Alice Blue Online Review – Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Trading Platforms & more

By TBS Team | May 18, 2024

Alice Blue Online is a leading discount brokerage firm headquartered in Bangalore that dates back to the year 2006. The broking house provides trading services to its customers in numerous financial segments like Equities, Commodity, Currency, and Depository Services. Alice Blue is a registered member with BSE, NSE, MCX, MCX-SX, and NCDEX. Alice Blue Online has established a name for itself and has deeply penetrated in the country’s trading circuit with nearly 1000 business partners pan India and 15 direct trade branches across the length and breadth of the country.

Alice Blue provides dedicated offline guidance to its clients, ensuring timely resolution of its queries. Alice Blue Online also provides phenomenal trade advisory services amongst all traders in the Indian discount brokerage space.

Alice Blue Online Demat account opening process-

  • You need to fill the lead form.
  • Post this you’ll receive a call from the firm’s sales team.
  • You’ll get an appointment as per the availability of prospects.
  • You’ll be asked to provide necessary credentials such as PAN details, Aadhar details, POA and account opening fees.
  • After credential verification your account will be activated within a working day.

Alice Blue Account Opening Charges

One needs to pay demat account opening charges in order to open an account with the stock broker.

Demat Account Opening Fee ₹0
Demat Account Annual Charges (AMC) ₹400


Alice Blue Online Trading account features-

Alice Blue Online has enormous trading features including-

  • Smooth account opening process.
  • Availability of numerous trading platforms.
  • Awesome trade consulting issues.
  • Hassle-free and paperless account opening process.
  • Pan India presence, with multi-lingual trade support.
  • Single margin trade account available for all segments. (MCX & NSE)
  • Fast trading platforms for Web & Mobile platforms.
  • Traders can place CO Orders, Bracket Orders & AMO Orders.
  • Algo trading & Robo trading facility for desktop and mobile.
  • MT4 charting facility with automatic buy & sell signal.
  • Personalized support & service availability.
  • You can pledge your Trade & Equity Shares in Commodity.

Alice Blue Online Product Offering-

Products offered by Alice Blue Online-

  • Derivatives
  • Equity
  • Currency
  • Commodity

Alice Blue Online Service Offering-

Alice Blue Online significantly provides awesome services and makes sure that none of the trading aspirations of customers are left behind-

Trading Account Yes
Demat Account Yes
3 in 1 account No
 IPO Services Yes
Intraday Services Yes
Robo Advisory Yes
Stock Recommendations No
Trading Institution No
Trading Exposure Up to 20 times


Alice Blue Brokerage Charges

The brokerage charges levied by Alice Blue are mentioned below:

Alice Blue Freedom 20

Segment   Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee(Fixed)
Equity Delivery ₹0 (Free)
Equity Intraday ₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity Futures ₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Equity Options ₹20 per order
Currency Options ₹10 per order
Currency Futures ₹20 per order or 0.01% whichever is lower
Commodity Options ₹20 per order


Alice Blue Trade Pro Plan


Segment   Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee(Fixed)
Equity Delivery 0.1%
Equity Intraday 0.1%
Equity Futures 0.1%
Equity Options ₹20 per lot
Currency Options ₹20 per lot
Currency Futures ₹20 per lot
Commodity Futures  0.01%
Commodity Options ₹20 per lot


Alice Blue Online Benefits-

  • Utmost transparency with pricings and brokerage plans.
  • Offers exposure or leverage up to 20X in Intraday trading.
  • User friendly and easy-to-use trading platforms.
  • Offers competitive brokerage to traders.
  • Earning and referral features.

Alice Blue Customer Support

The success of any business largely depends on the customer support provided the company. This goes true in the case of stock broker too. The various types of customer-related issues handled by Alice Blue are customer grievances, account opening issues, trading related concerns, account debit related issues & many more and each of the service can be picked by the clients. The customers can send their queries via email, phone, Twitter, Facebook and dedicated Email id.

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Alice Blue Online- Verdict

Alice Blue Online is one of the lesser-known discount brokerage firms but has amazing features and offers. The firm has skyrocketed its client base with over 1 lakh client base, performing extremely well in the small volume business. With the right blend of technology, assistance, and experience, Alice Blue Online provides the right trading atmosphere to its customers.

