Best Trading App in India – List of Top 12 Trading Apps in India

Best Trading App in IndiaThe rapid dispersion of smartphones and availability of low-cost data plans, has made the best trading app in India a great platform for investors to trade in the stock markets. All Stock Brokers have their own trading apps and they continuously updating its features so that it can be considered as Best Trading App in India. For a fast, seamless and profitable trading it is a mandatory thing to choose the best stock market app in India and follow some wise trading tips.

In this Article we have listed top 12 best trading apps in India along with their benefits, features & cost, you can check and compare all of them to find out the best online trading app in India.

Top 10 Trading Apps in India with their Ratings

Rank Trading Platform Top features Ratings Best Offers
1 Zerodha Kite App Zero brokerage for equity delivery 9.8/10
2 ICICI direct Markets Integrated Research, Advanced analytical tools, Flash trade 9.7/10
3 5Paisa Mobile App Auto investing feature 9.5/10
4 Angel Broking Mobile App Zero brokerage for delivery trades 9.4/10
5 Aliceblue 0 brokerage for equality delivery 8.3/10
6 m.Stock Zero Brokerage and Lowest MTF Interest 9.6/10
7 Groww App No account opening charges 9.1/10
8 Upstox Pro App Easy & instant investing 9.0/10
9 IIFL Markets App Zero brokerage on all equity delivery 8.7/10
10 HDFC Securities App Option to buy digital gold 8.5/10

What is mobile trading?

Mobile trading means a kind of stock trading that is done using a mobile phone. Today, almost all leading stockbrokers have dedicated trading apps for their clients who can use them to trade in shares mutual funds or in initial public offers (IPOs). While the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has sanctioned trading through mobile phones more than a decade ago, its embracement was rarely visible at that time as investors favored to trade through their typical dealers.

Benefits of Using Best Stock Market App – Best Trading App in India

Due to the following advantages, the best trading app in India have become popular among traders:

  1. Convenience – Traders may now watch the market without being confined to a workstation and respond promptly to breaking news from any location.
  2. Efficiency Boost – Easy-to-use UI and powerful trading features make trading applications efficient. As a result, traders may be able to make deals with less latency and error with best stock market app.
  3. Reduced Expenses – Compared to conventional brokerage companies, best trading app in India often charges cheaper fees and commissions, which may help traders save money on transaction costs.
  4. Better Portfolio Management – Trading applications improve portfolio management by providing real-time information and alerts. Keeping track of their assets and making modifications may benefit traders.
  5. Access To Multiple Markets – Several trading apps provide stocks, ETFs, options, futures, and more. Traders may diversify and capitalize on market possibilities.

Best Trading App in India – Best Stock Market App with Their Trading Charges

Stock Broker Trading Charges
Zerodha App ₹20/trade
ICICI Direct App ₹7/trade
Angel One App ₹20/trade
Groww App 0.05% or ₹20/trade
5paisa App ₹20/trade
Aliceblue App ₹15/trade
Paytm Money App ₹10/trade
IIFL Securities App ₹20/trade
Edelweiss App ₹10/trade
Upstox App ₹20/trade

Parameters to consider while choosing the Best trading app in India

Due to the abundance of possibilities, choosing the best trading app in India might take much work. But, there are several crucial factors you should take into account to discover the finest trading software for your requirements:

  1. Security – While looking for trading software, safety should be your top priority. Search your best trading app with two-factor authentication & encryption.
  2. User Interface – Easy navigation and trade execution are hallmarks of a high-quality trading app’s user interface.
  3. Features – Regarding functionality, you should search for trading software that provides access to real-time data, charting tools, and trade alerts.
  4. Trading options – When choosing a trading app, seek one that provides a wide variety of goods, such as stocks and mutual funds, among others, that are compatible with your trading objectives and ambitions.
  5. Brokerage Fees – It’s essential to choose an app with reasonable prices and be aware of additional costs. Additionally, remember to include the brokerage expenses in the application.
  6. User Reviews And Ratings – You may understand how other people’s experiences have gone with the best stock market app by reading reviews and ratings written by those people. We narrowed down the best trading app in India that satisfies your requirements and aids you in achieving your financial objectives by considering these factors.


