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Last updated on November 2, 2022


Brokers, or the companies that employ them, facilitate the buying and selling of stocks on behalf of their clients. In exchange, they collect a fee consistent with their pricing structures. Commission rates for these brokers are not the same whether their client is a modest individual or a large institutional investment.

There are two main types of stockbrokers: full-service and discount. Typically, the fees of full-time brokers are substantially greater since they work with more frequent and wealthy clients. On the other hand, discount brokers are online-only businesses that carry out trading activities for their clients for a fraction of the cost of traditional brokers. Ordinarily, discount brokers serve typical or small investors.

A stockbroker can use a wide variety of titles, based on their experience, the securities they deal in, the jurisdiction in which they operate, etc. A discount broker’s role is comparable to that of a full-time or full-service broker, with the main difference being in the extent of services provided.

All of today’s discount brokers use computerized call centers and websites to conduct business. The time and effort spent on trade activities is greatly reduced. When the concept of a low-cost online broker became popular, several companies rushed to join the market. Thus, the rivalry between these inexpensive brokerage businesses is only growing stronger and harsher.

One such inexpensive brokerage business that has stood out in the competition is Tradejini. Any exchange, any segment, big or tiny, we trade all,” the upstart Indian bargain broker said. Tradejini finance service private limited was created in 2012. Kishore Kumar and Dinesh Kumar M., two ambitious guys, started the company. It has a corporate headquarters headquartered in Bangalore. It offers a complete Demat service via the central depository services limited, and it trades on all the main stock exchanges including the NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SX (CDSL). Stocks, currencies, and commodities are all available through Tradejini’s retail trading services.

What do you know about Tradejini Franchise?

Tradejini Business Partner Overview
Here is the overview of the Tradejini Franchise
What type of Company is it? – Public / Private Private
What is the Broker type? Full-Service Broker
Where is the headquarters located? Bengaluru, Karnataka
Who is the Founder? J Kishore Kumar,
What is the year of establishment? 2012
How many days does it take for SB Code Activation? 30 Days
How many days/weeks it takes for Payout? 31 Days


Types of Tradejini Business Models

Tradejini has 2 major business models –

  • Authorized Person / Business partner / Sub broker
  • Referral Program

Tradejini Sub Broker or Tradejini Authorized Person

Tradejini provides its customers with access to sub brokers, Authorized Persons (APs), and business partners. A sub broker provides investors with assistance in trading securities but is not a full member of a stock exchange.

Tradejini requires its sub broker to make an initial investment of Rs 50,000, which may go up to Rs 250,000, while the firm keeps 60%-85% of the money generated by the sub broker.

The Value of Being a Tradejini Authorized Person

  • Tradejini’s sub brokers get a generous 85% cut of all client-generated earnings.
  • Sub-brokers in Tradejini are required to put up a minimum of Rs 50,000 as an initial security deposit.
  • Since the franchiser is already an integral part of the parent company, it is able to offer the sub broker extensive assistance in areas like as marketing, back-office operations, and trading.
  • When you sign up to be a sub broker with Tradejini, you’ll have access to perks like a low security deposit plan and a share of the profits that starts at 60% and may go as high as 85%.

The Tradejini Referral Program

The greatest way to find and hire top-tier customers or employees is through word-of-mouth, which is why referral programs are so effective. Sub brokers, because to their extensive networks, can quickly find qualified individuals.

While the referral program does not need an up-front fee or guarantee of earnings, it does have the potential to earn a guaranteed 20% of all gross earnings going forward.

Tradejini’s Franchise Referral Program Has Many Advantages

Sub-brokers on the lookout for a high-potential, high-quality prospect should exercise extreme caution when making their selections, since any mistakes in their assessment will reflect poorly on them.

Having a referral scheme in place strengthens the ties that bind the company to its sub-brokers. Referral programs assist sub-brokers feel valued and included in the company’s strategic planning, both of which boost morale and productivity.

