Trade Smart Online Review 2021, Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C & Platforms

Last updated on: September 13, 2023

TradeSmart is a part of VNS Finance. VNS is a member of the NSE since 1994 and also offers full-service brokerage. TradeSmart is a discount brokerage firm based out of Mumbai offering various products like Equity, Futures & Options, Commodities and Currency. Lets check this Trade Smart Online Review to know more about it.

Trade Smart Online Review

They have a strong track record in the brokerage industry for 20 years. Chairman of TradeSmart, Mr Vijay Singhnia Is endowed with an in-depth knowledge of markets and is one of the strongest pillars of the organization.

Let’s find out more details on Trade Smart Online Review-

Products & Services offered

Here is the list of trading services by Trade Smart:

  •         Equity (Stock) Trading
  •         Derivative Trading
  •         Commodities
  •         Currency Trading
  •         Mutual Funds
  •         IPO


Customer Ratings

Criteria Ratings
Research & Advisory 8.10 / 10
Brokerage Charges & Fees 9.90 / 10
Products & Services 9.50 / 10
Trading Platform 9.30 / 10
Broking Experience 9.40 / 10
Overall Rating 9.25 / 10
Customer Rating (in stars) 4 / 5


Key Strengths of Trade Smart Online:

Before we move forward on the Trade Smart Online review, here are the reasons you should choose Trade Smart for your trading journey-

  •         You can quickly open your paperless demat account with Trade Smart in less than 24 hours.
  •         They have a dedicated team of 200+ members and have more than 600 partners.
  •         The Chairman of Trade Smart is a successful Chartered Accountant and has more than 30 years of financial services industry experience, which is clearly adding value to the firm’s success.
  •         The company offers two distinct brokerage plans that are designed to accommodate any trading style and any trader.
  •         Trade Smart is a trustworthy and transparent broker, as they have been serving this industry for more than 20 years.
  •         Trade Smart has a significant technological advantage that offers it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Account Opening Process

For opening an account with Trade Smart, you have both options- Online as well as Offline.

Offline Process

You need to visit their website- Then download the account opening forms form from the download section. Take the printout and attach the self-attested supporting documents, and courier/post all of them to their Mumbai office. If you are unable to acquire a printout, you can request a physical form via courier for a small fee. The offline process is simple but a little time-consuming, as it may take 3-4 days to open an account offline.

Online Process

The online process is simple and hassle-free. Simply follow the steps below:

  •         Visit the Trade Smart company’s website, and click on “Open Demat account” on the top-right side.
  •         Enter your Email, Name and Phone Number for registration.
  •         Fill in your personal details like PAN Card, Annual Income, Father’s Name, etc.
  •         Verify all the documents and upload the e-signature.
  •         Submit the form and once your verification is done, you will receive a call from their representative.

It is important for EKYC that your email address and mobile number are linked to Aadhar.


Documents Required

For an Account Opening with Trade Smart, the following documents are required:

  •         ID Proof: PAN Copy
  •         Address Proof: Aadhar Card/ Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID
  •         Bank Statement
  •         Signature Proof


Trade Smart Online Trading Platforms/ Apps

S.No Platforms/Apps Platform Type
1. SINE App-based
2. TradeSmart App App-based
3. Swing API Trading software
4. BOX Web-based
5. Trade Smart MF App-based
6. Dartstock Web-based
7. Nest Trader Desktop-based


  1.       SINE Mobile App-

It is a mobile app for stock trading available on both IOS and Android. It is an in-house developed trading platform with various features like advanced charting options with 80+ technical indicators, an informative dashboard, easy monitoring of all your orders and holding in a single screen and a user-friendly interface.

Google Playstore rating: 3.1/5

App Store rating: 2.3/5 

  1.       TradeSmart App-

Is a mobile-based stock trading tool that caters to all of your trading requirements. Some of the top features of this app are a simple user interface and intuitive design to buy/sell and manage your portfolio in just a click. It also includes all order types, both simple and complicated like cover orders, bracket orders, etc, advanced graphical analytics and the option to trade from charts. It is available only on Google Playstore. 

Google Playstore rating: 3.⅗ 

  1.   Swing API-

is a programme that allows one software application to communicate with another and allows you to build your own trading platforms as per your needs. Your trading platform can be seamlessly integrated with third-party software and applications of your choice. 