Compare Best Stock Market Apps in India – Best Trading App 2023

App Name Top Features Charges of Best Trading Apps Ratings
Zerodha Kite Being an all-in-one stock trading solution 0 brokerage for equity delivery trades 5/5
ICICI Direct Markets Investing made easy with best in class features Lowest brokerage across all product categories 5/5
Upstox Pro App Instant investing 0 commission on trade in stocks, mutual funds and digital gold 4.8/5
Groww App Many tradable options 20 or 0.05% (whichever is lower) per executed trade brokerage charges 4.6/5
5paisa online trading app Auto investing 20 per trade brokerage charges 4.6/5
Sharekhan App Best for Active traders 0.50% or 10 paise per share or 16 per scrip (Whichever is higher). 4.6/5

Whether you are already trading in a stock for quite some time or looking to being stock trading through your mobile, it is necessary to have knowledge about the best trading app in India. Choosing the best app for trading means you get a host of features with easy usability and lower charges. So, for your reference, below are some best app for stock market.

List of Best Trading App in India – Top 12 Trading Apps in India

Here is the list of top 12 best share market apps:-

  1. Zerodha Kite App
  2. Angel Broking Mobile App
  3. ICICI Direct Markets
  4. Upstox PRO App
  5. Groww App
  6. 5Paisa Mobile App
  7. FYERS Markets trading App
  8. Sharekhan Mobile Trading App
  9. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App
  10. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App
  11. Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App
  12. Motilal Oswal MO Investor App

Complete Review of all best trading apps in India –


  1. Zerodha Kite

Zerodha Kite
Android Rating: 4.3/5 stars
IOS Rating: 3.2/5 stars
App Downloads: 50 Lakh +
Zerodha Kite App : Best for all type of Traders
App Download link : Android | IOS

Zerodha Kite is the flagship mobile trading app by Zerodha, the country’s leading stockbroker. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, it is considered one of the best trading app in India among others in regard to the trade volume.

Top features of Zerodha Kite

  • Chart with over 100 indicators
  • Quick buy & sell
  • Refined, easy user interface
  • Easy funds overview
  • Universal instrument search
  • Real-time market analysis
  • Integrated console and trading widgets
  • Best Suitable for all type of trading


  • Trading app performs well even with weak internet
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party apps
  • You can switch between 10 regional languages


  • Separate back-office management
  • Mutual Funds & IPOs investment option not available

Best Tip to use Zerodha Kite App: By using Single Search feature on Zerodha Kite, you can browse through thousands of equity scripts and other financial tools across various trading segments and indices.

Price: Free to use

Trading Charges:

0 brokerage charges across all investments

Rs. 20 per executed order in intraday

Official Website : Zerodha Kite


  1. Angel Broking Mobile App

Angel One Trading App
Android Rating:4.1/5 stars
IOS Rating:3.6/5 stars
App Downloads:1 Crore +
Angel One App : Best for beginners in Trading
App Download link : Android | IOS

Angel Broking App is considered one of the best trading app in India in the broking sector. It boasts all the features for all types of investors who prefer to trade on the go. The best trading app has some great features including an amazing user interface that makes it quite smoother.

Top features of Angel Broking App

  • Easy buy & sell of stocks
  • Track derivatives position
  • Live streaming of stock quotes, charts, and market info
  • More than 40 technical chart indicators
  • Real-time online fund transfer to over 40 banks
  • Easy investment in mutual funds
  • Best Suitable for Beginners and bulk trader


  • Zero brokerage charges
  • Option to invest in current/upcoming IPO in India
  • Availability of margin accounts


  • Lack of copy trading feature
  • Zero support for e-wallets

Best Tip to use Angel Broking App: On this best stock market app in India, you can invest in a wide range of bonds including convertible corporate bonds, sovereign gold bonds, non-convertible corporate bonds, and tax-free bonds.

