Angel Broking Login – Method to Login Angel Trading App & Back Office


Whenever it comes to listing the top full-service brokerage houses in India, Angel Broking is one name that makes that list complete. In today’s times when most of the booking is done on the web and mobile, Angel Broking offers its state-of-the-art software product, Angel Broking Back Office, which lets the investors do a host of activities other than just simple trading. We will further discuss the process of Angel Broking Login.

Established in 1987, Angel Broking is counted among India’s top-rated stock brokers. Over the years, the broking house has created and maintained a great number of clients through its exceptional customer services. The rich network of broking house across the nation is another plus point that attracts new investors to Angel Broking.

Angel Broking Back Office is much like other software products offered by other full-service brokers and can be used by traders across all exchanges and segments.

Angel Broking Back Office Review

The first and foremost purpose of Angel Broking Back Office software is to allow account holders to get all the relevant information about their trading account quickly and easily. This smart software captures, analyzes, and summarizes all the information under your trading account and presents it in a user-friendly and comprehensible manner.

To access Angel Broking Back Office online, you just need to use your login credentials for Angel Broking Login. Here are the steps that you need to take to log in to the Back Office.

  1. Open the link to access the login page of Angel Broking Back Office. Once it is open, you will get the above screen.
  2. You will come across three options on the login screen
  3. NBFC Back Office – It is meant for Non-Banking Financial Companies to log in
  4. Mutual Fund Back Office login Option
  5. PMS Back Office – Login option for Portfolio Management System

The selection of a particular option depends on the type of trading account you have with Angel Broking. Just enter the username & password to move ahead.

Salient features of Angel Broking Back Office trading software:

  • Easy interface – The simple and intuitive user interface of Back Office enables it easy to use even for non-technical people. However, it may take some time to discover all the options available under this.
  • Fund Options – You can get to see all ‘Pay-in’ and ‘Pay-out’ transaction details
  • Accessibility – Based on updated technology, the trading software can be access anytime of the day and from anywhere.
  • Technology – Being a pioneer in technology applications, Angel Broking has powered up this software with the latest technology which makes it a leading trading software product in the market.
  • Security – Security is one thing that is always high with Back Office
  • Open Position – it exhibits the positions of your stocks for the previous day for MCX, F&O, and NCDEX. However, it doesn’t reveal the real-time position of stocks. This means any modifications in the position of a stock today will be visible in the app tomorrow.
  • Securities Payout – It shows all BSE/NSE holdings that are available for payout marking.
  • Securities Holding – It displays the information about securities positions in the DP account along with delivery settlements.
  • Profile View – It reveals an account holder’s bank details, PAN, mailing address, etc.
  • DP (Depository Participant) Tran – It basically displays the last 10 transactions performed under your DP account.
  • E-Signer – This feature allows account holders to receive the soft copy of all E-contract notes. Please note that contract notes are available for ECN registered clients. To get the contract notes on Back Office, you need to furnish the Client ID, password and PAN no.

Note – Please keep in mind the all the mentioned features will remain same for PMS and NBFC BackOffice particular to those segments.

Types of Reports

There are different types of reports that can easily be accessed on Angel Broking Back Office.

Share accounting reports:

  • BSE New basic report – It furnishes the following 3 types of reports
    • Client position – It is related to BSE’s P&L, summary, and global report.
      • BSE’s Levies report
      • Turnover Brokerage– Brief of total turnover and total brokerage for a specific time.
      • Delivery Report-Angel broking back office provides two types of delivery reports – NSE delivery report and BSE delivery report. Each of the reports will give the below details.
        • Client wise report – for all clients – It displays all the scrips with a specific settlement number.
        • Client wise report – for any client – It reveals scrips list for that specific settlement number.
        • Client wise report – All settlement – It shows all scripts that are associated with Angel for NSE/BSE across all segments.
        • Scrip wise report – All scrips – It shows all those scrips traded for a specific settlement number.
        • Shortage reports – it shows all shares obtained in payout and traded out in Pay-in.
      • Position Report:
        • Client wise position – Report on the delivery position of stocks basis the clients.
        • Scrip wise position – Report on the delivery position of stocks according to scrips.
        • ISIN search – To obtain ISIN code, enter scrip number and it will get the ISIN.
        • Client ID Search – It gets you the DP Id.
        • Statements:
        • Statement of Holding – It fetches a statement on pool holding.
        • Pay in Reconciliation – It provides a shortage report.
        • Payout of shares – It highlights the details of share payouts from the pool account to the DP account.
      • Branch wise Reports:
        • Deliver to branch – It reveals the scrips which are meant to be delivered to the branch.
        • Get from Branch – It shows the scrips you have to obtain from the branch.
        • Auction Reports: It shows auction bills.
        • Display –This option shows the below-mentioned reports and details.
        • NSE/BSE/F&O trade confirmation report – Enables access to all data related to trade confirmation.
        • NSE/BSE/F&O trade settlement schedule report – Shows settlement number and date.
        • Corporate action report – It shows details of corporate activities related to Rights, Bonus, Dividend, and Stock Split , etc.
        • NSEFO New report – It shows an annual report on Net position, Sauda summary, turnover, bill, client summary, M2M of a client.
        • NSE New basic report – This option of Angel broking back office provides easy access to
          • Client position – Shows the ‘sauda’ summary.
          • Levies report – Shows the relevant report.
        • Finance Accounting: To obtain the ledger information of finance accounting move to Display reports, then click on NSE party ledge

Pros of Angel Broking Back Office

  • You can get detailed reports based on insightful research and analysis. This would help you understand the scenario and take sound investment decisions today and tomorrow.
  • Their reports are highly organized and detailed.
  • Decision making becomes easy using the insights provided by these reports.

Cons of Angel Broking Back Office

  • Some may find the user interface a bit complex and hard to comprehend
  • It contains a list of features with different drop-down menus and hidden options mentioned under each category; which may make it a bit confusing for a trader.

The Final Verdict – Angel Broking Back office

It is not okay to comprehend that Angel broking back-office software is somewhat different from all other BackOffice software products offered by other stockbroking houses in the market. However, the major difference lies in understanding that there is a gap between the availability of reports and the requirements of a trader.

It is a great idea if the broker receives the feedback from its client on the Angel broking back office platform and apply it accordingly. In general, it is worth using when it comes to getting all backend details of a trading account.

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