Kotak KEAT Pro X Review – Features, Setup Process & Benefits

Last updated on January 20, 2021

KEAT Pro X is trading software offered by Kotak Securities that allows the traders to invest in equities, derivatives, and currency. It is a fast and easy to install software that offers the traders an option to trade in NSE, BSE, and NSE Currency. The software can be installed on desktop as well as laptop by the traders and can be used for a hassle free trade experience.

Kotak Securities KEAT Pro X ReviewsThe trading tool is popular among the traders for its ease of use and super fast speed. The software provides a bouquet of services that allows the traders to conduct quick and easy trading.

The software allows the traders to place orders, view existing order reports, and create multiple customized watchlists to keep a track on the stocks and markets. Traders can also check live scrips across different exchanges and segments.

Advantages of Kotak KEAT Pro X

The KEAT Pro X software from Kotak Securities offers the following advantages to the traders:

  • It is an integrated platform. This means that the software ensures that the activities conducted on one tool are accessible even on other tools. For instance, if the traders create a watchlist on the trading terminal it can be easily accessed even on the website and mobile app.
  • The software comes with advanced charting features with more than 30 indicators, 5 different types of charts, historical data and unique drawing tools. These features help in in-depth analysis of the stocks and help in taking valuable trading decisions.
  • The software is available for use free of cost for the traders.
  • The watchlists on the software can be personalized by the traders as per their trade needs and requirements.
  • The software ensures that the traders have full control over their portfolio. The app is efficient for monitoring the profit and loss incurred by the trader.

Kotak KEAT Pro X Top Features

The trading platform from Kotak Securities provides a wide range of features that help the traders to trade with speed and ease as per their own convenience. Here are some of the top features of the trading terminal:

  • The traders can track minute by minute performance of their investment portfolios.
  • The executed trade updates are received frequently by the traders. They can also view positions and real-time profit or loss on individual executed trade.
  • Traders receive live streaming of stock market data along with live quotes, market lots, top gainers and top losers update, Sensex and Nifty, etc.
  • The traders have access to stock recommendations and market insights provided by the research team.
  • The traders can create customized and personalized watchlist for real-time monitoring of the stocks.
  • It offers high speed trading tools.
  • Advanced charting features with unique performance tracking tools.

Features Explained:

  • Advanced Watchlist: KEAT Pro X allows the traders to create personalized watchlist and monitor the created watch lists on real-time basis. The traders can create watchlists with the stocks of their choice. Also, traders have the option of creating multiple watchlists and add as many as 100 scrips in each watchlist. Scrips from different exchanges like BSE and NSE can also be combined in a single watchlist. The watchlist created on KEAT Pro X can also be accessed on website trading platform by the traders.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: KEAT Pro X offered advanced charting tools for the traders to create graphs as well as charts for tracking the past and the future projected performance of the desired stocks. The charting features offers more than 30 indicators, 5 charting types, and more than 10 unique drawing tools to analyze the stock and make trade related decisions. The charting feature also provides intraday and historical charting timeline of 20 days and 5 years respectively. The traders can also directly place orders through the charts.
  • Updated Account Information: The account information of the traders is updated frequently on regular basis. The account information on the software contains information pertaining to the transactions conducted as well as the profits made by the traders. This is a helpful feature as it keeps the traders updated of their status.
  • Stock Recommendations: Each and every trader wants to buy a stock that earns profit for them. No one is interested in buying a stock that is likely to generate losses in future. The software helps the traders by providing them top-notch stock recommendations. There recommendations of investing in stocks is not given on random basis, but is provided by certified stock market researchers of the company.
  • Live Stock Market Data: It is essential for the traders to have access to live stock market data for taking profitable trade related decisions. A stale data can result the traders in making bad decisions thereby incurring losses on the executed trade.
  • High Speed Features: The software offered by Kotak Securities is quite fast and updates on instant basis. The chances of a trade lagging are low. The software also works parallel to the trading market world.

How to Setup Kotak KEAT Pro X?

It is very easy for the traders to download the software on their desktop or laptop. The traders, after downloading the software, need to follow some steps in order to setup and access the software. The steps which the traders need to follow for setting up the software include:

  • Login to the registered account from Kotak Securities official website.
  • Look for the “KEAT PRO X” option in the Trading Tool Selection. Click on the option once you find it and then click on the download option. This will install the software on the PC.
  • The software can be installed both by Windows and MAC users. The only think which the traders require is to have JDK 1.5 or higher version for MAC, 512 RAM and a single processor CPU and higher for windows.
  • In case of any assistance look for the same in the Help section of the software. The software gets automatically updated when a new update is launched by the company.
  • After the software is installed log in to the software using your trading account details.

Disadvantages of KEAT Pro X

Though the trading terminal provided by Kotak Securities has lot of advantages, just like any other software it too comes with its own set of disadvantages.

The advantages of the trading terminal include:

  • There are few concerns faced by the customers while placing the stop-loss against orders using the trading terminal of Kotak Securities.
  • It is relatively a bulky trading platform and hence needs a decent desktop configuration for smooth and user-friendly performance.
  • It does not offer a platform to trade in commodities.

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