Price: No subscription needed

Trading Charges:

Rs. 20 per order or 0.25% (whichever is lower) across commodities, futures, forex, and options

Official Website : Angel Broking App


  1. ICICI Direct Markets

ICICI Direct

Android Rating: 4.2/5 stars
IOS Rating: 3.8/5 stars
App Downloads: 1M +
IIFL Markets App : Best trading app with best in class features
App Download link : Android | IOS

ICICIdirect Markets is the Best Trading App which offers a wholesome online trading and investing experience for new and experienced investors, which is always accessible with quick order placements across product categories.

Major features of ICICI Direct Markets:

  • Flash Trade: Buy F&O contracts just in a click
  • Integrated Research : Get trading and investment ideas from Research experts
  • Execution Algos: Smart Orders that allow for a better price. Slice your large orders and minimize market impact
  • 7 Rs Plan: Flat Rs 7/order with Flash trade and Order slicing/Execution Algos
  • Zero Trade Hour: Zero brokerage on every Wednesday and Thursday in any stock options or index options
  • Basket Orders: Save valuable time by placing several orders in just a click
  • Easy Options: Trade easily based on your market view in highly liquid Options of Nifty/Bank Nifty
  • eATM: Instant Pay-out within 5 mins of selling shared
  • One-Click baskets: One click order placements in Equity, Derivatives and Mutual funds
  • Currency/Commodity and F&O Trading: View the Option Chain (OI) with integrated OI graphs for an in-depth analysis of your F&O and commodity trades
  • Live streaming charts: Access charts by Trading View and Chart IQ on-demand. Check live prices with charts & indicators
  • Buy Now pay later with Margin Trade funding


  • Wide range of features available on this best trading app
  • Notification and reminders
  • No minimum deposit requirement


  • Mutual funds option not available

Best Tip to use ICICIdirect Markets App:

ICICI direct Markets app, one of the best trading app has an integration with Bloomberg TV which allows users to get live streaming and market feeds along with videos.

You can avail OI Graphs on Option Chain, Swipe to Buy-Sell feature (for faster transaction), Biometric based login features and more. It also comes with Dark Mode, to enhance visual ergonomics. To stay on the top of the stock market, trade conveniently by using top trading app ICICI Markets.

Price: 299 rs + 18% GST for ICICI direct Neo plan

Trading Charges:

As low as 0.1%  in equity delivery with Prime plan and Zero brokerage for all Future trades with Neo plan

Official Website : ICICIdirect Markets App

  1. Upstox PRO Trading App

Upstox Pro Trading App
Android Rating: 4.3/5 stars
IOS Rating: 4.1/5 stars
App Downloads: 1 Crore +
Upstox Pro App : Best for Instant investing
App Download link : Android | IOS

Upstox, one of the best stock broker in India owns Upstox PRO, a very popular mobile trading app. Upstox was previously known by the name of RKSV Securities and is based out of Mumbai, the financial capital of India. At present, It also has web version and it is considered as one of the best trading app in India.

Major features of Upstox PRO stock market app:

  • Universal search tool to find easy and complex stocks.
  • Charts of various intervals, types and drawing styles
  • Apply 100+ technical indicators on a real-time basis
  • Trade straight from charts with the Trade from Charts (TFC) feature
  • Define n number of price alerts for instant updates
  • Best Known for Instant Investing


  • You can limit after market order
  • Easy User experience
  • Smartly designed user interface


  • Limiter no. of features from other apps
  • No investment support for IPOs and FPOs

Best Tip to use Upstox Pro App: You can read the market data better as the best trading app in India boasts different types of charts like a bar chart, candle charts, and mountain charts.

