Upcoming IPO In India 2022 – List of Current IPO in India 2022

Last year was the strongest year for IPOs in the recent two decades, so they were trendy. Hence, there will be much excitement in the Upcoming IPO in India mania in 2022, even though a few top privately-held businesses plan to make their public debuts on one of the significant exchanges this year.

You can’t deny the allure of an organization going public. But we should all try to buy the next Infosys or Hindustan Unilever stock in an Upcoming IPO list.

Here are a few of the most talked-about upcoming IPO in India to keep an eye on in 2022. These are both Current IPO and future IPOs.

List Of Upcoming IPO In India 2022

IPO Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs Cr)  Price Band (Rs.) Opening Date Closing Date
Agni Green Power Ltd IPO 5.25 Cr 10 20-July-2022 22-July-2022
Healthy Life Agritec Ltd IPO 10 Cr 10 13-July-2022 18-July-2022
B Right Realestate Ltd IPO 44.36 Cr 153 30-June-2022 05-July-2022
Jayant Infratech Ltd IPO 6.19 Cr 67 30-June-2022 05-July-2022
SKP Bearing Industries Ltd IPO 30.80 Cr 70 30-June-2022 05-July-2022
Kesar India Ltd IPO 15.82 Cr 170 30-June-2022 04-July-2022
SKP Bearing Industries Ltd IPO 30.80 Cr 70 30-June-2022 05-July-2022
Mangalam Worldwide Ltd IPO 65.58 Cr 101 30-June-2022 04-July-2022
Veerkrupa Jewellers Ltd 8.10 Cr 27 29-June-2022 05-July-2022
Sailani Tours N Travels Ltd IPO 1.90 Cr 15 27-June-2022 30-June-2022
KCK Industries Ltd IPO 4.50 Cr 30 27-June-2022 30-June-2022
Pearl Green Clubs and Resorts Ltd 11.72 Cr 186 27-June-2022 29-June-2022
Modi’s Navnirman Ltd IPO 22.68 Cr 180 23-June-2022 28-June-2022
Goel Food Products Ltd IPO 6.02 Cr 60 15-June-2022 20-June-2022
Scarnose International Ltd IPO 6.60 Cr 55 14-June-2022 17-June-2022
Silver Pearl Hospitality & Luxury Spaces 9 Cr 18 06-June-2022 09-June-2022
Fidel Softech Limited IPO 13.51 Cr 37 30-May-2022 02-June-2022
Aether Industries Ltd IPO 808.04 Cr 60-642 24-May-2022 26-May-2022
Globesecure Technologies IPO 10.13 Cr 29 23-May-2022 25-May-2022
Rachana Infrastructure Ltd IPO 77.97 Cr 138 20-May-2022 25-May-2022
eMudhra Limited IPO 412.79 Cr 243-256 20-May-2022 24-May-2022
Ethos Limited IPO 472.29 Cr 836-878 18-May-2022 20-May-2022
Paradeep Phosphates Limited IPO 1501.73 Cr 39-42 17-May-2022 19-May-2022
Delhivery Limited IPO 5235 Cr 462-487 11-May-2022 13-May-2022
Venus Pipes & Tubes Limited IPO 165.42 Cr 310-326 11-May-2022 13-May-2022
Prudent Corporate Advisory Ser. 538.61 Cr 595-630 10-May-2022 12-May-2022
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC IPO) 21008.48 Cr 902-949 04-May-2022 09-May-2022
Sonu Infratech Limited IPO 8.64 Cr 36 29-April-2022 05-May-2022
Rainbow Children’s Medicare IPO 1580 Cr 516-542 27-April-2022 29-April-2022
Campus Activewear Ltd IPO 1400.14 Cr 278-292 26-April-2022 28-April-2022
Le Merite Exports Limited IPO 48 Cr 75 25-April-2022 28-April-2022
Nanavati Ventures Ltd IPO 2.18 Cr 50 25-April-2022 27-April-2022
Fone4 Communications Ltd IPO 6.80 Cr 10 25-April-2022 27-April-2022
Global Longlife Hospital & Research 49 Cr 140 21-April-2022 25-April-2022
Shashwat Furnishing Solutions Ltd 2.51 Cr 45 20-April-2022 25-April-2022
Emcure Pharmaceuticals 4500 Cr NA April-2022 April-2022
Eighty Jewellers Limited IPO 11 Cr 41 31-March-2022 05-April-2022
Hariom Pipe Industries Ltd IPO 130 Cr 144-153 30-March-2022 05-April-2022
Dhyaani Tile And Marblez Ltd IPO 2.45 Cr 51 30-March-2022 04-April-2022
Sunrise Efficient Mark. Ltd 16.70 Cr 121 30-March-2022 05-April-2022
Jeena Sikho Lifecare Ltd IPO 55.5 Cr 150 30-March-2022 07-April-2022
Veranda Learning Solutions 200 Cr 130-137 29-March-2022 31-March-2022
Uma Exports Ltd IPO 60 Cr 65-68 28-March-2022 30-March-2022
Krishna Defence & Allied Ind. 11.89 Cr 37-39 25-March-2022 29-March-2022
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd FPO 4300 Cr NA 24-March-2022 28-March-2022
P. E. Analytics Limited 31.60 Cr 111-114 22-March-2022 25-March-2022
Achyut Healthcare Ltd IPO 4 Cr 20 17-March-2022 22-March-2022
Evoq Remedies Ltd IPO 9.72 Cr 27 17-March-2022 22-March-2022
Swaraj Suiting Ltd IPO 10.68 Cr 56 15-March-2022 17-March-2022
LIC IPO 70000 Cr NA Coming Soon NA
KN Agri Resources Ltd IPO 49.38 Cr 71-75 15-March-2022 17-March-2022
Cool Caps Industries Ltd IPO 11.63 Cr 36-38 10-March-2022 15-March-2022
SP Refactories Ltd IPO 4.92 Cr 90 09-March-2022 11-March-2022
Shigan Quantum Technologies 22.70 Cr 50 28-Feb-2022 03-March-2022
Ekennis Software Service IPO 2.88 Cr 72 21-Feb-2022 24-Feb-2022
Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd IPO 10 Cr 125 09-Feb-2022 11-Feb-2022
Vaidya Sane Ayurved Lab. IPO 20.23 Cr 73 10-Feb-2022 15-Feb-2022
Richa Info Systems IPO 10 Cr 125 09-Feb-2022 11-Feb-2022
Vedant Fashions Ltd IPO 3149.19 Cr 824-866 04-Feb-2022 08-Feb-2022
Maruti Interior Products Ltd IPO 11 Cr 55 03-Feb-2022 08-Feb-2022
Safa Systems & Technologies Ltd 4 Cr 10 28-Jan-2022 01-Feb-2022
Quality RO Industries Limited IPO 2.70 Cr 51 27-Jan-2022 01-Feb-2022
Adani Wilmar Limited IPO 3600 Cr 218-230 27-Jan-2022 31-Jan-2022
Precision Metaliks Ltd IPO 21.93 Cr 51 19-Jan-2022 24-Jan-2022
AGS Transact Technologies Ltd 680 Cr 166-175 19-Jan-2022 21-Jan-2022
Alkosign Limited IPO 12.15 Cr 45 18-Jan-2022 21-Jan-2022
Dj Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd 15 Cr 125 18-Jan-2022 20-Jan-2022


