Beeline Broking Franchise or Sub Broker – Find Revenue Sharing, Security Deposit, and more

Last updated on September 19, 2022

Since the day began, Beeline Broking has been firmly established as one of the greatest discount brokerage firms. By proposing the coexistence of Traditional and Discount Brokerage Plans, the brokerage firm has changed the brokerage sector.

In 2014, the brokerage firm began its path to become one of the greatest of its type. From the day they began till the present, they have fulfilled their pledge to be the finest. The company’s headquarters are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and it provides trading platforms in some of the most competitive markets, including derivatives, equity, currencies, commodity, and reinsurance.

The brokerage firm provides Rs.18/- in commissions for each executed order in discount brokerage, intraday segments, and equity delivery. Beeline Broking is a recognized ODIN and NSE NOW partner. The firm is also registered with SEBI, NCDEX, and MCX, among other stock markets.

Beeline Broking’s sub-broker/authorized partnership scheme is described in detail in the following article.

Beeline Broking Franchise or Beeline Broking Authorized Person – Eligibility Criteria

Before examining the characteristics that are unique to Beeline Brokerage, it is essential to recognize the legal and regulatory requirements.

The following are the qualifying requirements for sub-brokers who wish to join the Beeline Broking network:

  • Education: The minimum educational requirement for sub-brokers of Beeline Broking is a 10+2 diploma from a nationally-recognized board. This criterion was established by the company to guarantee that the sub-broker has the knowledge necessary to undertake the legal and administrative responsibilities associated with this business.
  • Certificates: NISM certifications are necessary to apply for sub-broker positions with Beeline Broking. Before you may apply for a sub-broker position with Beeline Broking, you are required to pass the NISM certification test, which is mandated by SEBI. You can also clear the certification during the application process; however, you must have the certificate with you and it must be valid if you have already cleared it.
  • There is no substitute for years of experience in the business, whether you’re seeking for a career as a sub-broker or in another capacity. Only through such time spent in the field can you have a thorough understanding of the ins and outs of trading and investing. Doing so is crucial to serving the needs of the customers.
  • The candidate for the post of sub-broker must be knowledgeable about the various financial products. The firm’s products must be marketed to clients; hence, product expertise is required. The sub-brokers should possess the necessary foundational knowledge, and as investment products evolve, the company will train them accordingly.

Required paperwork to become a Beeline Brokerage Authorized Person

A minimum of the following papers are required:

  1. Identity proof – AADHAAR Card
  2. Address proof – Any address proof – AADHAAR will also do
  3. NISM Certificate
  4. SEBI Certificate of registration
  5. GST Registration certificate
  6. Investment proof
  7. Canceled Cheque
  8. Others as required

How To Enroll Or Register To Become A Partner Or Sub-Broker With Beeline Broking.

As one of the greatest stock brokerage firms available, they prioritize the simplicity of the joining procedure. Being a sub-broker for Beeline Broking is a straightforward procedure. To become one, simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the website and complete the form with the requested information.
  • After entering the required information, you will be forwarded to the next age group.
  • On this page, you must review all qualifying requirements and upload the required documentation.
  • If you meet all eligibility requirements, you will receive a call from a corporate executive.
  • You will then get more information on the application and verification processes. Once the verification is complete, your Beeline Broking sub-broker code will be produced, and you may begin the following step.
  • The generation of the sub-broker code takes a maximum of 45 days.

Fees or Security Deposit for a Beeline Brokerage Franchise

Being can be seen in the table, as a discount broker, the firm’s security deposit is very low, whether it be the minimum or maximum sum.

The business gives sub-brokerage rights for just Rs. 15000, which is a nominal cost in this sector, and the highest security deposit for this cheap brokerage firm is Rs. 25000, which is even less than the usual minimum security deposit for this industry.

Therefore, this opportunity is ideal for sub-brokers who are seeking possibilities to join the firm but are experiencing financial constraint.

You may establish a company with as little as Rs. 15,000 (about $200). Eventually, you can also raise their quantity to the maximum amount specified.

Beeline Broking Sub Broker Offers

The various options for sub-brokers of Beeline Broking are as follows:

  • Even though the minimal security deposit is so modest, the company provides a Rs. 10,000 initial deposit option. This implies that sub-brokers can begin their company with a Rs. 10,000 deposit and pay the rest amount later to fulfill the minimum security deposit requirement.
  • There is a customizable option for revenue sharing.
  • All Beeline Broking Authorized Persons may simply take advantage of the incentives after registering with Beeline Broking.

Beeline Brokerage Revenue Sharing or Sub-Brokerage Compensation

The minimal security deposit may lead one to believe that the income will similarly be low, however the reality is quite different.

The minimum revenue share for the sub-broker is fifty percent, which is comparable to the majority of full-service and bargain brokerage firms in the business.

As stated previously, there is a tremendous opportunity to generate significant earnings through revenue sharing.

The greatest commission a sub-broker may make is 75%, which, when compared to the maximum security deposit of Rs. 25000, is an enormous profit margin.

Why Partner with Beeline Broking?

Become a Beeline Brokering Partner for the below reasons:

  • Transparent business policies
  • Superb network
  • Outstanding revenue sharing model
  • one of the lowest required security deposit
  • Offering a variety of products and services

In conclusion, we can say that Beeline Brookings is taking steps toward becoming one of the best stock brokering houses in India and ensuring its place among the best by offering trading platforms in the most popular segments such as Derivatives, Equity, Commodity and Currency, Insurance, and several others with a revenue-sharing model of 50%-75% with the lowest security money and also by providing both platforms of Traditional Broking and Online Broking.

Despite all of this, the decision of which firm to pick as accountable partners or to join is always a question of personal taste.

Beeline Broking Sub Broker FAQs:

1.Ques: What is the Beeline Brokerage Commission?

Ans: Beeline Broking charges INR 18/- in discount brokerage, intraday segments, and equity delivery for each completed transaction.

2.Ques: What are the advantages of Beeline’s sub-broker model?

  • Adaptability in income distribution
  • The lowest required down payment
  • Training and assistance for everything One hundred percent business transparency
  • Numerous goods offered in popular sectors

3.Ques: What is the proposed revenue distribution?

Ans: Beeline Brokerage guarantees its Sub-brokers a minimum of 50% of the revenue share, which can reach as high as 75%.

4.Ques: What is the amount of the security deposit?

Ans: The lowest security deposit is INR 15,000/-, and the maximum range is INR 25,000/-.

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