Arihant Capital Franchise / Partner / Sub Broker Review

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

Setup in 1992, Arihant Capital is a full-service stockbroker in India and works with an aim to empower power by enabling easy and seamless trading in stocks. Apart from offering outstanding stock trading products & services to its clients, the full-service stockbroker also offers excellent growth opportunity to aspiring individuals and institutions that want to make it big in the field of stock broking. If you are among them, here is an Arihant Capital franchise review that would help you understand whether it is worth to choose this opportunity or not. 

Backed by 29 years of rich expertise, Arihant Capital has come a long way in stockbroking domain. Its cutting-edge trading services helped the stockbroker build and maintain a clientele or over 2 lakh clients who always rely on Arihant Capital for their financial needs. In addition, more than 1000 corporates and 100+ institutions look toward Arihant when it comes to managing their wealth. They include banks, insurance firms, mutual fund companies and others. 

Arihant Capital has been serving a large number of clients in over 200 cities through 900+ Arihant investment centers spread across the country. The new-age, value-based stock trading products & services by Arihant Capital make it a popular stock broker in India. Those who choose to join hands with Arihant Capital can say yes to wonderful growth opportunities by earning attractive commission against the sale of stockbroker’s products & services. 

About Arihant Capital Franchise

Arihant Capital Franchise is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs who can choose to offer their valuable clients a perfect mix of innovative technology and established research to generate wealth. The broker’s advanced trading platform enables its clients to determine profitable investment opportunities, monitor their investments, and make quick and smart financial decisions effectively. In addition, Arihant also organizes investment seminars and webinars to keep its clients on top of the financial landscape. 

Arihant Capital Franchise – Snapshot

Company type Public
Broker type Full Service Broker
Headquartered in Mumbai, India
Founded Ashok Kumar Jain
Year of establishment 1992
Days required for SB Code Activation 33 Days
Days/weeks for Payout 31 Days


The best part of Arihant Capital franchise is the all-round support provided by the stockbroker to its partners that makes it simpler and faster for them to grab more clients, sell their products, and make lucrative earnings. It is an awesome revenue-generating opportunity that allows investors to ensure a steady source of income for longer periods. 

Benefits of Arihant Capital Franchise

Below are some of the most sought-after benefits of joining the Arihant Capital franchise program:

Easy to attract and engage clients – Work effortlessly with your clients and their offspring on anything from traditional money management to algo trading and robust trading platforms.

Extended Support and Tools for Business – Unparalleled assistance and ongoing training to expand your business and keep customers for the long haul.

Wide range of products – From mutual funds to commodities, IPOs, and others, browse through a wide range of offers to sell.

Awesome Support – The registered business partners may contact the customer support team, which is skilled at offering solutions, if they require specialized assistance with fund transfers, withdrawals, re-KYC, or other problems.

Insightful Research – The top analysts of the research division must offer both good advice and research help to the clients, who are continuously in need of both. Nirmal Bang has a specialised crew that communicates all partners with advice, whether they are technical or basic.

Arihant Capital Franchise – Business Models

There is a total of four business models available under Arihant Franchise program. They are:

  1. Business partner
  2. In-house business partner
  3. Joint venture
  4. Independent financial advisor (IFA)


  • Business partner

A sub-broker is sometimes referred to as the authorized person. If you are a businessman by profession and have a good customer, this is a great business strategy for you. You must set up an office with all the necessary equipment in order to undertake business activities. There will be a certain up-front expense with this strategy. The location of your workplace is totally up to you, however a bustling area in the city center would be ideal. All of the clients in your region, except from those you have exclusively acquired, will be connected to you.

  • In-house Business Partner

If you an individual with excellent networking skills and want to work on your own without getting into the hassle of establishing your own infrastructure, you can choose to become an in-house business partner with Arihant Capital. This way, you can kick off your own venture in financial services

All the partner has to do is get people to make purchases from the website. The candidate should be extremely self-assured, knowledgeable about the stock market, and convincing.

  • Joint Venture

A person who is a partner at another stockbroking company may in some cases decide to join Arihant Capital in order to acquire funding for creating an office. In this case, the joint venture strategy is the best option. At the meeting with the sub-broker, you’ll find out what the upfront investment needs are for this. You may use and put into practice your business strategy throughout this typical partnership.