Price: Try it for Free

Trading Charges:

Rs 20/2.5% of net trade value (lowest one) for Equity Delivery

Rs 20 or 0.05% for Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Currency Futures, and Commodity Futures (whichever is lower)

Official Website : Upstox Pro App


  1. 5Paisa Mobile Trading App

5 Paisa Trading App
Android Rating: 4.3/5 stars
IOS Rating: 4.1/5 stars
App Downloads: 50 Lakh +
5 Paisa App : Best to get Auto Investing
App Download link : Android | IOS

5Paisa Mobile Trading App is the best online trading app in India when it comes to getting an easy-to-use trading application. This app is available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. The fully-loaded functional and smart mobile trading app offers almost all features an investor or trader need.

Features of 5Paisa Stock Market App:

  • Real-time screening of quotes across all segments
  • Invest in SIP
  • Robo Advisory – A fully automated investor advisory system
  • Investment in mutual funds
  • Stock trading in equity, intraday & F&O segments
  • Best Known for Auto Investing


  • You can place order at one click – best for day traders
  • Option to create multiple watch lists
  • Set price and time alerts
  • Zero commission on mutual funds


  • No commodity trading
  • Non-availability of 3-in-1 accounts

Best Tip to use 5 Paisa App: 5 paisa, one of the best trading app comes with a guest login facility. You can see the features and options without log in. However, order placement cannot be done until the demat account is opened.

Price: 499 rs for Power Investor & 999 for Ultra Trader plan

Trading Charges:

Flat Rs. 20/Order for all type of trading segment

Official Website : 5Paisa Mobile App


  1. Groww App

Groww Trading App
Android Rating: 4.6/5 stars
IOS Rating: 4.4/5 stars
App Downloads: 1 Crore+
Groww App : Best to get various trading options
App Download link : Android | IOS

Groww App has remained true to its name since it began as the most basic of all applications. It is the well recognized stock market app that enables traders to do business from any place and time of day. Groww Trading App is surely the best trading app in India.

Features Of The Groww App:

  • Order Placement In A Single Click
  • Smart save
  • Cancel/Stop A Currently Running SIP
  • Easily Choose Between Regular And Mutual Funds
  • Invest Via UPI
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Contrast Mutual Funds
  • Customer Service Desk


  • You can withdraw maximum 50,000 or your 90% of investment per day
  • Option to invest in Gold, Indian and US stocks, MF, F&O
  • Self directed trading
  • No account opening and no AMC


  • Advanced order options not available like cover orders, brackets & orders

Best Tip to use Groww App: Groww investment options like digital gold investment, stocks, fixed deposit and more at the same time makes it the best app for stock market. You can do self directed trading and investment through Groww app.

Price: Free to Use this best trading app

Trading Charges:

Flat Rs. 20/Order for Futures and Options segment
Flat Rs. 20 or 0.05%(lower one) per order brokerage for trading

Official Website : Groww App


  1. FYERS Markets Mobile Trading App

Fyers Securities Stock Market App
Android Rating: 4/5 stars
IOS Rating: 2.3/5 stars
App Downloads: 1 Lakh +
Fyers Markets App : Best for advanced Traders
App Download link : Android | IOS

FYERS Markets is an amazing and next-gen mobile trading app offered by FYERS Securities, a leading stockbroker in India. The app allows traders to trade in stock without any physical barriers. Its features truly make it one of the best trading app India.

Top Features of Fyers Markets App –

  • 22+ years of historical EOD & 2+ years of historical intraday charts with over 65 technical indicators
  • Easy availability of Watchlists, chart settings, drawings & all trading related functions
  • Multitask and manage your trading while you are on the go
  • Fast and reliable streaming quotes, charts and trade execution
  • High level of Security Protocol on all levels
  • Best Suitable for Advance Traders


  • You can check real time data by market watch that is customizable
  • Zero brokerage for equity delivery
  • Advance trading option


  • You can not invest in mutual funds through this app
  • High depository charges

Best Tip to use Fyers Markets App: If you prefer to do technical or fundamental analysis on your mobile, Fyers Markets trading app offers several types of charting features that can be extended over a period of 30 days. Fyers Markets is one of the best trading app in India.

