Motilal Oswal Trade

Motilal Oswal Trade

Established long back in 1987, Motilal Oswal Securities Limited (MOSL) is one of the long-standing stock broking houses of India. There are many USPs of this broking firm that give it a unique edge – cutting-edge trading applications, portfolio management services, and steadfast customer support.

MOSL was set up by Raamdeo Agarwal with trading and investing allowed across various financial instruments including:

  • Share Market
  • Wealth Management
  • Retail Broking and Distribution
  • Institutional Broking
  • Asset Management
  • Investment Banking
  • Home Finance
  • Private Equity

The stock broking firm has witness both direct as well as indirect growth in recent times. In the year 2006, it acquired a South Indian brokerage firm – Peninsular Capital Markets while in 2010, it started foraying into mutual funds after seeking approval from SEBI (Securities & Exchange Board of India).

At present, the group is present in over 2000 places through its sub-broker and franchise network to serve nearly 1 million customers.

As it has been already mentioned that the stock broker’s trading platforms are outstanding, it is necessary to take a look at the most popular ones like Motilal Oswal Trade. Similar to other web-trading applications, Motilal Oswal Trader is an online trading solution provided by the full-service stockbroker. However, this application comes with a large number of features and has something to offer to different types of traders and investors.

The application can easily be access across all leading web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari or Google Chrome – there will not be any nuisance in your trading experience.

Main features of Motilal Oswal Trade

Below are some of the most prominent features of this trading platform:

  • Once you log in to the application for the first time, you will be presented witha dashboard where normal widgets such as market news, existing snapshot of the indices, market gainers, your portfolio and more will be shown. Apart from this, there is an option to personalize the dashboard with the type of widgets you would like there.
  • To place the orders from the ‘Invest Now’ menu item, just fill in the values such as Buy/Sell, Exchange (NSE, BSE etc), Product (Intraday trading, Delivery trading, ValuePlus), Name of the Scrip, Quantity, Order Type (Limit Order, Market Order, Stop-loss), Price etc. Once this is done, the details, click on the Buy or Sell button basis your trade type.
  • If you wish to take a quick look at the market overview, you can do and check out the current market momentum across indices and segments, be it Equity, Derivatives, Commodities or Currency by clicking ‘Markets‘and then followed by the sub-menu item ‘Overview‘. The feature enables users to change the index as well.
  • Apart from graphs, users can check the performance of different indices, market sectors, Top Gainers, Top Loses for the day – all of that in a smooth format which is quite simpler to understand as compared to these data points written in a textual format.
  • Besides Equity or other trading products, users can also invest in Mutual Funds as well straight from this Motilal Oswal Trade application. They are required to choose the specific fund house you look to invest in along with type of Mutual fund (Equity, Debt, ELSS, Liquid), mode of transaction (SIP, Fresh buy etc.), Mutual Fund Scheme. After entering these values, click on invest and corresponding mutual funds will be boughtwith respect to the trading account capital available in your account.
  • In the Mutual Funds section, users canexamine some of the researched blocked such as ‘Funds with Largest Corpus’, ‘Top NAV Monthly Gainers’, ‘Funds with Lowest Expense Ratio’ and so on. Once you click on any of these blocks, they will be presented a list of mutual fund houses or AMC along with the particular details of the fund. This helps in deerminingwhich particular Mutual fund is best for your investment.
  • The users can employ multiple watchlists to check specific scrips of your choice. Each watchlist enables users to add up to 50 scrips that can be checked at any given point in time. The watchlist comes with default color coding of the stock momentum that gives you a rapid glimpse on the market movement.
  • When you click on the ‘Charts’ Icon, you will be displayed the charting view of that specific stock. There are 14 different charts to choose from including Candle, Bar, Line, Mountain, Baseline and more. Nonetheless, there are more than 100 technical indicators available for you.
  • Provision to customize the chart frequency with a range of 1 min, 5 min, 15 min and 30 min variations. This is quite valuable if you want to perform a comprehensive technical analysis for intraday trading. thorough technical analysis.
  • There are multiple types of order books available under the Report section that give a comprehensive 360-degree idea on your net position, your existing trades, the margin you have availed and so on.

Motilal Oswal Trade Charges

As present, there is no set charged defined for the use of this trading application. The various elements you need to take care of is the brokerage charges along with taxes and regulatory expenses, though most of those are applicable across the brokers.

Other advantages of Motilal Oswal Trade

Some other great features of Motilal Oswal Trade include:

  • The number of features is quitethorough in nature.
  • Light weight application does not need any installs or downloads.
  • The trading experience matches all types of traders be it beginners, mid-level traders or stock market experts.
  • Users can trade and invest in multiple segments such as Equity, Commodity, Currency, Mutual Funds, IPOs and so on.
  • Free research is given within the application that makes the trading process much easier and quicker, especially if you are someone who struggles to perform research on your own.
  • The extended range of technical indicators and charting types provides the suppleness to conduct your technical analysis in detail.

Motilal Oswal Trade Disadvantages

Nevertheless, there are few concerns with the Motilal Oswal Trade web application that ask forrapid and regular treatment from the full-service broker tech team:

  • The application takes some time in loading, particularly if you are shifting from one tab to another while carrying out a quick technical analysis.
  • Motilal Oswal Trade is not responsive in nature making it favorable only for desktop, computer or laptop-based trading. You cannot use your mobile phone for trading through this web application.

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