Angel Broking Franchise / Authorized Person / Partner / Sub Broker Review

Angel Broking Franchise is the one that is gaining popularity among Indians at a fast pace. The Angel Broking Franchise is worth over 11,000 sub-brokers. For a sub-broker who is interested in becoming a part of the angel broking franchise, it is essential to have an in-depth analysis of the Angel Broking Sub Broker Offers, Angel Broking Franchise revenue, Angel Broking Franchise cost, share models, and other essential features related to the Angel Broking Authorized Person Program. Thus, a sub-broker franchise review is crucial before starting up with the firm’s franchise.

Angel Broking Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Offline Presence 9.0/10
Market Reputation 8.0/10
Market Share 9.5/10
Brand Equity 8.5/10
Products and Services 8.5/10
Reliability 8.0/10
Revenue Sharing 8.0/10
Holistic Support 8.0/10
Overall Rating 8.3/10

About Angel Broking Franchise

Angel Broking FranchiseAngel Broking is one of the most renowned stockbrokers in India that is based out in Mumbai. The company holds an intensive broking experience of 30 years by now and is considered to be one of the most innovative broking firms in India. The stockbroking firm is popular for its innovative marketing strategies and has its presences in more than 150 cities of the country.

Angel Broking Sub Broker business is spread in over more than 500 cities in India with new sub-brokers joining the Angel Broking Franchise family on an almost daily basis.

Angel Broking is a full-service stock broking firm that provides various broking services to its clients including Demat and Trading Account Facility, IPO investments, Robo Advisory, Research Reports, Stock and Portfolio Analysis and much more. The company also offers a platform to trade in various investment products like equities, derivatives, commodities, currency, mutual funds, and much more.

Angel Broking Franchise is the largest sub-broker business in India. Apart from offering a variety of products and services, the Angel Broking Sub Broker offers flexibility in terms of sharing the Angel Broking Commission.

Angel Broking Franchise Review

Angel Broking’s Franchise is broadly divided into three main categories which include:

  • Angel Broking Authorized Person/Business Partner or Angel Broking Sub Broker
  • Angel Broking Master Franchisee
  • Angel Broking Remisier

Angel Broking Authorized Person or Angel Broking Sub Broker

Angel Broking has the highest number of Authorized persons or sub-brokers spread across the country as it is a low investment venture which plays majorly on the basis of its vast Angel Broking Sub Broker’s network.

The company is said to have a three-day quick registration process. By the third day, the applicant receives his sub-broker or AP registration number from the BSE or NSE.

On its end, Angel Broking Franchise provides the sub brokers with all the products and services required by the sub-broker to serve the customers. The company also assists the sub-brokers by providing them with the required marketing and technology support.

Requirements to become an Angel Broking Authorized Person

In order to become an Angel Broking Authorized Person or Sub Broker, you need to deposit a minimum security deposit amounting to Rs.50,000. The amount of security deposit made is refundable, and there is no franchise fee involved. The company provides all the marketing support and a dedicated relationship manager to provide the required training about Angel Broking’s Franchise.

The Sub Broker is also provided all the required training through seminars, sessions, and webinars conducted continuously by the staff from time-to-time.

Angel Broking Master Franchisee

Angel Broking’s Franchise model allows one person to have a monopoly as a dealer in a particular area or locality. However, this model of Angel Broking Master Franchisee requires a huge amount of investment and a good infrastructure facility. The benefit which the Angel Broking Sub Broker receives on becoming the Master Franchisee is a revenue-sharing of up to 80% and of competing directly with the other major industry players.

Angel Broking Remisier

The Remisier Model of Angel Broking Franchise facility is a simple agent model wherein the agent receives a commission for opening an Angel Broking Demat and Trading Account. The Angel Broking Franchise Commission shared with the agent under this model ranges somewhere from 30% to 50%. The other benefit that the person joining as the Angel Broking Sub Broker under the remisier program is a low amount of initial investment and easy onboarding process.

Angel Broking Commission Model

Angel Broking, as compared to other stockbroking firms, is one of the highest remuneration paying broking firm in India. Angel Broking’s commission or revenue sharing model is dynamic wherein the ratio of sharing the commission is decided on the basis of various factors. Some of these factors include revenue generated by the sub broker, the revenue projections of the company, its existing client base, the products that are being provided to the customers, etc.

The revenue sharing ratio under each of the model is different and thus varies from individual to individual. However, Angel Broking Franchise provides a general revenue sharing ration under different models.

Commission for Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorized Person: The ratio of revenue shared by the company with the sub-brokers or authorized persons is the highest as the functions performed by them are quite substantial. The commission ranges from 50% to 70% while the average commission shared under this model is 60%.

Commission for Angel Broking Master Franchisee: The commission shared for this model is somewhat similar to that shared with the sub-broker but is slightly higher. The ratio of revenue shared with a master franchisee is 80%.

Commission for Angel Broking Remisier: Since the person is acting only as an agent of the company under this model, the ratio of revenue shares is lower when compared to the other two models. The revenue ratio shared by the company to a remisier is 20% to 30%.

Angel Broking Commission Sub Broker Commission
Angel Broking Sub Broker or Authorized Person 50% to 30% 50% to 70%
Angel Broking Master Franchisee 30% to 20% 70% to 80%
Angel Broking Remisier 80% to 70% 20% to 30%

Angel Broking Franchise Cost

The sub-broker, unlike any other franchise business, needs to deposit a certain amount of security deposit with the principal broker. The basis behind charging the franchise cost is to reimburse for any default made by the sub-broker during his tenure.

The amount that the individual needs to deposit as security varies between Rs.10,000 to Rs. 3 Lakh. The amount of money required to be deposited as security depends on the model of franchise opted for, the revenue, the client base, and other necessary factors. The security amount is refundable, which is remitted back to the sub-broker at the time of completion of the tenure.

Conclusion – Angel Broking Sub Broker Review

To summarize with, Angel Broking offers three different franchise models which can be opted for by an individual based on his discretion and requirements. The eligibility criteria are also very basic, thereby making it one of the most popular franchise models in India. Furthermore, the ratio of revenue shared by the company with the sub broker is also very favorable, thereby making the Angel Broking Authorized Person Program or Angel Broking Sub Broker a popular one.

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