SMC Global Franchise Review

Last updated on September 16, 2023

If you are looking to get into the field of stock broking business through a franchise, SMC Global Franchise is a lucrative deal that would help you pursue your dreams like nothing else. Backed by several years of stockbroking expertise, SMC Global has emerged as a renowned name in the field and offers a wide range of financial products & services to its clients. Being a part of this leading name through its franchise is surely a winning opportunity that one can consider. In this SMC Global Franchise Review, we will delve deeper into this opportunity to ascertain its worthiness. 

The ultimate objective of this review post is to help people like you to make up your mind for this investment opportunity. From its business models to revenue sharing, deposit and infrastructure requirements, customer support, and others, you will get to know every single thing about the stockbroker in this review. 

So, let’s start our SMC Global Franchise Review. 

About SMC Global Franchise

Incorporated in 1990, SMC is an expanded financial services firm in India. It offers cutting-edge brokerage services across different asset categories of equities (cash and derivatives), commodities and currency, wealth management, investment banking, third-party financial products distribution, research, depository services, financing, insurance broking (life & non-life), clearing services, mortgage advisory, and real estate advisory services to corporates, establishments, HNIs, individuals and other retail clients.

The most widely preferred business model of SMC Global is the sub-broker model. The salient feature of SMC Global Sub Broker’s model is that the primary investment requirement must fall between INR 50,000 and INR 1,000,000.

The profit-sharing percentage then commonly ranges from 65% to 75%. When compared to their competitors, who typically pay out within 30 to 45 days, their pay-out duration is on the longer side. Finally, the SB code typically takes 2-3 weeks to be activated.

SMC Global Franchise – Snapshot

Company type Public
Broker type Full-Service Broker
Headquartered in Delhi, India
Founded S C Aggarwal
Year of establishment 1994
Days required for SB Code Activation 2-3 weeks
Days/weeks for Payout 30 – 45 Days

Benefits of SMC Global Franchise

Joining hands with SMC Global is full of growth opportunities as the stockbroker offers all types of support to its partners on a day-to-day basis. There are numerous advantages of partnering with SMC Global under its franchise program. Some of them are listed below.

  • SMC has had a big impact in the financial market sector after effectively operating the Sub-broker business for more than two decades and receiving honors from prestigious organizations. SMC is a well-known and reputable brand in the market because of ongoing investments in brand promotion and a customer-centric attitude.
  • In addition to imparting comprehensive knowledge of the numerous products supplied by SMC, the brokerage firm regularly trains its business partners in client acquisition, risk management system (RMS), back office operations, trading, and research software.
  • Instead of relying exclusively on broking, a business partner may benefit from the broad variety of goods offered to diversify the revenue. Each product has a dedicated support team, a lead management system that works well, cooperative lead conversion operations, and an alluring commission structure that keeps associate motivation levels high.
  • By offering marketing support through advertising in newspapers, websites, brochures, posters, signs, canopies, and e-mailers, among other places, we assist you in creating your own brand.
  • SMC offers top-notch technological support for all relevant areas, whether it be for trading/execution software or back office assistance. In order to engage with and serve the current and potential clients of the business partner, they have also implemented a number of automated systems.

SMC Global Franchise Review – Business Models

SMC Global Franchise has 3 business models on offer to its partners when it comes to partnering with the leading stockbroker. 

  1. Sub Broker / Authorized Person
  2. Partner Program / Remisier
  3. Refer & Earn

  • SMC Global Sub-Broker/Authorized Person

People willing to become a sub-broker with SMC Global must fulfill the paperwork portion of this business model by submitting the relevant documents for identification confirmation and educational credentials.

It will be excellent for them and be very beneficial in the coming years if they get additional training in financial services. With the SMC Global sub-broker arrangement, 60–70% of the revenue is shared. The broker gives the sub-broker the necessary instruction and support, and their ongoing oversight enables the sub-broker to perform at their peak.

  • SMC Global Partner

The partner model’s income sharing is a little less than the sub-broker model’s. The candidate looking to become a partner with the brand must be over the age of 21, and there are no further educational requirements.

About 30–40% of the money shared with the brand is distributed via the partner model. When compared to the competition, the revenue-sharing ratio is pretty fair.