  1.   BOX-

It can be accessed via the web as well as mobile browsers. It has a super convenient transfer facility for funds, a simple dashboard, comprehensive reports where you can get all your trading details, and a call-n-trade facility. 

  1.   Trade Smart MF-

It is a mutual fund investment platform available on Google Playstore. With this app, you can easily transact on mutual funds and get all the details of mutual fund schemes. They also suggest you some of the top and trending mutual funds as per your financial objectives and risk profile. 

  1.   Dartstock-

It is a Market Information and Analysis tool developed to help active traders, fund managers, portfolio managers, etc. to make smarter trading decisions. It has powerful scanners, customizable workspaces and an advanced charting tool option. 

  1.   Nest Trader-

It is a desktop trading terminal for trading in equity, derivatives, commodities and currency. You can create multiple watchlists with real-time widgets and customizable interfaces. With NEST, you can perform 360-degree stock analysis using streaming data, snap quotes, market depth, live headlines, and other features.


Trade Smart Online Review on Brokerage Charges and Plans

There are two types of plans offered by Trade Smart:

  •         Power Trading Plan- Ideal for bigger trade size
  •         Value Trading Plan- Ideal for smaller trade size


  Power Plan Value Plan
Brokerage Rs. 15 per order 0.007 %
Intraday Margin (BO/MIS/CO) Upto 5x on Equities, 1x on F&O, Commodity and Currency. Upto 5x on Equities, 1x on F&O, Commodity and Currency.
Offline Trading Charges Rs. 20/- Order + GST Rs. 20/- Order + GST
Margin against shares Yes Yes


Trade Smart Online Brokerage Charges

Segments Power Plan Charges Value Plan Charges
Equity Delivery Rs. 15 / executed order, irrespective of their trade size 0.07%
Equity Intraday Rs. 15 / executed order, irrespective of their trade size 0.007%
Future Rs. 15 / executed order, irrespective of their trade size 0.007%
Options Rs. 15 / executed order, irrespective of their trade size Rs 7 per lot
Commodity Rs. 15 / executed order, irrespective of their trade size 0.007%
Currency Rs. 15 / executed order, irrespective of their trade size 0.007%


Account Opening Charges

  •         Demat Account Opening Charges- Rs. 200
  •         Trading Account Opening Charges- Rs. 200
  •         Demat Account Annual Maintenance (AMC)– NIL for the 1st year, then Rs. 300 from 2nd year onwards
  •         Trading Account Annual Maintenance Charges- Rs. 0

In addition to the brokerage fee, the following costs are also levied:

  •         Turnover/Transaction Charges
  •         Security Transaction Tax (STT)
  •         SEBI Fees
  •         Stamp Duty
  •         GST


Advantages & Disadvantages of Trade Smart Online


  •         Excellent customer service, where you connect them through phone, email and live chat.
  •         There is no minimum deposit required to start an account with TradeSmart.
  •         Benefit from the expertise of specialists with over two decades of experience in the financial industry.
  •         They also have a Refer & Earn program, where you can earn by referring fellow traders.
  •         They have an option to switch from one brokerage plan to another, depending upon your strategy.
  •         You will receive all the reports that you need in within seconds.
  •         They provide the highest intraday exposure in the industry so that you can trade freely.



  •         They do not offer 3-in-1 demat account to their customers.
  •         There is an additional Rs. 20 charge for call and trade facility.
  •         No stock recommendations and tips.


Trade Smart Online Margins

Here are the margins provided for different segments:

Segment Margins
Intraday Upto 5x
Equity Futures Upto 1x
Equity Options Upto 1x
Delivery Upto 1x
Currency Future Upto 1x
Currency Options Upto 1x
Commodities Upto 1x


Conclusion – Trade Smart Online Review

Undoubtedly, Trade Smart is one of the leading discount brokers in the industry and offers various benefits to traders, like customizable Value and Power brokerage plans to suit different types of investors, superb platforms, and excellent customer service, to name a few. Apart from the low brokerage charges, they have been in the industry for more than 20+ years, which is an added advantage and one can consider opening an account with them.


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