India Infoline or IIFL Franchise Review

India Infoline, also popularly known as IIFL or IIFL Securities, is one of India’s most famous stock and investment brokers. IIFL Securities was incorporated in the year 1995 as a part of the IIFL Group.

The company is one of the largest independent full-service broking firms. The brokerage house serves both retail and institutional investors and is a well-recognized brand when talking about the quality of advice, personalized services, and cutting edge technology.

India Infoline, also popularly known as IIFL or IIFL Securities, is one of India’s most famous stock and investment brokers.

IIFL Securities was incorporated in the year 1995 as a part of the IIFL Group.

The company is one of the largest independent full-service broking firms.

The brokerage house serves both retail and institutional investors and is a well-recognized brand when talking about the quality of advice, personalized services, and cutting edge technology.

The firm offers a wide range of products, including equities, derivatives, commodities, insurance, loans, FDs, IPO, Bonds, and others. The broking house also offers online trading and research-based advisory services.

IIFL Franchise business is one of India’s rapidly growing franchise business that has grown significantly in the last 3 years. A detailed analysis of IIFL Franchise Sub-Broker or IIFL Franchise Authorized Person, IIFL Franchise Sub-Broker Commission, IIFL Franchise Cost is essential for those willing to associate as a sub-broker with the firm.

IIFL Franchise Review

Incorporated in the year 1995, IIFL is one of the most innovative broking firms in India. The company has received immense popularity since the day of its inception. IIFL’s business partnership program was opened in the year 2003, and since then, the firm’s business has grown exponentially.

Apart from offering trading and investment products, the company also has a credit lines and portfolio management services range. The firm also offers a host of advisory services to its customers, which makes becoming an IIFL Franchise sub-broker the right choice.

IIFL has a vast network of sub-brokers having a nationwide presence. However, the firm does offer multiple business association models.

To become an IIFL Franchise Authorized Person, the individual needs to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • He/she should be above 18 years of age
  • He/she should have secondary education
  • They should hold a valid address proof

One of the fundamental prerequisites to become a sub-broker is to be registered with SEBI and relevant stock exchange as a stockbroker. This is also a part of mandatory compliance and needs to be fulfilled by every candidate interested in sub-brokership.

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Types of IIFL Franchise Business Models

IIFL Franchise business models are based on adaptability and do so by creating multiple fancy models. The individual from any part of the country can choose any business model to fetch profitable business both for the firm and himself.

The different business models offered by the company are as follows:

  • IIFL Franchise/ Sub-Broker
  • IIFL Marketing Associate
  • Employee or Entrepreneur
  • IIFL Remisier or Direct Sales Agent

IIFL Sub-Broker/ IIFL Authorized Person/ IIFL Franchise

The first business model offered by IIFL is IIFL Sub-Broker, IIFL Authorized Person, or IIFL Franchise Model. It is a business model wherein the sub-broker works with the full-service stockbroker to acquire clients at the local level.

Once the clients are acquired, they are served by the sub-broker. Under this business model, each sub-broker is provided a specific monthly/yearly/ quarterly targets. A corresponding remuneration percentage is promised to the sub-broker in return for the services offered.

The individual willing to become an IIFL sub-broker should be able to set up his/her office and should be in a position to afford a staff.

The sub-broker, while acquiring and serving the local clients, gets the following privileges:

  • He/she is allowed to use IIFL’s brand name for marketing activities, who works as the face of the company at a local level
  • He/she has constant access to intraday trading tips and fundamental research reports
  • Regular interaction and support with the assigned business development manager are offered. This helps not only in the initial setup of business but also for fixing usual business concerns faced by the sub-broker
  • The company also offers constant client training, back-office solutions, and reporting support to the sub-broker

IIFL Marketing Associate

The other business model that is available for interested individuals is the IIFL’s Marketing Associate model. This business model is suitable for an individual who wants to establish an individual business, wherein he is the business’s sole owner. The prerequisite for this business model is to have excellent networking and advertising skills. This is because the person has the responsibility of marketing IIFL products and services to its customers.