FAQs About Alice Blue Online

  1. What are the benefits of Alice Blue Online?

Renowned discount broker Alice Blue Online distinguishes itself with a host of benefits for its customers:

  • Low Brokerage Charges:

Alice Blue Online offers a competitive ₹0 for IPOs and mutual funds and a flat ₹15 per order for intraday, equity, currency, commodity, and F&O trading. Comparing this cost structure to industry norms, it is noticeably affordable.

  • Diverse Product Portfolio:

Gain access to many financial products, such as mutual funds, stocks, futures, options, and commodities.

  • Advanced Trading Platforms:

Utilize tools like ANT Web, ANT Mobi, and others to engage in sophisticated trading, including functionalities like order management, technical analysis, and charting.

  • Research and Advisory Services:

Make educated decisions using market information, buy/sell indications, and professional advice.

  • Responsive Customer Support:

Take advantage of dependable assistance via chat, email, and phone channels for quick question responses.

  1. What are the charges for Options trading at Alice Blue Online?

Alice Blue Online charges a fixed cost of ₹15 for each order while trading options. The fixed fee applies irrespective of the number of lots exchanged or the value of the options contract. For investors using the platform to trade options, this straightforward and uncomplicated fee structure makes calculating costs more accessible and understandable.

  1. What documents does Alice Blue online require?

To open a trading and Demat account with Alice Blue Online, you must present certain documents to ensure a smooth onboarding process. A comprehensive guide to the required documentation:

  • Identity Proof (Mandatory):
  1. PAN Card (Permanent Account Number)
  • Proof of Address
  1. Aadhaar Card (Address Page)
  2. Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Proof of Income
  1. Income Tax Returns (ITR)
  2. The latest one-month Salary Slip
  • Bank Statements (Recent six months)
  • A scanned copy of the signature
  • Photograph
  1. Two current passport-sized photos

Ensure you submit the necessary paperwork to Alice Blue online accurately and on time to create an account properly. Documents proving one’s name, address, and finances are essential. Each case’s specifics may require additional paperwork.

Don’t hesitate to contact Alice Blue Online’s customer support for the most recent and accurate paperwork needs. To provide a seamless experience, their committed team will walk you through the account creation procedure.

The timely processing of your Demat and trading account depends on the accuracy and completeness of your submissions. Therefore, it’s important to double-check the requirements for your documents and ask for help when necessary.

  1. Is Alice Blue Online a discount broker?

Alice Blue online operates as a discount broker. As a result, they do not offer as many services as full-service brokers and, therefore, have lower brokerage costs. But, for investors who feel confident making their own choices and who wish to cut costs on fees, they can still be a viable choice.

  1. What is the annual maintenance fee of the Alice Blue online Demat account?

An Alice Blue Online Demat account has an annual maintenance charge (AMC) of ₹400. Convenient payment options for this price include yearly or monthly payments, with each installment costing ₹33.30 + applicable GST.

Alice Blue Online provides flexibility to meet your needs, regardless of whether you would instead make a yearly upfront payment or a more affordable monthly installment. To guarantee continuous access and flawless trading experiences, keep yourself updated on account maintenance.

  1. What are the account opening charges at Alice Blue Online?

For trading and demat accounts, Alice Blue Online provides a streamlined onboarding process without any account opening fees. Customers are not required to pay any upfront costs to begin their investment adventure.

Notably, although there is no one-time fee, demat accounts are subject to an annual minimal Annual Maintenance Charge (AMC) of ₹400. Ensures dematerialized account management and upkeep. We align our goal of offering customers easily accessible and competitively priced financial services with this transparent pricing schedule.

  1. How long does it take to withdraw money from Alice Blue Online?

Alice Blue online has different withdrawal processing times depending on the requested withdrawal. Here’s a thorough explanation:

  • Selling of Intraday Equity Profits and Stocks:

Processing Time: T+2 Days

Explanation: If you withdraw during the week (Monday-Friday), the monies will be debited to your bank account within two working days. Withdrawals made on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays will be processed the following business day.

  • Selling of Intraday F&O Profits:

Processing Time: T+1 Day

Explanation: Whether you withdraw on a weekday or a weekend, you will receive your intraday F&O earnings within one working day.

  • NSE & MCX Requests Submitted Before 7 AM:

Processing Time: T

Explanation: Withdrawals made before 7 AM on weekdays (Monday-Friday) will be credited to your bank account the same day. Withdrawals made on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays will be processed the following business day.