Price: Available for Free

Trading Charges:

Flat Rs. 20/order against all segments like derivatives, equity, commodity and intraday

Official Website : FYERS Markets App


  1. Sharekhan Mobile Trading App

Sharekhan trading app
Android Rating: 3.2/5 stars
IOS Rating: 2.7/5 stars
App Downloads: 10 Lakh +
Sharekhan App : Best for active Traders
App Download link : Android | IOS

Sharekhan mobile trading app offers all leading trading features such as advanced charts, measurement tools, watchlist, etc. While the app has several basic and advanced tools, some of the promising features also main reason to be consider it as best trading app in India are as below:

Features of Sharekhan mobile trading app

  • Option to invest in Mutual Funds
  • Easy fund transfer service
  • Improved user experience
  • Personalized the default screen
  • Extra security level
  • Best Suitable for active traders


  • Simple pay in & pay out options for fund transfer
  • Learning resources available for free
  • Quick & fast trading with this top online stock market app


  • Chargeable Call & Trade
  • You have to change password after every 15 days

Best Tip to use Sharekhan App: The charts available on Sharekhan mobile trading app can be accessed in different time frames extending from 1 minute to a year.

Price: Free to Install

Trading Charges:

0.50% or 10 paise per share or Rs 16 per scrip (whichever is more) for equity trades

0.10% on the first part and 0.10% if settled on any other day for F&O Trades

2.50% or Rs 250 per lot on the total premium (whichever is higher) in the case of Options Trades

0.10% charged by sharekhan, one of the best trading app for Currency Futures

Official Website : Sharekhan Mobile App


  1. Edelweiss Mobile Trading App

Edelweiss Trading App
Android Rating: 4.3/5 stars
IOS Rating: 4/5 stars
App Downloads: 10 Lakh +
Edelweiss App : Best to get market analysis tool
App Download link : Android | IOS

Edelweiss trading app is known to feature a simple single-touch login facility that can be done by using a fingerprint. One can have access to research during the trade.

This is one of the best app for trading in India offers real-time streaming stock prices and tick-by-tick charts to keep traders and investors abreast of market updates and help them analyze the market promptly.

Its Features –

  • Dedicated market view through the current status of BSE and NSE indices
  • Real-time market commentary and generic sector performances
  • An integrated section within the Equity Screen of the app
  • Displays direct transitions across the market related to Derivative
  • Best Known for advance market analysis tools


  • Market Analysis tools
  • Zero account opening charges & No AMC
  • Easy fund transfer makes it one of the best trading app in India


  • No bracket orders
  • Costly trade through call

Best Tip to use Edelweiss App: Edelweiss mobile trading app can be best for active traders as it is offering advance charts, market analysis tools and reports. This app also has some advance features that makes it the best trading app in India.

Price: Free account opening and No AMC

Trading Charges:

RS 10 per order as brokerage for all executed order

Official Website : Edelweiss Mobile App


  1. HDFC Securities Mobile Trading App

HDFC Securities Trading App
Android Rating: 4.2/5 stars
IOS Rating: 3.6/5 stars
App Downloads: 10 Lakh +
HDFC Securities App : Best for Digital gold investment
App Download link : Android | IOS

It is a lightweight mobile trading app that is quick to install and use on any smartphone. It boasts of good speed at all times. HDFC Securities has launched a new version of the app which is a lot easier to explore and use. It has over 10 lakh downloads from the Google Play Store, with a mixed rating of 4.2, this makes it one of the best trading app in India.

