Upcoming IPO in India 2023 – List of Current & Upcoming IPOs

Last updated on July 17, 2023

The craze to invest in IPOs among investors has been touching a new high and this is why traders and investors eagerly wait for upcoming IPOs. And the best way to do so is to keep a close watch on the upcoming IPO that carry high growth potential. Upcoming IPOs are those IPOs that are going to release soon and also confirmed by SEBI. On this page, we have listed all the upcoming IPO in India along with their opening & closing date, total budget, Price, lot size and more.

Releasing an IPO is the best practice to raise capital by companies. These companies release IPOs for many other reasons like to gain working capital, acquisition, debt repayment among others.

Here you can check current & upcoming IPO list, also you will know the process to apply for an IPO, later in this article. The list of upcoming IPOs in 2023 shows detail of IPOs coming in this year at BSE NSE, NSE SME and BSE SME exchanges. Scroll down to view the Company’s IPO detail, IPO reviews, their price, IPO opening and closing date, IPO size, their lot size and more.

What is an IPO?Upcoming IPO in India

An initial public offering(IPO) is the process of releasing shares from a private company to public, institutional investors and retail investors.
Before the release of upcoming IPO in India by any company, they have very less number of share holders. This includes the owners, angel investors, and venture capitalists. But after the release of an IPO, the company makes its shares available for sale to the public. Investors can buy company’s shares directly from the company and become a shareholder.