Top Upcoming IPO in India

Given their unicorn-level values and attention-grabbing names, these companies may be the most talked-about Upcoming IPO in the coming months. They provide various services, and many are well-positioned to succeed in the post-Covid economic environment.

  1. Le Merite Exports Limited IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 48 Crores

IPO ETA: April 25 to April 28, 2022

Le Merite Exports is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization that manufactures and trades cotton yarn, greige fabric, and finished fabric for local and international markets.

  1. Global Longlife Hospital & Research

Issue Size: ₹ 49 Crores

IPO ETA: April 21 to April 25, 2022

Mr. Suresh Jani, together with a team of physicians and investors, founded the organization to bring international-standard healthcare to everyone.

  1. Shashwat Furnishing Solutions Ltd

Issue Size: ₹ 2.51 Crores

IPO ETA: April 20 to April 25, 2022

The organization focuses on turning semi-finished furniture into finished goods. The organization specializes in producing high-quality furniture and handcrafted items.

  1. Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Issue Size: ₹ 4500 Crores

IPO ETA: April 2022

Established in 1981, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is engaged in various therapeutic areas and proactively develops, produces, and sells pharmaceutical goods. This organization has garnered awards for offering high-quality healthcare solutions and employing sophisticated technology.

  1. Eighty Jewellers Limited IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 11.07 Crores

IPO ETA: March 31 to April 5, 2022

Eighty Jewellers is currently a business-to-business (B2B) model. It offers its customers a diverse selection of jewelry, ornaments, watches, and luxury articles crafted from gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum studded with precious, semi-precious stones to suit regional and modern tastes.

  1. Hariom Pipe Industries Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 130.05 Crores

IPO ETA: March 30 to April 5, 2022

Hariom is a one-stop-shop for Mild Steel (MS) Pipes, Scaffolding, HR Strips, MS Billets, and Sponge Iron. They involve a cost-effective manufacturing process.

