Ventura securities Franchise Review

Last updated on November 7, 2022

The first Ventura Securities franchise was founded by the renowned Mumbai-based brokerage firm Ventura Securities. Since 1992, Ventura Securities has operated in the sector. Over 1500 sub-brokers are currently employed by the organization, whose managing director is Sajid Malik, in India.

Thane, Maharashtra, serves as the home location for Ventura Securities.

There are around 525 corporate terminals scattered across 85 distinct locations, combining urban, suburban, and metro regions, serving over 80,000 consumers. This brokerage firm’s key driving force is to enhance ROI (return on investment). Because so many renowned athletes and professionals back it, it is highly dependable.

The corporation participates in several stock exchanges in India, including the Bombay Stock Exchange, National Commodity Derivative Exchange, Multi Commodity Exchange, and National Stock Exchange (BSE).

We deliver top-notch commodities and stock-related services to our partners. In addition, consumers can choose from various additional financial products, such as bonds, IPOs, mutual funds, corporate FDs, and currencies.

Model for Ventura Securities Partnership:

Business partners can select between two alternative partnership models offered by Ventura Securities to achieve their objectives.

Model for Ventura Securities Franchises:

  • The associate or sub-broker model of Ventura Securities, in which you become an exclusive member, is another name.
  • If you decide on this partnership model, your main responsibility will be to bring in new clients and expand the business’s clientele.
  • You ought to support them as well. This Model will work best for you if you are connected to the community well.

Starting a Ventura Securities franchise has the extra benefit of requiring extensive business knowledge. You must have enough savings to invest in your franchise business, hire staff, and operate it effectively. Due to the enormous number of consumers we serve, this is significant.

As the Model’s name suggests, the person in this Model should be a specialist in a certain field, such as financial planning, accounting, or insurance. This business strategy is frequently chosen by people looking for side income. This is due to the possibility of earning a respectable sum of money with little effort.

They can be won by being aware of the advantages the business offers. B. Get a range of trading and financial solutions for your investment, complete backend support, advice, and more.

Thus, the partnership model described above enables you to become a sub-broker for Ventura Securities.

Franchise start-up expenses for Ventura Securities:

Depending on where you start trading with Ventura Securities, there are different costs. If you decide to leave ways with Ventura Securities, the initial deposit of $100,000 will be returned.

The required first investment is INR 20,000 and is refundable for the professional referral scheme.

To sign up for NSE, you must pay a non-refundable registration fee of 2360 per segment. You must do this if you trade equities, cash F&O, commodities, currencies, or derivatives.

If Ventura Securities’ franchise concept appeals to you, you’ll have to make a financial commitment to opening an office. The workplace must be at least 200 square meters and situated in a desirable area.

Interior design, furnishings, installation of laptops or PCs, at least one terminal with call recording or landlines, broadband fees, utility bills, and other costs are examples of additional connected expenses.

It is best to be aware of every aspect of the costs you will incur as soon as you join the organization. You won’t experience any unforeseen charges as a result.

This can be accomplished before starting the registration process during an interview with a Ventura Securities franchise executive.
The two business models of Ventura Securities have various revenue share ratios, as described below.

Franchise of Ventura Securities:

This approach provides a bigger revenue share because business partners have different obligations—various variables, such as B, influence your actual income. The dimensions of your business, net sales, and brokerage fees paid.

You are typically eligible for a revenue share of 50% to 80%.

The revenue share should always be negotiated in your favor, even if no one will ever encourage you.

Before the sub-broker registration procedure starts, this should be completed as later negotiations may not be fruitful.

The Model that experts advise:

The least risky strategy, with the lowest revenue share, is this one. The corporation will own the remaining 65% to 75%.

