Top Traders in India – List of Successful Stock Market Investors 2024

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

Whether you are a new investor or want to level up your portfolio through smart investment, keeping yourself abreast of these top investors would help you get the desired results. In this article, we have listed the top traders in India with their net worth and strategy used to achieve it. We have also discussed portfolio, investment pattern, and other factors of the traders that are listed in the table below.

You can follow their decisions, this would help you in learning new stock investment strategies that may prove vital to delivering the best value.

Top 10 Traders in India – Top Share Market Investors 2024

Position Top Trader Name Known For Portfolio Worth
1 Radhakrishnan Damani Building one of India’s most successful retail chains, D-Mart. 216,159 Cr.
2 Premji and Associates Pioneering investments in the IT sector and significant philanthropic activities. 175,806 Cr.
3 Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Notable investments in Titan Company and Lupin, with high returns. 49,303 Cr.
4 Mukul Agarwal Exceptional investments in pharmaceutical and technology sectors. 5,439 Cr.
5 Sunil Singhania Successful global investments and a strong focus on ESG criteria. 2,894 Cr.
6 Ashish Dhawan Leading investments in Indian private equity and significant contributions to education reform. 3,757 Cr.
7 Ashish Kacholia Noted for his discreet yet highly successful investment style in emerging companies. 3,085 Cr.
8 Anil Kumar Goel Anil Kumar Goel is known for his earlier bets on sugar stocks 2,021 Cr.
9 Vijay Kedia His investments have often turned lesser-known companies into major market players. 1,636 Cr.
10 Ramesh Damani Known for his early investments in several blue-chip companies. 143.8 Cr.

The selection of these top stock traders in India is done after a thorough evaluation of their performances across different parameters. Some of them are their absolute returns, total worth, new investment strategy, market reputation, diversification, and others.

All these reputed stock traders have earned tremendous reputation in the stock investment landscape and become the patrons of many who want to make it big with their investment in stocks.

Top Traders in India With Short Term Portfolio Growth

Short Term Portfolio Growth
Top Traders Name Portfolio Worth in 2021 (Cr.) Portfolio Worth in 2020 (Cr.) Growth%
Premji and Associates Rs.257,639 Rs.132,995 93.72%
Radhakrishnan Damani Rs.184,496 Rs.97,326 89.56%
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Rs.24,179 Rs.12,945 86.78%
Ashish Dhawan Rs.2,544 Rs.1,405 81.07%
Sunil Singhania Rs.2,443 Rs.675 261.93%
Mukul Agarwal Rs.1,901 Rs.655 190.23%
Ashish Kacholia Rs.1,698 Rs.821 106.82%
Anil Kumar Goel Rs.1,366 Rs.673 102.97%
Mohnish Pabrai Rs.1,236 Rs.1,115 10.85%
Akash Bhansali Rs.1,167 Rs.869 34.29%

Top traders in IndiaThe next aspect to consider is short-term portfolio growth and the top players in this category are Sunil Singhania, Mukul Agarwal, Ashish Kacholia, Anil Kumar Goel, and Premji and Associates, separately.

The short-term portfolio growth refers to the increment in the evaluation of an investor’s portfolio. It is inclusive of both the growth in investment and in returns.

Sunil Singhania’s portfolio rose by an astonishing 261.93% over the last one year. He is followed by Mukul Agarwal whose embraced a growth of 190.23%, followed by Ashish Kacholia with a 106.82% increase in his portfolio worth. The position is then trailed by Anil Kumar Goel and then Premji and Associates.

