HDFC Securities vs ICICI Direct – Brokerage charges, Demat, AMC, App and More

By TBS Team | February 28, 2024

Certain investors mainly depend on their personal needs and the services and features offered by the firms. Most of the time, these investors seek to ignore paying the high brokerages. However, for receiving advice on stocks and becoming a high-frequency trader, they should consider a full-service broker. The job of a full-service brokerage firm is – to offer personalized recommendations and services to investors. Hence, these firms come with a higher fee. A full-service broker charges around 1-2% on their assets. This is why you need to be wise while choosing the best stock broker from the full-service broker’s list. The top 10 full-service stock brokers in India, include :

HDFC Securities –

Established in 2000, it has come a long way and is also regarded as one of the top full-service brokers in India. It offers both – online as well as phone-based stock trading. The HDFC Securities trading account has a distinctive 3-in-1 account feature which combines a person’s HDFC Securities trading account with their existing HDFC bank savings account and the existing Demat account.

Funds or shares can be feasibly moved from the linked Demat or Bank account to execute the transactions. The biggest benefit of this feature is – faster trading which allows investors and traders to grab great opportunities that are often left discarded in the case of non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), where it takes time to transfer funds from the bank account to a trading account.

This leading stock broker company is known to have over 260 branches across the nation and it gives overall satisfactory broking services to its clients. HDFC Securities claims to have around 6,64,256 active as of the financial year of 2019-20 and was placed as the 3rd largest stockbroker in India.

It also offers the best-in-class security by adopting 128-bit encryption technology that makes faster trade processing.

HDFC Securities offers its customers to trade across the following segments:

  • Equity
  • Currency Trading
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Insurance

ICICI Direct –

This stock brokerage firm is counted among the best-rated full-service stock broker in India. ICICI Direct is the retail investment and trading extension of ICICI Securities. These are a part of the world-renowned financial service group – ICICI.

ICICI Securities is one of the largest retail stock broking firms in the country and offers a vast range of investment products & services to retail and corporate clients. It provides – an online trading platform and investment services to more than 20 lakhs customers through ICICI Direct.

It was established in 1994 and enjoys a remarkable presence across 87 locations within the country and more than 200 offices in various forms and capacities for its clients.

ICICI Direct has a unique feature – the 3-in-1 account. This account allows a seamless trading experience for investors and traders who can trade in shares without facing the annoyance of tracking settlement cycles, and preparing cheques and transfer instructions.

The biggest advantage of having this type of account is that – traders get a seamless trading experience as their bank account is directly integrated into their trading account. This further helps them in rapid fund transfers.

Besides that, ICICI Direct offers a wide range of trading and investment products which include:

  • Equity
  • Derivative Trading
  • Mutual funds
  • IPO
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Non-convertible Debentures (NCDs)
  • Currency Trading
  • Loans
  • E-Locker

HDFC Securities vs ICICI Direct

Trading Platforms

HDFC Securities, as a leading full-service broker in India, offers easy-to-use trading platforms for desktop, browser, and mobile. The biggest plus point with these trading platforms is that they are developed and maintained in-house meaning – the investor gets full-fledged support in case of any problem or query.

1. HDFC Securities Trade –

this platform allows the clients to perform web trading through its browser-based trading application named – Trade HDFCSec. This browser-based application can be accessed and run from any location through the investor’s desktop, laptop, or mobile with a stable internet connection. This being a responsive application, provides a smooth and optimal experience to the user across devices.

Some of the main features provided by this application are:

  • Options to personalize the trading experience as per user preferences.
  • Charts that are advanced and interactive ( – for a detailed technical analysis).
  • Research reports, news and market tips about stocks are available within the application
  • A personalized watch list for the user.

HDFC Securities Blink –

Blink by HDFC Securities is a terminal-based trading application and boasts of high-speed trading as compared to the other leading trading platforms available in the country.

HDFC Securities Mobile App –

this platform by HDFC Securities offers a wide array of great trading features like – real-time market updates, advanced charts, and investment ideas.

This app also offers a range of useful features to traders to trade on the move and keep track of their investments. It is available in English and 11 Indian regional languages and across Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry platforms. The other features that the software provides, include:

  • Buy or sell segments and exchanges
  • Make the users stay ahead of the Markets and provide real-time updates
  • Get comprehensive details of the stocks
  • Real-time intraday charting features
  • Create multiple watchlists for the user
  • Comprehensive portfolio view to track all the user investments
  • Apply for IPO
  • Access to research calls
  • Notifications and alerts
  • Locate the nearest branch office
  • Access news and views related to stock markets

ICICI Direct is considered among the top-rated full-service brokers in India. It enables its investors to make the optimum use of technology to experience unprecedented ease in stock trading.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer

a terminal-based software for trading. It is available as an executable file and needs to be downloaded and installed on a computer, desktop or laptop. It is designed to offer a full-fledged stock trading experience to its users – the investors.

Clients who can usually generate a monthly brokerage of more than ₹750 can get free access to this platform. While those who cannot, are supposed to pay ₹75 per month as the subscription cost for the software.

ICICI Direct Trade Racer Web – It is the web browser-based version of Trade Racer. This software does not need to be downloaded and installed. This is because this trading platform can be accessed on almost any browser. Its main features include:

  • Live and streaming quotes.
  • Drag and drop widgets enablement.
  • Up to 5 watchlists can be personalised.
  • User alerts and notifications.
  • Multiple personalised watchlists with live streaming quotes.
  • The investor can check the Current Limit and CMP with Best 5 bids/offers and modify them in a single window.
    ICICI Direct Mobile App – As its name sound, the trading application is meant to help users perform stock trading on the go. The app has lots of features which mainly include:
  • The latest quotes, scrips, and market updates can be analyzed.
  • Portfolio tracking and market movement.
  • Live research calls and market tips.

ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd. HDFC Securities Ltd

ICICI Securities Pvt Ltd. HDFC Securities Ltd
Depository Service Provider CDSL CDSL
Account Opening Fee Stamp Duty at actuals Nil
Dematerialisation Charges ₹50 Per Demat Request Form and ₹10 For Each certificate ₹5 per certificate + ₹35 per Dematerialisation request submitted
Rematerialisation Charges ₹30 + CDSL charges at actual ₹30 per request + CDSL actuals
Transaction Charges (Credit)
Failed Instruction Charges ₹30 Nil


Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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