Gold Rate Forecast – Prediction for Tomorrow, Next 30 Days, Next Months & Years

Last updated on September 28, 2023

Gold is considered a valuable asset that never goes out of trend. In this Article, you can find Gold Rate Forecast or Gold Rate Prediction for tomorrow, today, this month, next months and whole financial year 2023-24. Here you can also find Gold price prediction & gold price forecast for next financial years i.e. 2024-25.
Do you know that over the past year, gold funds have given average returns of 26.84%? In the March quarter, Gold funds topped the charts with whopping 11% returns.

gold rate predictionLatest Factors Affecting Gold Prices, Gold Rate Forecast or Prediction

Gold prices largely depend on these major factors – Re-emergence of Covid, World Economic Situation, US Dollar Value, US-China-Reset of the World Relations, Inflation/ Interest Rates, Printing of Money, and Other Factors. Also in a country gold prices can be different among their states because every state governments have their own taxes.

After the pandemic gold’s price will move up, you will see these prices in this gold rate forecast. For your reference, A chart given by best stock broker in India inserted below highlighting gold price prediction India for next 30 days:

Gold Rate Forecast for Next 30 Days – Gold Price Prediction India

Here is the Gold Rate Prediction for today, tomorrow and next 30 days for 24 carat precious gold

Date Gold Rate(1 Gram) Change Change% Highest Lowest
25-09-2023 6019 1 0.008% 6033 6005
26-09-2023 6033 14 0.237% 6047 6019
27-09-2023 6035 2 0.037% 6050 6021
28-09-2023 6020 -15 -0.254% 6034 6006
29-09-2023 5993 -27 -0.450% 6008 5978
30-09-2023 6001 8 0.137% 6016 5986
01-10-2023 6013 12 0.200% 6029 5998
02-10-2023 6014 0 0.008% 6029 5998
03-10-2023 5990 -24 -0.399% 6012 5969
04-10-2023 6076 86 1.435% 6089 6062
05-10-2023 6074 -2 -0.023% 6088 6061
06-10-2023 6075 1 0.011% 6089 6061
07-10-2023 6074 -1 -0.011% 6088 6060
08-10-2023 6081 7 0.102% 6095 6066
09-10-2023 6083 2 0.048% 6098 6069
10-10-2023 6064 -19 -0.324% 6097 6030
11-10-2023 6063 1 0.016% 6073 6054
12-10-2023 6079 16 0.260% 6089 6069
13-10-2023 6072 -7 -0.114% 6082 6062
14-10-2023 6083 10 0.173% 6092 6073
15-10-2023 6076 -6 -0.100% 6086 6067
16-10-2023 6080 3 0.054% 6090 6070
17-10-2023 6064 -16 -0.264% 6097 6030
18-10-2023 6005 -59 0.972% 6026 5983
19-10-2023 6009 5 0.077% 6031 5987
20-10-2023 6012 3 0.048% 6034 5990
21-10-2023 6017 5 0.081% 6040 5994
22-10-2023 6005 -12 -0.207% 6028 5981
23-10-2023 6003 -1 -0.020% 6027 5980
24-10-2023 6064 60 1.005% 6097 6030

Please note that these gold price predictions are just for indicative purposes and the actual prices may vary. This prediction of gold rate in India intends to give an idea about the gold price trend in near future.

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Gold Rate Forecast or Prediction for Today

Check here the latest Gold rate Forecast or prediction for Today –

Gold Rate Forecast for Today – 1 Gram 24 Carat & 22 Carat Gold
Date – 28 September 2023
Gold 24 Carat 22 Carat
Today’s Gold Rate  6020 5659
Today’s High 6034 5775
Today’s Low 6006 5604
Change -15 -31
Change% -0.254% 0.544%

Gold rate for today is 6020 INR for 1 gram 24 carat gold and 5659 INR for 22 carat gold with the change of 0.254% & 0.544% respectively, here you can check highest & lowest gold rate prediction for today and according to that you can invest in gold.