Top Investors in India with Long-term Portfolio Growth

Long Term Portfolio Growth
Investor’s Name Portfolio Worth in 2021 (Cr.) Portfolio Worth in 2016 (Cr.) Difference %
Premji and Associates Rs.257,639 Rs.86,644 197.35%
Radhakrishnan Damani Rs.184,496 Rs.1,854 9851.24%
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Rs.24,179 Rs.10,196 137.14%
Ashish Dhawan Rs.2,544 Rs.253 651.38%
Sunil Singhania Rs.2,443 Rs.22 11004.55%
Mukul Agarwal Rs.1,901 Rs.1,104 130.43%
Ashish Kacholia Rs.1,698 Rs.493 244.42%
Anil Kumar Goel Rs.1,366 Rs.714 91.32%
Mohnish Pabrai Rs.1,236 Rs.150 724.00%
Akash Bhansali Rs.1,167 Rs.123 848.78%

The performance of investors’ portfolios was evaluated for a period of five years. The process is similar to that of the short-term but the time horizon, in this case, is five years.

List of Top Traders in India

1. Premji and Associates
2. Radhakrishnan Damani
3. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
4. Mukul Agarwal
5. Sunil Singhania
6. Ashish Dhawan
7. Ashish Kacholia
8. Anil Kumar Goel
9. Mohnish Pabrai
10. Akash Bhansali

So, let’s get to discover more about them in the following section. The below-given information is intended to provide more insights into the investment horizon of India’s top investors.

  1. Premji and Associates

    Azim Premji

First one in the list of best traders in India is Prem ji who owns Wipro, one of the leading names in India’s IT sector. One of the four stocks where the trader invests his money is Wipro, which gets the maximum share.

At present, the net worth of Premji and Associates is more than Rs.253, 000 crores. Azim Premji realized his dream in the form of Wipro which was started as a small family venture and it was the year 1980 when it entered the IT sector.

As is already mentioned, Azim Premji’s portfolio is made up of four stocks and Wipro is one of them. It is known to have an investment of value Rs. 256701 crores.

Other stocks that are a part of his portfolio are Trent Ltd. (Rs. 561 crores), Tube Investments of India Ltd. (Rs. 467.5 crores), and Craftsman Automaton Ltd. (Rs. 49.2 crores).

In terms of diversification, it can be easily seen that Premji doesn’t love to feature an extensively diversified portfolio like other stock traders. He mainly invests in technology stocks but he still enjoys the top worth at present in the industry.

His simple but selective investment strategy is something that deserves true appreciation. If you are looking to invest in technology stocks, you may choose to follow his investment style and see how it works.

Top Holdings: Wipro ltd, Tube Investments of India Ltd, Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd, and more

  1. Radhakrishnan Damani

    Top Traders in India - Radhakrishnan Damani

Popularly known as Mr. White and White, Radhakrishnan Damani got this name due to the white color clothes he always wears.

You would be shocked to know it is Mr. Damani who guided Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the real king of the Indian stock market. Being the wealthiest trader in India, he has a portfolio worth Rs. 202,200 crores at present.

His portfolio consists of Avenue Supermarts Ltd, the name behind. D-Mart, one of the leading fashion hypermarket chains in India. The worth of its stocks stands at Rs. 203, 244.3 crores with a holding of nearly 65% of the business shares.

VST Industries Ltd. is the next big element in his portfolio with a holding of 32.3% worth Rs.1,553.2 crores.

The portfolio of Radhakrishnan Dama is made up of 14 stocks of various companies. Out of them, the major holdings are of two companies mentioned above and nearly 13% investment in India Cements Ltd. The portfolio witnessed the growth of 89.56% in the last year and a whopping 9851.24% in a 5-year period.

From the above information, it gets clear that he enjoys a very diversified portfolio with most stocks are of retail houses. His stock selection strategy seems to be smart and executed considering long-term time horizon.

Top Holdings: 3M India Ltd, Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Ltd, Aptech Ltd and more

  1. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

    Top Traders in India - Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala needs no introduction as he is the king of Indian stock market. Widely named as “The Big Bull”, his total worth is above Rs. 23000 crores. He is known for his simpler personality and a popular face among politicians, investors, traders, brokers, and other top financial people across the country.