Top Features of HDFC Securities App:

  • Availability of technical indicators
  • Fingerprint login for better security
  • Intraday charts are available with multiple time frames – 1 minute to 1 month
  • Multiple watch lists that are customizable and provide real-time price updates
  • Option to buy gold makes it the best app for stock market
  • Price actions are in various styles, such as line graphs, bar graphs, candlesticks, etc
  • Best Suitable for Global traders and Gold buyer


  • Intraday real-time charting
  • Regular news and current notifications about stock markets
  • Global trading and digital gold


  • Costly Brokerage charges
  • No upfront buying and selling process

Best Tip to use HDFC Securities App: The best stock market app has advanced charting features with different types of technical indicators, charts, option strategies available for use. Within charting, you can track every single movement for your technical monitoring and can do the fundamental analysis of the past 20 years.

Price: 199 rs for Lite subscription plan

Trading Charges:

0.50% or min Rs.25 for equity delivery, equity intraday, and equity futures

Rs 100 per bucket or 1% of the premium (whichever is more) for equity options

Official Website : HDFC Securities App


  1. Kotak Stock Trader Mobile App

Kotak Securities Trading App
Android Rating: 4/5 stars
IOS Rating: 5/5 stars
App Downloads: 10 Lakh +
Kotak Securities App : Best for easy trading options
App Download link : Android | IOS

Kotak Stock Trader App is an immensely used best trading app in India. The stock market trading app is available for iOS and Android platforms and offers a host of great features for today’s traders and investors.

Top features of Kotak Stock Trader App:

  • Create a watchlist to keep a track of the movement of specific stocks.
  • Easily transfer funds to the trading account from a bank account and vice versa
  • Seamless access to the availability of funds and margin balance
  • Multiple layers of security
  • Live streaming of market, get live quotes, intraday chart, and tips
  • Best Known for easy and advance trading feature


  • You can track real time stock movements & stock quotes
  • Facility of 24/7 Live TV by Bloomberg
  • ‘My Investment’ section for quick check of portfolio and holdings


  • Non availability of CFDs
  • Limited payment methods

Best Tip to use Kotak Stock Trader App: Stock Trader, best trading app by Kotak features radial navigation for jumping between investment status, portfolio, stock market updates, charts and several others.

Price: Free to Use

Trading Charges:

No brokerage fee for intraday trading across F&O, Cash, Commodities & Currencies

Flat Rs. 20/order for Carry Forward F&O, Commodity & Currency Trades

Official Website : Kotak Stock Market App


  1. Motilal Oswal MO Investor App

MO Investor Trading App
Android Rating: 3.9/5 stars
IOS Rating: 3.7/5 stars
App Downloads: 10 Lakh +
MO Investor App : Best for making better portfolio
App Download link : Android | IOS

The MO Investor app for investing in the stock market is a user-friendly financial solution. It enables novice or seasoned investors to make pragmatic investment decisions on their own customizable trading features. No fees, single click money transfer and other functions make it the best trading app in India.

Top features of MO Investor

  • Detailed portfolio analysis
  • Individualized company quote page
  • Robo Advisor
  • Real-time market analysis
  • Advice on the combination of stocks
  • Diverse mutual fund options


  • No monthly or yearly fees
  • Money transfers with a single click
  • Daily Stock Market Alerts
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Investing based on the trader’s risk profile
  • Chart charting is clear and simple


  • Requires the latest mobile device version for smooth operation
  • Every online purchase deducts Rs 20
  • Trading requires basic technical knowledge

Best Tip to use MO Investor: MO Investor’s ‘Suggest Me’ AI-powered investing tool proposes assets based on desired output, maximum investment, and risk appetite.

