Narnolia Franchise / Partner / Sub Broker Review

Last updated on August 17, 2021

Narnolia is largely considered a full-service stock broking firm that offers a wide range of solutions to its clients like fund management and portfolio management services. The firm also offers online share trading facilities to a large number of traders and investors globally. Lets have a look on Narnolia Franchise Review to know detail about it.

If you are looking to invest in the stock markets through Narnolia, it is highly recommended to check everything about the stockbroker before moving ahead.

Set up in the year 1997, Nanolia Franchise is a full-service stockbroker and offers associations to potential companies looking to establish an enterprise in the stockbroking sector in India.

Since its inception, the franchise firm has come a long way by emerging as one of the leading stockbrokers in the Indian stock market. The firm is a dream of Mr. Krishna N Narnolia whos set up this firm with a vision to augment the overall performance of its clients’ wealth. The firm is registered under SEBI.

Narnolia Franchise gives its business partners two choices when it comes to commencing a partnership business with the broking firm – sub-broker and the remisier model.

The brokerage firm lures clients by offering an amazing revenue sharing ratio with a competitive primary investment or security deposit. The best-in-class research and tools provided by the company give it a competitive edge in the sector.

Salient Features of Narnolia Franchise

There are lots of benefits associated with choosing Narnolia for a partnership like:

  • Unmatched revenue sharing ratio: The broker feature a lucrative revenue sharing ratio to its clients. They tend to get better returns in comparison to other broking firms.
  • The litheness of security deposit: The security deposit needed by the stockbroker is quite flexible. Even a remisier can submit the security deposit by the brokerage produced by them too. The security deposit is extremely less and reasonable, which can help a business partner to commence a business of their own feasibly.
  • Personalized services: Being a business associate of Narnolia, you can also offer your clients customized packages for their convenience. This facility helps the clients to pick the services as per their specific requirement and eventually it will help to make a solid customer base.
  • Free advisory requests: The clients of the sub-broker or approved person model will get free of cost advisory calls. Clients will embrace the concept of profitable trades through calls. They can feasibly arrive at the trading decision like which scrip and at what price it will be gainful from a trading perspective.
  • Advisory suggestions: The clients can choose to get advisory instructions on a call to receive advice with respect to their investment. The primary aim of these calls will be to give tips for the most lucrative investment decision.

Franchise Options by Narnolia

There are primarily two types of franchise that a potential client can choose from Narnolia:

  1. Sub-broker
  2. Remisier


The sub-broker model is the primary broking model provided by the Narnolia which is considered quite easy. Under this system, the clients get an authority to retrieve all types of research and analysis reports along with widely used tools used by the broker. In fact, it gives access of all the tools that brokers use for their clients.

The brokers are supposed to set-up an individual office from where they and their clients can work. The broker would be able to provide all the support that is required in business marketing. This tends to help brokers to bring more and more clients for their business. However, the brokers would be accountable for gaining new clients for the business.

The revenue sharing ratio under this system relies on very basic elements like the projected revenue, negotiating ability and security deposit amount.


  • Amazing revenue sharing ratio
  • Reasonable amount of primary investment needed
  • Authority to access various things like research and analysis tools, techniques
  • Authority to decide the brokerage plan for the clients
  • A chance to begin your own business with a reputed brokerage firm


Remisier is another brokerage model provided by the broker.

Under this system, an existing client can bring up a fresh client to the company and get additional money. This approach also helps the company as well as the clients to build mutual trust.

In this model, the brokers are meant to face lesser difficult as their work is just limited to bring the potential client to the business and the further process would be handled by the company.


  • Extremely low primary investment needed.
  • Revenue sharing ratio is at part with the industry standards
  • Very restricted job load
  • A great opportunity to earn more

Narnolia Franchise Revenue Sharing Ratio


The revenue sharing ratio range under the sub-broker model is between 50 and 70%. It simply means that a sub-broker of Narnolia, one can choose to get money according to this range.

However, it is important to note that this revenue sharing range is not definite overall, it depends on your predictable revenue generated by the sub broker, the amount of security deposit made and most importantly the bargaining capability.


Due to the lesser workload on the broker’s end, the revenue sharing ratio band. The range of revenue sharing ratio hovers between 15 and 25%.

The optimum revenue percentage will be held by the Narnolia because they perform the most important and most part of the work.

Narnolia Franchise Initial Investment

Narnolia has a specific setting with respect to the security deposit a franchise is supposed to deposit. The security deposit is meant to adjust the defaulting when done if made by the sub-broker or remisier.

In case of such default, a portion of the security deposit is removed from the entire security amount.


The minimum security deposit for the sub-broker model is capped at ₹50,000. However, one can also deposit more amount.

The more the security amount, the better the revenue sharing ratio. Apart from this, Narnolia may ask to make extra security deposit, which will be refunded at the time of your exodus from the agreement with the broker. Besides, the broker may ask to deposit ₹2,000 as the registration fee against the capital market segment.


A remisier is supposed to deposit security amount between ₹15,000 and ₹25,000. This amount would be refunded at the time of termination of the agreement. If a remisier desires, the deposited amount can be settled against the brokerage too.

Franchise Registration

If you are looking to avail the services of Narnolia, their registration process is quite easy and quick. Below is a step by step guide to Narnolia registration.

  • Finish the registration process by submitting the registration form available on Narnolia website.
  • Once you submit the form, you will get a call from one of their representatives to approve your interest and the details provided in the registration form.
  • Another call will be made by Narnolia to confirm the provided information and an appointment will be fixed with the sales team of Narnolia.
  • During the meeting, you can discover more about business partnership benefits with Narnolia. You gain more info about the revenue sharing ratio, business models, security deposit, and more.
  • Now, you will be asked to submit all necessary documents with a primary deposit company for verification.
  • Once verification is done, an agreement will be put in place by both parties.
  • Eventually, you will receive an account ID to commence your partnership with Narnolia.

Note: It takes nearly 7-10 business days for the entire process to complete.

The Conclusion – Narnolia Franchise Review

It is the attractive revenue sharing model of Narnolia that gives the stock broking firm a competitive edge in the marketplace. Moreover, two different business models make it easier for the sub brokers to choose the most appropriate one as per their specific needs.

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