Trade Smart Online Franchise Review

Last updated on: October 18, 2023

The advantages of working as a Sub Broker for Trade Smart Online are discussed in this article. Everything from their registration process to the amount of revenue they will share with you is laid out in detail. Also covered are the barest essentials for signing up as a Trade Smart Online sub-broker, such as the required minimum Security Deposit and the bare minimum IT setup. This page provides comprehensive information that will be useful to you if you decide to collaborate with them.

Learn More About the Trade Smart Online Franchise

Trade Smart, a prominent bargain broker, is now offering a web-based franchise opportunity.

Even though it only launched in 2015, it has already set the bar extremely high in a number of key respects. As a result, anyone seeking a sub-broker to incorporate their firm can do so with Trade Smart Online.

Founded by Vijay Singhania, the firm has always called Mumbai home. The company’s operations are all very well thought out. There is a 33-day time restriction for sub-broker activation, but just 31 days on receiving payments.

Types of Trade Smart Online Business Models

There are two ways to join this firm’s Trade Smart Online Sub Broker programs. The two models offered by Trade Smart Online Franchise are both solid options worth exploring.

  • Sub Broker
  • Referral Program

Brokers and Agents Authorized to Trade on the Smart Online Trading Platform

Trade Smart Online Sub Broker is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs. Rather than having to come up with an original concept, you may simply put your money into a proven company plan. You shouldn’t waste time meticulously plotting out your business.

You can use the company’s brand and sell their items if you become a sub broker for them. You will have full ownership of everything, and the corporation will get a percentage of your profits. Percentages will vary based on specifics of each contract and agreement.

Advantages of Using Trade Smart as Your Online Sub Broker

  • You won’t need a large sum to get started. If you can make effective use of the firm’s cheap security deposit, you’ll have everything you need to launch your own company.
  • The revenue model is skewed toward the sub brokers. The percentage range is not set in stone and will be settled by consensus. However, you may be guaranteed that your part of the profits will be larger than 50%, as the smallest amount is 60%.
  • You may achieve great success in business with the aid of their organized support system. To continue the firm’s success and build your own clientele, the company will provide you with the tools you need.
  • The corporation will give you free reign to run the show when it comes to making and selling their wares.

The Smart Online Referral Program for Businesses

The Trade Smart Online Partner program, often known as the referral program, is available to any and all of the company’s clients. Anyone with a connection to the business is welcome to join the program and benefit financially and otherwise. The holder’s main responsibility is to find new clients for the organization, therefore the job is simple and uncomplicated.

Each referral that results in a paying customer will be compensated for their efforts. Learn more about what this program can do for you.

Trade Smart’s online referral program has several advantages.

  • An existing client of the company might earn a commission by referring new customers.
  • In this strategy, you can start making money with as little as a single dollar.
  • More importantly, there are no prerequisites or requirements that must be met. That you are a customer of the firm is sufficient.
  • There is no obligation to make any actual sales. All you have to do is find someone who shares your belief in the company’s potential and convince them to invest through your referral.
  • Profit Sharing or Commission for Online Sub-Brokers that Trade Smart
  • One of the first aspects of the business strategy to consider is the Trade Smart Online Franchise Revenue Sharing. The amount of money you make as a business owner would depend on this factor. First, there is some leeway in the percentage split, which is a plus.
  • More than half of the percentage can’t go lower than 60%. Maximum increases up to 75% based on the amount of the security deposit. However, the referral commission for Trade Smart Sub Broker is Rs1,000 per referred client. Occasionally, there will be bonus benefits such as discount coupons.

Trade Smart Online Franchise Cost or Sub Broker Investment

A stock broking franchise, like any other business, often needs a predetermined deposit. To become a part of the Trade Smart Online franchise system, you will need to pay the corporation a Trade Smart Online Franchise Cost. So, there is no cost associated with the Trade Smart Online Sub Broker Investment for referral scheme.

However, a deposit of between Rs.30,000 and Rs.100,000 is required for participation in most sub broker programs. The amount of your initial deposit is entirely up to you.

Trade Smart Online Partner Infrastructure Requirement

As a sub broker, you are responsible for handling daily operations. In order to do this, your organization must meet the Trade Smart Online Partner Requirement, as defined by the company. Please review the following information on the Trade Smart Online Sub Broker Infra Requirement:

  • In the first place, you’ll need at least three people working for you.
  • In addition, you will need to install a trading terminal.
  • A working Internet connection is required, ideally a very fast one.
  • In addition, a phone line (for use with the toll-free lines) must be installed.
  • Last but not least, we need an office space of at least 200 square feet.

Offerings from a Reliable Web-Based Sub-Brokerage Service

  • By choosing to work with Trade Smart Online, you’ll have access to a limited number of predetermined partnership offerings. We recommend that you do the same so that you may consider some elements settled.
  • A variety of income split structures are available to you. So, it’s not set in stone, so you may choose whatever proportion you choose.
  • Furthermore, the organization would accept a deposit of Rs. 10,000, so that’s a nice bonus as well.

