Groww App Review – Brokerage Charges, Free Demat A/C, Platforms & Offers

By TBS Team | May 22, 2024


groww review

Groww is one of India’s fastest growing online investment platforms. Founded in 2016, this Bengaluru-based startup offers paperless investing options by letting you buy and sell stocks & mutual funds online. Through this Groww App Review, you will know about Groww brokerage charges, brokerage calculator, Demat account and opening process, their trading platforms, App & features.

Currently, Groww has over a million registered users and caters to investors across more than 800 cities.

Company Type Private
Broker Type Discount Broker
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Founder Lalit Keshre
Year of Incorporation 2016


The Groww App has a user-friendly interface which makes it easier for its millennial customer base to better understand the investment world. It’s been a while since the startup has expanded its offerings to allow users to buy stocks of Indian firms and digital gold.

Groww has crossed over 8 million registered users for its mutual fund offering, and over 200,000 users have bought stocks from the investment platform.

The Philosophy of Groww App is “Investing should be as simple as online shopping” and true to its philosophy, it is a very easy-to-use and an effortless platform to invest in Stocks and mutual funds. And Groww is very popular stock broking firm this time.

Talking about the charges, Groww charges Zero brokerage commission for stocks. You can check Groww brokerage calculator to calculate charges and returns. It earns revenue through a subscription revenue model, by offering advisory services and premium features to its customers.

Groww Customer Ratings & Review

Customer Rating
Experience 6.1/10
Trading Platform 9.3/10
Product & Services 9.1/10
Brokerage Charges 9.2/10
Research 7.0/10
Overall Rating 8.5/10
Star Rating ★★★★★
Customer Reviews 1167

Groww Products

Equity Trading Yes
Commodity Trading Yes
Currency Trading Yes
Options Yes
Futures Yes
Mutual Funds Yes
Banking Yes
Forex No
Insurance No


Groww App has three main verticals for investing:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks
  • Gold

With Groww App, you can build your portfolio with a vast range of products and services available. As it is always said that diversification is the key to building a great portfolio. Similarly, diversifying the right way is the key to mitigating any unwanted risk that is to come your way. Hence, it is extremely essential to look at the products listed by the company.

The set of investment options available with Groww are:

  • Equity trading
  • Commodity trading
  • Currency trading
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Mutual Funds

These vast numbers of investment options can pave the way for a fruitful investment. By incorporating the right investment strategy, one can make good returns from these products.

All these investment options collectively focus on assistance to individual investment goals. With diversification being the key player, investors can make worthy and notable returns.

Groww App Top Features

The Groww investment app comes with a plethora of features and options for a seamless user experience. The following are some key features of the Groww app that proved beneficial for the users:

  • Fingerprint scanner unlock feature: Like the modern payment apps, the very first secure and convenient feature is the use of the handset’s fingerprint scanner to log in to the app securely. This feature is not only fully secure but also saves customers’ time remembering a username and password while logging in every time. Also, it ensures that even if the device is misplaced, no unauthorized access takes place.
  • Option to select between stocks and mutual funds: Once logged in, the user can toggle between the mutual funds’ tab and the stocks tab. This helps users select and maintain all their accounts separately.
  • Collections (for mutual funds and stocks): The next rail displays funds and stocks based on categories such as ‘high returns,’ ‘top companies,’ etc. This is also helpful for users who are novice investors and don’t have hands-on experience on how to invest and can dive into a particular collection to start investing.
  • Payment options: Groww lets users pay through numerous options such as UPI payments and net banking and add money in its wallet to invest.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard tab in the app enables users to track the performance of their investments.

Groww Brokerage Charges

This section given below chalks out the Groww Brokerage Charges related to various kind of investment. Through the table given below, you can also see the kind of trading Groww allows.

Type of charges Description Charges applied
Equity delivery Charged by the broker on buying orders when equity is delivered in Demat account Free on Groww
Equity intraday Charged by the broker if you buy/sell on the same day Rs.20 per executed order or 0.05% of order value (whichever is lower)
AMC (Account maintenance charges) For managing your trading and Demat account Free on Groww
DP charges – Buy order Charged by DP for crediting stocks to Demat account Free on Groww
DP charges – Sell order Charged by DP for debiting stocks from Demat account Rs.8 + Rs.5.50 (CDSL charges) per ISIN (company/ETF) per day on Groww regardless of quantity sold
Transaction Charges Charged by exchange for trading – 0.00325% of order amount on NSE– 0.003% of order amount on BSE

