5Paisa Mobile App

5Paisa Mobile App

5Paisa Mobile App

5Paisa Mobile Trading App is one of the most popular mobile-based trading applications in the market. It is owned and managed by 5Paisa, a low-cost financial services provider offering online trading, mutual funds and insurance at affordable rates. The trading platform is run by IIFL Group (India Infoline), a 5Paisa allows its customers to trade across diverse sectors – equity, derivatives, currency, insurance and mutual funds through their websites. 5paisa was relaunched with an updated brokerage model for online retail broking services in late 2016.

5 Paisa is very much like a full-service broker but in a discounted avatar. It is not just any usual discount broker but offers a wide range of services including credit and finance, asset management, wealth management, financial product offerings, investment banking, stock and currency broking, Mutual Funds, IPOs, ETF, Bonds, insurance and advisory services.

To help its clients perform stock trading even on the go, the stock broker has come up with a mobile trading app that carve a niche in the segment with its outstanding features. The mobile app boasts of all smart features that allow investors and traders to trade in stocks, mutual funds and other products easily and effectively.

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Do you know?

5Paisa Mobile App is one of the fastest growing mobile app in the industry

The stock trading app has

  • 2 million downloads
  • 73% Positive Rating
  • 1 Android Version Rating

5Paisa Mobile App – Pros

The industry-leading mobile trading app has a number of features that make it stand out Let’s get to know them below.

  • The app allows investors to trade of MCX right through the 5Paisa mobile application
  • To access the details of specific stocks, one just needs to enter the scrip name in the app and basis the relevant information will be displayed instantly.
  • Option to avail instant paperless loan
  • eMandates to authorize auto debit for SIPs from your bank account
  • Get connected to like-minded investors and gain insights about markets on the forums
  • Track your realized Profit & Loss across segments including F&O and Currency
  • The ‘5Paisa Auto Investor feature asks for user inputs in regard to demographic information, risk hunger, income etc. and compatibly suggests few mutual funds precisely based on the user information, thus, helps users build a personalized investment portfolio.
  • Get quick access to market change makers, gainers, losers within last one year just with a single tap
  • Option to add scrips into watchlists as per requirements. Each watchlist can hold 50 such scrips and users can add up to 3 watchlists as per preferences.
  • The app offers various technical and fundamental analysis features with different chart types, technical indicators to match heat maps for quick decision making.
  • Multiple health insurance plans are on display and users can choose from them.

Other advantages of 5Paisa Mobile App

There are various plus points with the 5Paisa mobile app that need urgent attention of IIFL.

  • The app comes with 256-bit SSL encryption, thus, giving an additional layer of security of user data.
  • The app provides a free guest login for users who want to get an idea of the user experience and performance of the application.
  • If you are looking to get a personal demo of this mobile app, you can get in touch with the broker for the same. A demo of the mobile app can be arranged for you
  • The mobile app is known for decent speed in order execution and overall performance.
  • 5Paisa App allows users to personalize and customize the mobile app as per preferences including background settings, alerts, and notifications.

Cons of 5Paisa Mobile App

  • Promotions of life insurance, SIP and other products are too frequent in the 5Paisa mobile app.
  • Regular log-offs
  • Online paperless account opening doesn’t work for many people.
  • ₹100 per call & trade charge even if the mobile application is down or not working.
  • Multiple watchlists are not available.

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