5 Paisa Plan Review 2021

Last updated on March 19, 2021

5Paisa Updated Plan Review

One of the leading discount stock broking firm, 5Paisa is located in Mumbai and was incorporated in the year 2015. It is a discount broking arm of IIFL or India Infoline Limited and became a separate entity in the year 2017. The company operates in three financial domains including online trading, insurance and mutual funds. It allows trading across exchanges including NSE, BSE, MCX, and MCX-SE. Read our detailed and unbiased 5 Paisa plan review to know more about it.

5 paisa updated plan review 2020

It provides research tips and tricks apart from trading platforms for technical and fundamental analysis and stock trading. The company claims to have a turnover of approximately Rs. 1200 crore on a daily basis through its clients on the stock market.

5Paisa allows trading in equity, currency, mutual funds, insurance, commodities, derivatives, IPOs, NFOs, and NCD. Hence, it can be seen that it offers a wide bouquet of trading and investment products for its clients.

5Paisa Subscription Plans

5Paisa recently upgraded their pricing plans for its clients. It introduced three different plans including- Optimum, Platinum, and Titanium. The new updated plans have been introduced with new benefits and features along with a reduced pricing bracket for its customers. The brokerage too has been reduced, and research tools and exposure have been increased.

The plans introduced are a mix of free and paid subscription plans.

Optimum Plan:

It is a free plan where the brokerage charged is Rs.20 per executed order. The Account opening under this plan is free. However, the customer needs to pay a DP charge of Rs.25 or 0.025%. The AMC charged under this plan is Rs.45 per traded month with intraday research being unavailable. The debit charges are Rs.25 or 0.025%. The call n trade facility offered under this plan is costly as the customers are charges Rs.100 per call. Customers opting for Optimum Plan can start direct mutual fund investment with a minimum charge of Rs.20. Net banking pay-in charge is Rs.10. The Intraday exposure offered under this plan is up to 3.5 times with option writing exposure being 2.5 times. The square off time under this plan is 3.10 PM.

Platinum Plan:

The cost of the platinum plan is Rs.400 per month. Though the plan seems to be costly it offers variety of benefits free of cost. The brokerage charges under this plan are Rs.2 per lot for equity options and Rs.10 per lot for others. The Account opening under this plan is free. There are no DP charges, no AMC, no charge for intraday research, no small cases, no net banking pay in charge. The call n trade facility under this plan is free for customers. Also, direct investment in mutual funds is also free. The intraday exposure given to the clients under this plan is 5 times, whereas, the option writing exposure is 5x on normal and 10x on expiry. The square off time under this plan is 3.20 PM.

Titanium Plan:

The amount that the investors are required to pay for the Titanium Plan is Rs.800 per month. The brokerage charged under this plan is Rs.2 per lot for equity option, and Rs.10 per lot for other with up to Rs. 1000 free per month. Equity delivery under this plan is free. Account opening under this plan is free with no DP charges to be paid by the customers. AMC, intraday research, swing trade access, debit charges, net banking pay in charge, call n trade charge are all Zero under the Titanium Plan making it a good choice for heavy traders. The intraday exposure given under this plan is 5x with option writing exposure being 5x under normal and 10x on expiry. The square-off time for this plan is also 3.20PM.

In a nutshell, these plans offer free trades, low or no annual maintenance charge, small case investments, low or no debit charges, and free call n trade facility for the benefit of its customers. All these benefits make it convenient for the customers to trade in the stock market by saving unnecessary costs.

5Paisa Account Opening Charges

5Paisa charges Rs.250 for Demat and Trading Account opening. There is no account opening fee charged for transacting in commodities. The annual AMC charged from the individuals is Rs.400 and for non individuals is Rs.1000. Though the charges seem to be high they are justified with the range of services being offered by 5Paisa as a stockbroker.

5Paisa offers different trading platforms for its customers which can be used by the customers based on their trading needs and requirements. It offers a mobile trading app, a web-browser, and a trading terminal for the ease of its customers.

5Paisa Mobile Trading App

The Robo advisory and the mobile trading app offered by 5Paisa to its customers is one of its kinds in the industry. The app provides online trading along with Robo advisory services in the same app to its customers.  Some of the features of the app include:

  • All in one trading plus investment account
  • Access to mutual fund investments
  • Good performance or order execution speed
  • Auto Investor feature that allows the investors to choose between different plans based on their investment goals.
  • Live market updates and NSE and BSE quotes
  • Advanced charting tools
  • Live multi-asset watchlist

5Paisa browser based trading 

5Paisa trade station is a cloud based trading platform that is accessible only on selected browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. It allows you to invest in financial instruments like stocks and mutual funds. The application is popular for its fast execution and seamless user experience.

The features of the browser based application include:

  • Multiple order types
  • Flexibility
  • Historical data as well as intraday data is available for the users
  • Research tips and calls for profitable decision making
  • Investment in mutual funds and insurance along with stock trading

5Paisa Trading Terminal

The trading terminal provided by 5Paisa to its clients has a wide range of features that include:

  • Second level authentication. This ensures high amount of security making it easier to trade without any security breach.
  • A consolidated view of users’ portfolio
  • Access to trade reports, charges and bills on a single platform
  • Market-watch, live updates, real-time accurate scrips
  • Easy to use and highly accessible user interface
  • Interactive charting tools providing real-time indication of the market trends.

Conclusion – 5 Paisa Plan Review

The upgraded plans introduced by 5Paisa are surely designed with the aim of making it easier for the investors to trade. Though they might seem to be expensive in first instance, these plans are loaded with a wide range of features making it a profitable deal for the investors. The new subscription plans when paired with the ultra-fast and user-friendly trading software make the trading experience seamless and worth opting for by both advanced and new investors.

FAQs on 5Paisa Updated Plan

Ques- How much 5paisa charge for delivery?

Answer– 5paisa levies Rs 20 per executed order for equity delivery trade. These trades are also called cash & carry trades or CNC.

Ques- What is the charge for intraday with 5paisa?

Answer– 5paisa levies Rs 20 per executed order in case of intra-day trades. These orders are also called Margin Intraday Square-up or MIS orders. All open intraday orders are auto settled at the end of the day. Extra leverage is also provided for these trades.

Ques- What are transaction charges in 5paisa?

Answer– The applicable transaction charges are described below:

5paisa Transaction Charges 2021

Segment Transaction Fee
Equity Delivery Rs 325 per crore (0.00325%)
Equity Intraday Rs 325 per crore (0.00325%)
Equity Futures Rs 210 per crore (0.0021%)
Equity Options Rs 5100 per crore (0.051%) (on premium)
Currency Futures Rs 210 per crore (0.0021%)
Currency Options Rs 5100 per crore (0.051%) (on premium)

Ques- Does 5paisa offer IPO?

Answer– Yes. 5paisa offers online IPO applications to its clients. Initial Public Offer (IPO) offers a great opportunity to buy shares of firms that were not publicly traded earlier.

Ques- Can I invest in mutual funds through 5paisa?

Answer– Yes. You can buy/sell Mutual Funds if you have an account with 5paisa.

Ques- What is the account opening charges with 5 Paisa?

Answer– 5Paisa charges are Rs.250 for Demat and Trading Account opening. There is no account opening fee charged for commodity transactions. The annual AMC charge for individuals is Rs.400 and for non-individuals, it is Rs.1000.

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