Benefits of a Ventura Securities franchise:

The following advantages come with the Ventura Securities franchise:

  • People trust this stock brokerage firm because it has been around for a long time and has a sizable customer base.
  • You have access to use any of the top trading platforms, like Ventura Pointer, Venture Wealth, and others.
  • Each business model has a revenue-sharing proportion comparable to the other stockbroking industry participants.
  • You will receive regular advice and suggestions and thorough research reports, which you can use to make investment decisions. Your consumers can obtain such services through you, which will benefit them further.
  • You can select from several products and make investments depending on your needs and objectives. It is also simpler to get clients because diversity is necessary for selecting investment items. Businesses selling only one or two products have the lowest likelihood of becoming popular.

The Ventura Securities franchise has some drawbacks.

This brokerage has several disadvantages in addition to its perks. Before choosing a spouse, be aware of the following issues:

  • Compared to other stock brokerage sector participants, the initial investment is considerable.
  • The business has not set aside a sizable budget for marketing activities.
  • Technology is not given much attention.
  • Exposure is drastically decreased.

Criteria for Participation in the Ventura Securities Franchise Model:

Several requirements must be completed to participate in the Ventura Securities franchise model. Here is a list of them.

  • The minimum requirement is 10+2, while 10th graders may also be accepted in specific circumstances. You will be given preference over others if you have a higher education, such as a degree in finance or marketing.
  • Must be over 21.
  • Understanding how the local market works is a requirement.
  • A bonus of having strong social ties is the ability to quickly grow your consumer base by attracting new prospective clients.
  • It is necessary to have 3+ years of financial industry expertise.
  • Must be an active participant in the regulating body. The agency representative may also discuss other special requirements during the interview.

Franchise Offerings from Ventura Securities:

The benefits of selecting the Ventura Securities franchise model include:

  • By allowing negotiation, it enables adjustable revenue share rates.
  • In some cases, security deposits might not be required at all.
  • At a securities company, you can get cashback.
  • Credit terms are extensive.
  • Numerous financial products are accessible, including bonds, mutual funds, and SIPs. The use of pointer functions is possible. This is excellent information for analytical purposes.

Why are brokers less safe than Ventura Securities?

Promise to Never Promote

Promoters of Ventura Securities never pledge shares in exchange for loans from banks or other financial organizations. Commitments made by firm promoters diminish the company’s grade. Only an increase in the company’s earnings trend or unsecured shares will cause ratings to rise.

Equity collateralization is typically the least recommended method of capital raising for promoters. Funding obligations are another indicator of the company’s poor financial situation.

With no pool account

An omnibus account is a clearing account that allows deposits and withdrawals between a broker and a clearinghouse. Ventura Securities do not keep pooled accounts. Directly move the client’s shares from the exchange account to the client’s Demat account.

Profitable business

Operating profit for the business ranged between 150 and 200 crores. The fiscal year 2019–2020. 5.55 CR are paid-up capital at Ventura Securities.

Efficient offline network

In India, Ventura Securities is a full-service broker. In his 300 Indian cities, he has over 30 branches and over 500 sub-brokers.

Low Ratio of Complaints to Active Clients
Ventura Securities has relatively few complaints per active client compared to other regulated brokers. It is only 0.03% for the current fiscal year 2020–2021.

Spending on technology

Both the mobile trading application Ventura Wealth and the specialized in-house trading program Pointer were created entirely by Ventura Securities. This demonstrates their dedication to providing a long-term, reliable, quick, easy, and user-friendly trading service.

Not being punished

The exchange does not penalize Ventura Securities throughout the 2019–20 fiscal year. Due to the broker’s strong business practices and customer service, there is no penalty.

Risk of an unlisted public corporation, Ventura Securities

Because it is a privately held business, Ventura Securities is not required to disclose its financial information to its owners or clients. As a result, customers cannot learn about the business’ internal operations and financial status.

Margin loan

Ventura Securities provide risky margin financing options. The broker has the right to sell the borrower’s shares to pay the margin shortfall and related expenses in the event of failure. However, this facility helps the client’s purchasing power.

Advisory Services

Throughout the entire investment lifecycle, Ventura Securities offers advisory services to customers to assist them in achieving exceptional results. However, we might be unable to satisfy your expectations owing to market volatility and fluctuations.

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