(applicable on both buy and sell)

Clearing Charges Charged by NSSCL clearing member (clearing corporation of NSE) and ICCL (clearing corporation of BSE) Free on Groww
Payment gateway charges Charges for depositing money in Groww Balance Free on Groww
Stamp Duty Charged as stamp duty by the state government for contract note Maximum of 0.018% (but different for each state)
SEBI turnover charges Charged by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) for regulating the markets 0.00%
Securities Transaction Tax (STT) Charged by the government when you transact on exchanges – 0.1% of the order amount in case of equity delivery– 0.025% of the order amount in case of equity intraday
GST Goods and services tax 18% applied on charges wherever applicable

The key benefit of being an investor with Groww is zero Equity Delivery Trading is Free. Equity delivery is the most popular form of trading and zero charges attested to that gives an edge to the investors. Rest of the trading classes, i.e. Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options, Currency Futures, and Currency Options have a flat rate of Rs.20 per order.

Groww Offers & Charges

Free Demat Account Yes
Free Trading Account Yes
Discount on Brokerage Yes
Flexible Brokerage Plans Yes
Trading Happy Hours No
1 Month Brokerage Free No
Holiday Offers No
Referral Offers No
Zero Brokerage for Loss Making Trades No

You get a lot of offers with Groww prevailing in the stock broking industry. Offers provided by Groww are another some of the much-needed set of items you might want to look out for before you start investing. These offers are add on to your trading and investment journey. As mentioned in the table above, here are some of the major offers you can expect from the broking house.


Groww Trading Account Opening Fees

Brokerage charged by various asset classes is highly discount since they are originated as discount brokers. It also provides free brokerage offer for investment in equity delivery.

Furthermore, the trading account is absolutely free as you don’t have to pay an opening charge or either an Account maintenance charge.

Groww Demat Account Opening Fees

Demat account opening is also free with Groww. So, you can sit back, relax and invest as trading with this house is an advantage, as the technology used to build the platform is quite impressive.

Everything is made convenient with the help of technology, which you can avail from the comfort of your home.

How to Open Demat Account with Groww?

Step 1: Download and log in to Groww app. Check for the ‘Stocks’ tab and click on ‘ complete setup’.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Open Stocks Account‘ option to proceed. The account opening charges on Groww are zero. For other charges, you can click on ‘See all charges’. Check the charges and when you agree to pay the applicable charges, click on ‘Open Stocks Account’.

Step 3: Provide the details about your occupation, income, mother’s and father’s name to complete the KYC process. Check the details once and click on the ‘Next’ to continue.

Step 4: Input your trading experience from the drop-down list and click on ‘Next’ once done.

Step 5: In the next step you have to upload your signature. Your signature is mandatory to open the Demat account. On a plain white sheet of paper, make your signature in dark ink. Make sure it is clearly visible. You may be asked to submit the same signature in the future if needed, so make sure you remember the one you have used. Click on the camera icon to take the picture and upload your signature. You can also retake the photo. Click on ‘Looks Good’ if you are okay with the picture to continue.

Step 6: This step is Aadhaar based e-sign. In this process, you need to submit your Aadhaar number to the e-sign service following which you will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. To e-sign, click on ‘E-SIGN AOF’.

Please note, the OTP will be sent to your mobile-only if your Aadhaar is linked to your mobile number. If your Aadhaar is not linked to your mobile, click on ‘My mobile is not linked to my Aadhaar card’.

The Demat account opening form (AOF) will be sent to your registered email ID. Print the form, read the particulars carefully, sign at the mentioned places and courier the form to the address mentioned on the screen. Upon successful verification of the form, you will be notified and your account will be activated.

Step 7: If your mobile number is linked to your Aadhaar, enter the OTP/security code sent to your mobile and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 8: Read the Demat account opening form carefully and click on ‘Sign Now’ to proceed.

Step 9: You will be redirected to NSDL electronic signature service. Here, enter your Aadhaar number or Aadhaar virtual ID and then click on the ‘Send OTP’ button. Enter the OTP to complete the e-sign process.

You will see a success screen that says ‘Signed successfully‘, and subsequently a screen which says ‘ you can start investing now’. Click on ‘Let’s start’ to proceed.

You will be taken to the home screen. It may take a few hours to verify your account opening form. Till the time we complete the verification process, you might see a message saying ‘your documents are being processed’ on your home screen.

The verification will be completed within 24 hours, post that you can start investing.

You will also receive the Client Master Report (CMR), which entails the details of your BO ID or Demat account number on your registered email ID from Groww as part of the onboarding process.