  • Independent Financial Advisor (IFA)

This business model is suitable for someone who wants to work alone and is hesitant to create a team. The fact that this sales-focused business approach has a strong customer network is one of its advantages. This company concept does not need an initial financial commitment, in contrast to the other business concepts.

Arihant Capital Franchise – Infrastructure Requirement

Any business organization must have the proper infrastructure in place to be successful, and an Arihant Capital franchise program requires you to have this infrastructure set up. There are several factors that require your concentrated attention, from having a suitable workplace space to having a functional internet connection. 

  • An office space of 100-200 sq ft.
  • Air conditioning (not compulsory)
  • Working internet connection and computer terminals
  • Compulsory telephone connectivity
  • 200-300 sq. ft office space
  • Minimum 2 employees for tele-calling, docs and other miscellaneous activities.
  • Research facility
  • Trading terminals setup

Arihant Capital Franchise – Revenue Sharing Charges

A brokerage firm’s foundation is made up of sub-brokers. They actively participate in daily basis activities, starting with client acquisition and ending with activation. As a consequence, businesses like Arihant Capital lavishly compensate them. Sub-brokers of Arihant might earn up to 70% of income for a little investment of 25,000.

In contrast, stock brokers only receive up to 30% of the profits. Sub-brokers would therefore be able to pocket 37% of the earnings after all costs. The partner commission program at Arihant Capital is similarly effective; it provides a 50% flat revenue share with a $5,000 initial investment.

Type of Partner Revenue Sharing
Sub-broker 60-70%
Partner Flat 50%
Referral 20% + Rs.2000 Gift Voucher per new Client


Arihant Capital Franchise – Brokerage Charges

Arihant Capital authorized person charges 0.03% for the equities intraday trading. The stock options are charged at a rate of INR 10 per lot, which is relatively cheaper when compared to market prices. 

For currency choices, they charge INR 10 per lot, which is also rather reasonable when compared to the prices offered by competitors. For commodities, currency futures, and stock futures, Nirmal Bang Partner charges either 0.02%.

Equity Intraday Charges 0.03%
Equity Delivery Charges 0.03%
Equity Options Rs. 10 per lot
Currency Options Rs. 10 per lot
Equity Futures 0.02% 
Currency Futures 0.02% 
Commodity NA


Arihant Capital Franchise – Deposit Requirement

Type of Partner Deposit Required
Sub-broker Rs.50K – 1,00,000
Partner NA
Referral NA


The Conclusion

Being of the leading full-service stockbrokers in India, Arihant Capital offers a host of investment and trading products & services to its clients. This is what makes its franchise program a great success as its partners find it easy to sell its products to their clients. 

Due to detailed product training, lucrative revenue sharing model, and innovative technology, Arihant Capital’s franchise program is a mutually beneficial opportunity that can changes your fortune like never before. According to this Arihant Franchise review, there are several reasons to become a partner with Arihant Capital like detailed research and guidance, steadfast trading platforms, innovative mobile app, value-centric products & services, flexible revenue-sharing model, and zero investment plans. 


Does Arihant Capital has a plan for authorized person?

Yes, Arihant Capital has an authorized person business model which is meant to help individuals become a part of the broker and sell its products & services against a certain commission. 

What are the referral agents for Arihant Capital?

Anyone may join the referral program and get a big return on a small investment.

The person must have a strong network, or they must create a sales funnel employing friends, family, and social media networks. Referral brokers can earn 2,000 gift cards for each referral.

Is it safe to partner with Arihant Capital?

Yes, due to a strong physical presence, unmatched exposure to technology and next-gen products, you can confidently join hands with Arihant Capital.

How much can one earn after taking an Arihant Capital Partner or Dealership?

The earning potential under this program largely depends on an individual’s specific performance and market parameters. Partners tend to make a flat 50% of revenue, whereas sub-broker’s revenue earning can grow up to 70%.

I don’t have any experience in stock broking. Can I become a partner with Arihant Capital?

Yes, Arihant Capital franchise program is very simple to embrace and even an inexperienced person can choose to become a successful partner and earn lucrative commission under this program.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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