Angel Broking Web Trading Software Review – Speed Pro Features & More

Last updated on April 29, 2022

Angel Broking Web Trading Software Review 2021

Established in the year 1987, Angel Broking Limited is India’s one of the top full-service retail broking company. The company provides broking and advisory services along with margin funding, mutual fund investments and portfolio management services. Angel Broking is also popular among investors as it provides loan against shares through one of its subsidiary named Angel Fincap Private Limited.

Angel Broking Web Trading Software ReviewAngel Broking is a Depository Participant with CDSL along with being a member of BSE, NSE, MSEI, NCDEX and MCX and offers demat and depository services.

Angel Broking is popular among the investors for its ultra-fast trading software, strong research facility, and a flat fee brokerage plan. It is one of the few full-service brokers that offer flat fee brokerage plan to its customers.

Since Angel Broking is a full-service broker it offers research services. The company’s research team conducts technical as well as fundamental research and publishes the same in its reports on stocks, companies, IPOs and markets as a whole.

The company provides its services both through online and offline mediums to its customers. Angel Broking is also popular among the customers for its robust desktop, web, and mobile trading platforms.

Angel Broking Trading Software

Angel broking has provided its customer with robust trading technologies for the ease and convenience of trading. The company offers a wide variety of trading platform tools including:

  1. Desktop Trading App: Angel SpeedPro
  2. Online Trading Website: Angel Broking Trade
  3. Mobile Trading App: Angel Broking App
  4. Investment Advisory Tool: Angel ARQ

 Angel Speed Pro Review

Angel Speed Pro is the ground-breaking and the best trading software provided by a full-service broking firm in India. The software is capable of producing the entire stock market right on your finger-tips enabling you to take trade related decisions on the go. The users of the software can also get the live streaming rates.

Top Features of Angel Speed Pro

  • Advanced Scrip Addition: The scrip addition feature allows the users of the software to add scrips of different segments like F&O, currency, commodity, and other trading instruments at the same time. Once the scrip has been created or added then for placing the trade the investors simply need to click on the ‘Buy Order’ option
  • Market Watch Section: The market watch section enables the software users of Angel broking to access the market watch. The users can also continue to add new scrips by having a look at the market watch section.
  • Research and Report Section: The Research and Report Section on the Angel Broking SpeedPro software provides comprehensive summary and reports that are published by the company’s research team. The section is also build and incorporated with the purpose of educating the investors and helping them take informed trading decisions.
  • High Customization: The Angel SpeedPro software comes with a high degree of customization. The user interface can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the user of the software which makes the application much more user-friendly and convenient to use.
  • Open in Excel: The trading terminal comes with the feature of viewing the market watch data in excel sheet. The market watch that comes with a portfolio can be imported directly to an excel sheet and can be refreshed on live basis. The users can make use of the excel sheets to carry out the favored analysis and take profitable investment decisions.

 Advantages of Angel Speed Pro

Following are the benefits of the Angel Speed Pro trading terminal which the software tends to provide its users:

  • The terminal comes with multi-desktop feature where the user gets the freedom to arrange the preferred featured windows in multiple desktop screens. The user can also toggle easily between these windows.
  • The trading terminal manages to provide high performance with a decent speed internet bandwidth.
  • The user of the trading terminal can add personalized shortcut keys for quick analysis and implementation of trade related decisions.
  • There is a single tap news alert feature that helps the customers get the latest stock market update. The users can customize the notification and alerts as per their requirement.
  • The users get the facility of having regular access to charts, reports, trading tips and market recommendations from one of the leading full-service brokers in the country.
  • The users of the terminal also have the benefit of applying for mutual funds using the Angel SpeedPro trading terminal.
  • The users also have the benefit of downloading the market data and other relevant information in an excel format in order to perform some quick analysis, number crunching, and taking profitable trade decisions.

Angel Speed Pro Disadvantages

Though the software comes with a lot of benefits and plus points, just like any other software, this too has some shortages. Some of the concerns related to the terminal are as follows:

  • The trading application is available only for the window users and is not available for the MAC users. Hence, it cannot be accessed by Apple users.
  • There is still scope for further improvisation especially for the navigation purpose.
  • The overall configuration of the system must be reasonable in terms of RAM, disk space, and processors. If these things are not taken care of by the users then they might face inconvenience in accessing the features and the terminal provided by Angel Broking.

Steps to Download Angel Broking Speed Pro

It is easy and convenient for the investors and traders associated with Angel Broking to download and install the Angel Broking SpeedPro desktop and web application. The investors can follow the below-mentioned steps to download the software:

  • Visit the official website of Angel Broking.
  • Once you reach the official website, look for the “Platforms and Tools” option on the top menu.
  • In the Speed Pro section click on the “View Details” option to get the required details.
  • Look and click on “View Demo” option available on the platform image or at the bottom of the page. This option helps you look at the Angel Broking Speed Pro Demo.
  • Click on the “Download” button in order to download the software on your desktop. Install the software and start trading.

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