The individual need not bear any expenses to become an IIFL Marketing Associate. IIFL assists interested individuals in the following aspects:

  • Quick onboarding and business engagement for the clients
  • Extensive marketing support through different marketing channels, which includes both online and offline marketing
  • Sharing of business revenue consistently from the first day of joining the business model
  • A plethora of trading and investment products and services to increase client base and the overall revenue per client
  • Regular training sessions for the individual and his team in every aspect are arranged


This business model offers the following benefits to IIFL Business Marketing Associates

  • The most significant advantage offered by this business model is that it does not require any investment of any kind
  • The individual becomes the official IIFL associate
  • He has access to the company’s technology-oriented platforms along with the back office support
  • Facilitation of educational seminars is also offered to the associate
  • IIFL Marketing Associates can generate constant income
  • Training and support in areas of operations, client acquisition, and in every other possible field is offered

IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur

Individuals who are interested in associating with IIFL and at the same time want to proceed with having their setup should opt for this business model. However, the individual should have prior experience of 3 to 5 years in the financial space in India to become an IIFL employee to entrepreneur.


The benefits offered by IIFL under this business model include:

  • Unlimited growth prospects for the individual
  • The individual can choose any area of expertise and can set up a business based on it
  • No investment is required to be made under this business model
  • This business model promises a constant stream of income at no extra investment
  • The entrepreneur is able to deal with multiple products and services
  • Awareness programs are carried out continuously for entrepreneurs
  • The company offers constant technological support
  • The franchiser offers training and support in all the possible fields for the new joiner

IIFL Remisier or Direct Selling Agent

One of the easiest model to opt for is becoming an IIFL Remisier or Direct Selling Agent. This business model can be opted for along with the 9 to 5 regular job. The person opting for this business model need not stop the work he/she is doing. An individual can join this business model by simply referring clients regularly to the broker.

Thus, this business model is suitable for people who are looking for an extra source of income. There is no cost associated with this business model, nor is the person required to set up a separate office.

A specific commission cut from the brokerage is generated and is paid to the remisier for referring clients to the broker every month.

The brokerage cut is paid to the direct selling agent as long as the referred client runs an active trading account with IIFL.


The benefits offered by this business model are as follows:

  • A lower security deposit is required to be made
  • The direct selling agent gets access to all the domains, i.e., to all the financial products offered by the firm
  • The earning is generated as and when a reference is generated
  • Opportunity to associate with a brand is offered

IIFL Sub-Broker Commission or Revenue Sharing Model

Sub-brokers are considered as the driving agents of IIFL’s growth and prosperity. Thus, IIFL ensures that the sub-brokers associated with the firm get a fair share of the revenue. This is the prime reason why IIFL is considered as a fair and rewarding principal broker.

However, the revenue shared varies from one business model to another and is decided based on the sub-broker’s roles, responsibilities, and duties. The ratio of revenue sharing under different models is as follows:

IIFL Authorized Person Program

Under this business model, the sub-brokers take up a considerable part of the roles and responsibilities, and hence the remuneration paid under this business model is high. Around 75% to 60% of the revenue is shared with the sub-broker, while IIFL retains the remaining 25% to 40%.

IIFL Marketing Associate

This business model follows a fixed revenue sharing model. The owner of this business model enjoys a fixed revenue share of 70%. The brand retains the remaining 30% as a part of royalty.

IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur

Since this business model is offered to a person with prior experience in the industry, their ratio of revenue shared under this business model is also high. 80% of the revenue generated can be retained by the owner under this business model, while the franchiser retains the remaining 20%.

IIFL Remisier or IIF Direct Selling Agent

IIFL Remisier is allowed to retain 50% to 60% of the revenue generated by him/her from marketing the brand. The franchiser retains the remaining 50% to 40% of the share.

  IIFL Commission Sub-Broker Commission
IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person 25% – 40% 75% – 60%
India Infoline Marketing Associate 70% 30%
IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur 80% 20%
IIFL Remisier 50% – 60% 50% – 40%

 IIFL Franchise Cost

The business owner must make a certain amount of initial investment or security deposit based on the business model selected by him/her. This sum is paid to acquire a particular business model. IIFL Franchise model attracts an initial investment ranging from Rs.100000 to Rs.200000. On the other hand, under the Remisier model, the charge that needs to be paid is Rs.15,000.

  Investment Requirement
IIFL Sub Broker / IIFL Authorized Person Rs.100000 – Rs.200000
IIFL Marketing Associate No Charges
IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur No Charges
IIFL Remisier Rs.15,000


IIFL Franchise is one of the most popular and profitable business franchise that one can associate with. The individual can opt for any of the mentioned business models based on his financial objective and capacity to make the initial investment. The other benefit offered by IIFL is that some business models are offered without any investment. The franchiser provides constant support and assistance to the sub-broker to set up his business and generate a fair amount of income.

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