SMC Global helps its partners as much as is necessary to bring in sales and mentors them anytime they ask for help, especially in the beginning.

  • SMC Global Referral Program 

The SMC Global franchise enables its partners and sub-brokers to profit from every SMC brand opportunity. Knowing about the SMC Global refer and earn franchise is simple. The company compensates its affiliates with around INR 1,000 worth of Amazon Gift Vouchers for sending customers to their platform.

You must first input your name or your client code for the same, then your friend’s information.

SMC Global Franchise – Infrastructure Requirement

If you want to become a part of the SMC Global franchise opportunity, you are obliged to meet certain infrastructure requirements listed below:

  • For the SMC Global Franchise to begin working with the brand, a fully operational office measuring 150–250 square feet is required. A property may be leased or rented at a business location for the same purpose.
  • The sub-broker benefits from having a nice office since a potential customer may assess the sub-broker’s seriousness by looking at the infrastructure of the franchise.
  • A sub-broker must comprehend the value of keeping decorum and having a professional workplace.

SMC Global Franchise – Eligibility Criteria

In order to join the SMC Global franchise program, one would have to meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 1-2 years of experience in selling financial products & services as a Main Broker, Sub Broker, Remisier, Mutual Fund Distributor, Insurance Advisor, Financial Planner, or on employee of a Broker or Sub Broker.
  • Capacity to invest Rs. 3-5 lac at the beginning and to continue as per business prerequisite.
  • Singleton (Individual, Corporate, or Partnership Firm) with rewarding business figures & Clientele.
  • The minimum age must be 18 yrs as on 31.03.2014

SMC Global Franchise – Commission

SMC Global is one of the stock brokerage firms that employs the commission-based business model. It’s wonderful that the SMC Global sub-broker commission accounts for 60–70%. The income a sub-broker brings into the broker or the size of the investment he makes are two main elements that affect the fee they get.

The broker retains the remainder of the revenue and uses it to benefit the sub-broker by offering support, guidance, and training. The broker maintains the majority of the 30–40% SMC Global partner commission because they help so much with customer conversion.

Type of Partnership Commission
Sub-Broker 60% – 70%
Partner 30 – 40%
Refer & Earn Rs. 1000 Amazon Voucher per Client

SMC Global Franchise – Deposit Required

The applicant must make a security deposit with the broker in order to begin paying SMC Global franchise fees and charges. It can be different, but most of the time it is similar to rivals and costs around 50,000 INR.

The money is repaid to the person if the sub-broker decides to end their business relationship with the broker. In addition to the security deposit, a firm must make an initial investment, which can be between INR 1,000,000 and 2,000,000.

The broker utilizes this amount to build up the sub-broker’s office. The office should be attractive for drop-in customers and for those who have fresh ideas for reaching out to new customers in the neighborhood.

Type of Partnership Required Deposit
Sub-Broker Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000
Partner Fee Rs.5,000
Refer & Earn Rs.50,000 – Rs.100,000

The Conclusion

All three business models available under the SMC Global franchise program give the best-in-class ROI to investors who are part of the leading stockbroker. With some of the most cutting-edge tools made available by SMC Global like Auto Trender, Algo Trader, Pro Trader, Online Mutual Funds, Online Insurance Purchase, Portfolio Health Monitor, selling SMC Global’s products & services won’t be cumbersome. 

In addition, the long-established name of the stockbroker itself is enough to make it sell in today’s competitive marketplace. Hopefully, this SMC Global franchise review would help you make up your mind for being a part of SMC Global through its partnership program


Does SMC Global have an authorized person?

Due to SMC’s registration with SEBI as a sub-broking form. According to their website, the authorized individual having the booking form is claimed to gain recurring revenues.

How many affiliate companies is SMC Global affiliated with?

The total number of affiliate partners is never made public by SMC Global. SMC Global has thousands of associated partners, but the broker never makes the precise number available.

What income can I expect if I join SMC as a global partner or dealership?

With SMC Global, there are no earnings restrictions. Depending on your efforts and the commission % you have agreed upon with the broker, you may be able to make money.

How can one refer a person under SMC Global’s referral program?

One just has to feed in the details of the person he is referring to (Name/Contact No./City) along with his name and contact number. He can start referring your friends individually.

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