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Last updated on April 17, 2023

A stockbroker who offers trading services at a lower commission cost is known as a bargain broker. Its primary goal is to provide a reliable internet platform for facilitating buy and sell transactions. In rare circumstances, a cheap broker could also offer the necessary reading material for trading. However, these brokers do not offer any ancillary services like financial advice or market research that are not directly related to trading. In other words, a discount broker only facilitates order execution for its clients; it doesn’t offer any trading research or recommendations. Discount brokers, who are increasingly associated with online brokerages because of increased Internet usage, have benefited from this.

In contrast to pricey traditional bank brokers, discount brokers provide a low-cost brokerage plan with high speed and a quick platform for trading stocks, which helps to draw in a lot of clients. Discount brokers are becoming increasingly well-known and popular as a result. Following this, several seasoned brokers and businesses began presenting comparable, less expensive programs.

The majority of bargain brokers are capable of outperforming powerful & well-established trading organizations. Traditional brokers are now participating in the bargain broking model as a result. Additionally, conventional brokers want to offer their clients a choice of inexpensive brokerage products. Make sure the inexpensive stockbrokers have the following qualities before selecting them:

  • They should provide the lowest brokerage charge.
  • They must provide exceptional customer service.
  • They should have the best online trading platform.
  • They should have a perfect mobile app for stock trading.
  • They should have high leverage.

Services Provided by Discount Brokers

One of the greatest and most affordable services available is provided by discount brokers, who execute transactions at little cost or provide a flat fee to their clients. When compared to traditional full-service brokers, they are thought to save you at least 60-80% on brokerage fees.

They do not, however, provide their clients with individualized services such as consultations, tax guidance, research and analytics, retirement planning, estate planning, etc. They also avoid dealing with high-net-worth individuals since they charge lower commissions for their services. To reduce costs associated with infrastructure and office upkeep, they only carry out trading orders for their clients and conduct the majority of their business online.

On the other hand, because training is the lifeblood of their business, Discount Brokers are renowned for developing incredibly user-friendly and sophisticated training platforms. The consumer is already operating in auto-pilot mode if they have a reliable trading mechanism and back office tracking tool, therefore they don’t feel the need for customized services.

Best Discount Brokers In India-

But do we find the best discount stock brokers among so many? Here we have listed down the best discount brokers in India based on some features like the lowest brokerage charges, services offered, and trading platforms.

1.Angel One –

One of the oldest brands, with 30 years of expertise. Among other trading firms in India, Angel One provides traders and investors with several advantages. It offers trading services in equity, futures and options, commodities, and currency on the BSE, NSE, NCDEX, and MCX. The “Angel iTrade PRIME” flat cost brokerage plan is now available from Angel Broking. Personalized stock market investment advice and company research reports are also available from them. They are comparable to a market council or specialist in research reports. Additionally, they charge no brokerage for lengthy trades.


One of the first few bargain brokerage businesses in India, Zerodha was founded in 2010. Back testing, sophisticated charting, and many more capabilities for trading in the Indian Stock Market are just a few of their superb advanced features. It provides trading and investing services in commodities, mutual funds, currencies, and derivatives.

No of the volume, the company charges Rs 20 for each transaction. Long-term equity delivery transactions are available for free. Additionally, they feature some cutting-edge trading systems that are easy to use. From the same demat account, they also provide direct mutual fund investments and financial education resources.


One of the cheap brokers with the fastest growth is Upstox, founded in 2012. On NSE, they have the second-most active clientele. They provide trading services for commodities, currencies, and stocks. The equity delivery deals in this place are free. They provide quick paperless Demat and trading account opening as well as free delivery trading. Additionally, they provide no commission on deliveries and flat rates of Rs 20 per order for other deals.


For its customers, 5Paisa offers the most affordable stock brokerage and a quick trading platform. Additionally, they provide recommendations and advisory reports, both of which are quite beneficial. Equity, money, commodities, mutual funds, insurance, and personal loans are all offered for trading.

Free equities trading and flat brokerage are both available with 5Paisa. They only invest in paperless accounts. They also have a lesser maintenance fee. Additionally, they provide a variety of brokerage plans that are flexible and dependent on the preferences of the client.

5.Trade Smart-

One of the top bargain brokers in India is Trade Smart. They provide their investors and traders with inexpensive brokerages, big margins, and quick trading platforms. In the stock, futures & options, commodity, and currency trading divisions, they also provide brokerage services.

In its “Value” trading plan, they provide a fixed brokerage rate of Rs 15 for each trade, regardless of the trading volume. They are now giving readers of Trade Brains a flat 100% discount on account opening fees. For the first year, there are no extra software fees or Demat AMC fees.

Why open Demat & Trading account with Discount Broker?

Similar to savings account for shares is a Demat account. To store all acquired shares, one must first open a Demat account before ever considering trading. Many Discount Brokers will open your Demat Account for no cost or a very small fee.

On the other hand, a trading account is necessary to begin trading with shares utilizing the trading platform of Discount brokers. A trading account must be established with the broker before you can initiate a trade. Additionally, there are no fees associated with trading accounts in general however, some brokers impose a yearly maintenance fee for the Trading Account. You may trade in all segments—commodity, equity, and currency—at once using the trading accounts of the majority of discount brokers.

How to Open Demat & Trading Account with Discount Broker?

Opening a trading account and a Demat account go hand in hand. To maintain your shares and begin trading, you must create both a Demat account and a Trading account.

  • You must first choose the discount broker with whom you wish to work.
  • Thereafter, you need to fill in the online form for both Demat & Trading Account on that company’s website.
  • Enter all of your KYC information, including your complete name, phone number, email address, and mailing address, as well as your landmark and other relevant information, precisely.
  • Additionally, if they offer an online documentation process, you can upload all of the necessary documents.
  • Once you have done that, a representative of the broker’s office will get in touch with you to double-check all the information and ask whether you’re still interested in creating a Demat and Trading account. Additionally, they will explain to you any fees associated with creating these accounts.
  • They occasionally also verify the documents in person.
  • After the verification procedure and the required documentation have been completed. You will then be able to activate your Trading account and Demat account.

 Benefits Of Discount Broker

You can purchase and sell shares using a cheap broker, just like you might with a standard broker. The distinction is that a bargain broker will charge you less and won’t guide you through the process. A bargain broker could be precisely what you need as long as you feel confident making trading decisions on your own and are okay with (perhaps) simply having online access to a brokerage. If you think working with a discount broker may be a good fit for you, take into account the following advantages.

  1. For a fraction of the cost, a discount broker may assist you in creating a varied portfolio. A lot of people charge far less than a typical broker for their services, and others even provide parts of those services for free. Beginner investors who want to dip their toes in the water of investing might notably benefit from this.
  2. Although discount brokers may have a bit more latitude than your average standard broker, they are nevertheless bound by the same laws that apply to all brokers. For instance, the brokerage must be accredited by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.
  3. Working with a broker who does not provide advice provides the benefit of the broker having no vested interest in trying to sell you any investment. They have no incentive to pressure you into purchasing anything you are not interested in, and there is no profit for them to make.
  4. There are a few conveniences that surpass being able to log in from any location and make deals. Imagine you are on a little island enjoying drinks with pals when someone tells you about an emerging business. You can buy as much stock as you want online because it is openly traded. No offices need to be visited, and there is no traffic to deal with. You don’t even need to take off your sandals.

So, to find the best discount brokers do your research appropriately and choose the most suitable for yourself.

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