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Last updated on September 22, 2022

HDFC securities

Franchise at HDFC Securities has been expanding rapidly in recent years. The HDFC Group’s banking broker provides access to a wide variety of equities, derivatives, futures, and option trading services for buyers and sellers in India.

Today, we have focused our efforts on writing this post in order to provide you with as much information as possible regarding the business prospects presented by HDFC Securities Sub Broker.

Information on their company plan, required security deposit, necessary infrastructure, other qualifying criteria, revenue-sharing arrangement, and the benefits of doing business with them are included in this article.

About HDFC Securities Franchise

HDFC Securities is a leading full-service brokerage firm in India that is supported by HDFC Bank, a well-respected institution in India’s conventional private banking industry.

After its patron and creator, Mr. Bharat Shah, registered the business in the courts of Mumbai, Maharashtra, in the year 2000, the franchise was officially established.

The company brags that it offers a wide variety of financial services and solutions to meet the demands of each investor.

With its recent success, HDFC Securities Sub Broker has expanded to 250 locations throughout the country in only 19 years.

It usually takes 30 days to get paid out when a new sub-broker code is activated, and 21 days to activate a code.

Pros and Cons of Owning an HDFC Securities Franchise
Any businessperson or entrepreneur would be wise to consider investing in the HDFC Securities franchise.

The brokerage firm has maintained a carefully thought-out and partner-focused business strategy. We urge you to consider the benefits and drawbacks carefully before moving further, though.

Below, we’ve outlined the benefits and drawbacks of joining the HDFC Securities Franchise.


  • A well-known name in many different areas of finance
  • Trading Environment Rich in Functionality and Interactivity
  • Help with study and promotion is an added perk.


  • It takes a sizable down payment to get started.
  • A limited offline presence

Types of HDFC Securities Business Models

The preceding data should make it clear that HDFC Securities Franchise operates under two distinct business modalities, namely:

  • Master Franchise
  • Sub Broker

HDFC Securities Master Franchise

This standard operating procedure guarantees that the franchise purchaser will have exclusive control over the original company’s operations within a defined geographical, legal, and demographic territory.

While there are benefits to a franchise model, the buyers must also pay a significant sum to the parent firm.

Franchise buyers of HDFC Securities must pay anything from INR 3 Lakh to INR 5 Lakh, depending on the specifics of the deal and the organization.

Owning an HDFC Securities Master Franchise has several advantages.

  • This guarantees that the franchisees will have complete authority over all company-related activities within a specified territory (which may be as large as an entire city).
  • It ensures that the franchise buyers aren’t have to worry about other sub-brokers in the region competing with them for business.
  • Franchisees that choose this model can earn a whopping commission of up to 75% on sales by doing so.

An HDFC Securities Authorized Person or Sub-Broker

HDFC Securities Broking Franchise’s sub-broker business model is another way the company is trying to expand its business partners while requiring less initial capital outlay.

To become an HDFC Securities Broking Sub Broker, you would need to pay a fee of between one and two lakhs.

What You Can Expect as an HDFC Securities Sub Broker

  • Brokerage firm HDFC Securities is part of the banking behemoth HDFC Group. When you become an HDFC Securities Sub Broker, you have access to a pool of pre-screened, highly reliable clients.
  • Becoming a sub-broker of the organization requires a far less financial commitment than owning a master franchise does.
  • The organization in question provides ongoing support for marketing efforts, increasing the likelihood that you will acquire new customers.
  • HDFC Securities Sub Broker stands out from the company’s standard broker because of its greater accessibility and visibility in the offline market.

Franchise Eligibility Requirements for HDFC Securities

While HDFC Securities does not have many restrictions on who may become a trader or investor with them, they do have a few requirements for potential business partners.

  • According to SEBI, one must be twenty-one years old to apply for the privilege to possess the company’s Master Franchise or even Sub Brokerage Firm.
  • Applicants for the Master Franchise or Sub Brokerage Firm of the organization must have reached the intermediate level of education. But those with a bachelor’s degree will be given more consideration.
  • Prior professional experience in stock trading and brokerage is required of all applicants.
  • Advice and Help for Sub-Brokers from HDFC Securities
  • To maintain its status as a leading broker, HDFC Securities is committed to providing its customers with first-rate service and advice.

The broker provides assistance to its associates in a wide range of contexts. If you sign up with HDFC Securities, you’ll have access to member benefits including marketing assistance, general guidance, and more.

Is HDFC Securities Worth a Partnership and Why?

As an HDFC Securities sub-broker, you’ll be eligible for the following perks.

  • Being affiliated with a full-service stockbroker that has a solid reputation in the market makes it simple to attract new clients. In contrast to newer or less traditional financial institutions, consumers are more likely to have faith in well-established brands since they do not require as much background research. This is especially accurate for novice traders.
  • Due to the use of 128-bit encryption technology, all of your financial and personal information will remain absolutely safe and secure at all times.
  • There are specific phone numbers you may contact to get answers to your questions or to place an order over the phone.
  • HDFC Securities allows you to start trading on the NSE and BSE. Trading Futures and Options on NSE, investing in IPOs online, and cash-n-carry on both NSE and BSE are a few of the other advantages available.
  • HDFC Securities will have little local competition thanks to its small number of brick-and-mortar locations across India. You may confidently benefit from its well-known name recognition with no need to fear competition.
  • You may trade on many different platforms, including the HDFC Securities smartphone app, HDFC Sec Web, and the HDFC Securities Blink.
  • HDFC Securities is always there to supply you with marketing materials that will aid in expanding your client base. Moreover, you may accomplish this with minimal to no additional cost.

Financial Franchise Registration with HDFC Securities

There might be complications throughout the franchise registration process. But it’s far more likely if you disregard several crucial indicators.

  • To become an HDFC Securities franchise partner, for instance, you must go through the following procedures to prove your identity.
  • Start by registering your franchise with HDFC Securities by filling out their franchise registration form.
  • HDFC Securities needs to get started is your name and mobile phone number.
  • In the meanwhile, an HDFC Securities representative will be calling you back.
  • Ask the executives any questions you have about HDFC Securities and the franchise system.
  • You might also ask them to walk you through the whole thing.
  • A subsequent meeting with the executive will be scheduled.
  • Provide the broker with the necessary paperwork and funds (by check) at the appointment.
  • Revenue splits and other business terms are open for discussion and negotiation.
  • As soon as the kinks have been worked out, you should begin actively recruiting new customers for the HDFC franchise.

HDFC Securities Franchise Revenue Sharing

The revenue share you receive in a brokerage firm is a percentage of the total brokerage your client base generates. Profitability in this industry is directly proportional to the quality of your clients. A 50%-70% revenue split is typical for HDFC Securities sub-brokers. For instance, if your monthly brokerage is 4 Lakh, you might expect to make somewhere between 2 Lakh and 2.8 Lakh in profit. What you really receive will be determined by the terms you work out with your stockbroker.

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