Best Stock Advisor in India – Top 10 Stock Advisory Firms in India

By TBS Team | June 11, 2024

Stock advisory is one of the crucial elements of the stock broking landscape. This is because it is the power of information that helps in investment-related decision making. The primary goal of choosing best stock advisory services is to get recommendations on the purchase or sale of a stock basis the research and speculation. Best Stock Advisor in India

If you want to invest in stocks and want support from stock market experts, check out this post which highlights the 10 best stock advisor in India. You can choose the advisory support, matching your specific stock investment needs and budget. This is because choosing the best stock advisory company would not only help you in understanding the market sentiments but also in picking up the right stocks to invest in.

In this post, you will get to know about the best stocks to buy, intraday tips that emerge as the first choice among stock investors. Also if you are looking for free stock advisory this will definitely help you.

Top 10 Stock Advisory Firms in India with their Charges

Now look at stock advisory firms in India that are currently trending on top:-

S. No. Stock Advisory Company Starting Price Get Offer
1 CapitalVia Global Research Limited ₹ 2299/- per month Get Free Trail
2 Research and Ranking ₹ 1499/- per month Get Free Trail
3 Bajaj Capital limited ₹ 1299/- per month Get Free Trail
4 Kotak Private Equity Group ₹ 1999/- per month Get Free Trail
5 Unit Trust of India ₹ 1799/- per month Get Free Trail
6 BTS Asset management ₹ 2199/- per month Get Free Trail
7 ANM Investment ₹ 1999/- per month Get Free Trail
8  Asset Villa Financial Advisors ₹ 1599/- per month Get Free Trail
9 Mister ₹ 1299/- per month Get Free Trail
10 Streetgains ₹ 2199/- per month Get Free Trail
Stock Advisory Company Pricing Get Offer
CapitalVia Global Research Limited ₹ 2299/- per month Get Free Trail
Research and Ranking ₹ 1499/- per month Get Free Trail
Bajaj Capital limited ₹ 1299/- per month Get Free Trail
 Kotak Private Equity Group ₹ 1999/- per month Get Free Trail
Unit Trust of India ₹ 1799/- per month Get Free Trail
BTS Asset management ₹ 2199/- per month Get Free Trail
ANM Investment ₹ 1999/- per month Get Free Trail
 Asset Villa Financial Advisors ₹ 1599/- per month Get Free Trail
Mister ₹ 1299/- per month Get Free Trail
Streetgains ₹ 2199/- per month Get Free Trail

Daily Intraday Tips by Best Trading Advisor in India

Here is some intraday advisory tips for today (11/06/2024) –

Buy/Sell Stock Name Stock tips – Buy At Today Target Stop loss
BUY HUDCO 266-267 278-280 256
BUY TITAGARH 1330-1340 1380-1400 1280
BUY JSFB 695-696 723-750 660

Best Stock Advisory tips for Today

Get here free stock advisory tips by experts for today only –

Date – 11 June 2024
S. No Stock Name Free Stock Tips Trend
1 SBIN BUY Uptrend
2 HUDCO BUY Uptrend
3 NHPC BUY Uptrend
4 HDFC Life BUY Uptrend
5 NEWGEN BUY Uptrend
6 PTC BUY Uptrend
7 Interglobe Avi BUY Uptrend
8 TITAN SELL Downtrend
9 ICICI Lombard BUY Uptrend
10 Bajaj Finance BUY Uptrend

Best Stocks to BUY Today: 11/06/2024

Free Tip Stock Name Trade Price Stop loss Target 1 Target 2
BUY ZUARI 187 177 198 205
BUY JKPAPER 420 399 442 460
BUY DALBHARAT 1876 1819 1932 1980
BUY IFCI 61 58 65 68
BUY CIPLA 1535 1489 1582 1620

List of Best Stock Advisors in India

  • CapitalVia Global Research Limited
  • Research and Ranking
  • Bajaj Capital limited
  •  Kotak Private Equity Group
  • Unit Trust of India
  • BTS Asset management
  • ANM Investment
  •  Asset Villa Financial Advisors
  • Mister
  • Streetgains
  1. CapitalVia Global Research Limited

It is undoubtedly the best stock advisory company in India. Established in 2006, CapitalVia Global Research Limited is headquartered in Mumbai and a top players in the stock advisory landscape. Till date, the best SEBI registered investment advisor has served more than 75000 clients with a proven success record.