  1. Dhyaani Tile And Marblez Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 2.45 Crores

IPO ETA: March 30 to April 4, 2022

Dhyaani Tile is a trader of vitrified tiles primarily utilized for flooring solutions. They began this organization in 2019 after acquiring it from the previous promoters.

  1. Sunrise Efficient Mark. Ltd

Issue Size: ₹ 16.7 Crores

IPO ETA: March 30 to April 5, 2022

The organization is engaged in the distribution of Automation, Drive, Gear Box, Motors, Pumps, Oils, and FMCG Products and assists in managing the whole supply chain, from producers to end-users. They are now an authorized dealer for 138 manufacturers.

The organization  has also begun selling motors under its brand “Synchro Plus.”

  1. Jeena Sikho Lifecare Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 55.5 Crores

IPO ETA: March 30 to April 7, 2022

Jeena Sikho Lifecare Limited is a Zirakpur, Punjab-based ayurvedic healthcare enterprise.

Founded in 2017 by Mr. Manish Grover (affectionately known as Acharya Manish), the organization’s primary objective is to create a healthy India through preventative measures such as supplying genuine and high-quality ayurvedic medicines.

  1. Veranda Learning Solutions

Issue Size: ₹ 200 Crores

IPO ETA: March 29 to March 31, 2022

Students and learners enrolled in various career-defining competitive exams are the primary customers of Veranda Learning Solutions. The company’s core business is providing diversified and integrated learning solutions in online, offline hybrid, and offline blended formats.

  1. Uma Exports Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 220 Crores

IPO ETA: March 28 to March 30, 2022

Sugar, spices like dried red chilies, cumin seeds, turmeric, food grains like rice and wheat, maize, sorghum, and tea leaves are among the organization’s agricultural goods and commodities. They also trade and market agricultural feeds like soya bean meal and rice bran de-oiled cake and agricultural feeds like soya bean meal and rice bran de-oiled cake.

  1. Krishna Defence & Allied Ind.

Issue Size: ₹ 11.89 Crores

IPO ETA: March 25 to March 29, 2022

Krishna Defence is a diverse manufacturer of defense-related items, dairy equipment, and culinary equipment.

They have been engaged in several license agreements with the Defence Research and Development Organization (“DRDO”) to get the know-how and rights necessary to produce and deliver specialized defense application goods to the Indian Armed Forces.

  1. Empyrean Cashews Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 19.41 Crores

IPO ETA: March 21 to March 23, 2022

The organization processes raw cashew nuts into finished cashew kernels in various flavors and now operates in over 26 tier II and tier III towns and cities. It primarily focuses on the domestic market, with over 30 distributors spread throughout the country.

  1. Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd FPO

Issue Size: ₹ 4300 Crores

IPO ETA: March 24 to March 28, 2022

The Patanjali group backs Ruchi Soya, and we are seeing a turnaround in the firm, which has become profitable. It boasts a diverse product range and is one of India’s biggest fully integrated edible oil refiners.

  1. E. Analytics Limited

Issue Size: ₹ 31.60 Crores

IPO ETA: March 22 to March 25, 2022

PE Analytics provides proprietary real estate business intelligence and analytics platform on a B2B basis to various users, including developers, the construction industry, investors, banks, housing finance companies, equity research firms, high net worth individuals, lenders, and investors in real estate.

  1. Achyut Healthcare Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 4 Crores

IPO ETA: March 17 to March 22, 2022

Founded in 1996 as a government corporation, the organization has increased since its founding. The organization is an unlisted private organization classed as a limited liability corporation engaged in the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2015, the organization joined the pharmaceutical product trading market, delivering bespoke tailor-made solutions to its clients and consumers.

  1. Evoq Remedies Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 9.72 Crores

IPO ETA: March 17 to March 22, 2022

On February 24, 2010, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the firm was incorporated as “Salus Life Science and Research Private Limited.”

The organization’s name was changed to “Evoq Remedies Private Limited” on July 15, 2019. The organization was formed in 2010 but didn’t begin the activity until 2018.

  1. Swaraj Suiting Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 10.68 Crores

IPO ETA: March 15 to March 17, 2022

The company used to manufacture weaving looms but sold them to their associate company, Swaraj Sulz Private Limited, in 2009 and now focuses on creating synthetic textiles.

The organization’s current activities include the production of cotton and synthetic grey textiles, yarn trade, grey fabric, completed fabric trading, and contract weaving.

  1. LIC IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 21,000 Crores

IPO ETA: 4 May 2022 to 9 May 2022

According to the Financial Times, it has provided life insurance in India for over 65 years and is the country’s largest life insurer.

