Profit Aim Research Review – Subscription, Services, Recommendations & more

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

ProfitAim is an investment advising firm that is registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) and specialises in providing scientifically supported trading recommendations for stocks and equity traded on the NSE (National Stock Exchange) and the stock market. Through this detail Profit Aim Research Review we will discuss their subscription fee, Services, Stock Tips & more.

For trading bullion, metals, and agricultural commodities traded on the NCDEX (National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange) and MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange) sectors, they offer rapid trading advice and recommendations to assist their consumers. All their offerings are varied and strategically planned to satisfy their clients while ensuring that they make money in the trade industry.

They are aware that the quest for expansion does not rely just on views, thus the firm based all its trade suggestions on in-depth market research conducted by a renowned research team that can identify genuine prospects to win the market. ProfitAim Research guarantees the supply of trustworthy and expert insights, thanks to a staff of highly qualified market researchers that have earned ISO certification.

Customer Ratings

Based on customer feedback, ProfitAim Research Limited’s customer rating include:

Criteria Ratings
Subscription Fees 5.8/10
Short Term Tips 6.2/10
Long Term Tips 6.8/10
Intraday Calls 6.5/10
Services 7.1/10
Overall 6.5/10
Star Ratings ★★★☆☆


Key strengths of ProfitAim Research Limited

  • Reputation: ProfitAim Research has a well-established reputation in the field, which helps draw customers and inspire faith in their offerings. In the very competitive brokerage advice market, a strong track record may be a considerable strength.
  • Professionals team: The company has a staff of informed and skilled individuals with experience in the financial markets, investment analysis, and portfolio management. They can provide clients with insightful information and advice thanks to their knowledge.
  • Research Capabilities: ProfitAim Research offers strong research capabilities that enable them to analyse investment possibilities, market trends, and economic data in-depth. Their analysis assists clients in making wise financial choices and keeping abreast of the most recent market trends.

How to register with this brokerage advisory firm

  1. Go to the ProfitAim Research website: Open a web browser and navigate to the ProfitAim Research website.
  2. Locate the Account Creating Section: On the website, look for a section or button titled “Open an Account” that pertains to creating an account. Look for pertinent connections in the website’s header, footer, or main navigation menu.
  3. Examine the Services and Account Types: Discover the many account kinds that ProfitAim Research offers. They can choose from many types of accounts, including individual, joint, corporate, and specialised accounts. Know the features, services, and investment opportunities that each type of account offers.
  4. Begin the Account Opening Process: Select “Open an Account” to begin the account opening procedure. Clients are then directed to an online application form through this.
  5. Complete the application: The clients must complete the form by providing their names, addresses, phone numbers, financial information, investment goals, and any other pertinent data. Observe the guidelines and deliver the required paperwork.
  6. Examine the Terms and Conditions: The clients must examine the terms and conditions that were offered to them when they opened their accounts. The price schedule, account guidelines, risk disclosures, and any other significant terms and conditions must all be understood by the clients. They will go on to the following action if they accept the terms.
  7. Submit the Application: After filling out the application and reading the terms and conditions, the clients need to click “Submit” or “Continue” to submit their application.
  8. Comply with any further guidelines: There are a few more procedures for authentication or account financing with ProfitAim Research. They demand that their customers show evidence of identity, address, or bank records. Clients are expected to carefully follow their instructions and quickly turn in any required documents.
  9. Funding the Account: The clients will probably need to finance their accounts after the application is accepted. They should receive instructions from ProfitAim Research on how to deposit into their brokerage account. This might entail bank transfers, internet payment methods, or other legal procedures.
  10. Account Activation: ProfitAim Research will activate their client’s account after the account has been financed. They will provide them instructions on how to access their online account and begin utilising their brokerage advice services, or they will give them login information.

The various stock recommendations or tips offered by ProfitAim Research

Equity Segment – If investors want to trade or invest in shares of firms that are listed on various stock market indexes, they should go to the Equity Segment under ProfitAim. They are wisely helped in making the appropriate decisions at the right time by the firm’s research division. Following are a few of the equity plans for the company:

Stock Cash: The company seeks to make 1-2 calls every day under this strategy. The minimum investment that clients may make is $50,000. These segments’ possibilities can provide returns of between 1.5 and 2 lakhs within a month.

