SP Tulsian Review – Subcription, Services, Recommendations & More

One of the oldest names in the stock advisory space is SP Tulsian, which was initially launched in 1991 as a weekly magazine as Premium investments. It was in 2007 when the firm moved into the advisory space with a registered office in Mumbai. Please have a look on full SP Tulsian Review created by our stock market experts.

SP Tulsian Review

When talking about reputed advisory firms in India, SP Tulsian is one of the most recognized names. The firm is run by Mr Tulsian, who has over 30 years of experience in the field of advisory services. The primary emphasis of SP Tulsian is analyzing market news and upcoming IPOs. They do not have a variety of specific services and hence is not suitable for traders who are looking for specific services.

The firm has had a fantastic journey. In 2007, the firm was re-launched as www.premiuminvestments.in, which was an internet version of the weekly dedicated to providing investment news 24/7 to reach the users at a real-time basis.

Premium Investments was then re-branded as SP Tulsian Investment Services in 2012. The re-branding brought a direct impact on the brand equity as the firm could now be directly related to a prominent name of Mr S P Tulsian in the domain of advisory firms.

SP Tulsian Advisory Services

SP Tulsian website has two clear-cut zones for all its visitors on the website:

  • Member Zone
  • Free Zone

The access to these zones corresponds to the fact whether you have subscribed to the services or not.

SP Tulsian Member Zone

If you have subscribed as a member at SP Tulsian you can access the following information through the Member Zone of SP Tulsian:

  • You can get your stock query resolved at a personal level with the decision to buy, sell, hold, or accumulate the stock through is stock query service.
  • You can have access to trading tips
  • Members also get access to long-term investment stocks
  • Access to golden stocks
  • Access to Multi-bagger stocks
  • Access to option calls and market whispers
  • Access to future call and intraday calls
  • Get stock recommendations from expert stock advisors

SP Tulsian Free Zone

The SP Tulsian Free Zone, as the name suggests, is open to any user and allows access to the following:

  • IPO Analysis
  • Market News
  • Corporate linking
  • Stocks one should stay away from also known as Danger Stocks
  • Stock Market Pathshala

 SP Tulsian Intraday Tips

A trader can avail the services of intraday trading tips from SP Tulsian. However, the services are paid one. The trader needs to pay a monthly fee of Rs.2500 in order to avail the service.

Each intraday trading tip covers the following data points:

  • Stock name
  • Current market price (CMP)
  • Buy or Sell Action
  • Price
  • Target Price
  • Disclosure (if any)

Some of the guidelines that the traders need to follow while using the intraday trading tips shared by the firm are as follows:

  • The trader is not supposed to put more than 10% of his/her equity funds
  • Future calls are relatively high in risk
  • A trader will be provided with 6 to 8 calls in a month
  • Clients will also be provided with the exit calls

SP Tulsian Subscription Plan

 If a trader subscribes to the services of SP Tulsian advisory service provider, he/she will be granted access to the Member Zone. This implies that the client gets access to recommendations not only on the firm’s website, but also the recommendations are sent regularly via App, emails, phones, and desktop notifications.

However, the subscription plans are further segregated into different types of plans which the traders can subscribe to. The plans offered by the firm are as follows:

  • Basic Plan
  • Standard Plan
  • Full Plan

Basic Plan: If a trader is looking only for stock recommendations, then this plan is the most suited one. The basic plan offers stock recommendations. However, it does not offers the services of the stock query to the traders opting for this plan.

Standard Plan: Standard Plan is suitable for the traders who are looking for all the services, including the stock query section. However, the limitation under this plan is that traders get access to read the queries and not post anything under this plan.

Full Plan: If a trader wishes to post the queries, then this is the most suitable plan. Under a full plan, the trader gets the benefit of posting 8 queries over a period of 30 days and 24 queries over a period of 90 days of time.

SP Tulsian Charges/Fees

SP Tulsian, as an advisory services firm, offers limited services to its clients. Thus, if a trader is looking for some specific services, for instance, if they want tips on agriculture-based commodity segment, such services won’t be available.

The pricing of the services is based on the subscription period, which is mentioned below. Please note that GST charges of 18% are levied separately in addition to the prices shown below:

Duration Basic Plan Standard Plan Full Plan
30 days 2500 3000 4000
90 days 6250 7500 10000


Although the pricing model is quite reasonable, it becomes difficult for a beginner trader to trust an advisory firm without having access to free trials. This is one of the main reasons why the firm is still trying to create a brand name in the industry.

All the traders who are interested in availing the services they can make the payments through the following options:

  • Online payment through net banking credit and debit card
  • Paypal
  • Cheque/Demand draft

SP Tulsian App Review

SP Tulsian Advisory firm offers mobile apps for both the android and iOS users. The app provided by the company is loaded with the following features:

  • Traders get quick tips on option calls, intraday and future trading segments
  • Recommendations on stocks to hold in your portfolio for a medium-term
  • Regular tips on adding multi-bagger stocks to your portfolio
  • Free Zone for the traders who have not paid the subscription fees
  • Regular updates are available on the app both for android and iOS users.

However, there are a few concerns traders might have while using the SP Tulsian App, which is as follows:

  • The app logs out itself without any user action
  • The user design and experience can be improved as the beginner traders get confused while using the app
  • Monitoring feature in the app can be improved where the users will have the advantage of keeping an eye on the selected stocks for a longer duration

SP Tulsian Advantages

Some of the advantages offered by the firm opting for its advisory services are as follows:

  • The pricing plans are reasonable enough making it suitable even for the beginner traders
  • The mobile app is available for all types of notifications across different segments
  • The firm is an old name in the advisory space and has an experience of over 10+ years
  • Traders have access to multiple modes of tips notifications through email, SMS, website log-in and in-app notifications

SP Tulsian Disadvantages

The drawbacks or loopholes while opting for the advisory services offered by SP Tulsian are as follows:

  • No research services on specific trading segments are available
  • No free trials are available for the whole set of services

Conclusion – SP Tulsian Review

SP Tulsian is an old name in the field of advisory services when talking about the stock market advisory. The company offers a number of services that can be availed by the clients based on the subscription plan opted by them. However, though the fees charged by the firm is reasonable, it is not suitable for beginner traders as the free trial option is not available.

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