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Gold Rate Prediction for Tomorrow

Check here the future Gold price Forecast or prediction for Tomorrow –

Gold Price Prediction for Tomorrow – 1 Gram 24 Carat & 22 Carat Gold
Date – 29 September 2023
Gold 24 Carat 22 Carat
Tomorrow Gold Rate  5993 5657
Tomorrow High 6008 5741
Tomorrow Low 5978 5572
Change -27 -2
Change% -0.450% 0.035%

Gold rate prediction for tomorrow is 5993 INR for 1 gram 24 carat gold and 5657 INR for 22 carat gold with negligible change of 0.450% & 0.035% respectively, here you can check highest & lowest tomorrow gold rate and plan your investment accordingly.

If you are looking to invest in Gold, it is hugely recommended to take a look at the past performances of gold, that could help you predict its future performance or just check our gold rate forecast.

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Gold Rate Prediction For 1 Month – 22 carat Gold

Here you can check gold rate forecast for today, tomorrow and for whole month for 22 carat gold only.

Gold price forecast on Tuesday, September, 26: gold rate 57106 Rupees, maximum 57963 Rs, minimum 56249 Rs. Gold price in India on Wednesday, September, 27: gold rate 56902 Rupees, maximum 57756 Rs, minimum 56048 Rs. Gold price forecast on Thursday, September, 28: gold rate 56598 Rupees, maximum 57447 Rs, minimum 55749 Rs. Gold rate prediction in India on Friday, September, 29: gold rate 56570 Rupees, maximum 57419 Rs, minimum 55721 Rs.

In first week of October Gold price forecast on Monday, October, 2: gold rate 56966 Rupees, maximum 57820 Rs, minimum 56112 Rs. Gold rate prediction on Tuesday, October, 3: gold rate 57393 Rupees, maximum 58254 Rs, minimum 56532 Rs. Gold price forecast on Wednesday, October, 4: gold rate 57539 Rupees, maximum 58402 Rs, minimum 56676 Rs. Gold rate prediction on Thursday, October, 5: gold rate 57383 Rupees, maximum 58244 Rs, minimum 56522 Rs. Gold price forecast on Friday, October, 6: gold rate 57107 Rupees, maximum 57964 Rs, minimum 56250 Rs.

In 2nd weeks Gold rate prediction on Monday, October, 9: gold rate 57098 Rupees, maximum 57954 Rs, minimum 56242 Rs. Gold price forecast on Tuesday, October, 10: gold rate 56957 Rupees, maximum 57811 Rs, minimum 56103 Rs. Gold rate prediction on Wednesday, October, 11: gold rate 56975 Rupees, maximum 57830 Rs, minimum 56120 Rs. Gold price forecast on Thursday, October, 12: gold rate 56818 Rupees, maximum 57670 Rs, minimum 55966 Rs. Gold price prediction in India on Friday, October, 13: gold rate 56661 Rupees, maximum 57511 Rs, minimum 55811 Rs.

In 3 weeks Gold price forecast on Monday, October, 16: gold rate 56628 Rupees, maximum 57477 Rs, minimum 55779 Rs. Gold rate prediction on Tuesday, October, 17: gold rate 56608 Rupees, maximum 57457 Rs, minimum 55759 Rs. Gold price forecast on Wednesday, October, 18: gold rate 56564 Rupees, maximum 57412 Rs, minimum 55716 Rs. Gold rate prediction on Thursday, October, 19: gold rate 56725 Rupees, maximum 57576 Rs, minimum 55874 Rs. Gold rate prediction on Friday, October, 20: gold rate 57219 Rupees, maximum 58077 Rs, minimum 56361 Rs.

In 4 weeks Gold price prediction in India on Monday, October, 23: gold rate 57332 Rupees, maximum 58192 Rs, minimum 56472 Rs. Gold price forecast on Tuesday, October, 24: gold rate 57336 Rupees, maximum 58196 Rs, minimum 56476 Rs. Gold price prediction in India on Wednesday, October, 25: gold rate 57362 Rupees, maximum 58222 Rs, minimum 56502 Rs.