His stock portfolio has a total of 39 stocks. Some of the major holdings he has are Titan Company Ltd. with shares worth Rs.10,131.1 crores. The next is the shares of Tata Motors Ltd.’s of value Rs.1,805.9 crores. The others in his bucket are Escorts Ltd., Crisil Ltd, SAIL, Fortis Healthcare Ltd., several other leading stocks.

Mr. Jhunjhunwala realized a short-term portfolio growth of 86.78% in the last one year.

While his long-term portfolio growth is remarkable which is 137.41% spanning over the period from September 2016 to September 2021. Smart diversification is known to be his biggest strength since he has stocks of almost every sector.

His active involvement in educating new investors makes him a hot favorite among people who want to have a profitable stock investment journey.

If you consider yourself an active trader looking for profitable opportunities in the market, you must follow the pattern and style of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Top Holdings: Agro Tech Foods Ltd, Federal Bank Ltd, Metro Brands Ltd, Crisil Ltd, Escorts Kubota Ltd and more

  1. Mukul Agarwal

    Top Traders in India - Mukul Agarwal

Mukul Agarwal has a portfolio worth Rs. 2,356 crores as of September 2021.

He is a successful businessperson and offers value-oriented wealth management and financial advisory services in Patna. He regularly made appearances as a motivational speaker and TedX speaker.

His aggressive investment style is very popular among investors as he invests in stocks in smaller sections. He has a great ability to discover stocks that have the potential of giving whopping returns.

His portfolio consists of 47 stocks at present. Some of his major holdings are Intellect Designs Arena Ltd. with an investment worth Rs.160.4 crores. Another one is Radico Khaitan Ltd. where he has invested Rs.150.8 crore.

His bucket is full of multibagger stocks like PDS Multinational Fashion Ltd., Delta Corp., Gati Ltd., and many others.

Over the last one year, his portfolio surged by an astonishing 190.23 whereas the long-term variation in his portfolio is nearly 130.43%.

In terms of diversification, he is a perfect example for finest investors who can learn a lot about his strategy.

Top Holdings: Dredging Corporation Of India Ltd, Allcargo Gati Ltd, Hind Rectifiers Ltd, Dishman Carbogen Amcis Ltd, PTC Industries Ltd

  1. Sunil Singhania

    Top Traders in India - Sunil Singhania

Another reputed name in the list of best traders in India is Sunil Singhania who has a portfolio worth Rs. 2,248 crores. Being the CIO of Reliance Mutual Fund, he enjoys a special position in the hearts of stock investors and traders in the industry.

A total of 26 stocks are present in his portfolio. He has a strong inclination towards diversification. Some of the leading stocks in his kitty are Jindal Stainless Ltd., Route Mobile Ltd., Mastek Ltd., Acrysil Ltd, Saregrama India Ltd., Polyplex Corporation Ltd., Paras Defence, and Space Technologies Ltd., and many others.

In regard to growth, his portfolio faced a growth of nearly 260% from the last year. Overall, his portfolio has witnessed a growth of 11004.55% in just five years.

Today’s stock investors can take a closer look at his diversification strategies that are truly remarkable.

Top Holdings: Mastek Ltd, Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd, Carysil Ltd, Route Mobile Ltd and so on

  1. Ashish Dhawan

    Top Traders in India - Ashish Dhawan

He is another most popular face in the Indian stock market. Apart from being a notable stock investor, he is also a leading entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Currently, he serving as the SEO of Central Square Foundation. He is the one who set the ground for Ashoka University. His portfolio’s worth at present is Rs. 1,971 crores with a total of 16 stocks in his kitty.

His list of stocks consists Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s shares worth Rs. 259.5 crores. Other stocks in the list are IDFC Ltd., Birlasoft Ltd., Equitas Holdings Ltd., and others.

With respect to growth, his portfolio grew by 81.07% over the last one year where there was an overall increase of 651.38% in the last five-year period.

