Upcoming IPO of 2021 – List of Current IPOs & Upcoming IPO in India

The craze to invest in IPOs among investors has been touching a new high and this is why traders and investors eagerly wait for popular IPOs. And the best way to do so is to keep a close watch on the upcoming IPO that carry high growth potential.

Upcoming IPOs refer to those IPOs whose release date has been confirmed by SEBI. On this page, you can browse through all the upcoming IPO in India. These companies raise IPOs for many reasons like to accrue working capital, acquisition, debt repayment among others.

upcoming ipos


List of Upcoming IPO in 2021 – Top 10 Upcoming IPOs in India

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.)  Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
Paytm (One 97 Com. Ltd) 16600 Cr Upcoming October-2021
Adani Wilmar IPO 4500 Cr Upcoming October-2021
Kotyark Industries Ltd IPO 11.26 Cr 51 21-October-2021
D.K. Enterprises Global Ltd IPO 7.99 Cr 40 7-Oct-2021
CWD Limited  IPO 18.01 Cr 180 30-Sept-2021
Adishakti Loha & Ispat Limited IPO 2 Cr 11 30-Sept-2021
Bombay Metrics Supply Chain Ltd IPO 4.29 Cr 93 30-Sept-2021
Samor Reality Ltd IPO 8.06 Cr 62 30-Sept-2021
Promax Power Ltd 1.60 Cr 10 30-Sept-2021
Dynamic Services & Security Ltd 24.13 Cr 51 30-Sept-2021
Destiny Logistics & Infra Ltd 5.39 Cr. 20 30-Sept-2021
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Ltd 2768.26 Cr 695-712 29-Sept-2021
Shri Venkatesh Refineries Ltd 11.71 Cr 40 29-Sept-2021
Jainam Ferro Alloys Limited 19.61 Cr 70 28-Sept-2021
Getalong Enterprise Limited 5.18 Cr 69 27-Sept-2021
Paras Defence And Space Technologies 170.78 Cr 165-175 21-Sept-2021
Quadpro ITeS Limited IPO 14.10 Cr 20 20-Sept-2021
SBL Infratech Limited IPO 2.37 Cr 111 16-Sept-2021
Markolines Traffic Controls Limited 40 Cr 78 15-Sept-2021
Prevest Denpro Limited IPO 26.61 Cr 82-84 15-Sept-2021
Sansera Engineering Limited IPO 1282.98 Cr 734-744 14-Sept-2021
Platinumone Business Services Ltd 3.89 Cr 92 02-Sept-2021
BEW Engineering Limited IPO 3.97 Cr 58 02-Sept-2021
Bajaj Energy IPO 5450 Cr. NA Upcoming
LIC IPO 80000 Cr. NA Upcoming

What is an IPO?

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first time a company issues shares to the public. This is the time when a company decides to go ‘public’.

In other terms, a company that was privately-owned until then turns into a publicly-traded company.

Before the release of any upcoming IPO in India, a company has a very lesser number of shareholders. This includes the owners, angel investors, and venture capitalists. But after the release of the IPO, the company makes its shares available for sale to the public. Investors can buy company’s shares directly from the company and become a shareholder.

Reasons to go public

To raise capital for growth and development

Every business requires money to expand its processes, launch new products, or clear running debts. Going public is a wonderful option to gain this much-required capital for a business.

Enabling owners and previous investors for selling their stake to generate funds

IPO is the best way to exit a company. Venture capitalist sells their stock during an IPO to gain returns and exit from the company.

Increase public awareness

IPOs are proven strategy in the stock market almanac. IPO is considered as the best way for a business to publicize its products & services to new customers of the market.

Process to apply for an IPO

The procedure of a private company releasing its shares to the public is known as IPO (Initial Public Offering). Before the declaration of an upcoming IPO in India, a company is understood as private. Being a private company, the growth is noteworthy but with a comparatively lesser number of shareholders and capital.

The process to apply for any IPO

There are multiple steps that one is supposed to follow so as to get the best returns out of an IPO. These steps are described below:

  • Decision

The first step to follow is to determine which IPO one should invest in. This is usually done by understanding the background and performance of the company releasing an IPO. For new investors, it may be a bit complex but overall, the process is quite easy for existing investors. Once the determination of the IPO is done, one should move to the next step, which is funding.

