Nirmal Bang Franchise / Partner / Sub Broker Review

Last updated on September 16, 2023

Founded way back in the year 1986, Nirmal Bang is one of the top stock broking firms in India. It focuses on the trading needs of both retail and institutional clients by offering an assorted range of financial products & services that include portfolio management, equities, derivatives, commodities, currency derivatives, mutual funds, IPOs, NPS, depository services, and insurance. If you are looking to become a partner with Nirmal Bang through its franchise program, this Nirmal Bang franchise review would help you the same in detail. 

Nirmal Bang draws from a variety of professional backgrounds and shares its clients’ expertise, competence, and passion. The need of rigorous study is stressed by Nirmal Bang, who balances local and global trends with the insightful identification of inherent values, synergies, and growth. The simple objective is to assist investors in maximising their returns.

Since Nirmal Bang believes in establishing a relationship beyond broking, it offers steadfast and reliable support to its partner as every intersection. Moreover, it gives its Authorised Person the position of equality and independence that they deserve. Aside from that, the broking house offer unmatched expertise and superior market analysis to keep its partners ahead of the curve, to the benefit of their clients.

About Nirmal Bang Franchise

At Nirmal Bang, you are more than a business associate but you are a common partner. This clearly reflects in the way how the stock broking firm deals with its partners in a day-to-day basis. From initial business setup support to its business models, client support, marketing assistance, and others, Nirmal Bang franchise is surely a win-win opportunity for those who know how to leverage it in a mutually beneficial way. 

The setup of your workplace, including branding and all business apps, will be assisted by us. You and your staff will be trained by our on-boarding manager on the critical procedures and online modules we provide. Together, you and our relationship manager will create a business strategy and an activity schedule. The individual will also help carry out the strategy to bring in new customers and teach your staff to encourage cross-selling.

Nirmal Bang is a depository participant of NSDL and CDSL as well as a registered member of the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE), National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX), National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX), and National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (NMCE).

The full-service stockbroker is known for its outstanding trading services, best-in-class customer support, insightful research & advisory, fabulous franchise models and competitive brokerage. Let’s get to know more about Nirmal Bang franchise in this review post. 

Nirmal Bang Franchise – Snapshot

Company type Private
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquartered in Mumbai, India
Founded Nirmal Bang
Year of establishment 1986
Days required for SB Code Activation 20-30 Days
Days/weeks for Payout 30 Days


Every customer is extensively worked with early in the relationship to determine their financial objectives and risk tolerance levels. The stock broker then leverages its strength of a variety of product offerings, research, and financial energy to assist each client in reaching those goals. As a result, the business establishes itself as a crucial partner, developing possibilities, contributing value, and realizing ambitions.

Benefits of Nirmal Bang Franchise

Below are some of the most remarkable advantages of becoming a partner of Nirmal Bang franchise:

Excellent Infrastructure – Nirmal Bang has one of the most sophisticated and focused trading infrastructures. As a result, the sub-brokers are better able to provide high-quality services, from transaction execution to the provision of research reports and other information. Additionally, the crew has received training to provide more prompt service and highly customized solutions.

Reputed Name – Nirmal Bang is one of India’s most favored stock brokerage firms because to its many years of expertise and solid clientele. The stockbroker advocates for a long-term relationship between the client and the brokers because he or she believes in a customer-focused strategy.

The same ideals are explained to the staff members at the sub-broker office during training, assisting them in establishing a solid rapport with the customer.

Wider Product Range – To ensure that sub-brokers always have something to offer to each customer in accordance with their requirements and the duration of the investment period, Nirmal Bang offers a wide range of goods, including equity, currency, commodities, currency, and more.

Awesome Support – If clients need specialized assistance with fund transfers, withdrawals, re-KYC, or other issues, they may contact the customer support staff, which is experienced in providing solutions.

Insightful Research – Good suggestions and research support are constantly needed by clients, thus the research division’s chief analysts must provide both. A specialized staff works for Nirmal Bang to communicate all partners with recommendations, whether they are technical or fundamental.

Nirmal Bang Franchise – Business Models

There are three business models available under Nirmal Bang franchise program. They are:

  1. Sub-broker or Business Associate
  2. Partner
  3. Referral


  1. Sub-broker

The most desired Nirmal Bang sub broker can be a firm, corporate entity, or person with a solid track record of serving the financial history. Each applicant for this program receives a level of training that is specifically tailored by the onboarding manager.

This also aids in their understanding of the sub-broker partnership’s overall business strategy. You may work as a financial adviser, chartered accountant, or distributor of mutual funds. Higher education enables you to easily get 65% to 75% commission each customer.

  1. Partner

One can become a business partner through the second Nirmal Bang partner program. Equal income sharing is the foundation of the cooperation. Because of this, the partner makes a smaller investment than a sub-broker would. The franchiser will actively help you with a dedicated help desk and centralized web-based back-office access.