CapitalVia has carved a niche in the segment by offering insightful, value-oriented stock advisory services, best stock advice reliably and professionally. CapitalVia is driven by a mission to deliver unparalleled value to their customers by ensuring their success. This is achieved by adhering to the highest standards of business conduct for a trustworthy, effective, and accountable delivery of financial research services to the clients and help them create wealth out of their savings.

Salient Features of CapitalVia Global Research Limited

  • Provides a specific mobile application to provide a smooth customer experience
  • Team of academics with NISM certification providing stock advising services
  • Gives analysis on Malaysian stocks as well
  • A team of dedicated and experienced stock investment advisors
  • More than 15 years of business legacy
  • Dedicated client support
  • Market Pro, Market Neuron, TechniQ, QuantIQ are the top financial products by the stock advisor
Pros Cons
Offers comprehensive financial advisory services. High fees for premium services.
Provides real-time market insights and analysis.
Mixed customer reviews on service effectiveness.
Employs experienced financial analysts.
Complex market strategies may be hard for beginners.
Offers personalized investment strategies.
Strong customer support with 24/7 availability.
  1. Research and Ranking

Stated its operations in 2016, Research and Ranking is considered among the best trading advisor in India. The best stock advisory company has a clientele of over 12K across India. it is a part of the prestigious Equentis Group which is one of the pioneers in the investment domain, focusing majorly on Indian equity market since 2009.

Research and Ranking is India’s first online non-discretionary equity advisory company which also offers personalized market research reports. They are governed by the SEBI and well supported by a team of dedicated professionals having considerable expertise in financial markets, technology, and equity research.

Manish Goel is the founder and director of Research and Ranking, the best sock advisor in India.

The stock advisory team is made up of more than 150 professionals from various sections of India. The team has delivered 25-30%.

Salient Features:

  • Over 12000 clients served
  • Headquartered in Mumbai
  • A venture of Equentis Capital
  • Dhanwaan for HNIs, UNHNI, and family offices
  • Informed InvestoRR to impart stock market education to people
  • 5 in 5 strategy to build a well-diversified portfolio of multibagger stocks that will assist investors in achieving their investment objectives
  • Mispriced opportunities to invest in 12 high-growth stocks every month
Pros Cons
Informed decision-making. Time-consuming.
Identifies gaps in knowledge. Can be costly.
Validates findings. Potential bias.
Guides future studies. Requires expertise.
Enhances credibility.
  1. Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital is a renowned and reliable name in the Indian financial sector and offers a host of financial products and services to both retail and commercial clients. Its major offerings include general insurance, health insurance, motor insurance, mutual fund apps, stock investments, stock advisory, etc.

Counted among the best stock trading advisory services, Bajaj Capital is known for its client-centric approach which helps its clients witness amazing growth on their investments. In addition, the insightful stock-related information imparted by the firm enable them to make sagacious stock investment decisions in the long term.

Bajaj Capital was set up in 1964 which is truly the longest tenure at present. The company was the first to come up with the Companies Fixed Deposit in 1965.

Salient Features:

  • 6 decades of legacy
  • A wide range of products & services
  • 45 years of experience as Investment Advisors and Financial Planners
  • Unbiased, research-based and goal-based advice
  • Customized wealth management support
  • Quick, chivalrous service
  • 24 x 7 online accessibility
  • Countrywide network of over 200 branches
  • Strong team of qualified and experienced professionals including CAs, MBAs, MBEs, CFPs, CSs, Insurance Experts, Legal Experts and others
  • SEBI-Approved Advisor
Pros Cons
Extensive investment options. Higher advisory fees.
Strong advisory services. Potential for biased recommendations.
Established market presence. Limited digital interface.
Customized financial solutions. Variable customer service.
  1. Kotak Private Equity Group

Being a part of India’s renowned Kotak Group, Kotak Private Equity Group is considered as best stock advisor which helps people fulfil their investment goals successfully. Since 1997, the Kotak Mahindra Group has been involved in private equity transactions. Kotak Investment Advisors Limited was established in 2005 as the Group’s Alternate Assets practise with its first structured third party private equity and real estate funds in order to bring about a stronger focus to this sector.

The stock advising company, founded by industry pioneers in the Indian private equity sector, is a disciplined investor with a long-term value creation and growth emphasis. They collaborate with excellent leadership teams and promoters to build growth across sectors.

