Gold Rate Forecast – Prediction for Tomorrow, Next 30 Days, Next Months & Years

Gold is considered a valuable asset that never goes out of trend. In this Article, you can find Gold Rate Forecast or Gold Rate Prediction for tomorrow, this entire month, next month and whole financial year 2020-21. Also you can find out Gold rate forecast & predictions for next financial years i.e. 2021-22 & 2022-23.

Do you know that over the past year, gold funds have given average returns of 26.84%? In the March quarter, Gold funds topped the charts with whopping 11% returns.

Latest Factors Affecting Gold Prices, Forecast or Prediction

Gold prices largely depend on these major factors – Re-emergence of Covid, World Economic Situation, US Dollar Value, US-China-Reset of the World Relations, Inflation/ Interest Rates, Printing of Money, and Other Factors. After the pandemic gold’s price will move up, you will see these prices in this gold rate forecast.

If you are looking to invest in Gold, it is hugely recommended to take a look at the past performances of gold, that could help you predict its future performance. However, today, there are various sites that provide understandable info on gold rate forecast. For your reference, A chart given by best stock broker in India inserted below highlighting gold price prediction for the next 30 days:

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    Gold Rate Forecast for Next 30 Days

    Date Weekday Min Max Price
    11 – August -2021 Wednesday 46876 48304 47590
    12 – August -2021 Thursday 46876 48304 47590
    13 – August -2021 Friday 46876 48304 47590
    16 – August -2021 Monday 46850 48276 47563
    17 – August -2021 Tuesday 46809 48235 47522
    18 – August -2021 Wednesday 46817 48243 47530
    19 – August -2021 Thursday 46482 47898 47190
    20 – August -2021 Friday 46883 48311 47597
    23 – August -2021 Monday 47072 48506 47789
    24 – August -2021 Tuesday 47221 48659 47940
    25 – August -2021 Wednesday 47033 48465 47749
    26 – August -2021 Thursday 46884 48312 47598
    27 – August -2021 Friday 46950 48380 47665
    30 – August -2021 Monday 46756 48180 47468
    31 – August -2021 Tuesday 46476 47892 47184
    01 – Sep -2021 Wednesday 46649 48069 47359
    02 – Sep -2021 Thursday 46237 47645 46941
    03 – Sep -2021 Friday 46320 47730 47025
    06 – Sep -2021 Monday 46784 48208 47496
    07 – Sep -2021 Tuesday 46848 48274 47561
    08 – Sep -2021 Wednesday 46824 48250 47537
    09 – Sep -2021 Thursday 46816 48242 47529
    10 – Sep -2021 Friday 46722 48146 47434
    13 – Sep -2021 Monday 47317 48759 48038

    Please note that these gold prices are just for indicative purposes and the actual prices may vary. This chart intends to give an idea about the gold price trends in near future. You can do your research and find out the actual gold price on a respective day.

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    Monthly Gold Price Prediction – Gold Rate Prediction for 2021

    Gold Rate Forecast from April 2021 to Sep 2021

    Gold Rate Forecast 2021 (Monthly)
    Month Average Close Change%
    Apr 46715 48892
    May 49814 50358 2.998%
    Jun 49557 49125 -2.448%
    Jul 48209 47651 -3.001%
    Aug 46787 46270 -2.898%
    Sep 47143 47658 3.000%


    Gold Rate Prediction from Oct 2021 to March 2022

    The below chart defines the gold price prediction for 2021-22.

    Month Average Close Change%
    Oct-21 46770 46228 -3.001%
    Nov-21 46267 46280 0.112%
    Dec-21 45418 44892 -2.999%
    Jan-22 44073 43580 -2.923%
    Feb-22 44402 44887 2.999%
    Mar-22 45734 46234 3.001%

    Gold Rate Forecast for 2022 – 2023

    Month Average Close Change%
    Oct-22 53078 52671 -2.242%
    Nov-22 53665 54251 3.000%
    Dec-22 53240 52623 -3.001%
    Jan-23 53616 54202 3.001%
    Feb-23 54546 54661 0.847%
    Mar-23 55692 56301 3.000%
    Apr-23 57033 57334 1.835%

    The chart clearly indicates that a steady increase in the gold rate is predicted for the 2022-2023 period.


    Factors that influence the Gold Rate Forecast

    1. Demand & Supply

    In any traded commodity, demand and supply play a prominent role in defining its price. Gold is not a consumable product. All gold that ever mined is still available in the world. Also, every year, the amount of gold mined is not very up. And so, if demand for gold goes up, the price goes up since the supply is comparatively uncommon.

    1. Interest Rates

    Gold prices have a converse relationship with interest rate. If interest rates fall, individuals don’t get attractive returns on deposits. Hence, they break their deposits and buy gold instead to increase demand and it automatically increases price. And people sell their gold and invest in their deposits when interest rate goes high, it leads to a drop in demand and so the price.

    1. Inflation

    When the inflation rates soar high, the value of the currency goes down. Also, most other investment avenues flop to deliver inflation-winning returns. Hence, most people start investing in gold. Even if high rates of inflation last for a longer period, gold acts as ideal privet since it is not influenced by fluctuations in the value of the currency.

    1. Import Duty

    India accounts for less than one percent of gold production globally. However, it is the second largest consumer of yellow metal. India imports large amounts of gold to meet the rising demand. Thus, import duty has important role in the gold price.

    1. Government Reserves

    The Government of India has several gold reserves. Given its policies, it buys or sells gold through the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Gold rate can get affected depending on whether it buys or sells more.

    Reasons behind the increase in gold prices

    Below are the reasons behind the increasing price of gold – 

    1. High liquidity

    The RBI enables borrowers to get a moratorium on loan repayments till August 31, 2020. Government also announced multiple economic inducement packages to fuel liquidity into the markets. So, this led to a situation where investors had money for investment & trading in stock market but the stock market were extremely volatile, interest rates were reducing. Hence, they began investing in gold because it is always a safe investment option.

    1. Exchange Rate

    The value of Indian Rupee has reduced acutely since the lockdown. At present, it is nearly Rs. 75 against the US dollar. Since India is the second largest importer, such exchange rate variations tend to affect gold rates.

    1. Reduced Gold Mining

    One major factor that influences gold rate in upcoming days and gold price prediction is the demand and supply formula. While the demand went up, gold mining activities were immensely impacted due to lockdowns in different parts of the world. This influenced the supply causing the gold prices to increase further.

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    FAQs About Gold Rate Forecast

    Ques- What are the factors that affect gold rates?

    Ans- There are lots of factors that are found to make the gold prices fluctuate like liquidity, demand and supply, inflammation, global economy and others.

    Ques- Is your gold rate prediction accurate?

    Ans- In most cases, this gold rate prediction tries to be as accurate as possible. But the actual gold prices may vary depending on various underlying factors.

    Ques- What is the current gold price trend?

    Ans- At present, the prices of gold metal are on the upward side. And this trend is expected to continue for coming months.

    Ques- What are the different types of gold investments?

    Ans- There are different types of gold investments available today including Digital Gold investment, Gold coin investment, gold bars investments and gold ETF investments.

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