Arihant Capital Franchise / Partner / Sub Broker Review

In 1992, Ashok Kumar Jain established the reputable, full-service business Arihant Capital Franchise in Mumbai. The sub-broker code requires 33 days to activate. However, in contrast to that, the payment process takes 31 days.

The Arihant Capital Sub-Broker requires a minimum investment of Rs 50,000. Additionally, the maximum fee for the investment is Rs. 100,000. The traders will also receive income sharing, which ranges from 60% to 70% and is extremely fulfilling. We can all see why the company has been in the market for so long. One of the key components of the company’s ongoing growth is its network of clients and business partners, which is essential to both the company’s success and the success of the sector as a whole.

With this company, opening a sub-broker account is simple and can be done online with just the submission of the Aadhar card. After this is finished, the sub-broker will get suggestions, in-depth share market analysis, and trading advice. Given that this stockbroking business has higher-than-average brokerage fees, clients must be aware of how the firm might sell off its services.

Before selecting to partner with the Arihant Capital Franchise, you should be aware of its numerous facets, including the initial investment required, the revenue sharing ratio, the training that the company offers its employees, management assistance, advantages, and drawbacks…

Arihant Capital Business models:

Arihant Capital provides a variety of business models to prospective clients, including:

1.Arihant Capital Franchise or the sub-broker model:

Also known as the authorized person, a sub-broker. This is an excellent business plan for you if you are a businessman by trade and have a respectable clientele. To conduct company operations, you must set up an office with all the required tools. With this approach, there will be a certain upfront cost. It is entirely up to you where you decide to set up your office, however, a busy place in the city centre would work nicely. Aside from the clients, you have secured exclusively, all of the clients in your area will be affiliated with you.

2.Arihant Capital In-house sub-broker model:

You can choose this type if you can work independently even without an office setup. But to do this, you need a substantial network. To make placing orders simple, you will be connected to a dealer based on the volume of brokerage produced.

3.Arihant Capital Joint Venture model:

In some circumstances, a person who is already a partner of another stockbroking firm can choose to join Arihant Capital to receive financial help for opening an office. The joint venture approach is ideal in this situation. You will learn about the initial investment requirements for this at the appointment with the sub-broker. During this conventional collaboration, you may employ your company plan and put it into practice.

4.Arihant Capital Independent Financial advisor

For someone who is hesitant to form his team and prefers to work individually, this strategy is appropriate. A benefit of this sales-oriented company strategy is that it has a strong clientele network. Contrary to the other business concepts, this one does not require an upfront financial investment.

Arihant Capital Sub Broker or Arihant Capital Authorized Person

Arihant Capital’s sub-brokers are eligible to get a cut of the revenue they bring in. Your security deposit with the company serves as the foundation for determining your revenue share. To make money, the sub-brokers must develop the clientele to which the products of Arihant Capital will be promoted and offered for sale.

The sub-broker business model is extremely competitive because there are many sub-brokers from the same company and others working in the same area who are vying for the same clients. Therefore, the better products you offer and the advice you provide, the higher the likelihood that the client will add you to their list.


There are different benefits of becoming a sub-broker of Arihant Capital and some of the crucial points are here –

  • Arihant Capital offers a wide range of investment plans, goods, and services to its clients, and the sub-brokers may present each one individually. The assortment of goods will accommodate various sorts of client investment perspectives, which opens the door for the sub-broker to attract additional clients.
  • The second benefit a sub-broker of Arihant Capital receives is the right to a portion of income; as a result, the more revenue they create, the more they may make. Additionally, compared to many brokerage companies, the revenue share portion is larger.
  • There is no requirement for you to maintain a bigger security deposit than the one the company requires, which is comparable to the market. You can maintain the minimum, or if you wish to generate more income, maintain the maximum.
  • The reputation and expertise of the company also have a significant influence on the lives of the sub-brokers. The three decades of goodwill built up by the company can be cashed in by the sub-brokers. They can get clients as a result of this without any planning.
  • The extensive network of Arihant Capital is another advantage for the sub-brokers. The sub-brokers have the opportunity to deal with many clients and receive numerous referrals from this network exclusively.
  • The company offers a variety of services and assistance to the sub-brokers, including product training, dealing and acquisition training, back office support, marketing help, and other services. This enables the sub-brokers businesses to expand effectively and in the appropriate direction.

Arihant Capital Partner Revenue Sharing or Arihant Capital Sub Broker Commission

As was already indicated, the revenue share is based on the security deposit. The company contributes at least 60% of the revenue, which is greater than the majority of businesses in the sector. The company can split up to 70% of its revenue with its sub-brokers. Although the range is limited, the minimum revenue is excessively large when compared to the required minimum for security deposits and the market.

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