List of Upcoming IPO in India 2023 – Current IPO in India

IPO Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs Cr)  Price Band (Rs.) Opening Date Closing Date Lot Size Exchange
Alphalogic Industries Ltd IPO 12.88 Cr 96 03-July-2023 06-July-2023 1200 BSE SME
Tridhya Tech Ltd IPO 26.41 Cr 42 30-Jun-2023 05-July-2023 3000 NSE SME
Synoptics Technologies Ltd IPO 54.03 Cr 237 30-Jun-2023 05-July-2023 600 NSE SME
Global Pet Industries Ltd IPO 13.23 Cr 49 28-Jun-2023 03-July-2023 3000 NSE SME
Cyient DLM Limited IPO 592 Cr 265 27-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023 56 BSE, NSE
Pentagon Rubber Ltd IPO 15.02 – 16.17 Cr 65-70 26-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023 2000 NSE SME
Cyient DLM Limited IPO 592 Cr NA 27-Jun-2023 30-Jun-2023 NA BSE, NSE
ideaForge Technology Ltd IPO 567 Cr 638-672 26-Jun-2023 29-Jun-2023 22 BSE, NSE
Essen Speciality Films Ltd IPO 62.61-66.33 Cr 101-107 23-Jun-2023 27-Jun-2023 1200 BSE SME
Greenchef Appliances Ltd IPO 50.54-53.62 Cr 82-87 23-Jun-2023 27-Jun-2023 1600 NSE SME
Magson Retail And Distribution Ltd 13.74 Cr 65 23-Jun-2023 27-Jun-2023 2000 NSE SME
Veefin Solutions Limited IPO 46.73 Cr 82 22-Jun-2023 26-Jun-2023 1600 BSE SME
HMA Agro Industries Ltd IPO 480 Cr 555-585 20-Jun-2023 23-Jun-2023 NA BSE, NSE
Cell Point (India) Ltd IPO 50.34 Cr 100 15-Jun-2023 20-Jun-2023 1200 NSE SME
Cosmic CRF Ltd IPO 57.21-60.13 Cr 314-330 14-Jun-2023 16-Jun-2023 400 BSE SME
Bizotic Commercial Ltd IPO 42.21 Cr 175 12-Jun-2023 15-Jun-2023 800 BSE SME
Spectrum Talent Management Ltd 102.71-105.14 Cr 169-173 09-Jun-2023 14-Jun-2023 800 NSE SME
Urban Enviro Waste Management 11.42 Cr 100 12-Jun-2023 14-Jun-2023 1200 NSE SME
Sonalis Consumer Products Ltd 2.83 Cr 30 07-Jun-2023 09-Jun-2023 4000 BSE SME
IKIO Lighting Ltd IPO 607 Cr 270-285 06-Jun-2023 08-Jun-2023 52 BSE, NSE
Kore Digital Ltd IPO 18 Cr 180 02-Jun-2023 07-Jun-2023 800 NSE SME
Comrade Appliances Ltd IPO 11.85-12.30 Cr 52-54 31-May-2023 05-Jun-2023 2000 BSE SME
Sahana System Ltd IPO 32.01-32.74 Cr 132-135 31-May-2023 02-Jun-2023 1000 NSE SME
CFF Fluid Control Ltd IPO 85.80 Cr 165 30-May-2023 02-Jun-2023 800 BSE SME
Infollion Research Services Ltd 20.93-21.45 Cr 80-82 29-May-2023 31-May-2023 1600 NSE SME
Hemant Surgical Industries Ltd IPO 23.46-24.84 Cr 85-90 24-May-2023 26-May-2023 1600 BSE SME
Crayons Advertising Ltd IPO 39.87-41.80 Cr 62-65 22-May-2023 25-May-2023 2000 NSE SME
Vasa Denticity Ltd IPO 51.11-54.07 Cr 121-128 23-May-2023 25-May-2023 1000 NSE SME
Krishca Strapping Solutions Ltd 17.93 Cr 54 16-May-2023 19-May-2023 2000 NSE SME
Remus Pharmaceuticals Ltd IPO 47.69 Cr 1150-1229 17-May-2023 19-May-2023 100 NSE SME
Auro Impex & Chemicals Ltd IPO 24.29 Cr 74-78 11-May-2023 15-May-2023 1600 NSE SME
Nexus Select Trust REIT IPO 3200 Cr 95-100 09-May-2023 11-May-2023 NA BSE, NSE
De Neers Tools Ltd IPO 21.63 Cr 95-101 28-Apr-2023 03-May-2023 1200 NSE SME
Innokaiz India Ltd IPO 21.17 Cr 76-78 28-Apr-2023 03-May-2023 1600 BSE SME
Mankind Pharma Ltd IPO 4326.36 Cr 1080 25-Apr-2023 27-Apr-2023 13 BSE, NSE
Retina Paints Ltd IPO 11.10 Cr 30 19-Apr-2023 24-Apr-2023 4000 BSE SME
Quicktouch Technologies Ltd IPO 9.33 Cr 61 18-Apr-2023 21-Apr-2023 2000 NSE SME
A G Universal Ltd IPO 8.72 Cr 60 11-Apr-2023 13-Apr-2023 2000 NSE SME
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components 12 Cr 50 05-Apr-2023 12-Apr-2023 3000 NSE SME
Avalon Technologies Ltd IPO 865 Cr 415-436 03-Apr-2023 06-Apr-2023 34 BSE, NSE
Infinium Pharmachem Ltd IPO 25.31 Cr 135 31-Mar-2023 05-Apr-2023 1000 NSE SME
Maiden Forgings Ltd IPO 24 Cr 60-63 23-Mar-2023 27-Mar-2023 2000 BSE SME
Udayshivakumar Infra Ltd IPO 66 Cr 33-35 20-Mar-2023 23-Mar-2023 428 BSE, NSE
Dev Labtech Venture Ltd IPO 11.22 Cr 51 17-Mar-2023 21-Mar-2023 2000 BSE SME
Command Polymers Ltd IPO 7.09 Cr 28 17-Mar-2023 21-Mar-2023 4000 BSE SME
Nirman Agri Genetics Ltd IPO 20.30 Cr 99 15-Mar-2023 20-Mar-2023 1200 NSE SME
Quality Foils Limited IPO 4.52 Cr 60 14-Mar-2023 16-Mar-2023 2000 NSE SME
Bright Outdoor Media Ltd IPO 55.48 Cr 146 14-Mar-2023 17-Mar-2023 1000 BSE SME
Labelkraft Technologies Ltd IPO 4.75 Cr 55 13-Mar-2023 15-Mar-2023 2000 BSE SME
VELS Film International Ltd IPO 33.74 Cr 99 10-Mar-2023 14-Mar-2023 1200 NSE SME
Sudarshan Pharma Industries Ltd 50.10 Cr 71-73 09-Mar-2023 14-Mar-2023 1600 BSE SME
MCON Rasayan India Ltd IPO 6.84 Cr 40 06-Mar-2023 10-Mar-2023 3000 NSE SME
Systango Technologies Ltd IPO 34.82 Cr 85-90 02-Mar-2023 06-Mar-2023 1600 NSE SME
Vertexplus Technologies Ltd IPO 14.20 Cr 91-96 02-Mar-2023 06-Mar-2023 1200 NSE SME
Divgi TorqTransfer Systems Ltd 412.12 Cr 560-590 01-Mar-2023 03-Mar-2023 25 BSE, NSE
ITCONS E-Solutions Ltd IPO 8.67 Cr 51 28-Feb-2023 02-Mar-2023 2000 BSE SME
ResGen Limited IPO 27 Cr 45-47 28-Feb-2023 02-Mar-2023 3000 BSE SME
Amanaya Ventures Ltd IPO 2.76 Cr 23 24-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 6000 BSE SME
SVJ Enterprises Ltd IPO 6.12 Cr 36 23-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 3000 BSE SME
Srivasavi Adhesive Tapes Ltd 15.50 Cr 41 23-Feb-2023 28-Feb-2023 3000 NSE SME
Patron Exim Ltd IPO 16.69 Cr 27 21-Feb-2023 24-Feb-2023 4000 BSE SME
Macfos Limited IPO 23.74 Cr 96-102 17-Feb-2023 21-Feb-2023 1200 BSE SME
Sealmatic India Ltd IPO 56.24 Cr 220-225 17-Jan-2023 21-Jan-2023 600 BSE SME
Viaz Tyres Limited IPO 20 Cr 62 16-Feb-2023 21-Feb-2023 2000 NSE SME
Agarwal Float Glass India Ltd IPO 9.20 Cr 42 10-Feb-2023 15-Feb-2023 3000 NSE SME
Indong Tea Company Ltd IPO 13.01 Cr 26 09-Jan-2023 13-Jan-2023 4000 BSE SME
Lead Reclaim & Rubber Products 4.88 Cr 25 09-Jan-2023 13-Jan-2023 6000 NSE SME
Shera Energy Limited IPO 35.20 Cr 55-57 07-Feb-2023 09-Feb-2023 2000 NSE SME
Earthstahl & Alloys Limited IPO 12.96 Cr 40 27-Jan-2023 31-Jan-2023 3000 BSE SME
Adani Enterprises Limited FPO 20000 Cr 3112-3276 27-Jan-2023 31-Jan-2023 04 BSE NSE
Transvoy Logistics India Ltd IPO 5.11 Cr 71 20-Jan-2023 24-Jan-2023 1600 BSE SME
DHARNI Capital Services IPO 10.74 Cr 20 18-Jan-2023 20-Jan-2023 6000 BSE SME
Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience Ltd 13.05 Cr 72 16-Jan-2023 19-Jan-2023 1600 NSE SME
Ducol Organics & Colours Ltd 31.51 Cr 78 09-Jan-2023 11-Jan-2023 1600 NSE SME
Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd IPO 16.94 Cr 225 05-Jan-2023 09-Jan-2023 600 BSE SME
Chaman Metallics Ltd IPO 24.21 Cr 38 04-Jan-2023 06-Jan-2023 3000 NSE SME

