesses more than 1.5 lakh clients. The company is known to operate under the brand name ‘mastertrust’.

Based out of Ludhiana in Punjab, Master Trust Group is forayed into the discount brokerage domain through MyValueTrade in Aug 2014 and launched its online arm, MyValueTrade (MVT). MVT provides both flat fee per trade and unlimited monthly/yearly trading plans at a very competitive low brokerage fee.

The discount broker is primarily known for its easy and effective brokerage plan that features Rs. 10 per executed order or Rs. 1000 monthly or Rs. 1000 yearly plan for trading across all segments. One appreciable thing about MVT is its single login feature that provides its services including Trading, BackOffice, Analytics, Demat A/C, and Fund Pay in/Pay out services under one umbrella.

MVT’s trading and investment services are available for various segments including:

  • Equity
  • Commodity Trading
  • Derivative Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds

Another great feature by MVT is its Flexi-Balance that allows investors to trade across all segments with one amount and with zero hassle in transferring funds from one exchange to another. The broking firm also provides fund transfer facility with 45 leading banks of the country. There is also an option to trade in Mutual Funds, IPO, and NCDs.

MyValueTrade also supports After Market Order (AMO), ‘Cover Orders’ with an option of ‘Trailing Stop Loss’ for both Equity and F&O. The competitive brokerage rates at MyValueTrade along with cutting-edge trading platforms make the discount broker a hot favorite option among both the investors as well as traders.

The broking firm has an annual turnover of Rs. 4500 Crore Per Day across all exchanges.

Options Strategy – MVT’s Options Strategy offers advanced option trading strategies to investors such as Straddle, Strangle, Butterfly, Bull Spreads, Bear Spread and many more. You can also create your own strategies by using positions from the given strategies and get payoff tables & payoff graphs for personal positions or a portfolio, and also for the strategies you develop.

Multi City DR – MyValueTrade is one of the few service providers that provide multi city disaster management procedure. In easy words, MyValueTrade boasts of a trading infrastructure in different city from its primary trading data center. In case of any Force Majeure event, MyValueTrade has the power to harbor your trading from a particular site to another site with least impact on your trading.

MyValueTrade Membership Details

Types of Accounts

MyValueTrade (MVT) offers two trading plans to meet the varied trading needs of investors.

Per Order Executed

This trading plan offers trading at just Rs 10 per trade regardless to the size of the trade. The brokerage is charged as Rs 10 per executed order. Trading is available at BSE, NSE and MCX stock exchanges in equity, commodities and currency derivative segments.

Fixed Brokerage

This trading plan by MVT offers limitless monthly trading in across all segments at flat Rs 1000 per month.

Process to Open an account at MyValueTrade

You can easily open a trading account with MVT quickly by filling up an online form and uploading the E KYC online. The E KYC will then collect your information automatically and verify the same for account opening.

For Sub Broker Registration, the process requires filling up the form here & then you will receive a call. Post that an appointment will be scheduled with the representative & then documentation & Agreement process will take place. This entire procedure takes 2 weeks of time. SEBI Registration Certificate is mandatory for any Sub Broker registration. Check the below documentation.

MyValueTrade Trading Platforms

MVT Trader is a best-in-class trading platform built for seamless, safer & low latency trading by professional traders and investors.


This desktop-centric trading platform is crafted for seamless, secure & low latency trading by professional traders and investors. They offer advance charting tools for technical traders. This extremely easy to use trading terminal is available to all its customer for free of cost.

Its salient features are:

  • Advanced charting with 40+ technical indicators
  • Social media integration which allows investors to view the twitter feed of their account within the MVT Trader
  • Real-time updates for all NSE stocks
  • Option to view 4 business channels LIVE
  • Personalize and customize the trading platform as per one’s preferences

MVT Classic – WEB

It is a web browser-based trading platform and can be easily accessed on any browser anywhere. The major features are:

  • Single Sign-On which allows investors to perform multiple things under one login
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Access to all the markets across equity, currency, commodity and derivative segments

Please note that it is not a responsive application, so you might encounter some lags when you access it on a mobile or a tablet.