If you have an inclination towards finance stocks, you may choose to follow his strategy and investment tips.

Top Holdings: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, AGI Greenpac Ltd, IDFC Ltd, Religare Enterprises Ltd and more

  1. Ashish Kacholia

    Ashish Kacholia

With a portfolio worth of Rs. 1,549 crores, Mr. Ashish Kacholia is a successful trader in India. His forte is his low-value stocks that carry the power to redefine market returns.

Popularly known as the “Big Whale of Stock Market”, Ashish has a total of 27 stocks in his portfolio. Some of the leading names included in his portfolio are Poly Medicure Ltd., NIIT Ltd., VRL Logistics, Mastek Ltd, and others.

His portfolio’s worth jumped from Rs.493 crores in 2016 to Rs.1,698 crores in 2021, accumulating an overall growth of nearly 250%. Over the last one year, his portfolio’s worth rose by 106.82%.

For those who are interesting in investments across software, industrial firms, and other sectors, Ashish could be a great example.

Top Holdings: Man Industries (India) Ltd, Walchandnagar Industries Ltd, Brand Concepts Ltd, Aditya Vision Ltd.

  1. Anil Kumar Goel

    Anil Kumar Goel

The person in 8th position is Anil Kumar Goel whose portfolio grew by 102.97% over the past year. His portfolio’s total worth is Rs. 1,366 crores as of September 2021.

He has a total of 34 stocks in his portfolio and his major sector is manufacturing.

He recently invested in Samtex Fashions by putting in Rs. 2.9 crores. He has also invested in Indsil Hydro Power and Manganese Ltd. His other investment avenues are Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd., Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd., Amarjothi Spinning Mills Ltd., and KRBL Ltd.

He is a great example for investors who prefer diversification and manufacturing stocks.

Top Holdings: Ganesh Benzoplast Ltd, Sportking India Ltd, Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd, Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd and more

  1. Mohnish Pabrai

    Mohnish Pabrai

Mohnish Pabrai is one of the leading stock investors in India. Apart from being considered as the King of Share Market, he is also the man behind Pabrai Fund house and Dhandho Fund. He has a net worth of Rs.1,174 crores spread across only 3 stocks.

His selective investment approach is one of its kind as he prefers to invest in only a few stocks.

His portfolio has the stocks of Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. (Rs. 428.8 crores), Rain Industries Ltd., (Rs. 409.8 crores), and Sunteck Reality Ltd. (Rs. 444.7 crores).

His portfolio’s value surged by 10.85% in the last one year whereas by an enormous 724% in the past five years. He is not intensely active on media.

Top Holdings: Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd, Sunteck Realty Ltd, Rain Industries Ltd.

  1. Akash Bhansali

    Akash Bhansali

Akash is primarily known for his interesting portfolio and his current net value is Rs. 1,150 crores. His portfolio grew by an amazing 848.78% in five year period and 34.29% in just one year.

Some of his preferred stocks are Arvind Fashions Ltd. (Rs.236.6 crores), IDFC Ltd. (Rs. 184.5 crores), Amber Enterprise India Ltd., Greenlam Industries Ltd., Welspun Corp Ltd., Maharashtra Seamless Ltd., Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd., and others.

He could be an excellent guide for those who prefer to invest in construction, retail, and cement stocks.

Top Holdings: Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd, Genus Power Infrastructures Ltd, Arvind Fashions Ltd, Welspun Corp Ltd and more

Best Trader in India with Diversified Portfolio

It is the magic of diversification that paves the way for amazing returns while mitigating risks. When it comes to determining the top share market investors in India with diversified portfolios, Mukul Agarwal tops the list with a total of 47 stocks.

He is known to have invested in almost all prominent sectors. Despite having such a diversified portfolio, his returns are remarkable.

He is followed by none other than Rakesh Jhunjhunwala whose portfolio has a total of 39 stocks. His major investment sectors are finance, manufacturing, automobile, and others.

