5Paisa Trade Station

Last updated on January 27, 2023

5Paisa Trade Station


5Paisa Capital Limited is a Mumbai based online discount broker that has bagged the second position in the list of top ten discount stock brokers in India. The company started its discounting operations in the year 2016 and facilitates trading across different segments including equities, derivatives, currency, commodity, IPO, mutual funds, insurance, loans, and other financial products.

5Paisa charges a flat brokerage fee of Rs.20 per trade across all the segments which attracts a large base of customers to open a Demat Account with 5Paisa.

5Paisa Trade StationApart from charging a flat brokerage of Rs.20 per executed trade, 5Paisa offers innovative, powerful, and technically advanced online trading platforms for the ease and convenience of the traders. Robo advisory and Algo trading are other advanced software that is offered by the company to its customers. 5Paisa provides a wide range of software including web, mobile, and desktop trading applications to its customers to choose from as per their trade requirement and convenience.

The various trading platforms that are offered by 5Paisa include:

  • 5Paisa Mobile Trading App
  • Trade Station EXE Desktop Trading Platform
  • Trade Station Web Browser-based Platform
  • Algo Trading Automated Trading Tool
  • Robo Advisory Mutual Fund Selector

5Paisa Trade Station Review

5Paisa offers a wide variety of services compared to the services provided by other stock brokers. Of all the trading platforms provided by the company to its customers the most powerful and popular one is the 5Paisa Terminal Software.

5Paisa trade station is a trading terminal software that can be downloaded and installed on the desktop by the customers and can be used by them for trading purposes.

The trading terminal offered by 5Paisa is best suitable for professional traders. However, this does not imply that the software cannot be used by nuance traders and investors.

The Trade Station offered by 5Paisa is loaded with a bunch of features ranging from basic trading and order placement features to highly advanced features and trading tools for data analysis.

The trading terminal is not only highly customization but is also quite responsive and has a user-friendly interface making it easier for professional as well as beginner traders to use it effectively.

5Paisa Trade Station Features

Before opting for the 5Paisa trade station it is essential for you to understand the top features provided by the trading terminal especially if you are a professional trader.

Let us pen down some of the advanced and useful features of the 5Paisa Trade Station for you.

  1. It offers advanced watchlist: One of the most powerful and sought after feature of any trading software is the advanced watchlist. With 5Paisa Trade Station the customers can create multiple watch lists, can link their watch list with the scrips, update and work on their trading strategies, keep a check on the real-time prices of the stocks, check near month and next month futures to name a few.

These features provided by the application will provide an edge to the analysis and decision making process undertaken by the trader.

  1. Placing multiple types of orders: Placing multiple types of orders is one the standard feature that allows the investors and traders to the trade order as per their requirement. 5Paisa trading terminal provides 100% certainty to open and close the trade at the current market price of the stock. This feature offered by the 5Paisa trade terminal offers facilities like placing multiple trade orders, aftermarket orders, buying, selling, and stop loss orders and much more.
  2. Mutual Fund Investments: The SIP for mutual fund feature in the 5Paisa Trade Station allows the traders and investors to start mutual fund SIPs and place the order by simply filling the required details. The prime motive behind including the feature was to enhance the users’ experience of mutual fund investment. Also, it facilitates the traders to start the mutual fund investments on their own.
  3. Advanced charting features: The advanced charting feature in the 5Paisa Trade Station provides the customers with the power to analyze and use the charts for making trade decisions. The charts can also be modified using the indicators. The added benefit of making the modifications is the fact that these modifications are saved automatically. The customers using the trading terminal also receive a statistical report for their recent trading performance.
  4. Regular Notifications: The 5Paisa Trade Station is a one stop solution for all the latest notifications. The add timely updates the customers regarding the upcoming news related to the stocks, as well as keep you updated of the daily stock market news. This feature of receiving timely notifications not only saves your time you might end up researching but also provides a timely update regarding earning opportunities open for you on the go.

How to Setup 5Paisa Trade Station

5Paisa is an advanced trading application that allows the traders and investors to trade easily in the right direction without any hassle. It also helps them in optimizing their trading strategies using the historical data available on the application.

Traders and investors can follow the below mentioned steps for an easy setup of the 5Paisa Trading Station.

  • The first step involves opening a Demat and Trading Account with 5Paisa using the platform.
  • Once the account is opened, you will get the login details of your account. Download the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal from the official website of 5Paisa.com.
  • All the trading software are available on the official website of 5Paisa. To download the 5Paisa Trade station look for the ‘Stock’ tab. Under it look for the ‘Trade Solutions’ tab. You will be able to find the 5Paisa Trade Station Terminal. Click on the download option in order to download the software.
  • After the terminal is installed, you will be required to log in to the platform using your login id and password.
  • Once you login, you will be able to open the trading terminal. As soon as you open the trading terminal you will be able to go to the dashboard and create a market watchlist. Add the scrips you want to trade and track.
  • Start trading once the setup is complete.
  • Look for the various charting options as well as the use of resources that the 5Paisa trading terminal provides.

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