This gold price forecast shows you expected gold price for future or for next 30 days including today, tomorrow and whole next week.

Gold Price Prediction for Different Cities in India

Here you can check gold rate forecast for various cities in India, we have also mentioned highest and lowest price of 10 gm 24 carat Gold in 9 big cities. Click on the link to check gold rate for today.

City Name Rate on 18th September Gold Rate Today
Mumbai Rs 61000 Click Here
Ahmedabad Rs 61190 (Highest) Click Here
Delhi Rs 61140 Click Here
Jaipur Rs 60990 (Lowest) Click Here
Kolkata Rs 61090 Click Here
Bangalore Rs 61180 Click Here
Hyderabad Rs 61170 Click Here
Chennai Rs 61180 Click Here
Kochi Rs 61185 Click Here

Gold Rate Prediction or Forecast for Next Week

Here you can find gold rate prediction for next week, This might be different for cities like gold rate in Delhi is slightly different from gold rate in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and so on –

Date Gold Rate(24 Carat) Change Change% High Low
25-09-2023 6019 1 0.008% 6033 6005
26-09-2023 6033 14 0.237% 6047 6019
27-09-2023 6035 2 0.037% 6050 6021
28-09-2023 6020 -15 -0.254% 6034 6006
29-09-2023 5993 -27 -0.450% 6008 5978
30-09-2023 6001 8 0.137% 6016 5986
01-10-2023 6013 12 0.200% 6029 5998
02-10-2023 6014 0 0.008% 6029 5998

Gold Price Forecast for Next 6 Months

The below prediction chart shows the gold price prediction for next 6 months from August- 23 to January- 24. In this prediction, you can see a gradual increase in gold rate in coming days, it will increase by 1.234% in next month for 24 carat gold. Average price for 10 gram 24 carat will close to 60540 INR between upcoming months.

Gold Price Prediction India 2023 (Monthly) – 24 Carat
Month Average Gold Rate(10 gram) Lowest Change%(compare to last month)
August-23 59840 59660 -0.128%
Sept -23 60590 60190 1.234%
Oct-23 61650 61090 1.728%
Nov-23 62800 62110 1.824%
Dec-23 63420 62600 0.980%
Jan-24 64740 63800 2.031%

Monthly Gold Price Prediction – Gold Rate Prediction for 2024

Gold Rate Forecast from Feb 2024 to June 2024 for 24 carat gold

Month Average Gold Price(10 gram) Lowest Change%(compare to last month)
Feb-24 65750 64710 1.550%
March-24 66340 65200 0.935%
Apr-24 67570 66280 1.760%
May-24 68630 67251 1.451%
June-24 69340 67835 1.010%

This gold rate prediction shows future gold rate in upcoming months in next year.

Gold Rate Forecast for 1 Year (2024 -25)

In this chart you can check gold rate forecast for next financial year 2024-25.

Month Gold Rate(For 10 gm gold) Close Change%(compare to last month)
July-24 68260 66650 -1.557%
Aug-24 67360 65670 -1.318%
Sept-24 66440 64680 -1.365%
Oct-24 62620 61290 -5.749%
Nov-24 60666 58690 -3.120%
Dec-24 61666 59690 1.648%

The Gold price prediction chart clearly indicates the steady change in the gold rate expectation, that is predicted for the 2023-2024 period.

Current Gold Rate Trend in India – Gold Price Forecast

The current gold trend in the market reflects a blend of cautious optimism and global economic uncertainty. As of now, gold prices have experienced moderate fluctuations(currently decreasing) due to a mix of factors. These include the ongoing geopolitical tensions, inflation concerns, and central bank policies.

