Zerodha Streak Review – Features, Charges & Strategy

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

Zerodha Streak is a highest rated Algo Trading Platform in India. It is a perfect choice for people who want to automate their trades while trading in the stock market. In this Zerodha Streak Review you will know about its charges, strategy, Login, price and features.

The only problem that is faced with algorithm trading is that one needs to be well familiar with coding and programming to use it better. The problem, however, is solved by Zerodha. It allows algorithmic trading activities like back-testing to be performed without having prior coding knowledge.

Zerodha Streak

Zerodha Streak Review & Ratings

Criteria Ratings
Experience 7.8/10
Usability 7.6/10
Features 7.3/10
Speed 7.9/10
Performance 7.7/10
Overall Ratings 7.6/10
Star Ratings ★★★

Zerodha streak is a cloud-based algorithm trading platform launched by Zerodha. The platform is seamlessly integrated with all the leading applications offered by Zerodha to its customers. It is a web-based platform, and hence it does not requires the traders to download or install any software for conducting trading.

Traders need not sit tirelessly in front of their computer screens and baffle with complex trading software right from the point of their installation to use and maintenance.

A trading strategy is something that decides the success or failure of a stock investment plan and hence is a major point of concern for all traders. Zerodha Streak is a trading platform that allows you to code your trading strategies, back-test the strategies, and semi-automate the trades in an interactive fashion.

Zerodha Streak Features

Following are some of the salient features of Zerodha Streak which make it the best algo-trading platform in the industry:

  • It offers an interactive interface to its users. The user-friendly interface allows traders to enter the world of coding their strategies without actually knowing how to code.
  • The platform shares a variety of technical pointers. These technical pointers can be used to apply a strategy on the platform.
  • It comes with next-gen tools for back-testing. These tools can be used to check various strategies based on historical information.
  • It has large quantities of historical data that can be used to analyze the power of back-testing by the traders.
  • The operating process is easy that uses stages like create, back-test, and deploy is trailed by any fresh strategy. This makes it easier for the trader to work on this platform.
  • Various conditions can be used by traders to enter and exit different strategies.
  • Traders can upload various scrips at a time in the scrip baskets and continue conducting analysis on all the scrips at the same time.
  • You can allot 20 different scrips to a single scrip basket on which concurrent back-testing and analysis can be performed.
  • Traders can enable dynamic triggers and notifications without devoting an entire day in front of the stock terminal.
  • The platform is available to Zerodha for a trifling cost which, in turn, increases the profitability of the traders.

Zerodha Streak Disadvantages

Certain pain points as experienced by the users while using Zerodha Streak are as follows:

  • The platform is not free of cost to be used. The traders are required to pay nominal charges for using the services of Zerodha Streak once the free trial period is over.
  • The platform performs well only with good internet connectivity. Traders working with a low-bandwidth internet might face frequent issues while using the platform.
  • The present version of the platform comes with limited tools and indicators for technical analysis. However, these tools and indicators are likely to increase in future.

Zerodha Streak Charges

Initially, It was launched without any charges being levied on the traders for using the platform. However, with the passage of time, Zerodha now charges nominal prices from the traders for the usage of its algo-trading platform.

There is a 7-days free trial option available which acts as a plus point for beginner traders. By opting for the free trial, beginner traders can check how many funds they can put in trading. Once they are confident about using the platform, they can opt for any of the three paid plans offered by Zerodha Streak as per their convenience and frequency of use.

The paid plans & Charges offered by Zerodha are as follows:

Zerodha Streak Charges
Plan Backtests Allowed Algorithms Extra Features Pricing
Free Trial 50 5 None Zero
Basic 200 25 Heikin – Ashi Rs.500 per month
Premium 500 50 7 Entry & Exit Conditions, Heikin – Ashi Rs.900 per month
Ultimate 1000 100 30 min Expert Call, 7 Entry & Exit Conditions, Heikin – Ashi Rs.1400 per month

Zerodha Streak Plan Details

Benefits Basic Plan Premium Plan Ultimate Plan
Price per month (12 months plan) Rs 350 Rs 630 Rs 980
Entry and Exit conditions 5 7 10
Backtests per day 200 500 1000
Live Strategies at a Time 25 50 100
Scans per day 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Heikin-Ashi Chart Yes Yes Yes
Renko Chart NA NA Yes
MCX (Commodities) NA NA Yes
Options (NFO-OPT) NA NA Yes
Multi-Time frame strategy NA NA Yes
Handholding session No 1 hour* 1 hour*
Schedule a call with Experts No No 30 Minutes**


Zerodha Streak Strategy

The platform has a dedicated ‘strategies’ page in Zerodha Streak that comprises of all the strategies that the trader has picked for stock trading.

Some of the strategies can be located in the ‘draft’ stage while some of them in the deployed stage. The strategies in the deployed stage are the ones that are already used by the trader earlier. The trader should always keep in mind that they are entitled to edit or to remove any particular strategy from the list.

Once the Zerodha Streak strategy is deployed, it can neither be edited nor deleted by the user. Thus, a trader and user of the platform need to be careful while deploying a strategy.

Zerodha Streak Scanner

Another useful and extremely wonderful tool offered by Zerodha Streak is the ‘Scanner’. The main job of Scanner is to narrow down the list of performing stocks in line with the queries submitted by the user/trader.

The Scanner feature is a step ahead of the usual back-testing feature offered by other platforms as it not only scans the historical trade data for the user but also live feeds for the chosen stocks by the trader.

The traders can use Heiken Ashi and Candlesticks to study the trend of the selected stocks.

Zerodha Streak Download

This app runs on Android & iOS devices. It is available on Google play store and App Store for download.

Steps to download the Zerodha Streak app

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store for iphone.
  • Search for ‘Streak – Ultimate app’ in google Play Store or ‘Streak Algo trade’ in IOS App Store.
  • Get the App in list and Click on Install.


Owing to the increased inclination towards technology, a lot of traders want to enter algorithm trading, but the main obstacle for many of them is prior knowledge of programming and coding. The platform eliminates the need for coding and programming knowledge language.

With Zerodha Streak no programming language knowledge is required to perform algorithm trading. The user-interface of the platform is extremely friendly, making it an easy-to-use platform even for the beginner traders. The platform also offers effective deployment of the strategies without coding knowledge.

The traders can increase profitability by using this platform. The back-testing, as well as deployment in the live market, can be easily performed by the use of Zerodha Streak.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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