Angel One Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

Taking an Angel Broking franchise is considered an amazing business opportunity in today’s fast-paced world. Being of the leading full-service retail brokerage house, Angel One (Earlier known as Angel Broking) has an excellent partner network with over 13,000 sub-brokers across India. If you are interested in becoming an Angel One franchise, here is an Angel One franchise review that would help you know everything about Angel One franchise, application procedure, revenue model, the associated cost, and all other elements related to the same.

Tap a lucrative yet profitable growth opportunity in the stock market by becoming an Angel One Franchise which is surely a win-win deal. This way, you can take your stock broking business to newer heights.

Know More About Angel One

Based out of Mumbai, Angel One (Angel Broking) is one of the best stockbrokers in India and offers a wide assortment of stock broking services. Having over 3 decades of industry experience, Angel One is always known to be frontrunner in the stockbroking landscape. The full-service stockbroker, which serves a customer base of over 1+ Crore, recently modified its business strategy in November 2019 to provide a flat brokerage plan across all its services and equities delivery as complimentary. This was an outstanding step. They used to charge a certain percentage of the transaction value for each trade in the past.

With more than 30 years of expertise in the brokerage industry, Angel One has been able to establish a pan-India presence in more than 1800 cities and towns. Angel One offers the greatest trading and investment advising services with its cutting-edge trading platforms.

What does Angel Broking franchise mean?

The sub-brokers connected to the company have given Angel Broking Franchise extremely positive ratings and evaluations.

Given that it has the largest market share on the stock market, it is without a doubt the industry pioneer.

The company has significant income and outstanding customer service, earning it 8 out of a possible 10 points for both aspects. Angel Broking receives an astounding 8.5 points for having the widest range of goods and services.

Angel One Franchise Snapshot

Industry Finance & Investment
Founded 1987
Head Office Mumbai
Business Line Sub-broker
Founded By Dinesh Thakkar
Organization Type Private
Franchise Tenure Lifetime
Setup Time 1 Month
Master Franchise Model Yes
Franchise Network PAN India
No. of Franchise/Sub-brokers 13000+
Franchise Starting Year 2006


Benefits of Becoming An Angel One Franchise

Below are some of the main benefits of becoming an Angel One franchise.

  •         Zero office expense
  •         High revenue sharing
  •         Branding & marketing support
  •         Monthly payout
  •         Committed relationship managers
  •         Refundable deposit
  •         Advanced NXT platform
  •         Digital marketing support
  •         Training of all tech platforms for better functioning

What is an Authorized Person?

For people looking to invest in the stock market or other investment vehicles (such derivatives, mutual funds, and commodities), an authorized person serves as a facilitator.

You will aid investors in making smarter portfolio decisions as an authorized person with Angel One.

With more than three decades of expertise, Angel Broking Partner is a market leader on many fronts, notably thanks to a robust network of sub-brokers.

More than 500 cities and towns in India are home to it. It provides all forms of trading and Demat services at extremely low brokerage costs.

Recently, the company changed its name to Angel One as well. Being a seasoned competitor, it doesn’t fall behind in cutting-edge items. It provides one of the most cutting-edge trading platforms and services on the market.

Angel One Franchise – Business Models

There are four options to choose from when it comes to becoming an Angel One Partner.

Business Models Revenue Sharing
Sub Broker 50% – 70%
DRA or Partner 20% – 40%
Master Franchise 70% – 80%
Referral Rs.150 – Rs.300 per new Client needed


Angel One Sub Broker

Authorized persons are the new name for sub-brokers. The employment role is unchanged, though. You must locate potential clients for Angel Broking and persuade them to become brokerage house clients in your capacity as a sub-broker.

You must help them open an account. Then, as a designated individual, you must aid them in trade. Within three days, you might apply to be a brokerage house approved person.

This is as a result of how quickly the registration procedure has become. Your new customers will receive a free Demat account that can be created in only five minutes.

Angel One Master Franchise

While the major duties of a Master franchise of Angel Broking are largely the same as those of a sub-brokerage company, the region of operation does.

There won’t be any other master franchises in that area, region, or town if you have your office there as a master franchise.