The Kotak Private Equity team has frequently been among the first to invest in India’s burgeoning industries, including Internet-driven companies, Quick Service Restaurants, Media & Entertainment, Retail, and the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector.

Salient Features:

  • Leaders in Indian private equity sector
  • IPR driven stock advisory with emphasis on technology
  • A tech-driven business model
  • A team of experienced and passionate individuals
  • Unmatched growth opportunities for investors
Pros Cons
Strong track record in diverse sectors. High entry barriers for small investors.
Access to Kotak Mahindra Group’s extensive network. Limited liquidity options.
Experienced management team. Potentially high management fees.
Robust due diligence process. Long investment horizon.
  1. Unit Trust of India

Setup in 1964, Unit Trust of India (UTI) is one of the top financial service organizations in India. Whenever there is a need of funds, Unit Trust of India (UTI) offers the investor a secure return on their investment by providing best stock advisory. The Unit Trust of India publishes a daily pricing record and makes newspaper advertisements for it. As a result, two prices are consistently offered each day. The two costs represent the cost of buying and selling the units.

The UTI’s main goal is to provide both small and big investors with the means of purchasing shares in the properties as a consequence of the nation’s sustained industrial expansion.

Salient Features:

  • A team of stock investment experts at your disposal
  • More than 50 years of industrial legacy
  • Investors can choose to diversify their investments
  • Promotes high level of liquidity as investors can sell the units back to the trust
  • Avail the benefit of greater economies of scale
Pros Cons
Diversified investment portfolio. Market risk exposure.
Professional management. Management and administrative fees.
Affordable entry points.
Potential underperformance against benchmarks.
Regular income through dividends. Lack of direct control over investments.
Liquidity with easy entry/exit. Tax implications on returns.

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  1. BTS Asset Management

BTS Asset Management was established in 1979 and manages conventional assets in an unconventional way. BTS has a history of managing equities and tactical fixed income over a number of years. BTS has expertise leading teams through several market cycles, downturns, and upturns in interest rates, as well as recessions and recoveries.

A majority of Indian enterprises receive assured financial development from the corporation. Their ability to manage conventional assets in an unconventional way is one of their distinctive qualities. They adapt to the unstable market conditions and handle them with experience in risk management, opportunity detection, and even a comprehension of downtime to manage losses effectively.

Salient Features:

  • Tactical Asset Allocation
  • Focus on Risk Management
  • Proprietary Research and Models
  • Diverse Product Offerings
  • Long Track Record
Pros Cons
Experienced management team. Higher minimum investment requirements.
Diversified investment strategies.
Potentially higher fees compared to competitors.
Strong performance history. Limited accessibility for smaller investors.
Comprehensive client support. Performance can be volatile.
Transparent fee structure.
  1. ANM Investments

Set up in 2019, ANM Investments is a reliable share market advisor and offers full-fledged best stock advisory support to people looking to invest in stocks.

It is counted among top 10 stock market advisor in India and serve all sections of the society with its value-centric stock advisory services at reasonable rates. Though the firm has been launched not much ago, it is still managed to carve a niche in the field of stock advisory with its advanced stock investment services to investors.

Salient Features:

  • Diverse Portfolio Options
  • Advanced Research and Analytics
  • Personalized Financial Planning
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Advisors
  • Strong Customer Support and Communication
Pros Cons
High returns potential Market risk
Diversification High fees
Expert management Complex products
Flexible investment plans Minimum investment
Strong market presence
  1. Asset Villa Financial Advisors

Asset Villa Financial Advisors is one of the best financial advisors in India with offices in Mumbai, India. The business offers both individuals and families all-inclusive financial planning services. They provide a wide range of financial services, such as loans, insurance, mutual funds, financial consulting, and other financial costs. All of their products and best stock trading advisory service are focused on the needs of the client. They also want to give their affiliated clients the greatest consulting and growth trajectory possible. The firm has over 2500 happy and satisfied clients.

