Sushil Finance Franchise/ Sub Broker/ Partner Review

Last updated on September 15, 2023

Sushil Finance FranchiseSushil finance is one of the top full-service stock brokers in India and provide a number of financial products & services to people looking to indulge in stock trading and other investment domains. The stock broking firm got its name from its founder Mr. Sushil N. Shah who launched it in 1982 with a vision to make stock broking accessible to all through this initiative. Sushil Finance Franchise is an excellent business opportunity to those who want to earn attractive commission by selling full-service broker’s products & services to clients. In this Sushil Finance franchise review, you would get to know every aspect of this opportunity from business models to pricing, eligibility, and more. 

About Sushil Franchise

Setup in 1982, Sushil Finance is a Private Full Service Broker. It was founded by Mr. Sushil N Shah and has its headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Backed by more than 3 decades of remarkable progression in the financial industry, they have been successfully managing a clientele of over 120,000 with a total asset worth of over 6000 Crore.

The full-service stock broker is active in more than 22 States across 150+ cities and have more than 500 Business Partners who are deeply involved into growing its presence across the country. Their offerings are quite varied and excessive which ensures that they always have something for every person that looks toward them.

Sushil Finance began its partnership and association programs in 2009 only. Till date, it has set up more than 600+ associations in over 250 cities.

Sushil Finance offers a range of products such as Equity, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Currencies, Mutual Funds, Insurances, Online Trading, and a lot more. The stock broking firm is registered with BSE, NSE, MCDX, and NCDEX, thus you have the option to trade on various exchanges under one roof.

If you are looking to embrace the franchise opportunity of Sushil Franchise, here is a detailed Sushil Finance Franchise review that would help you understand the value of this opportunity. Let’s delve deeper into this to know more. 

Sushil Finance Franchise Review – Snapshot

Company type Private
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquartered in Mumbai, India
Founded Mr. Sushil N. Shah
Year of establishment 1982
Days required for SB Code Activation 35 Days
Days/weeks for Payout 30 Days

Salient Features of Sushil Finance Franchise 

  • More than 570 sub-brokers spread among around 227 cities across India
  • Detailed research on small and mid-cap firms with regular alerts and profit booking.
  • Trade services and free phone calls
  • High degree of transparency with respect to commissions and other supplemental costs.
  • Diverse market sectors to trade in and a wide range of investment alternatives
  • Competitive brokerage costs compared to other brokers.
  • The offline grip is firmly maintained with the help of sub-brokers, offline branches, and effective customer service.

Benefits of Sushil Finance Franchise

There are numerous benefits of taking Sushil Finance Franchise. Apart from a prominent name in the stockbroking industry, the stockbroker’s products & services are top-notch and it offers full-fledged marketing support to its partner from time to time. Overall, Sushil Finance franchise is a great opportunity is good for those who want to make it big in the stock broking segment. 

Its primary benefits are:

  • Excellent offline presence in the country.
  • Easy to get clients due to the availability of diverse investment products of the stockbroker
  • It has well-established itself in the share market, so you can leverage its brand name to acquire clients easily.
  • To carry out all the business related function such as getting new clients, providing the necessary services, etc, needs proper know-how for which the firm provides training,
  • You will have a dedicated relationship manager assigned to you, to provide you assistance at any time.
  • The firm consistently provides you with support related to marketing, business development as well as research, so as to ensure that you can stay at par or ahead of the other players in the competitive stockbroking industry

Sushil Finance Franchise Review– Business Models

There are primarily 4 business models offered by Sushil Finance Franchise. These models are designed to meet the varied needs of entrepreneurs looking to shape their future. In the following part of this Sushil Finance Franchise review, we will get to know every aspect of these models including cost, eligibility, working, revenue and offerings. 

  • Sushil Finance Center Partner

Both novice and seasoned sub-brokers with other brokers can benefit from becoming a partner with the Sushil Finance. After becoming a Centre Partner, this concept is comparable to a sub-broker or a franchise business partnership.

Your responsibility will be to build and maintain the clientele. If they elect to utilise the call and trade channel for share market trading, you may also need to execute deals on their behalf.

  • To become a center partner, the applicant must a place must be either owned or rented. 
  • He should have steadfast client-acquisition strategies and selling expertise.
  • Should be able to make a one lakh rupee initial deposit up front, which is refundable.
  • A terminal software and a connection will be given. A monthly fee of 250 will be added for the use of this program.

  • Sushil Finance Resident Partner

In addition to the Centre Partner option, people now have the choice of the Resident Partner option, which eliminates the requirement to set up an office for the broker. To conduct your company operations from Sushil Finance’s office space, you only need to be there. 

However, the position is comparable to that of a stockbroker, where you are expected to attract new clients and provide for the needs of those who already exist. You will also receive a special trading terminal to manage these transactions.

  • Sushil Finance Managing Partner

This model’s specifications and criteria are identical to those listed in the Centre Partner model in every way. The main distinction is that you will have to work with a dealer to advise customers and complete deals at the Sushil Finance location.