Stock Cash Premium: This strategy is more accuracy-driven and involves calling consumers once or twice a day. The required minimum investment is between $80,000 and $1,000,000. These portfolios have the potential to generate enormous earnings each month, ranging from 1.8 lakhs to 2.3 lakhs.

Commodity Segment: The company’s commodities investments department, where clients are introduced to profit to provide advice and in-depth prospect-based study at various levels, is also encouraging. Comparatively less volatile than the equities market, the commodities market has the benefit of recording lucrative profits on investments done at the proper moment with careful guidance from ProfitAim Research. The company’s many plans in the commodities sector include:

  • Base Metal: The Company attempts to place 1-2 calls each day under this strategy. The minimum investment that clients may make is $50,000. These segments’ possibilities can provide returns of between 1.5 and 2 lakhs within a month.
  • Base Metal Super HNI: With a minimum investment of roughly 1.5 lac, this strategy attempts to make the most of prospects by calling consumers three to five times each week. These portfolios have the potential to generate enormous earnings each month, ranging from 1.8 lakhs to 2.3 lakhs.

Other services offered by ProfitAim Research

The company offers top-notch services to customers that trade in commodities and stocks. Customers are also entitled to the following benefits with correct advice:

  • Daily or weekly newsletters.
    • The most recent market news and other information about investments.
    • Constant contact and interaction via SMS and social media.

ProfitAim Research Subscription Fees

The following table shows the charges and subscription costs for availing of ProfitAim’s services.

Investment Segment Service Category Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly
Equity Stock Cash Rs 7,000 Rs 18,000 Rs 31,000 Rs 55,000
Stock Cash Premium Rs 9,000 Rs 25,000 Rs 45,000 Rs 81,000
Stock Cash Super HNI Rs 15,000 Rs 39,000 Rs 71,000 Rs 1,25,000
Index Option Rs 15,000 Rs 39,000 Rs 71,000 Rs 1,25,000
Stock Future Rs 8,000 Rs 21,000 Rs 38,000 Rs 70,000
Stock Future Premium Rs 15,000 Rs 30,000 Rs 55,000 Rs 1,00,000
Commodity Base Metal Rs 9,000 Rs 18,000 Rs 31,000 Rs 55,000
Base Metal Super HNI Rs 15,000 Rs 39,000 Rs 71,000 Rs 1,25,000
Bullion Rs 11,000 Rs 25,000 Rs 45,000 Rs 81,000
Bullion Super HNI Rs 25,000 Rs 50,000 Rs 91,000 Rs 1,75,000
Energy Rs 7,000 Rs 18,000 Rs 31,000 Rs 55,000


Pros and Cons of ProfitAim Research


  • Market Expansion: ProfitAim Research may be able to extend its business by investigating new markets or providing services in new areas. They might be able to broaden their clientele and grow their market share by entering new markets or concentrating on specialist areas.
  • Fees: As a brokerage advising company, ProfitAim Research is renowned for having a broad and reasonable pricing range for its exceptional services in several areas.


  • Technological Developments: The company may have a lot of opportunities if it embraces and uses technology well. ProfitAim Research lacks a mobile app, which is essential in today’s technologically sophisticated times.
  • No research in the Currency segment: A big part of customer expansion and retention might come from currency trading. Customers may look for alternate businesses to handle their currency trading needs if they are unable to acquire currency-related services through their current brokerage advice firm.
  • Competition: Numerous companies are fighting for clients in the competitive brokerage advising sector. The market position of ProfitAim Research may be threatened by rivals with more financial resources, well-known brands, or lower prices. By highlighting its distinctive qualities and providing outstanding customer service, the company has to set itself apart.

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The greatest option for those looking to generate tiny profits with planned and progressive expenditures that can be universally increased once clients have built up a respectable level of trust and an awareness of marketing intricacies is ProfitAim research.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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