Best Mutual Fund App in India – List of Top 10 Mutual Funds Apps

By TBS Team | May 22, 2024

Investing in mutual funds are so easy these days by using mutual fund apps. In this article we have listed top mutual funds apps in India with their ratings and detail review. Let’s explore them and find out the best mutual fund app in India that is most suitable for your investment.

Best Mutual Fund App in IndiaIn mutual fund investment, a fund manager is allotted to a particular mutual fund scheme who decides the stocks where the accumulated money would be invested. And there is no specific stock but a collection of stocks is chosen to yield great returns.

There are different types of mutual funds like equity or growth funds, debt mutual funds, liquid funds, hybrid funds, and more. you can invest in any mutual funds as per your choice by using the best app for mutual fund.

Since mutual fund investment is quite affordable as people can start investing with an amount as little as just INR 100, your mutual fund app should reflect the same level of affordability. This can be done by presenting a wide assortment of mutual fund schemes to investors who can then decide where to invest.

Top 10 Mutual Funds Apps in India – Best Mutual Fund App in India

Rank Mutual Fund App Charges Ratings
1 Coin App By Zerodha Free 5/5
2 Paytm Money App Free 5/5
3 Groww App Free 5/5
4 ICICI Direct All-in-1 App Free 5/5
5 ET Money App Free 4.8/5
6 Kuvera App Zero 4.7/5
7 CAMS App “0” for direct plan 4.5/5
8 PaisaBazaar App 1% on Exit load 4.5/5
9 Piggy App Free 4/5
10 CashRich App Zero 4/5

List of Best Mutual Fund App in India

1. Zerodha Coin
2. Paytm Money
3. Groww App
4. ICICI Direct Mutual Fund App
5. ET Money App
6. Kuvera App
8. PaisaBazaar App
9. Piggy App
10. CashRich App

  1. Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund App

Coin by Zerodha
Coin App by Zerodha emerges as the top mutual fund app for a majority of investors. It is its high level of ease and functionality that make it the first and foremost choice for people looking to invest in mutual funds on their own. Since it is backed by none other than Zerodha, one of the best sip app in India, you can rest assured about a high level of commitment and user-centricity. If you already have a Zerodha account, it would be a lot easier for you to invest in mutual funds via the Coin app.

The Coin by Zerodha app lets investors invest in the best mutual fund schemes of nearly 40 fund houses and that too without any kind of commission. The large client base of Zerodha coin is enough to tell you why it is considered among the best app for mutual fund. To start with, you just need a Zerodha account and you can instantly start investing in mutual funds through SIP.

Android Rating – 4.3/5
App Downloads – 1M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Key Features of Coin Mutual funds App by Zerodha

  • The easy portfolio management interface
  • You can save 10 to 1.5% on direct SIP
  • Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Invest in mutual funds directly from the Zerodha account
  • Hassle-free SIP management
  • Expensive range of mutual funds to choose from
  • Option to invest in ELSS funds for tax saving
  • UPI-based purchasing option
Pros Cons
Cost effective
Have to create a dedicated Zerodha account.
Offers various fund houses for increased flexibility.
It doesn’t offer advisory
User-friendly interface for easy navigation It doesn’t offer stock trading.
  1. Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

Paytm mutual fund investment
Another top mutual fund apps in India is the Paytm Money Mutual Funds app. According to experts, the best mutual fund investment app in India allows investors to get 1% higher returns by investing in direct mutual funds through it. Moreover, the app doesn’t levy any kind of charges regarding the buying and selling of mutual funds which means investing in mutual funds is free of cost. The availability of diverse investment ideas makes mutual funds investment a lot easier for investors and seamless.

The top mutual fund app in India is backed by a total paperless KYC verification process which makes the account opening process tremendously faster and easier. Tracking your mutual fund portfolio is quiet with the app. Also, investors can choose to invest in different types of mutual funds like liquid funds, ELSS funds, equity funds, and others by this best app to invest in mutual funds.

Android Rating – 4.2/5
App Downloads – 10M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Key Features of Paytm Money Mutual Funds App

  • 0 commission on direct mutual funds
  • Nil AMC
  • 100% paperless account opening
  • Free account statements
  • Portfolio-centric suggestions and insights
Pros Cons
Intuitive interface Investment mandates KYC verification
Direct plans for higher returns Mandatory link bank account details
Provides market insights
  1. Groww Mutual Funds App – Best Investment App in India

Groww mutual fund app
In terms of stability and usability, the Groww app is considered as the best app for mutual funds investment in India. Not only it makes investment exceptionally simpler, but one can also go through tons of value-based videos and blog posts that would help you make the right choice regarding mutual fund investments.