When sub brokers use the referral program to recommend friends and family, those individuals have a greater chance of being well-qualified, committed employees.

Referral programs save money since they don’t need to invest in expensive forms of promotion.

Shared Profits with Tradejini Partners or Tradejini Sub Broker Commission

We will take a high-level look at Tradejini’s income sharing ratio, which includes the sub broker and referral program. For sub brokers, Tradejini offers a revenue split of up to 85% (with a minimum of 60%).

The referral program offers 20% income sharing with sub-brokers or customers. Master franchises and remisiers do not split profits.

Trading platforms of Tradejini:

Tradejini provides its customers with the choice between two primary trading platforms:

  • NEST Trader is Omensys Technologies private limited’s default trading platform. NEST Trader provided a unified platform for trading across several markets and categories. This also has a money transfer option. Investors may use NEST Trader to place trades, make changes to existing orders, cancel orders, examine limits, quotations, market snapshots, and more. The stock market and investors have unique needs, and these businesses aim to address those demands.
  • Earlier this year, the National Stock Exchange of India introduced a new trading platform called NSE Now. Clients of Tradejini may now rely on NSE Now, widely regarded as the most reliable trading platform in the business. It’s a fast and easy way to trade, and it works on smartphones and tablets, too. Traders may perform the following using NSE Now; There would be no more downtime and faster trade execution thanks to direct access to NSE systems. It is possible to examine daily net reports The third option is to have notifications and updates sent to your phone, computer, or email. Advanced charts and graphs were available upon request, and you could also access them for closer inspection.

NSE Now Express is a user-friendly web gateway that makes trading hassle-free through a protected website.

Security Deposit or Franchise Fee for Tradejini

Under the security deposit arrangement, Tradejini simply provides a sub broker. Sub-broker investments start at a minimum of Rs 50,000 and may go as high as Rs 250,000.

Tradejini does not require a down payment since its business model does not permit a master franchise or remisier. When participating in the company’s referral program, a refundable deposit is not required.


What is the brokerage charges levied to the clients of tradejini partners?

Tradejini Sub Broker – Brokerage Charges to Clients
Here are the brokerage charges levied by Tradejini Sub Broker to their clients
What are Equity Intraday charges? Rs.20 per Trade
How much are Equity Delivery charges? Rs.20 per Trade
How much is the charge levied on Equity Options? Rs.20 per Trade
How much are the Currency Options charges? Rs.20 per Trade
What are Equity Futures charges? Rs.20 per Trade
What are the charges levied on Currency Futures? Rs.20 per Trade
What are the charges levied on Commodity Trading? Rs.20 per Trade


What is the account opening charges levied to the clients of tradejini sub broker?

Tradejini Franchise – Account Opening Charges to Clients
Here are the account opening charges levied by Tradejini Franchise to their clients
What are the Account Opening Charges? Rs.299
What is the Margin Money required? Zero Margin
What is the charge for Demat AMC? Free
how much are Trading AMC charges? Free
How much is the Transaction Charges levied? 0.00%


Cost to Establish Tradejini Franchise Infrastructure

Sub broker in Tradejini is also required to put money into the second type of investment requested from them: infrastructure. In this context, “basic amenities” refers to the sub broker’s obligation to provide a suitable working environment, which includes things like a desk and chairs.

A minimum of 1 employee strength and 120 square feet of office space is necessary for a respectable workplace. The sub brokers should give excellent research services, trading terminals, and a reliable internet connection.

Tradejini Sub Broker Offers

Tradejini provides several options for Sub Brokers.

  • The business now offers a $0 down payment plan.
  • The business offers a plan with a small security deposit.
  • The business provides its employees with a flexible revenue sharing structure.
  • The corporation does not provide a set percentage of earnings to employees.
  • At this time, the business does not have a plan in which prepaid customers do not contribute to income generation in any way.
  • Once a business becomes a Tradejini Authorized Person, they are immediately eligible to take advantage of the exclusive deals.