Please note that these are processing timings, and your bank’s processing speed will determine how quickly funds appear in your bank account.

  1. How to open your account with Alice Blue Online?

Opening an account with Alice Blue online is easy to understand and takes about fifteen minutes to finish. The following is a step-by-step breakdown to get you through this:

  • Visit the Official Website: Enter “” into your browser to access the Alice Blue Online website.
  • Start the Account Opening process: To begin the opening process, locate and click the noticeable ‘Open an Account’ button on the site.
  • Provide Basic Information: Enter the necessary information, including your state, phone number, email address, and complete name.
  • Choose the financial products you want to trade: Which products do you want to trade, such as stocks, currencies, and commodities? Please select it and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your Financial and Personal information: Provide essential facts such as your bank account details, Aadhaar card number, and PAN card number.
  • Upload Required Documents: Provide the required paperwork for account verification, which usually consists of a copy of your Aadhaar card, PAN card, and bank account statement, along with a passport-sized photo.
  • Select the Demat Profile and Brokerage Plan: Choose the Brokerage Plan (Free or Paid) and select Demat Profile (Regular or NRI).
  • Aadhaar e-sign: Utilize the Aadhaar e-sign to electronically sign your papers for a quick and safe KYC verification procedure.
  • Submit Your Application: After completing all the requirements, submit your application. Upon completing Alice Blue Online’s review procedure, you will receive a fast notification of the application status, which typically takes around a day.
  • Start Trading: Upon approval, you can use it to begin trading immediately.


With the help of this clear and thorough tutorial, creating an account with Alice Blue online is undoubtedly quick and easy. The customer service team is here to help you whenever you need it and is always willing to answer any questions. Greetings and welcome to Alice Blue Online’s world of online trade!

  1. Can we trade commodities on Alice Blue Online?

Indeed, trading in different financial products is made more accessible by the extensive online brokerage services offered by Alice Blue Online. Their platform supports various commodities, including gold, silver, crude oil, and agricultural commodities.

Commodities trading is as easy as trading equities, currencies, and mutual funds. Alice Blue online guarantees an easy-to-use experience with its specialized trading platform for everyone interested in learning about and making investments in the commodities market. Here is how to trade them:

  • Contact the Alice Blue Online branch closest to you to receive a payment connection from the broker.
  • Pay for the MCX segment activation charges using the given link.
  • The “Track Your Online Application Status” option allows you to check the status of the MCX segment activation online.
  • Once the activation is verified, you can start trading commodities online.

Alice Blue online is a flexible option for investors looking for a one-stop shop for all their trading requirements because of its wide range of offerings.

  1. Is Alice Blue online registered with SEBI?

As the SEBI states, Alice Blue online is legally registered. Their registration demonstrates their dedication to following the strictest regulations and the highest standards in the financial sector. Investors may feel secure knowing that Alice Blue online is subject to stringent regulation by SEBI, which guarantees openness, lawfulness, and moral behavior.

Their commitment to following legal requirements gives investors a reliable and safe platform to conduct financial transactions. By registering, they demonstrate their compliance with SEBI’s standards and continued dedication to providing their clients with a stable and legal financial ecosystem.

  1. Is Alice Blue Online a good app?

With roots in 2006, Alice Blue Online is a leading financial services provider. The site specializes in brokerage services and has drawn notice for its dedication to affordability and openness.


  • Free Equity Delivery Trading: One notable feature of Alice Blue Online’s Freedom (F15) plan is that it offers free trading. The minimum price for trading in other categories is limited to Rs 15.
  • Omnesys NEST PLUS Trading Platform: By utilizing the Omnesys NEST PLUS Trading Platform, which serves as ANT’s backend, Alice Blue Online offers reliable risk management and order management system endorsed by over 200 of India’s top brokers.
  • ANT Trading Software: Users gain unrestricted access to the robust ANT Trading Software, which boasts innovative features that enhance the entire trading experience.
  • Access to 3rd-Party Trading Tools: To increase the flexibility of trading methods, Alice Blue Online expands its services by providing customers access to various third-party online trading tools and applications.
  • Advanced Order Types: The platform gives customers access to more complex trading choices by supporting progressive orders, including Cover Orders and Bracket Orders.
  • Paperless Instant Account Opening: Alice Blue Online streamlines the onboarding process by enabling paperless immediate account opening with eKYC and Aadhar eSignature, guaranteeing a trouble-free trading experience.


