Stallion Asset Review – Subscription, Services, Recommendations & more

Stallion Asset is a Mumbai based stock market advisory firm in the equity segment that focuses on long-term investments. Stallion Asset provides independent advisory services in various segments, including Equity. Lets check this Stallion Asset Review along with their Subscription Charges, Tips, Services & more.

The advisory company is backed by experts having vast experience and expertise in wealth creation in the stock market. The firm majorly targets the high-cap and mid-cap stocks. The majority of the clients served by the firm are HNI group, including high net worth individuals seeking investment tips from the advisory firm.

All the services offered by Stallion Asset to its clients come at competitive pricing, making it easier for the clients to avail of services from the advisory firm. The primary objective of the firm is to create wealth for retail investors and clients by focusing primarily on the long-term.

Stallion Asset Management

The equity advisory firm is led by Amit Jeswani, an ace investor who himself invested in the stock market for over 10 years and held a business graduation degree from Kingston University London.

The company claims to have a sizeable team of research experts with excellent domain knowledge and experience.

Stallion Asset Services

Stallion Asset offers different services through its research to its clients. As the firm offers advisory for long term investments, the services offered by Stallion Asset are not suitable for intraday traders or traders who are looking forward to making instant gains from their stock market investments.

The main focus of the firm is towards mid and long-term investments offering recommendations to the clients that can promote portfolio growth.

The services offered by Stallion Asset include:

  • Recommendations on old and new stocks
  • Research reports
  • Buying strategies
  • Exit strategies
  • Monthly portfolio updates

The firm operates on the simple idea of focusing on the stocks that can offer returns in the range of 100% within a timeframe of 12 months to 18 months.

The firm also offers multi-bagger and momentum plans apart from the plan mentioned above.

The former plan offers 10-15 multi-bagger ideas a year, while the latter plan offers 10-20 stock ideas in a year. Though the ideas are provided over a year, the advisory firm claims that there is a maximum of 5 stocks at any given point of time in the client’s portfolio.

The long-term investment horizon for which the advisory services are offered ranges from 10 to 15 years. However, the investors can choose to exit the investment and enter the mid-term at any given point in time.

The advisory firm shares the stock recommendations via SMS, Email, and Portal.

Stallion Asset Charges

Stallion Asset advises its clients to start their investments with the range of at least 2 lakhs. The pricing of the services availed, however, depends directly on the time period for which the client gets the services.

The Multi-bagger plan offered by Stallion Asset is as follows:

Duration Pricing (INR)
6 months 8,999
1 year 14,999
2 years 24,999

The firm also offers a Momentum Plan, which comes with the following benefits:

  • 10 stocks in the portfolio
  • 10-20 new stocks in a year
  • The holding period of 1 to 9 months of the stocks in the portfolio

The pricing of the momentum plan also depends on the duration for which the services are availed and are as follows:

Duration Pricing (INR)
6 months 11,999
1 year 19,999

Stallion Asset Customer Support

The firm believes in serving its customers on a regular basis and hence offers customer support through various mechanisms. The different modes through which customers can seek support include:

  • Webchat
  • Online query desk
  • Mobile contact
  • Landline contact number
  • Email
  • Social media handles

Concerns about Stallion Asset

Users of the Stallion Asset advisory services have certain complaints regarding the services being offered by the firm. These complaints among the users are as follows:

  • There are no services or plans for clients interested in intraday trading or are looking forward to quick investment opportunities.
  • There is no segregation of different investment plans based specifically on the trading segments that the investors are looking to trade in.
  • It appears to be a one-man show, and hence investments are at a higher risk.
  • Stallion Asset is a relatively new market player in the domain of stock research and advisory, which makes it difficult for investors to trust the firm blindly.

Stallion Asset Performance So Far

Stallion Asset is one of the well-performing advisory firms in India on its recommendations for mid to long-term holding period. We will have all advantages of using Stallion Asset in this Stallion Asset Review, you can check them below.

Thus, investors who are looking forward to investing for the long-term will find the performance of Stallion Asset to be better than other industry players.

If we compare the services of Stallion Asset with other advisory firms in the country, Stallion Asset comparatively has a lower percentage of dissatisfied customers as far as the accuracy of the firm’s recommendations is concerned.

Advantages of Stallion Asset

Some of the advantages of using Stallion Asset as an advisory firm highlighted by the existing clients are as follows:

  • The firm has a unique Query Desk feature wherein the registered users of the firm can log in and ask their queries. These queries can be related to historical, current, or future trading opportunities. The queries of the registered clients are answered by Stallion Asset’s Research Team. Each of the query is answered individually. The un-registered users can check the already asked questions and the corresponding responses to the same for free.
  • The firm offers a two days trial, which allows the users to have an experience of the firm’s services and overall performance of the firm.
  • The pricing of the various Stallion Asset plans is comparatively reasonable.
  • The firm offers various communication channels, including phone, mobile, email, web and social media, etc.
  • Stallion Asset also runs a financial blog that keeps its readers and website visitors aware of the various stock market investment intricacies, including IPO, market movements, etc.

Conclusion – Stallion Asset Review

The advisory services offered by Stallion Asset are not suitable for a day-trader looking forward to 3 to 5 tips on a regular basis. The firm is also not suitable for long-term investors who are looking forward to a holding period of at least a year without any maximum cap timeliness.

The firm is suitable for clients who are looking forward to stay invested in the market for a few months and seek a reasonable return from their investments. However, the expectations in terms of tips are not higher.

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