There won’t even be any sub-brokers. As a result, there will be less competition, and you will solely market Angel Broking’s goods and services in that area.

The fee of Angel One master franchise is Rs. 2 – 2.5 lakh whereas an infrastructure investment of 2.5-3 lakh would be required. In terms of commission, one can get up to 75-80% of the total revenue generated under his name.

Angel One Referral Program

Angel One’s referral program rewards the individual who refers a new customer to Angel Broking with coupons worth Rs. 150. Let’s say you recommend your colleague get a demat account with Angel Broking because you have an account with them.

Now, let’s say your colleague used your referral link to establish an account after becoming intrigued. You’ll then get a coupon for Rs. 150. The coupon can be redeemed within 30 days after its issue.

Angle One DRA or Remisier

One can choose to become an Angel One partner by positing itself as a Remisier. This way, he would be entitled to obtain new clients for the stock broker.

Remisier is not supposed to provide any trading or other facilities, in contrast to sub-brokers and master franchises.

Angle One Franchise Cost

Sub-broker -Franchise Fee INR 50K- 1 Lakh
Infrastructure Overheads 0 – INR 50K
DRA/Remisier – Franchise Cost INR 3000

 Although franchising costs vary depending on the business models, the cost of an Angel One Franchise is Rs. 50,000. It starts at Rs. 50,000 for sub-brokers or permitted persons and may go as high as Rs. 1 lakh. This is the required refundable security deposit. To receive a bigger income %, you might raise the security deposit.

 The master franchise holders must pay anything from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh to get the Angel Broking franchise. Your income share % will increase in direct proportion to the amount of security deposit you maintain with the brokerage firm.

Your investment requirement as a DRA or Remisier is just Rs. 3,000. Of all the company models, this one requires the least capital.

Commission/Royalty/Revenue Sharing

Sub Broker Commission 50% – 70%
Angel Broking Commission 30% – 50%
DRA Commission 20% – 40%
Angel Broking Commission 60% – 80%
Referral Commission Rs.150 – Rs.300 per Client
Angel One Commission 100%


Angel one Franchise – Infrastructure Requirement

In order to become an Angle One partner, one is supposed to meet the following infrastructure requirement.

  •         An office area or unit of nearly 300 to 500 square feet
  •         At least 2 employees
  •         Research and advisory conveniences
  •         Trading terminals
  •         Telephone and internet connection
  •         Fully air-conditioned office unit
  •         CCTV surveillance.

Having a master franchise entails meeting certain infrastructural needs. You don’t need to worry too much about many infrastructures when you become an Authorized person or Remisier.

Angel One Franchise – The Conclusion

To sum up, Angel Broking Partner is without a doubt among the top stock market franchises available in the market right now. If you have enough capital to invest, you can choose to take a master franchise of Angel Broking which offers attractive commission on the business done by you. However, if you have a limited budget, you can start your journey with Angel Broking under a Remisier plan where you get commission for getting every new customer to the broker.

You can attract customers and expand your business with its high revenue sharing, different support options, cutting-edge technology, and large choice of products and services.

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How can I choose to become an Angel One partner?

If you want to be Angel One Partner, you need to register yourself as an Authorized person/ franchise or Remisier with Angel Broking.

Once it is done, go through and meet the investment and infrastructure necessities, and login as a partner through the dashboard.

What does an Authorized Person mean?

Angel One sub-brokers are now called Authorized persons. They search and register new clients for the broker, help them with their trading, and get a cut of the profits.

How much money must I put up in order to open an Angel Broking Franchise?

The required investment for an Angel Broking franchise is Rs. 50,000. When you leave the sub-brokership, you get your money back for this sum.

What distinguishes a master franchise from a sub-broker?

The Master franchise and sub-brokers both play the same job. However, while there are several sub-brokers, there can only be one master franchise per region, town, or jurisdiction.

So, unlike sub-brokers, the Master franchise has a monopoly.

How much can I earn by becoming an Angel One partner?

The amount you can earn largely depends on the business model you choose. In general, it is possible to earn at least 20% whereas the maximum income can be 80% of the revenue generated by you.

Do I need an office for the Angel One franchise?

Yes, to obtain a master franchise of Angel One, you need to have an office of size 300 to 500 feet.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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