Kotak Securities Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

Kotak Securities is a renowned name when it comes to securities trading and investments. Kotak Securities is among the top brokers in India that have managed to make its name in the business. Kotak Securities Franchise offers huge brand equity to its owner that is created by the parent bank. Hence, it is easier for the franchise holder to acquire clients as they do not doubt the credibility and authenticity of the brand.

The other benefit offered by the Kotak Securities Franchise is that the broker offers multiple business models to its potential business partners. An individual can choose any of these business models based on his/her preferences and business goals and objectives. Each model, just like in the case of other franchise offerings, comes with its own set of cost and revenue sharing model. Thus, you can also choose the business model that suits your business objective based on the cost involved and the profit-sharing offered.

About Kotak Securities Franchise

Kotak Securities is a full-service stockbroking firm that is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. It is among the top stockbroking firms headquartered in Mumbai and was incorporated in the year 1994. The firm provides various products and services to its customers.

Kotak Securities has a widespread presence in more than 450 locations across different parts of the country and has more than 2000 business associates working with the broker. It allows the traders to trade in Mutual Funds, IPO, Tax-Free Bonds, Equities, Currency, and other investment products.

Kotak Securities is believed to be one of the first companies that came up with the sub-broker program. The prime advantage of joining the Kotak Securities Franchise group is the brand name and a best in class brand equity. The person associated with Kotak Securities as a Kotak Securities Sub Broker gets exposure to the big market owing to the company’s brand recognition.

The other advantages offered by Kotak Securities Franchise include an edge in leadership, ethics, huge trust factor, strong network, and a variety of investment solutions. The company also recently introduced its low brokerage intraday trading plan under the name of Kotak Securities FIT plan, which allows to target traders that are looking for trusted low brokerage trading solutions.

Kotak Securities Franchise Ratings
Criteria Ratings
Offline Presence 7.0/10
Market Reputation 8.5/10
Reliability 7.5/10
Experience 7.5/10
Market Share 8.0/10
Products & Services 8.6/10
Revenue Sharing 7.5/10
Holistic Support 9.0/10
Overall Ratings 8.1/10


Kotak Securities Partnership Model

The models offered to an individual by Kotak Securities Partner Initiatives include three different business models:

  • Kotak Securities Sub Broker/ Kotak Securities Authorized Person: This is a typical sub-broker or partner agreement.
  • Netinvest Ace: This business model is suitable for the brokers who are currently offering IPO and Mutual Fund investment services and are looking forward to expand their service portfolio by including equity to it.
  • Netinvest Direct: It is suitable for people who wish to restrict their services only to sourcing the clients and are not willing to cater to clients with advisory services or other services like portfolio management services.

 Kotak Securities Sub Broker/Kotak Securities Franchise/Kotak Securities Authorized Person

To become a Kotak Securities Sub Broker or Authorized Person, the candidate needs to be registered with SEBI and the required stock exchange. The candidate interested in starting as a Kotak Securities Sub Broker Franchise needs to satisfy some basic yet essential criteria including:

  • The minimum age of the candidate should be 21 years
  • The candidate should have relevant experience ranging from 1-3 years in the financial market
  • The candidate should have completed higher secondary education

The candidate opting for this business model of Kotak Securities Franchise can serve its clients with all the financial products and services like equities, derivatives, commodity trading, mutual funds, IPO, depository services, margin trading facility, etc.

Benefits of Kotak Securities Sub Broker Franchise Business Model

  • A vast range of products and offerings for the clients
  • Opportunity to associate with a recognized brand name
  • Benefits of adding new clients to the system
  • The sub-broker can customize the solutions for prestigious clients
  • Innovative analytical tools and fast trading platforms

Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace

It is suitable for candidates who are already engaged in investment activities like mutual funds, IPO, and others and are looking for an opportunity to widen their products and services offerings for their customers.

It is thus a business expansion plan that is opted by a broker looking forward to enter equities and derivatives trading. It is specifically devised to help sub brokers boost their business.

It is looked upon as an extra income stream by many sub-brokers and hence is popular among them.

Benefits of Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace

  • It acts as an additional stream of income for the sub-brokers
  • The existing business and the existing client base of the sub-broker does not suffer under this business model
  • It widens the portfolio of products and offerings the broker can offer to its clients
  • It allows for diversification in the business profile
  • Helps the sub-broker in expanding his/her client base

Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct

This business model is similar to the remisier business model that is offered by other brokerage houses. Under this business model, the sub-broker is merely required to refer to a potential client opportunity to Kotak Securities while the other things are handled by Kotak Securities.

The candidate here acts as a referrer. This business model is suitable for the candidates that do not want to take up any full-time business.

Benefits of Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct

  • There is no hassle to handle a full-fledged business
  • There are only limited functions to be performed by the candidate
  • There is no risk involved
  • It acts as a source of additional income

Kotak Securities Sub Broker Commission

Each business model under the Kotak Securities Franchise Business offers different remuneration to its sub-brokers. Kotak Securities follows a competitive remuneration policy, and also the revenue ratio is negotiable with Kotak Securities.

The revenue ratios that are initially offered by the company are dynamic and depend upon factors like the candidate’s capability, the city, market status, the projected, and the existing client base, etc.

Revenue Sharing of Various Kotak Securities Franchise Models:

Kotak Securities Sub Broker or Authorized Person: The revenue under this business model range somewhere between 30% and 50% depending upon the functions and other factors. As mentioned, these ratios are negotiable and also depend upon various other factors.

Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace: Under this business model, the candidate is an experienced person and has an existing client base. Kotak Securities understands the fact that the huge client base can bring potential sales for its other products, and hence the average revenue shared under this business model ranges from 50% to 80%. The experience of the candidate makes him eligible for a high-profit sharing ratio by the company.

Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct: The roles, responsibilities, and the risks under this business model are minimum as the candidate acts only as a referrer. Hence, the returns are also lower under this business model and vary from 10% to 20%.

  Kotak Securities Commission Sub Broker Commission
Kotak Securities Sub Broker or Kotak Securities Authorized Person 70% – 50% 30% – 50%
Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace 50% – 20% 50% – 80%
Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct 90% – 80% 10% – 20%


Kotak Securities Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

Kotak Securities, just like any other franchise model, places a requirement of security deposit. The amount deposited by the candidate as security is refundable and is taken as a deposit in the first place. This security deposit is taken to protect Kotak Securities against any monetary default that the sub-broker might commit in the future.

The amount of deposit varies from Rs.20,000 to 2 lac depending upon the type of the business model opted for by the candidate, the revenue generated, the city of residence, the sub-brokers credit history, etc.

Kotak Securities Infrastructure Cost

The sub-broker or the authorized person also needs to make an infrastructure investment when starting with the Kotak Securities Franchise. This means that the sub-broker needs to maintain an office or a workplace in order to attend the clients and deal with them on a daily basis. The infrastructure investment required to be made on various factors like the current infrastructure set-up, city, type of clients, etc.

  Kotak Securities Franchise Cost
Kotak Securities Sub Broker or Kotak Securities Authorized Person INR 50,000 – 100,000
Kotak Securities NetInvest Ace INR 100,000 – 200,000
Kotak Securities NetInvest Direct INR 20,000


Kotak Securities is one of the biggest names in the stockbroking industry. Hence, opting for a Kotak Securities Franchise holds good income opportunities for those looking for an extra income or are planning to expand their business. There are different business models offered by the company. The candidate should study the benefits, costs, and revenue sharing of different models, and then choose the one that meets his/her business objectives. The amount charged as security is refundable to the candidate in case no fraud is committed by the sub-broker. Thus, it is essential to always engage in a fair deal.

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