Elite Wealth Franchise / Sub Broker / Partner Review

Last updated on April 17, 2023

Elite Wealth Sub Broker is one of the famous best-known broking franchises available in the country and has a good reputation in the market. It is one of the recent entrants in the stock market and is comparatively a small company with numerous franchise models spread across India.

It deals with financial services and provides an extensive array of premium services like wealth management, portfolio management, financial planning, investment advisory, corporate financing etc.

This well-established stockbroking house was established and inaugurated by Ravinder Prakash Seth in 1990. It has its headquarters located in New Delhi, Delhi.  This broking franchise has been in the sub-broking market for quite some time now and encourages the growth of small entrepreneurs. It even assists the sub-brokers in setting up their offices and workplaces. The firm believes that this kind of business will be a win-win situation for the sub-broker as well as the broking company. It gets to leverage the goodwill, reputation, processes, and business of the broking company and increases its client base through such sub-brokers.


Revenue Sharing 50% – 75%
Security Deposit Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000
Become Sub Broker in 35 Days
Receive Payment in 20 Days


Types of Elite Wealth Sub Brokers:

The firm – Elite Wealth is the stockbroking house available in India that avails impressive and attractive business models for investors. It has three models of association, two of which are basic and common. However, the third model is an innovative offering. The three models are:

  • Business associate or sub-broker
  • Introducer or remisier
  • Financial Centre is a step-up version of a business associate. Here, the financial centre leads multiple financial planners and investment advisors to serve the clients.

Under the model

Elite Wealth Sub broker, the clients need to have marketing people for fetching customers and equity advisors to assist the customers in selecting their trade strategy.
This model is like a broking company’s branch. The sub-brokers get quite a lot of support from Elite Wealth like research tools, trading tools, marketing material etc. The sub-brokers get to retain brokerage to the extent of 50% to 80% and are expected to make a certain security deposit along with investment in infrastructure.

The benefits associated with this model are:

  • Flexible revenue sharing is provided.
  • Strong credibility is available.
  • Nominal investment amount and convenient account opening process.
  • Negotiable revenue sharing ratio.
  • Free research and advisory services
  • Increased margin money
  • Customized plans are available for sub-broker clients.

The Elite Wealth Remisier model has a limited role of introducing their network and thereafter earning some commission on the brokerage revenue that such network pays to the broking company. A remisier gets remuneration of 15% to 20% of the brokerage revenue and the introducer is not required to make any investment or deposit with the company.

The Elite Wealth Financial Centre model is more relevant for people who intend to serve clients with advisory services. This is a step ahead with all the advisory and planning services offered apart from trading and investing. Here, the client is required to make infrastructure investments and hire good resources to make this venture work. The remuneration here is like the sub-broker with certain services offered.

Elite Wealth Revenue Sharing Model:


Business model Elite Wealth Commission Sub Broker Commission
Sub broker 10% – 50% 50% – 90%
Remisier 70% – 80% 20%-30%
Financial Centre 10% – 50% 50% – 90%

Elite Wealth Franchise Security Deposit Amount

This broking firm has prescribed a minimum-security deposit for a sub-broker model and a Financial Centre model. A remisier need not pay such a high deposit and may pay Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 as a security deposit. This amount is mandatory and cannot be waived. However, it is refunded at the end of the tenure.

In addition to the deposit, the program has certain specifications on the infrastructure that the sub-broker and the Financial Centre are supposed to maintain. Also, the sub-brokers should be able to manage their working capital requirement until it starts generating sales. The working capital requirement is around Rs. 2 to 3 lacs. Concerning infrastructure, the requirement is to have a minimum of 2 computers, stable internet connectivity, a scanner, a printer, and a voice recording system.

Business model Elite Wealth Deposit required
Sub broker/ Authorised person Rs. 1 lakh and onwards
Remisier Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000
Financial Centre Rs. 5 lakh and onwards


Set-up cost for Elite Wealth Franchise –


Elite wealth being the top-most and most reliable stockbroking company available in India avails very flexible and impressive financial solutions for all investors or sub-brokers. To gain the company’s licensing program, the client must meet the entire infrastructure requirements of the model.
The infrastructure requirements of this business model are:

  • An office area or workplace of around 200 square feet to easily run the office systems.
  • Employee strength of a minimum of 3 is required for better management.
  • A flexible internet connection is required for hassle-free execution of trades.
  • Smooth-running trading terminals are required for easy trade execution.
  • Telephone lines are required to keep communication stable between employees and clients.

Elite Wealth Franchise – Eligibility Criteria: To become a partner of the company, the clients must fulfil the eligibility criteria-

  • They must be an Indian citizen.
  • Must have passed their 12th standard from a government-known institution.
  • Must have experience in one of the fields including- mutual fund advisor, financial service provider, insurance agent, CA, CWA etc.
  • After this, they can fulfil the entire infrastructure requirements before applying for the licencing program.
  • The applicant must be registered with SEBI to become a partner.


The broking firm – Elite Wealth is one of the highly trustworthy and renowned stockbroking companies available in the market. It avails all kinds of financial services for its customers or investors and the brokers can make very attractive earnings. The various benefits associated with the licencing program of this stock broking firm are:

  • As a security deposit, minimal charges are levied by the company.
  • Flexible revenue sharing is available.
  • Effective trading and stock tips are offered for the clients to raise goodwill or revenue.
  • The support services are availed for the convenience and satisfaction of clients.
  • Online access for serving clients on a real-time basis is also available.
  • Paperless and hassle-free work makes the business quicker.
  • Allows flexibility in the brokerage plans
  • Has good research and analysis team

Besides these benefits, the Support provided by Elite Wealth Partner Program are:

  • The firm appoints a dedicated relationship manager
  • Keeps organizing events for the sub-brokers to interact with each other
  • Customer service support
  • Research and Technology support
  • Sales & marketing support
  • Training support is also available

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