Holiday List 2021- BSE, NSE, MCX and Bank Holidays

Last updated on: July 21, 2021

Having an idea about the official-national holidays helps you to plan your vacations wisely. These holidays when planned in synchronization with the weekends give you an awesome relaxing lobby. So we present you the list of holidays for different stock exchanges like NSE holidays, BSE holidays and bank holidays as well for the year 2021. You can positively take help from this list to plan your next family outing or vacation.

List of Trading Holidays for BSE & NSE – NSE and BSE Holidays 2021

Here is the detailed list for the equity trading exchanges in India, including NSE & BSE. On normal days both the stock market opens at 09:15 AM and closes at 03:30 PM.

SI.NO. Holidays Date Day
1 Republic Day January 26,2021 Tuesday
2 Mahashivratri March 11,2021 Thursday
3 Holi March 29,2021 Monday
4 Good Friday April 02,2021 Friday
5 Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti April 14,2021 Wednesday
6 Ram Navami April 21,2021 Wednesday
7 Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id) May 13,2021 Thursday
8 Bakri Id July 21,2021 Wednesday
9 Muharram August 19,2021 Thursday
10 Ganesh Chaturthi September 10,2021 Friday
11 Dussehra October 15,2021 Friday
12 Diwali * Laxmi Pujan November 04,2021 Thursday
13 Diwali Balipratipada November 05,2021 Friday
14 Gurunanak Jayanti November 19,2021 Friday


Trading Holidays List for MCX & NCDEX 2021

On normal days the MCX and NCDEX markets function from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

List of Trading Holidays of MCX Market in 2021

SI.NO. Holidays Date Day
1 New Year’s Day Jan 01, 2021 Friday
2 Republic Day Jan 26, 2021 Tuesday
3 Maha Shivaratri Mar 11, 2021 Thursday
4 Holi Mar 29, 2021 Monday
5 Good Friday Apr 02, 2021 Friday
6 Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti Apr 14, 2021 Wednesday
7 Ram Navami Apr 21, 2021 Wednesday
8 Mahavir Jayanti Apr 25, 2021 Sunday
9 Maharashtra Day May 01, 2021 Saturday
10 Id-ul-Fitr May 13, 2021 Thursday
11 Bakri Id / Eid ul-Adha Jul 20, 2021 Tuesday
12 Ganesh Chaturthi Sep 10, 2021 Friday
13 Gandhi Jayanti Oct 02, 2021 Saturday
14 Dussehra Oct 15, 2021 Friday
15 Diwali Nov 04, 2021 Thursday
16 Guru Nanak Jayanti Nov 19, 2021 Friday
17 Christmas Dec 25, 2021 Saturday



List of Bank Holidays for the year 2021

SI.NO. Holidays Date Day
1 New Year’s Day January 1,2021 Friday
2 New Year Holiday January 2,2021 Saturday
3 Missionary Day January 11,2021 Monday
4 Makar Sankranti and Pongal January 14,2021 Thursday
5 Republic Day January 26,2021 Tuesday
6 Vasant Panchmi February 16,2021 Tuesday
7 Gur Ravidas Jayanti February 27,2021 Saturday
8 Maha Shivratri March 11,2021 Thursday
9 Holi March 29,2021 Monday
10 Good Friday April 2,2021 Friday
11 Buddha Purnima April 8,2021 Thursday
12 Baisakhi and Dr Ambedkar Jayanti April 14,2021 Thursday
13 Ram Navami April 21,2021 Wednesday
14 Mahavir Jayanti April 25,2021 Sunday
15 May Day May 1,2021 Saturday
16 Eid-Ul-Fitr May 12,2021 Wednesday
17 Bakrid/ Eid-Al-Adha July 20,2021 Tuesday
18 Muharram August 10,2021 Tuesday
19 Independence Day August 15,2021 Sunday
20 Raksha Bandhan August 22,2021 Sunday
21 Janmashtami August 30,2021 Monday
22 Ganesh Chaturthi September 10,2021 Friday
23 Gandhi Jayanti October 2,2021 Saturday
24 Maha Ashtami October 13,2021 Wednesday
25 Maha Navami October 14,2021 Thursday
26 Dussehra October 15,2021 Friday
27 Eid-E-Milan October 18,2021 Monday
28 Diwali November 4,2021 Thursday
30 Bhai Dooj November 6,2021 Saturday
31 Deepavali Holiday November 15,2021 Monday
32 Guru Nanak Jayanti November 19,2021 Friday
33 Saturday(fourth)- Christmas Day December 25,2021 Saturday


What is NSE?

National Stock Exchange often abbreviated as NSE, is a Mumbai-based stock exchange. It is the country’s prominent demutualized electronic stock exchange formulated in the year 1992. NSE has the accolade of being the largest stock exchange with regards to its annual turnover. The exchange was revolutionized with the electronic screen-based trading interface in the year 1994. NSE launched internet trading and index futures in the year 2000. NSE lets traders trade in the following segments-

In the equities section-

  • Equities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Indices
  • Security Lending and Borrowing Schemes
  • IPO

In the derivatives section-

  • Equity Derivatives
  • Interest Rate Futures Debt
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Corporate Bonds

Role of NSE

NSE basically involves-

  • Establishing a nationwide trade facility that offers debts, equities, and other trade instruments.
  • Providing an efficient, fair, and transparent securities domain to investors that can be mediated through electronic trading systems.
  • Ensuring equal access to the nation’s investors and providing them with appropriate mediums of communication.
  • Enabling a shorter settlement span.
  • Meeting the current standards of the international securities market.

What is BSE?

The BSE or the Bombay Stock Exchange is the country’s oldest and largest securities market, tracing its roots back to the year 1875. It was earlier recognized as the Native Share And Stock Brokers’ Association. It currently has 6,000 listed companies that rank it amongst the world’s largest exchanges.

Role of BSE

  • Providing marketability and liquidity to existing securities.
  • Monitoring of security pricing.
  • Ensuring transactional safety.
  • Contributing to the country’s economic growth.
  • Spreading the equity cult.
  • Providing speculatory scope.

What is MCX?

MCX stands for Multi-Commodity Exchange is the countries prominent exchange where trading of commodities takes place. It deals with trade settlement, online trading, and concluding commodity futures transactions, effectively providing the quintessential risk management platform to traders. The exchange was established in the year 2003 under FMC’s regulatory framework.

Traders can trade the following commodities on MCX

  • Base Metals
  • Bullion
  • Agro Commodities
  • Energy

What is NCDEX?

NCDEX stands for National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limited which is responsible for facilitating trade in softer commodities, unlike MCX. It incepted in the year 2003, and thus boasts of advanced technology. It offers the clients N-charts, a proprietary warehouse accounting procedure called COMTRACK, and many other free of cost technical analysis tools.

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