While the demand for gold as a safe-haven asset remains steady, the gradual economic recovery and potential interest rate hikes have slightly fluctuated gold rate and future gold rate predictions. Investors are closely monitoring indicators such as employment data, inflation rates, and central bank decisions to gauge the future trajectory of gold rates amidst this intricate market environment.

Factors that influence the Gold Rate Forecast

  1. Demand & Supply

In any traded commodity, demand and supply play a prominent role in defining its price. Gold is not a consumable product so all gold is still present on earth that ever mined. Also, every year, the amount of gold mined is not very up. And so, if demand for gold goes up, the price goes up since the supply is comparatively uncommon.

  1. Interest Rates

Gold prices have a converse relationship with lowest interest rate. If interest rates fall, individuals don’t get attractive returns on deposits. Hence, they break their deposits and buy gold instead to increase demand and it automatically increases price. And people sell their gold and invest in their deposits when interest rate goes high, it leads to a drop in demand and so the price.

  1. Inflation

When the inflation rates soar high, the value of the currency goes down. Also, most other investment avenues flop to deliver inflation-winning returns. Hence, most people start investing in gold. Even if high rates of inflation last for a longer period, gold acts as ideal privet since it is not influenced by fluctuations in the value of the currency.

  1. Import Duty

India accounts for less than one percent of gold production globally. However, it is the second largest consumer of yellow metal. India imports large amounts of gold to meet the rising demand. Thus, import duty has important role in the gold price.

  1. Government Reserves

The Government of India has several gold reserves. Given its policies, it buys or sells gold through the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Gold rate can get affected depending on whether it buys or sells more.

Top 3 Reasons behind the increase in gold prices

Below are the reasons behind the increasing price of gold – 

  1. High liquidity

The RBI enables borrowers to get a moratorium on loan repayments till August 31, 2020. Government also announced multiple economic inducement packages to fuel liquidity into the markets. So, this led to a situation where investors had money for investment. They can invest in stocks by using the best trading app but the stock market were extremely volatile, interest rates were reducing. Hence, they began investing in gold because it is always a safe investment option.

  1. Exchange Rate

The value of Indian Rupee has reduced acutely since the lockdown. At present, it is nearly Rs. 75 against the US dollar. Since India is the second largest importer, such exchange rate variations tend to affect gold rates & gold rate forecast in future.

  1. Reduced Gold Mining

One major factor that influences gold rate in upcoming days and gold price prediction is the demand and supply formula. While the demand went up, gold mining activities were immensely impacted due to lockdowns in different parts of the world. This influenced the supply causing the gold prices to increase further.

How can you invest in Digital Gold?

Investors have several options to invest in gold, such as purchasing physical gold, investing in gold ETFs, buying gold mining stocks, or trading options and futures contracts. Physical gold can be bought in the form of bars, coins, or jewellery, but requires storage and insurance costs. Gold ETFs are easier and can be traded on stock exchanges like any other stock.

How to invest in GoldGold rate forecast

FAQs About Gold Rate Forecast

Ques- What are the factors that affect gold rates?

Ans- There are lots of factors that are found to make the gold prices fluctuate like liquidity, demand and supply, inflammation, global economy and others.

Ques- Is your gold rate prediction accurate?

Ans- Yes, In most cases this gold rate prediction tries to be as accurate as possible. But the actual gold prices may vary depending on various underlying factors.

Ques- What is the current gold price trend?

Ans- At present, the prices of gold metal are on the upward side. And this gold rate trend is expected to continue for coming months.

Ques- What are the different types of gold investments?

Ans- There are different types of gold investments available today including Digital Gold investment, Gold coin investment, gold bars investments and gold ETF investments.

Ques- Will gold rate decrease in coming days 2023?

Ans- Predicting future gold prices depends on a wide range of factors, including economic conditions, demand & supply and market sentiment, which can change rapidly. These are the reasons exist behind the gold rate fluctuation, As per financial expert’s Gold rate prediction we can say gold rate will decrease slightly in coming days or months because demand and supply of gold has better combination this time.

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