Groww Trading Platforms

Desktop Platform – Windows Yes
Desktop Platform – Mac Yes
Mobile Site Platform Yes
Desktop Browser Platform Yes
Android App Platform Yes
iOS App Platform Yes
Windows App Platform No
Other Mobile OS Platform No
Real-time Updates Yes
Portfolio Details Yes
Online MF Buy Yes
News Flash Yes
Research Reports Yes
Easy Installation Yes
Global Indices Yes
Stock Tips Yes
Personalized Advisory Yes
Interactive Charts Yes
Live Markets Yes
SMS Alerts Yes
Email Alerts Yes
Multi-Account Management No


  • Online trading platforms are the most in-demand nowadays, especially when you are investing with a discount broker.
  • As the table above lists, the company has set up certain apps and software. Groww has a desktop browser platform, Mobile Site Platform, Android App and an iOS app.
  • All the mediums have some features in common are somewhere similar and vary as per the compatibility of device use.
  • These features are real-time updates, and your portfolio details represented in a well-organized dashboard. You also have the option to buy mutual funds online via any mutual fund app in India.
  • Other features include easy installation, daily digest news, research reports, global indices, interactive charts, live market updates, SMS alerts and email alerts.


Frequently Asked Questions about Groww

  1. What are the benefits of GROWW?

Leading investing platform GROWW provides investors looking to optimize their financial potential with many advantages. Below, we give a closer look at the benefits that make GROWW the better option:

  • Streamlined Investment Process:

GROWW makes investing easier with an intuitive interface that both novice and experienced investors may use easily. The platform’s user-friendly layout guarantees a hassle-free investing experience.

  • Diverse Investment Options:

To diversify their portfolios, a range of investing options are available to investors, including stocks, mutual funds, and more. GROWW provides various financial products, enabling users to tailor their investments to their goals.

  • Real-time Tracking and Analysis:

With the real-time tracking and analysis capabilities from GROWW, you can stay informed and in charge. Users may monitor their assets, assess market trends, and make wise decisions to maximize their portfolios.

  • Cost-effective Investing:

GROWW minimizes transaction costs and fees while providing affordable investing choices. Because of this cost-effectiveness, the investor receives a more significant portion of the profits, which boosts profitability overall.

  • Educational Resources:

GROWW is more than just a platform; it’s a central repository for instructional materials.

To sum up, GROWW is a comprehensive platform that unlocks the potential of every investor’s financial path by combining simplicity, diversity, real-time information, cost-effectiveness, and educational help.

  1. What are the charges for Options trading at GROWW?

GROWW charges ₹20 in fees for its options trading services. The site imposes a set fee on each trade of options made. Traders will pay this standard cost for ease of use and access to GROWW’s options trading services. Users navigating and engaging in the dynamic world of options trading on the GROWW platform must know this expense.

  1. What documents does GROWW require?

The investing platform GROWW places a high priority on a safe and efficient onboarding procedure. Participants must submit three crucial papers throughout the registration procedure to meet the SEBI sets requirements.

  • PAN card: GROWW requires submitting a PAN card, a condition for any investment, and identity proof. Compliance with SEBI guidelines is guaranteed; hence, it is mandatory.
  • Proof of Address: The government accepts any legitimate document it approves as evidence of address for verification. This procedure complies with regulatory standards and adds a degree of verification.
  • Bank Information: Users must supply their bank information to GROWW for smooth online transactions. It is necessary to ensure safe and effective financial operations for investments and redemptions.
  • Signature: Users must sign a white piece of paper in addition to the previously specified documents. GROWW transacts through the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) account opening form, requiring the signature on this document.

GROWW highlights that all papers supplied are bank-grade and securely kept, guaranteeing user privacy and security. The platform rigorously abides by government regulations and only gathers required information. Investors must submit these documents to comply with the regulatory requirements governing investment operations.

  1. Is GROWW a discount broker?

The leading financial technology startup GROWW business is an Indian mutual fund investing platform. In contrast to discount brokers, who usually provide inexpensive stock and other security trading services, GROWW concentrates on giving people an easy-to-use interface so they may invest in other assets.

It streamlines the investment process by providing a digital platform where customers can easily browse, choose, and support. It makes investing in many financial instruments easier, but it isn’t a discount broker in the sense of trading stocks at lower commissions.