Standards for Qualification as a Tradejini Franchisee or Authorized Person

It’s crucial to know the legislative and regulatory standards before we get into the criteria that are unique to Tradejini.

Tradejini’s sub broker applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Any potential applicant must be at least 21 years old to apply.
  • Tradejini is searching for sales professionals who are passionate about their work, proactive in their approach, and well-versed in the workings of the capital markets and the legal framework in which they operate.
  • The candidate has indicated that they want to finish high school. A completion certificate is icing on the cake.
  • Sub broker candidates are required to have at least rudimentary computer skills.
  • The applicant must have a minimum of one to two years of experience working with financial products.
  • Candidate must provide SEBI registration certificate.
  • The prospective employee must have adequate office space to meet with clients and uphold the company’s image.
  • Tradejini requires all applicants to have spotless criminal histories.

Learn the steps to becoming an authorized Tradejini sub broker.

If you wish to become a sub broker in Tradejini, you need to complete these procedures.

  • To apply for a job at the organization, a form must be filled out online, and all relevant information must be entered.
  • Afterward, a Tradejini executive will get in touch with the applicant to learn more about his or her background and hobbies, as well as to double-check all the information that was previously given.
  • Tradejini’s business team will schedule a meeting with the applicant when verification is complete to go through matters such as the required security deposit, first investment, revenue ratio, offers, etc.
  • The applicant will sign a contract and provide the necessary paperwork for verification.
  • Following verification of the submitted materials, the applicant will be issued a sub broker ID and given full access to the account.

To become a Tradejini Authorized Person, you will need to provide the following documents.

The following items must be submitted at the very least:

  1. The Aadhaar card is accepted as proof of identity and any other kind of address proof is acceptable.
  2. SEBI Registration Certificate NISM Certification
  3. GST Registration certificate
  4. Investment proof
  5. Canceled Cheque
  6. Others as required

Why Should You Team Up with Tradejini.

If you’re considering joining Tradejini’s Partner program, you’ll find plenty of compelling arguments below.

  • Sub brokers get the benefit of a low security deposit.
  • Customers do not pay any fees for either Demat AMC or Trading AMC.
  • The Franchise Company offers a wide range of services to its franchisees, including marketing, administrative, and financial help.
  • Tradejini has a generous revenue sharing scheme, with a minimum of 60% paid to the sub broker and a maximum of 85%, plus 20% for the referral program.

Tradejini fund transfer schemes:

Tradejini offers a variety of convenient and flexible fund transfer solutions to meet the demands of its consumers. Transfers of money can be made from any one of twenty-five different banks in the country.

  • Transaction Initiation (Payin): NEFT/RTGS or the ATOM Gateway are also acceptable methods. Use the Back office or Trading Terminal to initiate an ATOM transfer, and the balance will be adjusted promptly. There will be a charge of Rs.9 each monetary transaction for this service. You might alternatively utilize the cost-free NEFT/RTGS option. The only thing you need to do is email over a snapshot of the money transfer. In 1-5 hours, the money will show up in your account.
  • Payout: Withdrawal or payment is processed in the back office at all times. As the name implies, this method of transferring money is done manually. A consumer who isn’t very tech savvy can benefit from this because there’s always a simpler choice available to them.


In sum, Tradejini is an all-in-one trading hub for commodities, stocks, derivatives, and currencies. Keep in mind that cheap brokers do not provide investment advice while trading stocks. Therefore, if you are a novice trader looking to avoid financial loss, it is best to avoid using a cheap broker. If you’re a savvy investor, you may want to consider using a discount broker, and Tradejini is a great option.

The company’s success each year may be directly attributed to its low brokerage fees and top-notch platform. Because of its innovative 30-day free trial, it has also been recognized as one of the best bargain brokers in the United States. Tradejini is one of the better options among the many available discount brokers in India, and it has received generally positive evaluations and ratings from customers.

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