How to Invest in Upcoming IPO in India?

The process to apply in any upcoming IPO in India is easy and same for all IPOs. You have to follow some steps to invest in IPO that we have mentioned below-

  • First open a demat account if you don’t have any, Now open any stock broker app of your choice because all the stock broker offers facility to apply in IPOs.
  • Open the app and go to stock and then in current IPO section/Upcoming IPO in India
  • Selected the live IPO of your choice and Enter the no. of lots you want to apply for
  • After submit no. of lots you have redirected to payment page/UPI payment page
  • Enter your UPI ID and pay for it, That money get blocked from your account
  • Now you have your IPO application number, also you can see IPO application status on that page

After applying you have to wait sometime to get confirmation of your IPO application. Meanwhile, the locked funds in your bank accrues interest until the process of IPO allotment status is started.

Upcoming IPO in India
with IPO Details


Eastern Logica Infoway Ltd IPO

Eastern Logica Infoway Limited is going to launch its IPO on 05 January 2023 and it is open till 09 January 2023. Net worth of this upcoming IPO in India is 16.94 crore.

Ducol Organics & Colours Ltd

Ducol Organics & Colours Ltd will launch their IPO on 09 January 2023 and it will be on till 11 January 2023. Net worth of this ongoing IPO in India is 31.51 crore.

Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience Ltd

Aristo Bio-Tech and Lifescience Ltd is launching its IPO on 16 January 2023 and it will be opened till 19 January 2023. Net worth of this IPO is 13.05 Crore.

Adani Enterprises Limited FPO

Adani Enterprises Limited FPO will be launched on 27 January 2023 and last day of this upcoming ipo is 31 January 2023. Net worth of this FPO is 20000 Crore.

Maiden Forgings Ltd IPO

Maiden Forgings Ltd will launch their IPO on 23 March 2023 and it will be on till 27 March 2023. Net worth of the upcoming IPO in India is 24 crore.