Apart from the mutual funds, you can also choose to invest in the stock through the Groww app. Due to zero-charge, this mutual fund app is becoming amazingly popular in the stock investment landscape. You can start investing by using the best app for sip investment with just 500 rs monthly.

Android Rating – 4.6/5
App Downloads – 10M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Key features of Groww the best investment App in India:

  • User-centric interface for easy and fast investment
  • Single dashboard for tracking the investments, annual returns, and overall returns
  • One-step e-KYC
  • Secure transaction through 128 bit SSL encryption
  • SIP calculator
  • Good choice for beginners
Pros Cons
Wide availability of mutual funds, international funds, and ETFs. Limited customer support
Personalised suggetions No advanced tools for risk analysis
Offers direct plans with lower expense ratios
  1. ICICI Direct All-in-1 App

icici_bannerICICI Direct All-in-1 App is the best mutual funds app for both new and experienced investors, which lets you choose and invest from mutual fund schemes of 39 leading Asset Management Companies (AMCs).

Android Rating – 4.7/5
App Downloads – 50k+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Key Features of ICICI Direct All-in-1 App

  • Easy investment in best Mutual Funds handpicked by our award winning research across Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, ELSS & Gold Funds categories
  • One click investment through one time & SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) mode in just a few minutes
  • Analyze your holdings anytime, anywhere in a few taps by App
  • Bio-metric login facility and mobile number & access code login method offered for better security
  • Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices
  • UPI-based purchasing option given
Pros Cons
Easy investment Complex KYC term validation
Easy user interface
Biometric login facility
  1. ET Money App – Top Mutual Funds Apps in India

ET Money mf app
ETMONEY is an initiative by TIMES NETWORK, one of India’s leading media networks which aims to bring unprecedented levels of ease to mutual funds investment in India. The best app for mutual fund is equally beneficial for both novice investors as well as experienced ones.

Moreover, this one of the top mutual fund apps is based on a fully automated functionality that makes mutual funds investment smoother affairs. It offers personally-devised investment roadmaps steadfastly crafted given your specific financial goals and responsibilities. Not only that but you get to access a range of financial offerings such as buying term insurance, best app for sip plans, life insurance, different types of loans, mutual fund investments, and more.

Android Rating – 4.6/5
App Downloads – 5M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Key Features of ET Money :

  • Quick and secure integration with different UPI platforms
  • best app for lumpsum as it offers Zero-cost mutual funds investment
  • wide range of mutual fund options to choose from
  • ETMoney’s Expense Tracker and Monthly Saver
  • ET Money Gold Deposit
Pros Cons
Direct mutual funds investment No advisory or tips
No commissions, no hidden fees NO analysis tool
Allow investments in ELSS funds
  1. Kuvera Mutual Fund App – Top Mutual Funds App

Kuvera mutual fund app
The next on our list is the Kuvera Mutual Funds app. Among many features of this top mutual fund apps in India, the most salient feature is a goal-based investment. Whether you want to save taxes, build wealth, stability, or any other thing, the app makes likewise recommendations. Moreover, its single dashboard allows investors to track their investments anytime, anywhere.

Along with mutual funds, the top 10 mutual fund apps can also be used for making investments in stocks and gold. The app also exhibits amazing features like timely reports, tax harvesting, and TradeSmart.

Android Rating – 4.5/5
App Downloads – 1M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Top Features of Kuvera –

  • Completely digital account opening process
  • Family account features to manage joint accounts
  • Zero commission or hidden charges
  • Tax-saving fund options
  • Goal-based investment terminology
Pros Cons
50 different fund houses Limited trouble support options
Zero fee, higher returns
Instant customer support
  1. CAMS Mutual Fund App – Best Mutual Funds App for Direct SIP

CAMS mf app
It is one of the most commonly used mutual fund app in India and is primarily known for its easy investment functionality. The app for sip features very insightful knowledge about money savings, tax savings, mutual funds, and other crucial information.

If you want to embrace superior levels of ease regarding mutual funds, this app is one option that would surely entice you. Even, this best app for mutual fund allows investors to schedule their best mutual fund in India.

Android Rating – 4.3/5
App Downloads – 1M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Top Features of Cams the best app for mutual funds –

  • Zero brokerage and no hidden charges
  • Fast support on loans and insurance policies
  • Easy mutual fund investment procedure
  • Option to invest in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) and lump-sum investment option
  • Investment in ELSS tax-saving plan
Pros Cons
user-friendly interface
Does not offer any personalized recommendations
Supports multiple payment modes Crashes unexpectedly
Offers wide range of mutual funds from different fund
  1. PaisaBazaar App – Best Investment App in India

Paisabazar mutual funds app
In the field of top mutual fund apps in India, the Paisa Bazaar app is also becoming increasingly popular. The finest thing about this app is that investors are allowed to invest in direct SIP to keep the money safe.