  1. What is the annual maintenance fee of the GROWW Demat account?

Since no yearly maintenance charge is associated with the GROWW Demat account, it is an affordable choice for investors. The company offers consumers a hassle-free, cost-effective investing experience by eliminating yearly maintenance fees. This no-fee structure is consistent with GROWW’s mission to promote openness and accessibility in the financial services industry.

Because GROWW offers Demat account features without the hassle of yearly fees, it is a good option for those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use platform for their investing requirements.

  1. What are the account opening charges at GROWW?

GROWW facilitates a free account opening process with no associated fees. There are no costs for users to register when they first create an account with GROWW. GROWW enjoys offering investors a simple and affordable account opening process that doesn’t need any up-front fees.

This dedication to a fee-free account opening aligns with GROWW’s objective of democratizing investing by removing financial obstacles and allowing everyone to start investing. Users no longer have to worry about extra expenses while creating their accounts on GROWW, giving them the ease of doing so.

  1. How long does it take to withdraw money from GROWW?

Groww offers a simple, user-friendly approach to cash withdrawals. An internal Groww Balance account simplifies transactions and lets you invest with only one click. The withdrawal process is simple, whether via the Groww website or app.

Enter the necessary amount to take out money, hit “Withdraw,” and you’re ready. You may be assured of quick access to your money because the withdrawn money usually appears in your account in less than a day. Notably, withdrawals over Rs. 25,000 can be contingent upon the bank’s operating hours under customary banking procedures.

Groww Balance improves transparency and user experience overall while streamlining the investing process. Financial interactions become efficient when you centralize your funds in the Groww Balance account, eliminating the need for separate transactions.

Groww’s goal is to provide investors with a comfortable and easily accessible platform that aligns with this strategy and is easy to use. In summary, Groww makes investing simple and transparent while ensuring consumers withdraw their money quickly and easily.

  1. How to open your account with GROWW?

  • Start by going to the Groww website or downloading the Groww app.
  • Enter your cellphone number and working email address while registering.
  • Enter the OTP on your mobile device to confirm your phone number.
  • To verify your identity, enter your PAN number.
  • Enter the account number and IFSC code from your bank.
  • Check the given bank details.
  • On the Stocks tab, choose “Complete Setup.”
  • Tick the appropriate box after reading the charges and confirming your agreement.
  • To use Groww’s Stocks investing option, click “Open Stocks account.”
  • To complete the KYC procedure, provide your parents’ names, employment, income, and other necessary information.
  • Select your degree of trading experience from the values shown below.
  • Take a picture, sign in dark ink on white paper, and share your signature.
  • Enter the OTP you received on your connected cellphone number and e-sign the account opening form using Aadhar.
  • After reading and following the account opening form’s instructions, click “Sign Now.”
  • On the NSDL E-sign service page, input the Aadhar number and select “Send OTP.”
  • Input the OTP you received to complete the account opening process.
  • After the broker checks the papers, the account will soon be approved.

This user-friendly online method eliminates the need for paper paperwork and speeds up the account opening procedure for anybody looking to trade and invest on Groww’s platform.

  1. Can we trade commodities on GROWW?

Yes, you may trade commodities on GROWW using a feature-rich platform. The platform makes trading various commodity derivative contracts easier, including those for bullion, energy, industrial metals, agricultural commodities, and indexes. By doing so, consumers can trade and invest in various product categories and participate in the commodities market.

GROWW is a flexible alternative for those wishing to explore opportunities in the commodities market and diversify their investment portfolio due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive coverage of commodity options.

  1. Is GROWW registered with SEBI?

GROWW has a Securities and Exchange Board of India registration (SEBI). The organization conforms to SEBI laws, guaranteeing that it functions within the legal structure and follows the regulatory guidelines established by the regulatory authority.

GROWW is dedicated to investor safety and openness, preserving the financial system’s integrity by registering. GROWW’s adherence to SEBI norms instills trust in investors and offers a secure platform for their investing operations.

  1. Is GROWW a good app?


  • User-Friendly Interface: Groww’s platform is easy to use and straightforward, making it suitable for inexperienced and seasoned investors. The simplified design ensures a hassle-free investing experience.
  • Diverse Investment Options: Groww’s vast array of investing alternatives is one of its advantages. Users have freedom and may choose from various investment options by exploring and investing in mutual funds, equities, gold, and more.
  • Educational Resources: Groww is notable for its dedication to educating investors. With the help of the platform’s extensive instructional resources — which include webinars, tutorials, and articles — users may make well-informed investing selections.


