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By TBS Team | May 22, 2024

Angel broking login

Angel One offers its finest software product, Trade App & Angel Broking Back Office, which lets the investors to do lots of activities other than simple trading. We will further discuss the process of Angel One Login for Trading App, Back office, web & more.

Angel One Back Office is much like other software products offered by other full-service brokers. It can be used by traders across all exchanges and segments by successful Angel broking Login. We have covered up all details and the process of logging in including the popular Angel Broking App, web login and Angel Broking trade.

Angel One Login

Angel One Login Method – Angel Back Office Login Process

The first and foremost purpose of Angel Broking Back Office software is to allow account holders to get all the relevant information about their trading account quickly and easily.

This smart software captures, analyzes, and summarizes all the information under your trading account and presents it in a user-friendly and comprehensible manner.

To access Angel Broking Back Office, you just need to use your Login credentials. Here are the steps that you need to take to log in to the Back Office.

    1. Open the link to access the login page of Angel Broking Back Office. Once it is open, you will get the above screen.
    2. You will come across three options on the login screen
    3. NBFC Back Office – It is meant for Non-Banking Financial Companies to log in

4. Mutual Fund Back Office login Option

5. PMS Back Office – Login option for Portfolio Management System

The selection of a particular option depends on the type of trading account you have with Angel Broking. Just enter the username & password to login in Angel One back office and move ahead. You can fill below form and tap request call back for any query.

Salient features of Angel Broking Back Office trading software:

  • Easy interface – The simple and intuitive user interface of Back Office enables it easy to use even for non-technical people with enhanced security.
  • Fund Options – You can get to see all ‘Pay-in’ and ‘Pay-out’ transaction details after successful Angel Broking back office Login.
  • Accessibility – Based on updated technology, the trading software can be access anytime of the day and from anywhere.
  • Technology – Being a pioneer in technology applications, Angel Broking has powered up this software with the latest technology which makes it a leading trading software product in the market.
  • DP (Depository Participant) Tran – It displays last 10 transactions performed under your DP account after successful Login.

Angel One Login Process – Angel One App Login Method

Angel Broking Mobile App empowers a platform for its customer’s trading and investment requirement and is based on ARQ, a rule based investment engine. We described the step by step process below to Login for Mobile App.

Angel Broking mobile app has probably the most dazzling features that guarantee high-speed trading with no abnormalities. There are many other features which you want to explore after you download it. The process to Angel Broking Trade App Login is: –

  • Get registered and obtain a demat account that get you client id and password
  • Now, download the app from your device from the store or from Angel one website
  • After successful download, enter id and password obtained before
  • After Login, you will be prompted to create a 2FA password by yourself for your further login.

Note – After doing all directed stuffs, you will now be into the app and see different functions listed as bidding shares, recent transactions watchlist etc.

Angel One Trade Login Process – Web Trading Platform

Angel Broking offer web trading platform where you are allowed to invest in in equity, commodity, currencies, mutual funds and IPOs at single place. to access this web trading platform you have to follow just 3 steps that we have listed below.

Here is step by step process to Angel One Web/Trade login –

  • First you need to open a demat account, it will get you your ID and Password.
  • Now, access this link to go to login page
  • Enter obtained id and password, after successful authentication you will get your page.

The Final Verdict

With Angel One, you can do online trading from the web and the app followed by Angel One Back office, Angel One Web & Angel One Trade. It is a great idea if the broker receives the feedback from its client on the Angel broking back office platform and apply it accordingly. In general, it is worth using when it comes to getting all backend details of a trading account.


  1. How do I log into Angel Broking or Angel One?

Angel One provides its customers with simple access and the ability to manage their account information briskly and safely. The following are the simple steps that you need to do to complete the login process:

  1. How do I find my Angel One user ID and password?

An email notification will provide an ID and password for a new Angel One member. You may reset your password after a successful login.

Call 18602002006 or 18605005006 if you still need clarification about your login information. You might also send your inquiry by email to [email protected].

  1. How do I find my forgotten user ID and password for Angel Broking?

You can reset your username and password if you lose them. Here are a few methods to retrieve your lost Angel Broking account, regardless of whether you are logging in through the Angel Broking web login or your mobile device:

  • Forgot Password Option

You may create a new password on the platform using the Forgot Password option in the login form. You must provide your phone number and user code. After that, you may reset your password.

  • Search your history

Check your phone or mailbox for emails or text message updates from Angel One. As part of these alerts, you receive your user ID every time Angel Broking sends you information about a specific subject.

After receiving the user ID, you open Angel Broking, choose the Forget password option, and then enter your user ID and cellphone number. Now create a new password after that you can login to Angel One account.

  • Contact Angel One

You can contact Angel One by phone: 18602002006 or 18605005006. You may also send an email including your question to the address [email protected]. In response, you will receive instructions on retrieving your id and changing your password.

  1. How do you use Angel One on PC?

You may utilize Angel Broking via their online platform, which is accessible at official website, or their desktop application. The desktop trading application for Angel Broking, called Angel SpeedPro, has been modified to use modern technologies properly. The app allows you to use your angel one login credentials.

Once installed, the application may be downloaded from their online platform and utilized right away from the desktop icon. Users of Mac computers may access the Active Trader Pro icon using Launchpad. Think about relocating the icon to your dock to make it easier to access.

  1. How do I recover my Angel One account?

If your account is inactive, you must reactivate it before you may start trading once again, make investments in securities, or close your account. Additionally, it will aid in securing your account from fraudsters who could use it to engage in illicit stock market activity. The following are 3 Simple Steps to Reactivate Your Account.

  • From your registered email address, submit a reactivation request
  • Present a valid id Card and any other documentation requested by the exchange
  • Use the new credentials
  1. What happens if you don’t use an Angel Broking account?

Trading accounts enable the purchase and sale of shares on the stock market and do not hold any financial assets. Stock trading is facilitated by linking a Demat account with a bank account.

The trading account becomes inactive if trading operations do not occur for more than a year. The following are the activities:

  • Transactions in any of the portions took place
  • Purchased any instrument
  • Started any payment in or payment out of monies

You must follow the steps discussed in the previous question to use the angel one trade login again.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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