Being a SEBI-registered app, all the mutual fund investments through this channel are completely safe.

Android Rating – 4.4/5
App Downloads – 10M+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Top Features of PaisaBazaar the best app for mutual fund –

  • A wide range of financial solutions like personal loans, home loans, direct mutual fund plans, life insurance, and others
  • One of the best places to check and compare different loans offers
  • More opportunities for upselling and cross-selling
Pros Cons
smooth interface complex applications
Supports multiple payment modes
Dedicated support executives
  1. Piggy Mutual Fund Investment App

Piggy mutual fund app
It is a highly advanced one of the best mutual fund apps in India that is aimed at making investment and wealth-building simpler and quicker. You can start your SIP with as low as Rs. 100 by this best app for lumpsum and see it grow sooner.

Piggy App allows investors to invest in direct mutual funds. This makes them get nearly 1.5% extra returns annually and attain a difference of 45% in 25 years.

Android Rating – 4.4/5
App Downloads – 10K+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Top Features of Piggy, the best app for mutual fund –

  • Completely paperless account opening and other procedures
  • Zero commission and no hidden charges
  • Tax savings through investment in ELSS funds
  • Investment in direct mutual funds
Pros Cons
Online account opening complex user interface
Zero commission
Offers direct funds investment
  1. CashRich App

Cash Rich app for mutual fund
CashRich is known to be the only mutual fund app that presents a Dynamic SIP option for better returns in comparison to normal SIPs. Because of this top feature CashRich is considered as the best mutual fund app in India.

During the period before Feb 2020, the investment in the share market was nearly 10-20%. When the share market downsized last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the equity allocation sored to 70-80%. Therefore, it safeguarded the weakness threat and allowed users to invest at reduced prices in the case of recession. You can invest in best mutual fund in India by this app.

Android Rating – 4.5/5
App Downloads – 100K+
App Download Link : Android | IOS

Top Features of Cashrich –

  • One-tap chat availability
  • Choose from the best mutual fund schemes
  • Goal-based investment choices
  • Lifetime zero-cost investment accounts
Pros Cons
One chat support solution Not have mulitple payment options
wide ranges of funds Don’t have instant withdraw option
no hidden fees

Top Mutual Funds Apps With Lowest Charges

Here are top 5 mutual fund apps listed according to their charges(Lowest) –

Best Mutual Fund App Ratings
Fisdom 4.6
Groww 4.5
Bajaj Finance 4.6
Coin by Zerodha 4.2
ET Money 4.4

Difference Between Direct & Regular SIP Mutual Funds

There are some differences between a Direct and Regular SIP offered by best app for mutual fund. Some of these factors include:

  • Investment Guidance

In the case of Direct SIP, one may not get investment advice. However, it is easily available in the case of Regular SIP. A Regular SIP plan is inclusive of professional investment advice.

  • Returns

Returns are found to be on a higher side in the direct SIP as compared to a regular SIP scheme. The main reason behind this is that a direct SIP fund is purchased from a fund house or a few selected portals.

In addition, there is no broker involvement which eliminates the incurring of any commission fee, resulting in better returns.

  • Expense ratio

The amount which is deducted as an administrative charge from the investor’s returns is known as the expense ratio. As there is no involvement of any third party, the expense ratio in the case of direct SIP remains comparatively lower than regular SIP.

  • NAV

Since there is a high expense ratio in a regular SIP plan, its Net Asset Value remains lower. On the other hand, the direct SIP boasts a low expense ratio because of the incurring commission fee and carries a high NAV.
Whether you want to take your first step towards mutual fund investment or want better control over your mutual fund portfolio, the above-mentioned mutual fund apps or the best app for SIP would be the perfect choice for any type of goal you have linked with your mutual fund investment.


Q1. Which is the best mutual fund app in India?

Ans – According to easy process, safety and low charges, Zerodha Coin, Paytm Money and Groww are the best mutual fund app.

Q2. Which is the top 5 mutual funds apps for direct SIP?

Ans – Here are the top 5 mutual fund apps in India for direct SIP –

  1. Coin by Zerodha
  2. Groww
  3. Paytm Money
  4. Kuvera
  5. ETMoney

Q3. Which app is best for mutual fund in India?

Ans – Coin app by Zerodha is the best for buying mutual funds in India. Zerodha is well known stock broker and also considered as the provider of best investment plans with highest active clients.

Q4. Which is the No 1 mutual fund in India?

Ans – Groww is providing no. 1 mutual fund in India, you can use Groww for your investing. Groww is fastest growing stock broker and offers multiple investment options.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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