MVT Mobile App

Considering the rising use of mobile for stock trading, MyValueTrade boasts of a user-friendly mobile app that allows traders to stay active even on the go.

Its big features are:

  • Dual security login for extra layers of security
  • Real-time quotes availability of scrips across different trading segments
  • Almost all types of notifications right on the mobile app
  • Market watch sync feature to allow investors create and save a list of stocks

However, it is important to mention that the investors don’t prefer using this app due to its lack of functionality, features and overall user-friendliness. If you’re planning to use it, do check the review first before you move forward.

MyValueTrade Customer Care

My Value Trade provides customer care support through the following communication channels:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Web Chat
  • Social Media

The broker offers average customer service quality through a small team based out at the headquarter office in Ludhiana, Punjab. Overall the customer service is “lousy” in nature and does not actually focus heavily on delivering exceptional decent experience to its clients.

MyValueTrade Pricing

MyValueTrade (MVT) is known to have a very simple brokerage structure that is flat Rs. 10 per executed order.

Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery ₹10 per executed order
Equity Intraday ₹10 per executed order
Equity Futures ₹10 per executed order
Equity Options ₹10 per executed order
Currency Futures ₹10 per executed order
Currency Options ₹10 per executed order
Commodity Futures ₹10 per executed order
Commodity Options ₹10 per executed order


Charges under fixed monthly plan

Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Flat) ₹1000
Equity Delivery ₹0
Equity Intraday ₹0
Equity Futures ₹0
Equity Options ₹0
Currency Futures ₹0
Currency Options ₹0
Commodity Futures ₹0
Commodity Options


Account Opening Charges

Details Fee
Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time)    ₹555
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee)  Nil
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time)  Nil
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) Rs 400


Sr Services Charges
1 Account Opening Charges Nil
2 Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) NIL (First year only) / Rs 400/- p.a.
3 Dematerialization Charges Rs 20/- per DRF plus Rs 3/- per certificate
4 Rematerialisation Charges Rs 25 per certificate or 0.05% of the value of the transaction whichever is higher + Depository charges at actual
5 Custody Charges Nil
6 Transaction Charges (per Debit Transaction) Rs 15/- within DP / Rs 25/- Outside DP
7 Pledge Charges (per Transaction) Creation Invocation / Closure 0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 + Depository charges at actual
8 Speed-e & Ideas Subscribers (Password User) Rs 100/- p.a.
9 Additional Instruction Booklet Rs 50/-Containing 5 Leaves
10 Failed Instruction Intimation Rs 50/- per intimation instruction
11 Additional Statement of Holding/Transaction Rs 50/- + Rs 30/- courier
12 Non periodic statement Rs 20/-


MyValueTrade Margins

MyValueTrade is popular among investors by offering reasonable exposure, particular in intraday segment.

MVT offers the best-in-industry exposures in comparison to other brokers. With more than 30 times of the equity intraday exposure, there is a great option for investors to get excellent returns from their invested capital.

MVT Live

In order to keep its investors aware of latest industry happenings, MVT has a dedicated section named MVT Live where insightful information is provided to make investors learn the secrets of stock trading.

Referral Program

MyValue referral program is very much similar to the referral programs being offered by other discount brokers in the industry.

Anyone and everyone who wants to earn some extra bucks along with their regular job can become a part of MVT as a Sub Broker in the Referral Business model. This model has no obligatory or compulsory policies of minimum deposit or minimum business conversions.

The commission system is pretty simple. One will get flat Rs. 1000 for each reference.

The incentive is calculated every 10th of the month for all accounts opened in previous calendar month. The total amount is credited to the trading account of the user. He or she may utilize it for trading or withdraw to your bank account.

The Conclusion

MyValueTrade appears to be the best of all stock brokers due to various reasons – flat brokerage plans, average customer services, trading platforms, pricing and margins. However, there is not a single biggest plus point that can put this discount broker a league above others.

If you’re looking to get a mix of all the words, MVT is the one you can count on. But if you have a specific need from the discount broker, it is better to choose from others.


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