In other words, you will be responsible for managing the stockbroker’s clients through the appropriate dealers. In this approach, you will be assigned to various dealers and centre partners, and your main duty will be to ensure that all parties involved interact with their respective clientele without incident.

You might also need to submit orders through the relevant dealer on behalf of a customer. You can decide whether to work from home, Sushil Finance’s office, or both.

  • Sushil Finance Introducing Partner

With this business model, you are not obliged to build or maintain a clientele base, and there are no general limitations or dependencies. Simply introduce a potential client to the Sushil Finance team under this approach. The stockbroker will handle the remaining functions, such as customer acquisition, servicing, advising, etc.

In this mode, you don’t actually need to set up an office or hire someone.

All you have to do is make sure the stockbroker receives a significant number of prospective clients on a regular basis, and a certain portion of the brokerage will be split with you.

Sushil Finance Franchise – Infrastructure Requirement

To become a part of Sushil Franchisee, it is recommended for applicants to maintain a particular amount of security deposit and have the necessary infrastructure.

The infrastructure requirements of Sushil Finance Franchise include:

  • The person should have at least 250 sq ft of office space to operate
  • There should be at least 3 employees in the office
  • A telephone and working internet connection is required
  • Easy access to trading terminals in the office

Sushil Finance Franchise – Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirement for Sushil finance franchise are:

  • To become a sub broker, the applicant must have a place that can be owned or rented. 
  • Excellent selling skills and techniques for acquiring customers.
  • You must make a one lakh rupee initial deposit, which is refundable.
  • To enable you to order trades for your clients, terminal software and a connection will be provided. If you utilize their software, there will be a monthly fee of INR 250.
  • A one-time registration fee of INR 2,360 per segment is required. Depending on how many portions you select to trade, it increases.

Sushil Finance Franchise – Cost & Charges

The Sushil Finance Franchise provides a number of models at varying price points. The Sub Broker franchise costs between Rs.25,000 and Rs.30,000 to join.

Investment from partners is required to be Rs. In contrast, the Refer & Earn business model does not entail a franchise fee.

  • Sub-Broker Franchise Cost – INR 25K – 30K
  • Partner Franchise Cost – INR 3000
  • Infrastructure expenses – INR 10K – 30K

The infrastructure investment for the Sub Broker and Partner models ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 30,000.

This choice offers the advantage of being affiliated with a well-known brand and access to Sushil Finance Franchise’s goods and facilities.

The Partner franchise, on the other hand, is appropriate for individuals who want to work with Sushil Finance Franchise and has a reduced investment need, making it a more cost-effective choice.

Sushil Finance Franchise – Deposit Required

This full-service stockbroekr is highly thoughtful of its business partners and only requires a little security deposit when it comes to the investment needed. The Sushil Finance Franchise Cost is simply Rs. 50,000 and above as a minimum investment.

Again, this is by far the lowest in the sector because they don’t think in pressuring their partners with pointless expenses.

Security deposit for Sub Broker Program Rs.50,000+
Security deposit for Referral Program NA
Deposit required for Master Franchise NA
Deposit required for Partner / Remisier Model NA

Sushil Finance Franchise – Account Opening & Maintenance Charges

Account opening charges are charged from the client when it comes to opening a trading account with Sushil Franchise. It is important to note that account maintenance charges are levied on an annual basis. Both these charges are defined below.

Account Opening Charges – Rs 0 (Free)

Required Margin Money – INR 15,000

Demat Account AMC – Rs 300 or o

Trading Account AMC charges- Rs. 0

Transaction Charges levied – 0.00310% of Total Turnover

The Conclusion – Sushil Finance Franchise Review

Being one of the top-rated full-service stockbrokers in India, Sushil Franchise is known to offer a wonderful business opportunities to entrepreneurs looking to get involved in stock broking business. By joining the partnership program of Sushil Finance, you can say yes to a number of growth opportunities with this leading stockbroker. 

This Sushil Finance Franchise review would definitely help you in making your decision whether to choose this franchise option or not. 


Do we have the opportunity to work for Sushil Finance as Authorized Persons?

Yes, you can register with the company as an authorized person. They go by the name of Sub Brokers as well.

Who are Sushil Finance’s Affiliate Partners?

The sub broking company has relationships with around 70 affiliate partners.

What does Sushil Finance Referral Agents mean?

Sushil Finance Referral Agents are those that provide special referral links to their connections in return for Rs. 250 for each conversion that is successful and 10% of the income share.

Do we have the opportunity to work for Sushil Finance as Authorised Persons?

Yes, you can register with the company as an authorized person. They go by the name of Sub Brokers as well.

What are the investment fees for the authorized partner of Sushil Finance?

You must spend Rs. 3000 to join Sushil Finance as an authorized partner.

Will Sushil Finance provide me with access to a dashboard where I can monitor my earnings?

Yes, you will receive login information to access their dashboard as soon as you join their franchise. You can track your profits and any other pertinent information there.

Is Sushil Finance trustworthy enough to work with?

Yes, Sushil Finance is one of the most recognizable and long-standing names in the financial services sector.

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