India Infoline or IIFL Franchise Review

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

India Infoline or IIFL is one of the long-standing players of the Indian finance sector. Established in 1995, IIFL franchise has come a long way in the finance domain by offering a plethora of cutting-edge financial products & services to traders, investors, and others in a smoother and effective way. In this article we have done complete IIFL franchise review about its advisory , product and services.

For those who want to be a part of this renowned group, IIFL franchise is a wonderful opportunity which would allow them to gain attractive commission against brining more clients to IIFL.

About IIFL Franchise

IIFL Securities is considered among India’s eldest and biggest full-service brokers and provides people with the opportunity to become company owners by launching their own ventures via the IIFL Partner program. To join hands with IIFL, there are four different business models to choose from: IIFL Franchisee/Sub-broker, Marketing Associate, Employee to Entrepreneur, and Retailer/Direct Sales Agent. Additionally, IIFL offers its company owners IIFL AAA (Advisor Anytime Anywhere), a one-stop shop that enables them to conduct their operations with simplicity. This post will go into depth about each business model, eligibility requirements, advantages of working with IIFL, how to partner with IIFL, IIFL AAA, etc.

IIFL Franchise Snapshot

Company type Public
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquartered in Mumbai, India
Founded Nirmal Jain, R. Venkataraman
Year of establishment 1995
Days required for SB Code Activation 30 Days
Days/weeks for Payout 40 Days


Being a leading financial services organization, IIFL endeavors to serve every section of the society by offering value-based financial products & services. Along with this, it provides numerous opportunities to aspiring individuals who want to be their own boss and get smart income at regular intervals. IIFL franchise is one of these opportunities that enable people to earn handsome commission for their efforts and dedication. 

Benefits of IIFL Franchise

IIFL is a prominent name in Indian financial landscape and offers a host of financial products & services to people of all genres. If you are looking to adopt IIFL franchise, you must know the primary benefits of the same. Look at the following features of IIFL franchise. 

  • Consistent revenue generation
  • Customer acquisition support
  • Unique business development initiatives
  • Next-gen robust technology platforms
  • Safe and secure business procedure
  • Customized support and assistance through Relationship Managers (RMs)
  • Wide range of offerings to match the varied requirement of customers
  • Awareness schemes, training programs, and workshops.
  • Basic to advanced level trading given to the customers
  • Full-fledged assistance including personalized Branding through offline or digital media, and much more!

IIFL Franchise Business Models

IIFL Securities offers primarily four business models to people who want to join the network of IIFL franchise program. These models intend to help them fulfill their growth objectives matching their eligibility and other specifications. These models are 

  1. Sub Broker / Authorized Person
  2. Marketing Associate
  3. Employee to Entrepreneur
  4. Remisier / DSA


  • IIFL Franchise Sub-Broker/Authorized Person

Once they fulfill the eligibility criteria, IIFL sub-brokers of can kick off their operations after receiving their sub-brokers code. For the purpose of pitching and selling the company’s goods and services, the sub-brokers must build relationships with existing clients and find new ones.

This model is suited for those who are filled with immense passion and want to leave a mark in the equity segment. Entrepreneurs have the ability to establish their own workspace and personnel to serve a wide range of clients, as well as the desire to invest a modest amount at first and continue growing their firm.

The company gives the sub-broker a portion of its revenue in exchange. So, if you sign up as a sub-broker, you will receive a significant share of the money generated by your efforts.

Benefits of Becoming an IIFL Sub Broker/Authorized Person

  • Improved revenue sharing model
  • Customized support
  • Personalized branding assistance
  • Investor awareness program
  • Advanced technology platform
  • Risk management systems


  • IIFL Marketing Associate

The Associate’s accountability will be based on marketing under this approach. The relevant person must be an expert in financial goods and participate in stockbroker marketing operations.

It is necessary to advertise the special goods and services, which will help IIFL and the Associate both grow.

  • IIFL Employee to Entrepreneur

Only specific people who meet certain requirements are given access to this model. The most fundamental need is three years of experience in the financial markets sector.

The person in question might decide to follow the route of becoming an entrepreneur and discuss the business sector in which they shine. This model has enormous potential for future expansion.

The first is the obviously required SEBI registration fee, which must be paid at the time the registration firm is submitted. The model is special in that no investment is necessary on the part of the user. 

With this strategy, you may “Be your own Boss” without having to make any financial commitments. Additionally, no specific expenditures are provided.

  • IIFL Remisier / Direct Sales Agent

IIFL offers this approach to those who want to work as direct sales representatives. The remisier will be able to develop a new revenue stream through a well-known brand, a powerful market participant, with the aid of a solid network and marketing abilities.

No capital investment will be required from the person. According to this approach, a person may make money by only introducing clients to the broker. 

Your compensation depends on how many customers you suggest to IIFL who create Demat accounts or how much money they invest in any financial product. Under this strategy, you are not need to invest in infrastructure in terms of the fees. At first, the person will need to register with SEBI.