  • Not A Full-Service Brokerage: With the discontinuation of full-service brokerage, Alice Blue Online is moving away from its unlimited monthly/yearly trading plans.
  • Not Supported for Online IPOs, NCDs, and Corporate Bonds: The platform does not support online trading for IPOs, NCDs, and corporate bonds.
  • Extra Charges for Broker-Assisted Trades: For broker-assisted transactions (Call & Trade), there is a Rs 20 charge per successful order.
  • Absence of Good Till Cancelled (GTC) Orders: Users who depend on this type may experience difficulties as GTC orders are not supported.


Alice Blue online provides many features and advantages, but users should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of their unique trading requirements and preferences.

  1. What are the brokerage charges at Alice Blue Online?

One notable discount broker in India is Alice Blue Online, well-known for its affordable brokerage fees.

  • EQ Delivery has no brokerage costs.
  • EQ Intraday and FUT trading in the NSE and BSE divisions levy a modest fee of ₹15 per completed order or 0.05%, whichever is lower.
  • Both exchanges provide smooth options trading, with prices starting at ₹15 for each executed transaction.
  • FUT and OPTION trading in the MCX sector adhere to the same rule of ₹15 per executed order, or 0.05%.
  • FUT and OPT transactions are priced for currency trading on the NSE and BSE at 0.05% or ₹15 per executed order.


  1. Is trading free with Alice Blue Online?

Of course! Alice Blue Online provides a zero-brokerage plan only for IPOs, Direct Mutual Funds, and equity delivery investments. According to this, buyers and sellers of stocks in specific sectors won’t have to pay brokerage costs. However, Alice Blue Online charges a small, fixed cost of ₹15 per order for transactions in the Intraday, Equity, Commodity, Currency, Futures, and Options sectors.

In addition to providing a brokerage-free experience for long-term stock investments, Direct Mutual Funds, and initial public offering (IPO) transactions, this clear pricing structure guarantees cost-effectiveness for customers across various trading sectors.

  1. Does Alice Blue Online only offer free brokerage?

Alice Blue Online provides zero brokerage for trading in IPOs, Direct Mutual Funds, and equity delivery investments. Furthermore, for all intraday trades, equities, commodity, and currency futures and options, Alice Blue Online charges a fixed brokerage fee of ₹15. It is, therefore, among the most reasonably priced brokers in India.

Alice Blue Online provides zero brokerage along with additional benefits like:

  • No yearly maintenance fees.
  • Competitive margin trading rates begin at 0.049% each day.
  • Over 20 years of full-service broker expertise
  • The ANT Platform is the company’s flagship trading platform for analysis and trading.
  • The Freedom 15 Plan is a low-cost, flat-fee brokerage service.
  • For BSE, NSE, and MCX sectors, pay 0.01% or Rs 15 (whichever is less)
  • ANT Meta, ANT Scanner, and third-party tools are advanced tools.
  • An online investing and trading school
  1. Can you invest in an IPO with Alice Blue Online?

Certainly! Follow these steps to invest in IPOs with Alice Blue Online:

  • Begin by creating an online or offline Alice Blue online Demat account.
  • Log in to your account by visiting the Alice Blue Online website or mobile app.
  • Go to the platform’s “IPO” section.
  • Choose the exact IPO you want to invest in from the available alternatives.
  • Enter the number of shares you wish to apply for and your UPI ID
  • To submit your IPO application, click the “Apply” button.

Upon submitting your application, the IPO registrar will review and, if approved, credit the shares to your Demat account.

  1. Is Alice Blue online suitable for trading?

Your specific circumstances and preferences determine the suitability of Alice Blue online for your trading needs. The platform notably excels in offering cost-effective brokerage fees, capping at ₹15 per order, potentially saving users money, particularly for frequent traders.

The user-friendly and dependable ANT Web and ANT Mobi systems improve the trading experience by providing the necessary tools. Alice Blue Online has various financial possibilities, including stocks, futures, options, commodities, and mutual funds.

The platform places a premium on trader education, offering a wealth of materials for skill improvement. Furthermore, 24-hour customer service, swift transaction execution, and comprehensive research tools enhance its appeal.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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