  • Funding

Once a person decides the one upcoming IPO in India he or she should invest in, the next thing to do is to arrange the funds for investment. The source of funds can be anything from a person’s savings to borrowed money. Some investors even choose to take loans from banks to fund their IPO investment.

  • Opening a Demat-cum-trading account

It is a mandatory thing in any IPO application. The main objective of opening a Demat account is to ensure seamless storage of the purchased stocks in electronic format. On the other hand, a trading account helps investors in carrying out various transactions in the stock market. So before looking any upcoming IPOs in India, first open demat and trading account.

  • Submitting Application

When it comes to applying for an IPO, an investor can apply either through his bank account or trading account. Some stock brokers allow investors to club their Demat, trading, and savings bank account.

Once an investor is ready with his demat-cum-trading account, the next thing to do is to get familiar with the Application Supported by Blocked Account (ASBA) feature. It is obligatory for every IPO applicant. The ASBA simply refers to an application that allows the banks to lock funds in the applicant’s bank account.

  • Bidding

Bidding is an important step in any IPO application process. It is done on the basis of the size of the lot mentioned in the company’s prospectus. Here, the term size can denote to the minimum number of shares that an investor can apply for an upcoming IPO in India 2021.

A price band is fixed and the investors are supposed to bid within the same. Although an investor can revise his bid during an IPO, it should be kept in mind  that he needs to lock the required funds while bidding. Meanwhile, the locked funds in the banks accrues interest until the process of IPO allotment is started.

  • IPO Allotment

Mostly, the demand for the shares released under an IPO can go beyond the actual number of stocks discharged in the secondary market. The scenarios are quite common where one can get a fewer number of shares than what he had asked for. In such scenarios, the banks crack the arrested funds either partially or completely.

However, if an investor is lucky enough to receive a full allotment, he would also get a CAN allotment of shares is done, the same get credited to the respective demat account.

After the aforesaid steps are followed precisely, the investor will need to wait for the listings of the stocks in the share market. It is usually done within seven days after the shares are decided.

Large CAP IPOs of 2021 – Large Worth Upcoming IPOs 2021

Large Cap IPOs are those IPOs that have issue size of more than 500 Cr.

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.) Issue Date
LIC IPO Upcoming N/A Upcoming
Bajaj Energy IPO Upcoming N/A Upcoming
Aditya Birla AMC Upcoming N/A Upcoming
Go Air IPO 3600 Cr. N/A Upcoming
PayTM IPO 3000 Cr. N/A Upcoming
PolicyBazar IPO 6017.5 Cr. N/A Upcoming
Mobikwik IPO Upcoming N/A Upcoming
Nykaa IPO Upcoming N/A Upcoming


FAQs About IPOs

Ques- What is a price band?

The price band refers to a range of prices within which investors can bid. The extent between the floor and the cap of the price band should not go beyond 20%. The price band can be reviewed. When analyzed, the bidding period can be protracted for an additional period of three days, given the overall bidding period not going beyond 13 days.

Ques- What is cut-off price?

Cut-off price refers to the price at which investors get the shares allotted. An investor can put the bid for the specific quantity at either equal to or more than the price within the permissible band. This bid price is called “Cut off-price”.

How many types of IPO are there?

According to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), there could be four types of IPOs investors on which investors can bid –

  • Qualified institutional investors (QIIs)
  • Anchor investors
  • Retail investors
  • Non-institutional investors (NII)

Ques- Can I apply multiple applications in the same IPO using the same UPI?

No, only one bank account per IPO application is permitted.

Ques- How to apply in IPO of Zerodha?

Zerodha offers free IPO application service, you can search the term upcoming IPO Zerodha to find out date to apply in company IPO. To apply for upcoming IPO in Zerodha, You just need to follow 3 easy steps.

First –  you have to login into Zerodha Console
Second – You can choose Ipo of your choice
Third – After Ipo selection you will redirected to payment page, for payment you can use your UPI ID or upi enabled app, after that you are done.

Ques- Are there any additional charges for transactions done using BHIM UPI?

Currently, there are no charges for transactions done through UPI. Please get in touch with your respective bank for details of charges, if any.

Ques- Where to find details of upcoming IPOs?

The best way to stay aware of IPOs is to visit www.thebeststockbroker.com where you can a dedicated section having such details. For more details, you can click on the respective IPO and you will be redirected to that Upcoming IPO page.

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