All the partner needs to do is to persuade individuals to buy from the website. The person should have a high degree of confidence, an understanding of the stock market, and persuasive abilities.

  1. Referral

If you do not possess the remarkable qualities required to become a Nirmal Bang sub-broker or partner, you can join its refer and earn program. The affiliate program offered by Nirmal Bang offers is similar to the conventional affiliate program in that you are still entitled to a certain commission for each referral order.

You merely need a strong internet presence and a minimal number of followers. Then, if your connections are interested in investing in the stock market, invite them to utilize the special referral link you received from the broker to open an account at Nirmal Bang.

Eligibility Criteria for Nirmal Bang Franchise

If you want to join the Nirmal Bang franchise program, you must ensure that you meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • A person, corporation, or partnership seeking to acquire a Nirmal Bang franchise must have a solid track record and reputation in the financial services industry as well as other related industries and social circles.
  • A minimum of one to two years of experience in financial product sales as a main broker, sub broker, reseller, distributor of mutual funds, insurance advisor, financial planner, or as an employee of an established broker or sub-broker.
  • In order to operate your firm, you will need to make a small initial investment and keep making more investments in personnel and infrastructure. 

Nirmal Bang Franchise – Infrastructure Requirement

Having the right and appropriate infrastructure is essential for the success of any business entity and you must need to have the required infrastructure setup for a Nirmal Bang franchise program. From an appropriate office space to working internet connection, there are several elements that would need your focused attention. 

  • Air conditioning setup
  • Working internet connection
  • Compulsory telephone connectivity
  • 200-300 sq. ft office space
  • Minimum 2 employees
  • Research facility
  • Trading terminals setup

Nirmal Bang Franchise – Revenue Sharing Charges

Nirmal Bang does not participate in referral programs, hence there is no % to split. In the same way, Master Franchise and Remisier are services. There is no revenue sharing because none of these services is covered by them.

The Nirmal Bang Franchise now limits the use of its revenue sharing to its Sub Broker services. As a result, the commission fee for Nirmal Bang Sub Broker fluctuates between 50% and 70%. This commission rate’s lower threshold is a bit flat compared to other Sub Broker companies. 

Type of Partner Revenue Sharing
Sub-broker 50-70%
Partner NA
Referral NA


Nirmal Bang Franchise – Brokerage Charges

Nirmal Bang authorized person charges either 0.02% or 2p for the equities intraday service. They both provide equity in a similar dynamic manner. The stock options are charged at a rate of INR 25 per lot, which is relatively inexpensive when compared to market prices. 

For currency choices, they charge INR20 per lot, which is also rather reasonable when compared to the prices offered by competitors. For commodities, currency futures, and stock futures, Nirmal Bang Partner charges either 0.02% or 2p.

Equity Intraday Charges 0.02% or 2 paisa
Equity Delivery Charges 0.02% or 2 paisa
Equity Options Rs. 25 per lot
Currency Options Rs. 20 per lot
Equity Futures 0.02% or 2 paisa
Currency Futures 0.02% or 2 paisa
Commodity 0.02% or 2 paisa


Nirmal Bang Franchise – Deposit Requirement

Type of Partner Deposit Required
Sub-broker Rs.75K – 2,00,000
Partner NA
Referral NA


The Conclusion

Apart from being a reputed name in the stockbroking landscape, Nirmal Bang is also known for its client-centric approach and value-based financial products & services. So, when you choose to join the Nirmal Bang franchise program, you can grab an excellent business opportunity as selling the broker’s offerings is not a mammoth thing. But, you always need to be focused and dedicated towards this partnership that would give you back excellent income down the line. We hope that the aforementioned information in this Nirmal Bang franchise review would help in all possible ways. 


Does Nirmal Bang feature an authorized person?

Yes, Nirmal Bang has an authorized person who is entitled to get some great perks from the broker. Additionally, the broker accords these partners equal and autonomous standing in order to keep them in front of the curve through excellent training and marketing.

The Nirmal Bang Referral Agent: What Is It?

Referral agents for Nirmal Bang may be traders or influencers with a sizable online fan base. Referral agents, however, can charge consumers Rs 500 every transaction.

How Does Nirmal Bang Allow Me to Track My Earnings?

Through a centralized dashboard where all data regarding a partner’s growth, payments, and real-time conversion is shared, partners may monitor their profits with the Nirmal Bang.

Is working with Nirmal Bang safe?

The Broking platform was founded in 1986 and has since grown to have a distribution network of more than 6,000. In other words, partnering with Nirmal Bang is completely trustworthy, and doing so is secure.

Is it necessary for Nirmal Bang partner to have its trading account? 

Yes, all the partners of Nirmal Bang are supposed to have a trading account with the stockbroker. This would help them in getting bonuses and rewards directly in their trading account.

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