IIFL Franchise – Infrastructure Requirement

In order to qualify for India Infoline franchise, you must maintain a particular amount of security deposit and possess the necessary infrastructure.

The requirements for India Infoline Franchise include:

  • A minimum of three people must work in the sub-broker’s office. One of the main infrastructure requirements for India Infoline Sub Brokers is this.
  • The sub-broker’s office must be less than 200 square feet. You must have enough room for both your customers and staff.
  • Working telephone connection.
  • An active internet connection. For efficient functioning, it is recommended to use high-speed dial-up or broadband connections.

IIFL Franchise – Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirement for IIFL franchise are:

  • The applicant must have complete 10+2. 
  • The potential sub-broker must have at least a few years of prior stock market expertise. This experience should be inclusive of trading, investments, sub-broking, and stockbroking.
  • In this business, familiarity with financial goods is essential. You, as a prospective sub-broker with India Infoline, must be knowledgeable about the market, the economy, and the numerous investments and services associated to it.
  • It is also necessary for dealers or sub-brokers to be certified by NISM and NCFM.

IIFL Franchise – Brokerage Charges

The role of brokerage is crucial in IIFL franchise and you must be aware of the same before making up a decision. The intraday price for equities is Rs. 20 per order, which is decent but somewhat more expensive than the market average. Similar for options, which cost Rs. 20 per lot for both equities and currency options.

Comparatively speaking, equity distribution is less expensive than other segments. The other India Infoline Partner Charges are somewhat comparable to market rates.

The cost of providing all kinds of intraday equities trading services is Rs 20 per order.

  • Equities delivery trading services – Rs. 0
  • Equity Intraday charges – Rs. 20 per order
  • Equity options costs – Rs 20 every order.
  • Currency option trading services, Rs 20 per order is charged.
  • Equities futures trading services, Rs 20 per order
  • Currency futures trading services, it costs Rs 20 each order.
  • Commodity trading service at Rs. 20 per order

IIFL Franchise – Deposit Required

You must deposit the necessary India Infoline Franchise Cost, which is at least Rs. 100,000, in order to launch the sub-broker franchise.

Your possibilities of making more money up to the maximum amount stated above might rise if you raise your security deposit, which can be done up to Rs. 2 lakhs. IIFL Franchise model also offers three alternative sub-structures, each with a separate security deposit and duty.

The models, Marketing Associate and Employee to Entrepreneur, are free to use. The Remisier Model, the last model, requires a deposit of Rs. 15,000.

Security deposit for Sub Broker Program Rs.1,00,000 – Rs.200,000
Security deposit for Marketing Associate Rs. 0
Deposit required for Employee to Entrepreneur Model Rs. 0
Deposit required for Partner / Remisier Model Rs.15,000


IIFL Franchise – Account Opening & Maintenance Charges

Account opening charges are levied from the client to open an account with IIFL. One should also keep in mind the account maintenance charges that are levied on an annual basis. For IIFL franchise, these charges are defined below.

Account Opening Charges – Rs 0 (Free)

Required Margin Money – NA

Demat Account AMC – Rs 250 (Free for 1st year)

Trading Account AMC charges- Rs. 0

Transaction Charges levied – 0.00335%

The Conclusion

IIFL is one of the prominent players in the stock broking landscape. Being in the industry for over 25 years, the full-service stock broking firm is known for its valuable products and people choose it for its credibility and lineage. Because of its excellent trading services, the broker has solidified its position as the preferred brokerage business. A holder of an IIFL Demat account has access to several financial products. The broker has a clientele of more than 2.6 lakh people.

If you can easily matching IIFL franchise eligibility criteria, you can say yes to numerous growth opportunity with IIFL franchise. Hopefully, this IIFL franchise review would help you in understanding the dynamics of this wonderful business opportunity.

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Does IIFL AAA have to be used by IIFL partners?

No, business partners are not required to participate in IIFL AAA. It is a new tool that IIFL is introducing to help people easily and successfully run their businesses.

A security deposit of Rs 25,000 with the broker is required to use IIFL AAA services, and it is refunded after three months. The item may be returned at any time and will get a full refund.

 What is the price to join IIFL as a partner?

To acquire an IIFL franchise, a person needs a minimum investment range of Rs 50,000 to Rs 200,000 and an established office.

Does IIFL Securities provide the Authorized Person any training?

Yes, IIFL Securities will teach the Authorized Person on all of its systems and software to guarantee a business runs well.

Are there any hidden charge levied by IIFL Securities for Authorized Person’s model?

No, the stock broking firm believes in total openness with our rates, thus there are no hidden fees in IIFL securities. Only the segment-specific exchange registration costs and the refundable security deposit are applicable.

What type of marketing assistance will IIFL Securities provide to an Authorized Person?

The following marketing assistance would be provided to an Authorized Person by IIFL Securities.

  • Advertising Materials
  • Support for Digital Marketing
  • Events and Seminars
  • Reports on market research newsletters

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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