  • Limited Research and Support: Groww offers instructional information. However, its research capabilities are slightly more limited compared to certain rivals. Groww’s products might not be as comprehensive for investors looking for in-depth market analysis and advanced research features.
  • Restricted Global Investments: Groww’s primary concentration is on the Indian market, which may limit the potential for outside investment. Those who desire worldwide diversity in their investments could find this feature restrictive.


Finally, Groww offers an investment platform that is both affordable and easy to use, with a focus on education. However, the platform’s restrictions on worldwide investment possibilities and research tools can sway individuals’ decisions depending on their unique needs and preferences.

  1. What are the brokerage charges at GROWW?

Transparency and affordability are of the utmost importance to us at GROWW, and we ensure that our consumers enjoy simple and affordable stock trading. We intend our transparent brokerage fees to offer investors savings and transparency.

  • Equity Delivery: Rs 20 per trade (or 0.05%, whichever is lower)

GROWW charges a fixed fee of Rs 20 per trade or 0.05%, whichever is less, for equity delivery. With confidence and peace of mind, investors can participate in long-term investments, assured that the economic design ensures they won’t face excessive fees.

  • Equity Intraday: Rs 20 per trade (or 0.05%, whichever is lower)

GROWW continues to provide the same accessible price structure for individuals who want the dynamic aspect of intraday trading: Rs 20 per trade or 0.05%, whichever is lower. Because of this constancy, traders may profit from transient market changes without paying exorbitant brokerage fees.

  • Equity F&O: Rs 20 per trade

Are you taking part in derivatives on equity? GROWW simplifies trading and encourages accessibility for various investors by providing Equity F&O at a competitive Rs 20 per trade.


With a platform that prioritizes affordability and ease of use in equities trading, investors can confidently concentrate on their financial objectives thanks to GROWW’s dedication to fair and transparent pricing.

  1. Is trading free with GROWW?

GROWW offers affordable trading. However, it’s not free. The website keeps charging transparent and reasonable brokerage fees to facilitate stock trading. There is a set cost of Rs 20 per deal (or 0.05%, whichever is lesser) for equity delivery and equity intraday.

Similarly, each deal costs Rs 20 for Equity F&O. Because of GROWW’s dedication to openness. Users can trade confidently and make well-informed decisions on a platform that balances cost and extensive features and services.

  1. Does GROWW only offer free brokerage?

Besides its well-known complimentary brokerage services, GROWW offers an array of features that provide investors with an all-encompassing trading encounter. Although its economic strategy receives praise, pricing is one of many aspects contributing to its value offer.

  • Safety and Security:

With a solid and secure app architecture, GROWW puts the safety and security of your money first, allowing you to trade with confidence.

  • Instant Paperless Account Opening:

With GROWW’s quick paperless account opening process, you may start trading immediately and wave goodbye to tedious paperwork.

  • User-Friendly Interface:

GROWW’s user interface is easy to use, straightforward, and uncluttered, making trading hassle-free for users of all skill levels.

  • Efficient Order Placement:

With GROWW’s One-Click Order Placing function, you may immediately and successfully seize market opportunities by efficiently executing trades.

  • Complex Charting Instruments:

Use Candlestick charts to visualize market patterns. They thoroughly analyze price movements and past performance, enabling you to make wise judgments.

  • Entire Company Details:

Get access to a multitude of data on all Indian firms listed so you can stay informed and make wise investment decisions.

  • Current Market Intelligence:

Keep up with the most recent financial market news, analysis, blogs, videos, and other stuff to help you make wise investing choices.

  1. Can you invest in an IPO with GROWW?

Using the GROWW platform to participate in an Initial Public Offering (IPO) is feasible. As a platform for financial services, GROWW makes initial public offerings (IPOs) easier by letting people apply for shares of recently listed businesses.

In the early phases of a company’s public debut, investors may use GROWW to acquire information about forthcoming IPOs, submit applications, and become shareholders. This tool makes it easier for people who want to learn more about investing opportunities in recently listed firms to participate in the IPO market by giving them a quick and easy way.

  1. Is GROWW suitable for trading?

Rather than a trading platform, GROWW primarily intends to be an investing platform. Although it provides tools for purchasing and disposing of mutual funds, stocks, and other financial instruments, its main objective is wealth accumulation and long-term investing.

Dedicated trading platforms may be more appropriate if your objective is active trading with frequent transactions, real-time data, and sophisticated charting tools. GROWW is more suitable for investors looking for a simple platform for creating and managing a diverse portfolio than for traders heavily involved in trading due to its intuitive interface and focus on investments.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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