Price: Free Account Opening & Zero brokerage till 1st month

Trading Charges:

Delivery trader 0.50 %

Intraday transactions cost 0.05 %

Official Website:
MO Investor App

Key Features Of The Best Trading App In India

The most important aspects of the best online trading app in India may vary depending on the app and its intended users. However, most trading applications must include the following:

  • User-Friendly Interface – An intuitive user interface is essential for best trading app in India since it facilitates quick and accurate transactions. The program needs simple controls, an uncomplicated layout, and legible data visualizations.
  • Account management – Users should be able to establish, maintain, and keep an eye on all aspects of their trading accounts, such as their balance, transaction history, and portfolio, via the app.
  • Real-Time Data – To make best trading app choices, you’ll need access to real-time data and market news, which the app should give.
  • Speed – Trading apps should provide quick and dependable trade execution with little latency or delay.
  • Cross-Platform Strategy – As many traders use a variety of platforms and devices to access the market, a trading app compatible with PCs, mobile phones, and tablets may help traders remain connected and access their accounts anytime, anywhere.
  • Customer Service – The best trading app for beginners should provide helpful customer service to assist consumers with any problems or inquiries they could have while using it.

Difference Between Online & Offline Trading – Best Trading App in India

  Online Trading Offline Trading
Execution Online utilizing the broker’s platform or app Phone, email, or in-person broker deals
Time Taken To Trade Anywhere, any time, on any device by best trading app Directly communicating trade orders to the broker might take time and effort.
Real-Time Access Real-time market data, innovative trading tools, and other features help traders make educated choices. Does not provide
Expense Fewer costs and charges Broker fees make it costlier
Efficiency Faster and more efficient than offline trading It may give a more customized and firsthand trading experience since traders directly contact a broker.

FAQs About Best Trading App in India

Q1. Which is the best trading app in India?

According to order placement speed, charges & overall services, Some of the best trading apps in India are given below –

  1. Zerodha Kite app
  2. Groww trading app
  3. Upstox Pro app
  4. Angel Broking mobile app
  5. 5paisa trading app

Q2. Which is the safest app for trading?

Some of the most secured trading apps in India are Zerodha Kite, Angel Broking Mobile, 5Paisa Mobile, and Upstox pro. These trading apps follow a highly stringent security protocol and user authentication which keeps all transaction details safe and secure. That’s why these trading apps are considered as the best stock market app in India.

Q3. Is Trading Safe?

Yes! Trading is safe, you have to research before participating in stock trading. If you do good in trading it always returns profit, always use best stock market app for fast and profitable trading. For financial safety never share OTP, CVV, Card detail and any personal details to anyone outside the app.

Q4. Which is the best trading app for beginners in India?

As beginners need more time and effort to understand the basics of stock trading in India, the chosen best trading app in India should feature an easy user interface along with all popular features like historical charts, LIVE market feeds, customer support channels, investment tips, and others.

Keeping all these features in mind, some best apps for trading are Zerodha Kite, 5Paisa Mobile, Upstox Pro, Angel Broking Mobile, and Edelweiss Online.

Q5. Which is the No. 1 trading app in India?

Zerodha provides no. 1 trading app in India this time. In most cases, the performance of trading companies depends on a number of factors like their brand worth, trading tools, customer support, facilities, client satisfaction, etc.

However, it is the number of active clients that broker has that determines the position of a trading company in India.  Now, keeping that point in mind, it can be ascertained that Zerodha emerges as the top trading company in India which has an active client base of 3602074 with a market share of 19.06%.

Q6. Why Is Zerodha good for trading?

When it comes to choosing the best app for trading  in India, Zerodha tops the chart among both new investors and experienced investors. In recent times, the popularity of Zerodha has reached a new high due to the high-quality services it offers. Here are some of the prominent reasons why Zerodha is considered a great choice for trading.

  • Reputed presence as best stock market app in the country
  • 60 Lakh+ customers – The best performance so far in India
  • Zero Brokerage levied on Delivery trades
  • Top Brokerage is limited at Rs 20 for other categories
  • Completely paperless account opening
  • Simple brokerage slabs

Q7. Which is the best trading app for intraday trading?

Intraday Trading refers to the buying and selling of shares on the same day. This is a kind of stock trading where stocks are bought, not to invest, but to earn profits by harnessing the movement of stock keys. Now when it comes to choosing the best trading app in India for intraday trading, the options are:

    • Money Control
    • IIFL Markets
    • NSE Mobile Trading App
    • BSE India

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