The third on the list is Anil Kumar Goel with a total of 33 stocks in his portfolio.

The fourth and fifth positions are held by Ashish Kacholia and Sunil Singhania with 26 stocks each.

Top Investors in India with Long Investing Expertise

It is clear that this parameter encompasses the total experience of the investors in the field of stock investment. In other words, it refers to the number of years an investor has been in the stock market investment field.

Going by this approach, Mr. Damani tops the chart with a total experience of 50 years. He is followed by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala who has 36 years of stock investment expertise.

Then the turn of Mukul Agarwal comes with 30 years of expertise. The next on the list are Sunil Singhania, Ashish Kacholia, and Ashish Dhawan.

Best Traders in India with Distinctive Investment Style

Here the investment style includes elements like risk exposure, defensive strategy, diversification regardless of the investment channels like large cap, small cap, mid cap and others.

The most dynamic stock investors who have invested across diverse stocks with varying capitalization are Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and RK Damani. They are followed by Mukul Agarwal, Sunil Singhania, and Mohnish Pabrai.

Leading Investors in India with Very High Popularity

In terms of popularity, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is undoubtedly the most popular stock investor in the country. Due to his regular appearances in the media and stock market fraternity, he enjoys a special place in the field of stock market investments.

His approach is totally different from RK Dhamani who prefers to stay private. Apart from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Mukul Agarwal, Ashish Dhawal, Mohnish Pabrai, and Sunil Singhania are considered the most popular investors in India.


Whether you are planning to kick off your stock investment journey or want to level up your stock investment returns, keeping a check on these successful traders in India is the need of the hour.


1. Who is the best trader in India?

Ans- Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, dubbed ‘The Big Bull,’ is the best trader in India. He serves as an inspiration to everyone seeking success in the Indian stock market. He is an outspoken advocate and promoter of Indian investment. Mr. Jhunjhunwala believes in the adage, “Mistakes are your learning buddies.”

2. In which company Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has invested recently?

Ans- Rakesh Jhunjhunwala made a big investment in Titan company recently. He held 5.09 % stake in this company worth 11,700 Crore. Previously Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has invested in Tata Motars and acquired 1.32 % of shares.

3. Who is the best stock investor in India?

Ans- Premji And Associates, which Azim Premji runs as CEO and chairman, has a net worth of roughly Rs.253,000 crores.

Premji’s holdings aren’t as diversified as those of other stockbrokers. He often invests in technological firms and has the sector’s highest net worth. Wipro is one of the four stocks in which the top investor in India puts the most money.

4. Who is India’s biggest trader?

Ans- Mr. White and White, Radhakrishnan Damani, rise to be one of the biggest trader has been extraordinary. He began his career as a ball-bearing salesman rather than a stock trader.

At the age of 32, RK Damani started trading. A current valuation of his holdings is 202,200 crores. He also happens to be Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s tutor.

5. Who is the best day trader in India?

Ans- Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is considered the best-performing top day trader in India and one of the most prominent investors in the country. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio, which comprises many equities from various industries, is one of the best-performing portfolios in the market daily.

6. Who is the trading king in India?

Ans- Mohnish Pabrai, a world-renowned NRI value investor, and the author, gets his investment ideas from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. He is new trading king in India and has a net worth of Rs. 1,174 crores, all of which he has put into three stocks.

7. Who is the king of the share market over the world?     

Ans- Buffett is widely known as history’s most significant investor. He is one of the planet’s wealthiest people, but he also has the financial ear of several presidents and global leaders, including the top investors in India. When Warren Buffett talks, the world’s financial markets respond.

8. Do top investors fail in their beginning?

Ans- Warren Buffett has long shown his ability to read Wall Street like a book. Forbes estimates his net worth as $125 billion, making him one of the world’s wealthiest people. Warren Buffett made some beginner mistakes despite his financial expertise like other traders in India.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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