The company is well-positioned to profit from the current economic climate, with a market share of 64.1 percent in terms of gross written premiums, 66.2 percent in terms of New Business Premium (or NBP), 74.6 percent in terms of individual policies issued, and 81.1 percent in terms of group policies issued for Fiscal 2021.

  1. KN Agri Resources Ltd IPO

Issue Size: ₹ 49.38 Crores

IPO ETA: March 15 to March 17, 2022

K N Agri was incorporated in 1987 and is principally engaged in the business of

  1. solvent extraction and oil refining
  2. trading of different agro-commodities
  1. Delhivery Limited IPO

Issue Size: 5235 Crore
IPO ETA: 11 May 2022 to 13 May 2022

FAQs About Upcoming IPOs

  1. What is an IPO?

An IPO sells shares of a private organization to the general public as part of a new stock sale. For the unversed, an organization  can get money from the general public through an “IPO.”

  1. How can I apply for an Upcoming IPO in India?

You may apply for an initial public offering (IPO) online in one of two ways: via a broker or through internet banking. Consider each of these in further depth:

Utilizing a Broker to Submit an IPO Application Online

  1. Log in to your broker’s website using your username and password. You must first create an account by giving your email address and phone number if you do not already have one.
  2. Click on the IPO tab to get to the current IPO section. To proceed, choose the IPO’s name from the Upcoming IPO list.
  • Provide the lot size (the number of stocks you want to bid on). Additionally, provide a bid price. Increase your chances of getting allotted shares in an IPO by bidding at the cut-off price or the maximum price at the high end of the pricing range.
  1. Enter your UPI ID and click the “Submit” button in the subsequent step. You’ll need to authorize the transaction using your UPI app, and if your offer meets the exchange’s basic requirements, it will be approved.
  2. Check your UPI app to see whether the mandated notice has arrived. An IPO escrow account will hold the application amount.

Apply for an IPO online using Internet Banking.

  1. Begin by providing your Internet Banking login ID and password.
  2. Choose ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) from the options when you see it.
  • Select the IPO from the IPO list by clicking on the ‘Apply IPO’ option.
  1. In the relevant boxes, enter the applicant’s name and PAN number.
  2. Before clicking the submit box, enter the bid quantity and price.
  3. If you submit your offer before 2 p.m. on a business day before the deadline, it may be accepted that day. It will be scheduled for the next business day if you make your offer after 2:00 p.m.


  1. Is it possible to make changes to my Current IPO application?

Yes. The investor may modify the amount or price in the bid by completing the amendment/revision form included with the application form. It is vital to complete this process before the closing date of the issue.

  1. What happens when the IPO application is submitted?

Once you’ve applied for the IPO, your broker uploads the bid data and the applicant’s UPI ID to the stock exchange’s website.

The escrow bank will seek authorization to hold your bank account’s cash (depending on the number of shares you have applied for). Applicants get an alert message on their registered cellphone number associated with the bank account before the money is frozen.

Charges will be made to your account if the number of shares you requested is received. If the number of shares issued falls short of the number requested, the excess funds in your account are released.

Even if you pay for an IPO straight from your bank account without using your UPI ID, the exact mechanism (also known as ASBA – Applications Supported by Blocked Amount). If your bank supports it, you may utilize your Net Banking ASBA service as an alternate payment method.

  1. What are the main terms in the IPO?

Price Band

The price range within which investors may acquire upcoming IPO shares. It is determined in collaboration with the underwriter and varies according to the kind of investors.

Opening Date

It is the first day when applications for shares in an IPO are accepted.

Lot Size

The lowest quantity of shares available for purchase in an IPO. If you intend to purchase more shares, you must bid in multiples of the lot size.

For example, if the lot size of an IPO is 1500 shares, you must bid for at least that amount. If you desire to bid more than 1500, do so in multiples of 1500, for example, 3000 or 4,500.

Floor Price

The Floor Price is the lowest price per share that you may bid in an IPO application. In the case of IPOs with a price band, this is the lower limit of the price band.

Issue Price

The price at which investors will get their shares in upcoming IPOs in 2022 . Individual investors pay the lowest issue price. It is also known as an offer price.


If purchasers bid for more shares than the organization has available, an IPO is oversubscribed.


The word “oversubscription” refers to the additional subscription money received by the organization.

  1. Is it a brilliant idea to invest in an Upcoming IPO?

You should not invest in an IPO only due to the organization’s popularity. Extreme valuations may indicate that an investment’s risk and return are unfavorable at the present market price level in certain circumstances.

Investors should remember that an organization that does an Upcoming IPO has never traded publicly.

  1. Where can I get information about the latest IPO in India?

Using a single site that contains all of the IPO news and the IPO calendar – The Best Stock Broker – you can quickly stay up to date with the newest IPO news and all of the information on upcoming initial public offerings.

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