TradeSmart Pros and Cons

TradeSmart Pros (Advantages)

The benefits of TradeSmart are as follows. Before signing up for a TradeSmart account, you should consider the pros and cons of trading with the company. The benefits and drawbacks of TradeSmart might help you decide if it is right for your trading requirements.

  • Company offers two distinct brokerage programs to accommodate a wide variety of investor preferences and trading styles.
  • BO & CO allows for up to 30X leverage in NSE cash trades and 7X leverage in Equity Futures and Option sales. There is a cap of 6X in MCX through CO and BO.
  • The software supports BO and CO, or Bracket and Cover, respectively. Equity Derivatives, NSE cash, and commodities Futures all provide BO and CO.
  • Brokerage Plans Can Be Swapped Out Easily: With TradeSmart, customers can easily switch from one brokerage plan to another as their needs change.
  • Transaction charges (turnover charges, clearing charges, etc.) are among the lowest in the business, as seen by their brokerage calculator.
  • Outstanding support for customers. TradeSmart’s help staff made itself reachable by phone, chat, and email tickets.
  • TradeSmart gives its clients a 10% credit on the brokerage fees paid by new customers they bring in through a referral program. They also offer a Partner program with increased payouts.
  • TradeSmart doesn’t mandate a starting balance each time you sign up for an account.
  • Depository services are offered by TradeSmart as well. This is in contrast to the standard practice of most bargain brokers in India.
  • Live chat is available as a customer service option on TradeSmart. Many clients would appreciate this if they want to save a call on a little problem or question.
  • Traders can use Cover Orders if they so want.
  • Offers Investors Access to Various Investment Options (OFS)
  • Loans Money Against Stocks as a Collateral (MAS)

Limitations of TradeSmart (Disadvantages)

Below are some drawbacks of using TradeSmart. Learn about the problems with TradeSmart.

  • Each call and exchange will cost an extra Rs 20.
  • RMS charges an additional Rs 20 per trader for closing down intraday positions (MIS, CO, and BO).
  • Does not provide online initial public offerings (IPOs), portfolio management services, tips and research reports, or a “3-in-1” (bank, trading, Demat) account.

Trade Smart Online Authorized Person Eligibility Criteria

The requirements for becoming a sub-broker on Trade Smart Online are rather specific. To be considered for opening a Trade Smart Online franchise, you must meet all of the requirements listed in the franchise’s eligibility criteria. Take careful note of how exactly they were sowed.

  • To begin, you must possess some postsecondary education, preferably a bachelor’s degree.
  • As a second step, you’ll require thorough familiarity with both the goods and services as well as all aspects of operations. The stock broker will give additional instruction after the basics have been learned.
  • Then, the applicants need to meet a required level of experience in the field. Having at least two years of relevant work experience will get you noticed and put you ahead of the competition.
  • Earning recognition from NISM would be the icing on the cake.

How to Start a Franchise or Sub Brokerage with Trade Smart Online?

Just as easily as becoming a client, opening a Trade Smart Online Franchise is a breeze. The organization has substantially streamlined the procedure, to the point where all that is needed are the necessary paperwork. Below, we’ve outlined the full process in detail for your convenience.

  • Find the “Become Sub Broker” option and tap or click it.
  • When a prompt appears, you must provide the requested information by writing in full sentences. It will take you to a form on another page.
  • Fill in all required fields and attach digital copies of required documentation. Their list is stated in broad strokes, and we have outlined it all below.
  • As soon as everything is finalized, the business will follow up on all the paperwork and data.
  • If they verify that your details are correct, they will get in touch with you to continue the process.

Required Trade Smart Online Sub Broker Documents:

  • Documentation of the applicant’s academic qualifications, such as a PAN Card, must be accompanied by a valid academic certificate.
  • The applicant’s proof of investment efforts
  • The applicant has provided evidence of having paid the entire security deposit.
  • Possession of a valid Certificate of Registration with SEBI by the Applicant
  • The applicant’s birth certificate
  • Bank check that the applicant cancelled
  • Applicants must submit photographs that are passport-size.
  • The applicant has a valid GST Registration.

Why Partner with Trade Smart Online?

To help you make a well-informed choice, we’ve laid out the advantages of owning a Trade Smart Online franchise. They will serve as the foundation for your decision to make a financial commitment to the company.

  • They are a bargain broker with a shorter history in the industry than others, yet they have nonetheless achieved success.
  • Because of their affordable brokerage fees, this business is rapidly expanding. You may look at this in a couple of different ways and say that it helped you.
  • All of the company’s sub-brokers benefit from the company’s top-notch support system, which streamlines their day-to-day operations.

Final Thoughts on Investing in a TradeSmart Online Franchise or Sub Broker

Get your business off the ground immediately by investing in one of the Trade Smart Online franchises. Franchisees or Trade Smart Online Sub Brokers are the primary beneficiaries of the system’s design. You’ll be able to make more money as a result. There is a reasonable chance of meeting the requirements and completing the remaining tasks, therefore you should consider investing in this developing business right away.

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