SMC Franchise Review

SMC Global is a prominent brokerage company that has operated in the market since 1990. SMC Global Franchise Business, established in 1998, provides various financial and investment solutions. It has a sizable customer base of more than 1,08,000 and more than 3,000 staff spread throughout 500 cities in India and the United Arab Emirates (1,06,129 active customers).

With this organization, you can purchase various trading items, including equities, commodities, currencies, derivatives, and insurances. Additionally, it provides several services, such as client financing, insurance brokerage, clearing services, and research work. Individual clients and rich investors can access wealth management and advisory services.

SMC Global participates in several Indian stock exchanges, including the BSE, MCX, MCX-SX, NSE, and NCDEX. We intend to maintain solid ties with our sub-brokers to ensure forward-thinking business. Subagents are given a chance to keep their individuality by using marketing to promote both their sub-agents and their brand.

SMC Global Partnership Model

SMC Global offers just one business model for potential clients. The SMC Global Franchise is it. Sincerely hoping for the growth of sub-brokers, the company works to advance the industry collaboratively. This is the brokerage company’s distinctive selling proposition. This enables sub-brokers to carve out a niche for themselves and advance their careers in a cutthroat industry.

As sub-brokers, applicants having more than a year of securities sector experience are preferable, while in some cases, those without experience are also accepted.

The sub-broker runs his operations out of businesses or offices he has set up in the most prestigious parts of the city. He manages all operations via workstations, voice ledger-equipped phone lines, and steady internet connections. This is required to set up the trading terminal’s back office.

Costs of an SMC Global Franchise:

When opening an SMC Global franchise firm, you will need to put down a specified sum as a security deposit. If you exit the partnership, the money will be repaid and is erratic. It can typically cost more than Rs 50,000, comparable to other securities business participants.

Agents use this deposit when they have a default and need to pay. An initial total of $2,000 to $5,000 to set up your business, pay a sub-broker registration fee, purchase a laptop or desktop computer, connect to the Internet, pay utility bills, and purchase furniture and other interior items. Should be willing to invest dollars. The workspace looks nice, etc.

SMC Global Franchise Revenue Share:

As all brokerages share a certain portion of the revenue from trading their client base, so does the SMC Global franchise. The exact amount you are entitled to depends on your business size, the number of customers, net income generated, the amount of initial deposit deposited, bargaining skills, and infrastructure.

In this model, the ownership varies between 30% and 60%, with the company retaining the remaining 40% to 70%. This percentage is roughly in line with most franchises in the securities industry.

Benefits of an SMC Global Franchise:

Joining the SMC Global Franchise has the following advantages:

  • They provide the finest and various financial goods and services
  • Due to its status as an established participant in the market, it can profit from recognizing its name to draw in new clients.
  • We provide a range of trading and investment tools and technologies. Additionally, buyers have access to comprehensive research reports.
  • Negotiable security deposit. This enables brokers to distinguish themselves from rivals in the brokerage sector.
  • The business is well-represented offline across the nation.

SMC Global Franchise Support: We work to improve your company by providing the full range of services indicated below.

  • Their team of specialists research reveals your optimal line of action for each investment decision.
  • Sub-brokers are taught how to employ strategic techniques and alluring offers to attract new clients in a cutthroat industry.
  • Revenue creation is directly impacted by this customer acquisition so that you can keep your revenue.
  • All of these arguments are valid, and the client cannot change brokerage firms for any of them.

Cons in general for SMC

Before working for a law company, you should be aware of the following drawbacks:

  • It has an unfavorable business strategy for potential clients looking for other solutions.
  • Unlike many brokerage franchise operations, the company aims to expand its clientele while fostering its brand.
  • Staff sub-brokers should be well trained to support a variety of company responsibilities.
  • Once the business is established, you can begin to profit.
  • The level of customer service is subpar.
  • Compared to other brokerage companies in the sector, little exposure. A high-end initial investment is needed.
  • Customers with limited starting budgets won’t, therefore, pick it.