Salient Features:

  • A passionate team of skilled and experienced professionals
  • User-access control and opportunities to keep a track of holdings and risk profiles
  • Easy to use financial plans for different types of customers
  • Provides dynamic and in-depth research
  • Customized stock advisory services
Pros Cons
Personalized investment strategies. High minimum investment requirements.
Experienced financial advisors. Limited service availability.
Comprehensive financial planning. Potential for conflicts of interest.
Transparent fee structure. Higher fees compared to robo-advisors.
Strong client support.
  1. Mister

Mister Market is renowned for their excellence in investing education and has distinguished themselves by providing their clients with superior, thoroughly researched financial knowledge. The stock advisory company is deeply involved into informing and educating their customers on multiple market fronts, asset classes, trading strategies, complex taxation rules, investment hedging, and diverse market instruments while attending to their clients’ personal financial requirements. With the support of their knowledgeable finance staff, the best trading advisor in India wants to support their clients in their endeavor to advancing their financial development.

Salient Features:

  • Insightful stock market education for clients
  • A highly safer option for new investors
  • Support can also be availed on WhatsApp
Pros Cons
User-friendly interface. Limited customer service hours.
Wide range of products. Occasional stock shortages.
Competitive pricing. Variable product quality.
Fast delivery services.
Secure payment options.
  1. Streetgains

Streetgains, the best SEBI registered investment advisor, specializes in commodities and stocks sector. Their offerings can be customized to the specific requirements of the clients. All of its clients receive beneficial research recommendations from the business. They are a reputable consulting and research business, as Indian retail traders firmly support and attest. Their staff of skilled and knowledgeable specialists offers their clients a wealth of assistance. Additionally, they want to use technology to expand their services and provide the greatest trading advice. It will improve their clients’ investing experiences and let them freely trade.

Salient Features:

  • It is well known for its long-term investment plan advice services
  • provides thorough advice to clients
  • centered on generating riches
Pros Cons
Provides actionable stock market insights. Subscription can be expensive.
Offers tailored investment advice. Limited coverage on global markets.
Includes real-time market updates. Requires basic stock market knowledge.
User-friendly interface. Performance can vary.
Strong customer support.

Best Stock Advisory for Options Trading

Stock market has several stock advisory company in India that provide expert guidance and recommendations for options trading. These stock advisories also help traders to choose the best options strategies and best option timing according to their goals and preferences. Here are top 5 stock advisors for Options trading –

1. CapitalVia Global Research Limited
2. Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory
3. AssetVilla Financial Advisors
4. Streetgains
5. Mister Market.In

Charges for Options trading advisory services –

We have listed best stock advisors and their charges for option trading advisory in India. They also offer live market support, accurate information, and option trading tips in India.

Advisor name Charges
CapitalVia Global Research Limited 2000/- per month
Multibagger Securities Research & Advisory 147500/ per year
AssetVilla Financial Advisors 1599/- per month
Streetgains 2199/- per month
Mister Market.In 1299/- per month


Top 5 Stock Brokers with best advisory services:

S. No. Stock Broker Charges Advisory accuracy
1 Icici direct Rs 20 per order 84%
2 Angel One Rs 20 per order 82%
3 Kotak securities Rs 20 per order 83%
4 Motilal oswal Rs 20 per order 78%
5 5 Paisa Rs 20 per order 74%

The Conclusion

Whether you are looking for free stock tips or top stock advisory support, the aforementioned top 10 stock advisory firms in India emerge as the best choice for both new and seasoned investors. Their services are top-notch, reliable, affordable and most importantly value-oriented. So, whatever investment you wish to make in stocks, find the best share market advisor or the best stock advisor in India from these best financial advisors in India.

FAQs about Best Trading Advisory

Where can I find free stock market tips in India?

There are lots of stock advisors in India that provide free stock market tips and Bajaj Capital is the best among all of them. It provides free stock tips, stock tips for today and tomorrow which tends to help investors in making an informed decision related to their investments.

What are the top 5 stock advisors in India?

The top 5 share market advisor firms in India are Bajaj Capital Limited, CapitalVia Global Research, Research and Ranking, Unit Trust of India, and Streegains.

What role does a stock advisor play in the stock market?

The main responsibility of an equity adviser is to help investors locate profitable investment opportunities in the stock market. stock investors are educated, skilled individuals who know how to manage stock investments.

Who is known as the stock king of India?

Widely called the “Warren Buffett of India,” Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is undoubtedly the best stock market investor in India till date. Born on July 5, 1960, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was a promising player in the stock market for several years.

Is it good to bet on advisory shares?

When making long-term investments, investors should take advisory shares into account as a key investment strategy. Investors can benefit from a company’s success without physically owning any of its assets.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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