Best Upcoming IPOs in April 2023

Here is the list of Upcoming IPO in India predicted to launch in April 2023 –

Company Name IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Opening Date
Innokaiz India IPO 21.17 Cr. 76 – 78 28-Apr-23
De Neers Tools IPO 22.99 Cr. 95 – 101 28-Apr-23
Retina Paints IPO 11.10 Cr. 30 19-Apr-23
Quicktouch Technologies IPO 9.33 Cr. 61 18-Apr-23
A G Universal IPO 8.72 Cr. 60 11-Apr-23
Pattech Fitwell Tube Components 12.00 Cr. 50 05-Apr-23
Sancode Technologies IPO 5.15 Cr. 47 31-Mar-23
MOS Utility IPO 49.97 Cr. 72 – 76 31-Mar-23
Exhicon Events Media Solutions 21.12 Cr. 61 – 64 31-Mar-23
Infinium Pharmachem IPO 25.26 Cr. 135 31-Mar-23

Top Upcoming IPO in India to release in May 2023

Here is the list of some Upcoming IPOs that are predicted to release in May 2023 –

Company Name IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Opening Date
Gold Plus IPO 300 Cr. NA May-23
Aadhar Housing Finance IPO 7,300 Cr. NA May-23
Hexagon Nutrition IPO 100 Cr. NA May-23
Capillary Technologies India IPO 850 Cr. NA May-23
Keventer Agro IPO 350 Cr. NA May-23
Capital Small Finance Bank IPO 450 Cr. NA May-23
Sresta Natural Bioproducts IPO NA NA May-23
OLA Cabs IPO 1500 Cr. NA May-23
Droom Technology IPO 3000 Cr. NA May-23
One Mobikwik Systems IPO 1,900 Cr. NA May-23
Skanray Technologies IPO 400 Cr. NA May-23
Gemini Edibles & Fats IPO 2,500 Cr. NA May-23
Ixigo IPO 1600 Cr. NA May-23

Top 10 Upcoming IPO in India June 2023

Checkout the list of upcoming IPO in June 2023 –

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Inspira Enterprise India IPO 800 Cr. NA Jun-23
VLCC Health Care IPO 300 Cr. NA Jun-23
Sterlite Power Transmission IPO 1250 Cr. NA Jun-23
ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO 1000 Cr. NA Jun-23
Park Hotels IPO 1500 Cr. NA Jun-23
Puranik Builders IPO 500 Cr. NA Jun-23
Montecarlo Limited IPO 550 Cr. NA Jun-23

IPO Terms related to upcoming IPO in India

  • IPO Opening & Closing date

    – IPO opening and closing date are those dates in which investors can apply in the live/current IPO.

  • Price band

    – This is the price for one equity share. This price is fixed for fixed price IPOs and can range have some price range for book building IPOs. You can differentiate in them by checking our Upcoming IPO in India list, mentioned above.

  • Lot Size

    – The Minimum no of shares that an investor have to bid to apply in IPO.

  • IPO Size

    – The Net value of an upcoming IPO or current IPO. Generally net worth is mentioned in crore.

  • Exchange of an upcoming IPO in India

    – Exchange means the stock exchange where that IPO is listed or registered.

  • IPO Allotment

    – IPO allotment is the process to provide details about the no. of shares allocated to any investor after applying to any upcoming IPO in India. The scenarios are quite common where one can get a fewer number of shares than what he had asked for.

FAQs About Upcoming IPO in India 2023

Ques- What is cut-off price in upcoming IPO?

Cut-off price refers to the price at which investors get the shares allotted. An investor can put the bid for the specific quantity at either equal to or more than the price within the permissible band. This bid price is called “Cut off-price”.

Ques- How many types of IPO investors are there?

According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), there could be four types of IPOs investors on which investors can bid –

  • Qualified institutional investors (QIIs)
  • Anchor investors
  • Retail investors
  • Non-institutional investors (NII)

Ques- How to apply in IPO of Zerodha?

Zerodha offers free IPO application service, you can search the term upcoming IPO Zerodha to find out date to apply in company IPO. To apply for upcoming IPO in Zerodha, You just need to follow 3 easy steps.

First –  you have to login into Zerodha Console
Second – You can choose Ipo of your choice
Third – After Ipo selection you will redirected to payment page, for payment you can use your UPI ID or upi enabled app, after that you are done.

Ques- Which IPO is coming next?

You can find the list of all upcoming IPO in India on this page. We have listed all the IPOs that is coming next this week, month and year.

Ques- Where to find details of upcoming IPO in India?

The best way to stay aware of IPOs is to visit this page where you can get a dedicated section having such details. For more details, you can click on the respective IPO and you will be redirected to that Upcoming IPO in India page.

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