Criteria for SMC Global Franchise Eligibility:

The following requirements must be satisfied to establish an SMC Global Franchise:

  • You must be an established customer-based person, business, or partnership.
  • To meet company needs, he needs an investment capacity of Rs 50,000 from Rs 20,000.
    Must be at least 18 years old.
  • 1 or 2 years minimum experience as a sub-broker, broker, drawee, or present broker-associate, financial advisor, mutual fund sales, etc.
  • A 200–250 square meter office area is needed for business purposes.
  • Your Internet connection must be at least 1 Mbit/s in speed to function continuously.

Offers from SMC Global Franchise:

As an SMC Global Franchisee, you may take advantage of the following offers:

  • The revenue sharing ratio changes frequently.
  • During the setup of the front office, you will receive complete help.
  • Both the credit duration and the credit limit will be increased for you.
  • It has lower brokerage fees.
  • Offers are available for trading or Demat accounts.
  • Your initial margin deposit may be waived in some circumstances.
  • The firm’s advertisements, which include banners, visiting cards, brochures, posters, lights, signboards, and other materials, can assist you as a sub-broker improve your identity by promoting your agency.
  • You can be given the option of an increased trading limit or even unrestricted trading across several.

Eligibility for SMC Global Sub Brokers

The requirements to join SMC Capital as a business partner are as follows.

  • Any individual, partnership firm, or corporation with a significant customer base.
  • At least one to two years of experience selling financial goods as a broker, sub-broker, or agent.
  • Distributor of mutual funds, Remisier, an employee of an established broker, financial adviser, etc.
  • The ability to invest $25,000–$355,000 at first, then as the business needs.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.

SMC Global Partnerships: Types

There is just one business model available through SMC Global.

Sub Broker

SMC Global exclusively provides the Sub broker model. The model’s co-promotion of sub-broker business by SMC Global is distinctive.

The sub-broker must also have more than a year of experience, which is another criterion. However, it turns out that brokers occasionally provide an opportunity for newcomers in extreme circumstances.

The optimum place in town for your office as a subagent should be a carpeted space of at least 250 to 500 square meters. To set up the trading terminal, you will require a workstation with a broadband connection and a phone line equipped with a voice logger.

Now reduce brokerage fees.

Numerous financial services and products are available to customers.
A fantastic chance to interact with well-known figures in the brokerage sector.
The right to utilize the technologies and tools used by SMC Global for trading and investing.


  • Encouragement of independence in this cutthroat industry;
  • Reasonable security deposit

Sub-Broker SMC Global Revenue Sharing

The stockbroker will split a portion of their commission with you when you launch your firm as an affiliate based on the overall revenue they generate from their clientele.

This compensation rate is based on many important aspects, like the size of your company, the number of clients, total income, and many more.

Let’s look at what SMC Global’s sub-broking company might offer you.
Sub Broker: The income split for the sub-broker model runs from 30% to 60%. This indicates that you will get at least 30% of the money your customers bring in as a subagent.

At least 40% of SMC Global’s revenue is kept for itself. The revenue-sharing ratio complies with industry standards.

But remember that this ratio varies from instance to situation and is not constant. The percentages may change based on the sub-current broker’s clientele, anticipated revenue, negotiating position, collateral performance, existing infrastructure, and margin requirements.

Sub Broker: SMC Global does not have a minimum deposit requirement. However, it can typically be 50,000 times greater. Alternatively, you may refer to it as a brokerage. The broker keeps this money on hand to cover sub-broker defaults.
However, brokers must pay money upfront to establish the sub-broker firm. 72,000,000 to 35,000,000 is the range of the first investment fund.

Business model type Model for sub-brokers

Put down Rupees 50,000.

Beginning capital of Rupees 200,000 to 500,000

Sub-Broker Security for SMC Global

Additionally, the agent will always require a predetermined refundable security deposit. The majority of this sum is refundable and varies per broker.

Support for SMC Global Sub-Brokers

  • SMC Global offers assistance to help you build a stronger business foundation.
  • Brokers support the financial markets branding of your business
  • The broker will teach your team to ensure your property operates properly.
  • Business is conducted through your staff.

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