Upcoming IPOs

List of Upcoming IPOs

An IPO or an Initial Public Offer is the first sale of the shares of a company. It is the first step taken by a private company to go public and raise funds through public. Investors can apply for an IPO by filling an IPO Application Form which is usually available with the stockbrokers for free.

upcoming ipos

Here is the list of upcoming and old IPOs for the year 2020.

Company NameExchangeOpen DateClose DateLot SizeIssue Price in RsIssue Size in Rs Cr
Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt. Ltd.BSE SME31st Mar, 20209th April, 20206001853.24
Laxmi Goldman House Ltd IPONSE Emerge20th Mar, 20203rd April, 20208000158.28
DJ Mediaprint & Logistics Ltd. IPOBSE SME26th Mar, 202031st Mar, 20206000202.40
Cospower Engineering Ltd. IPOBSE SME17th Mar, 202019th Mar, 20202000512.04
RO Jewels Ltd. IPOBSE SME12th Mar, 202017th Mar, 20203000364.91
SM Auto Stamping Ltd. IPOBSE SME3rd Mar, 20205th Mar, 20208000186.91
SBI Cards and Payment ServicesBSE, NSE2nd Mar, 20205th Mar, 20201975510,354.77
ICL Organic Diary Products Ltd.BSE SME31st Jan, 20207th Feb, 20206000204.08
Chandra Bhagat Pharma Ltd. IPOBSE SME31st Jan, 20206th Feb, 202020005110.20
Tranway Technologies Pvt. Ltd.BSE SME27th Jan, 202029th Jan, 202010000104.24
Madhav Copper Ltd FPONSE Emerge27th Jan, 202030th Jan, 2020120010225.50
Janus Corporation Ltd. IPOBSE SME27th Jan, 202030th Jan, 20203000508.00
HindPrakash Industries Pvt. LtdNSE Emerge15th Jan, 202017th Jan, 202030004011.52
Gian Life Care Ltd. IPOBSE SME31st Dec, 20203rd Jan, 20206000223.12
Vaxtex Cotfab Limited IPONSE Emerge27th Dec, 20203rd Jan, 20206000243.83
Valencia nutrition Ltd. IPOBSE SME23rd Dec, 202027th Dec, 20203000467.23
Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd IPOBSE, NSE18th Dec, 201920th Dec, 201984178500
DC Infotech and CommunicationsNSE Emerge12th Dec, 201918th Dec, 201930004510.80
Ascom Leasing and InvestmentsNSE Emerge26th Nov, 201928th Nov, 20194000306.32
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd.BSE, NSE2nd Dec, 20194th Dec, 201940037750.00
Mangalam Global Enterprise LimitedNSE Emerge15th Nov, 201920th Nov, 201920005121.75
CSB Bank Limited IPOBSE, NSE22nd Nov, 201926th Nov, 201975195409.68
Anuroop Packaging Ltd IPOBSE SME8th Nov, 201913th Nov, 201910000132.64
Gensol Engineering Limited IPOBSE SME30th Sep, 20194th Oct, 201916008317.93
Sona Hi Sona JewellersNSE Emerge30th Sep, 20194th Oct, 201910000104.50
IRCTC Limited IPOBSE, NSE30th Sep, 20193rd Oct, 201940320645.12
Goblin India Limited IPOBSE SME30th Sep, 20194th Oct, 201920005215.20
Vishwaraj Sugar Industries Ltd.BSE, NSE30th Sep, 20194th Oct, 20192406060.00
Galactico Corporate Service Ltd.BSE SME24th Sep, 201927th Sep, 20196000233.70
Misguita Engineering Ltd. IPOBSE SME23rd Sep, 201925th Sep, 20194000271.93
Shiv Aum Steel Ltd. IPONSE Emerge19th Sep, 201923rd Sep, 201930004415.84
Novateor Research LaboratoriesBSE SME30th Aug, 20194th Sep, 20196000244.49
Salasar Exteriors and Contour LtdNSE Emerge28th Aug, 20193rd Sep, 20193000368.50
Transpact Enterprise Ltd. IPOBSE SME26th Aug, 201928th Aug, 201910001301.35
Alphalogic Techsys Ltd. IPOBSE SME26th Aug, 201928th Aug, 20191600846.18
Sterling and Wilson Solar Ltd. IPOBSE, NSE6th Aug, 20198th Aug, 2019197803145.16
Spandana Sphoorty Financial Ltd.BSE, NSE5th Aug, 20197th Aug, 2019178561202.34

Terms Related IPO

Exchange: It is the stock exchange where the IPO shares are proposed to be listed by the issuing company. The Mainline IPOs are listed on the BSE and NSE, the SME IPOs are listed on NSE Emerge, and on BSE SME platform of the respective exchanges.

Lot Size: It is the minimum count of the shares that an investor can apply for in an IPO. For instance, if the lot size of the IPO is 300 shares the investors can bid only for 300 shares.

IPO Open Date: IPO open date is the date of opening of the IPO bidding process.

IPO Close Date: IPO Close Date is the data of closing of the IPO Bidding Process.

Issue Price: It is the price per equity share. There are two types of IPOs namely, a Book Building IPO and a Fixed Price IPO. Book Building IPOs are the ones that come with a price range say Rs.150 to Rs.175 and the investors applying for the IPO are required to bid within the price range. A fixed price IPO comes with a fixed equity price available for bidding by the investors.

Issue Size: It is the total monetary value of the IPO. Issue size is the product of number of shares the company is issuing and the issue price per share at which it is being offered to the public.