Samco Franchise Review

Last updated on September 28, 2022

SAMCO Franchise Review


The SAMCO Franchise and SAMCO Referral Program are two new business models introduced by SAMCO. Learn more about SAMCO Securities’ Sub Broker Program, including how it compares to comparable initiatives from other firms, the services made available to sub brokers, profit margins, and more, in this in-depth analysis. If you plan on becoming a Sub broker for SAMCO, you will find all the information you need, as well as the answers to most of your queries.

One of the numerous relatively new Stock Brokers to achieve rapid success in the Share Industry is SAMCO Ventures Pvt Ltd. After only three years in business, the brokerage firm has become well-known among investors as a result of its acquisition of Samridhhi Stock Brokers Ltd in 1993.

SAMCO Securities Franchise: A Brief Overview

Samriddhi Stock Brokers was the company’s name until it was bought by SAMCO Securities in 1993 and renamed by its founder, Jimenez Modi.

The company provides discount brokerage and depository services.

The primary goal is to provide simpler and quicker trading solutions to encourage more people to become involved in trading.

They are responsible for yet another original development in the Stock Broking sector with the creation of the Indian Trade League.

SAMCO Securities is a member of the BSE, NSE, and MCX-SX as well as a participant in the Depository Services of the CDSL. The company provides trading and depository services over a wide variety of exchanges simultaneously.

Ultimately, they hope to make trading accessible to the public by eliminating any and all difficulties traders currently face and replacing them with easy-to-use alternatives.

As a discount broker, they are able to provide attractive programs to consumers at rock-bottom pricing, making trading possible for more people.

Finding the best sub brokers in India is a huge market. In order to better inform yourself about these sub-brokers and the services they provide and make trade-related decisions.

Types of SAMCO Franchise Business Models

Referral Business Model

Methodology for Franchising or Referral Sales at SAMCO Securities
Sub Brokers at Samco Securities operate on the company’s sole franchise model, the Referral Model, which allows anybody to sign up and begin recommending clients. Once a trader has joined SAMCO, he is free to start suggesting his own network of friends and family.

With SAMCO Securities’ Referral program, you have the chance to start a lucrative career that may last a lifetime.

For every person you suggest, you’ll receive 20 free credits, also known as 20 Free Trades, that may be used right away to trade. When the person you mentioned joins, not only do you but he as well, receive 20 free trades.

If he hasn’t been actively trading before, this gives him a great opportunity to begin doing so. In addition, anytime a recommendation you make does trade with SAMCO, you will receive 10% of the brokerage share.

Until you officially part ways with SAMCO, this is your best chance at a massive income and a steady stream of cash flow for the rest of your life.

Even if you stop actively trading, you can still receive commissions from referrals as long as they continue to trade and refer business to SAMCO.

Advantages of SAMCO’s Franchise and Referral Program

  • One of the best ways to get money is through their incredible referral program.
  • No Opening Fees or Monthly Minimums Free Security Deposits
  • Ability to trade with many markets

Compensation Plan for SAMCO Associates

SAMCO Securities has a consistent revenue split because of its Referral Program for its Franchise. Incredible potential for financial gain, both immediately and over the course of one’s working life.

Suppose you only referred ten people; you’d earn 20 tens of dollars in free transactions. Furthermore, whenever they make an online trade, you will receive 10% of their brokerage amount.

The revenue model agreed upon with SAMCO is as follows. The goal is to have as many of your referrals sign up for an account and then trade with you as possible.

You may either try to rack up as many referrals as possible in the first few months after joining SAMCO, or you can add one or two each month.

SAMCO Franchise Cost or Security Deposit

SAMCO Securities’ Referral Business Model means that there is no required initial Security Deposit or Standby amount for enrollment in the Sub Broker program.

You may create a trading account and a demat account at no cost to you. Get started trading with SAMCO by signing up for an account now.

Franchise Opportunities & Sub-Brokerage from SAMCO

SAMCO Securities provides its Sub Brokers with a variety of incentives to encourage them to make the most of their partnership.

  • Clients of the Broking firm can open Trading and Demat accounts at no cost. Therefore, there is no cost to become a member.
  • You may establish an account in a matter of minutes by following a few simple steps. Your Know Your Customer papers can also be submitted electronically.
  • In addition to offering leverage of up to 4X, this bargain broker allows traders to make trades with no minimum amount in their trading account. SAMCO Cash plus is a service that allows you to invest up to four times the amount of cash you now have in your trading account. This is akin to an overdraft account at a bank that the firm opens for you so that you may make transactions.
  • Brokerage rates are very minimal, starting at just Rs. 20 each trade no matter the size of the transaction. A large number of potential clients might be attracted to SAMCO by offering such low brokerage fees.
  • As an added bonus, their powerful online trading tools are a pleasure to use. When doing business with them, you can expect nothing but utter convenience and happiness. They also provide ease and simplicity in handling referrals and trading transactions with their vast dashboards.

Franchise Eligibility Requirements for SAMCO Securities

Every stock broker will have certain requirements for their Franchise or Sub Broker, some of which are as follows.

  • Anyone applying must be at least 18 years old.
  • Should have at least three years of relevant work experience, ideally in stock broking.
  • Must be a SEBI-registered Sub Broker
  • It would be beneficial for their relationship with SAMCO if they had a dependable company with a solid clientele.
  • Some brokers want a certain level of quality at their office since they also interact with clients, but SAMCO is not picky about this. They are not strict about you having an office or meeting with clients in person.

How to become SAMCO Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

Additionally, opening a franchise with SAMCO Securities is a simple process. Opening a Demat Account and a Trading Account is all that is required to get started.

Get your friends and relatives to sign up as traders with SAMCO and you’ll both benefit from free trades and a share of their brokerage fees when they make transactions.

Unlike other stock brokers, SAMCO does not need clients to go through a verification procedure or interaction session with the business development team. In this context, you are not expected to provide service to your references, but rather to grow your reference base.

SAMCO’s own staff will handle all client service and management.

Why Partner with SAMCO Securities?

SAMCO Securities is the greatest in the industry, and there are a plethora of reasons why you should work there. Let’s have a look at a few causes:

  1. Since they are cheap brokers, their minimum trading commission is only Rs 20. Regardless of the volume of transactions, they provide the market’s lowest brokerage fees overall.
  2. Even if you don’t have a ton of cash on hand, you may still make trades thanks to a leverage of up to four times your Cash balance.
  3. You may also have a “Zero Balance” account with them, which means you won’t have to worry about keeping large sums of money in there.
  4. Providing cutting-edge functionality, their trading tools are genuinely cutting-edge. They’re accessible from any device with an internet connection, including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. These resources eliminate the necessity for maintaining several user accounts in order to have access to different market verticals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a SAMCO Franchise

What are the main benefits and drawbacks of being a SAMCO franchisee?

  • The potential benefits of revenue-sharing arrangements are substantial.
  •  Incorporating a Franchise with No Money Down and a Solid Reputation in the Market


  • Limited trading products
  • The business model isn’t diversified

Brokerage Fees paid by SAMCO Partners’ Customers

The topic of brokerage fees is essential reading for any newcomer thinking about signing up with a broker. Reduced customer numbers may result from excessive brokerage fees.

Thankfully, SAMCO is familiar with customer preferences and provides booking services at competitive rates. All equity share day trades incur a 0.2% or Rs 20 fee from the broker.

In a similar vein, the broker adds a 2% fee to any equities delivery service. Exchange-traded, commodity-based, and stock-based options all have the same fee structure.

The Final Word on the SAMCO Franchise

There are a few glaring numbers that stand out after going over the SAMCO Franchise manual. For those looking for a low-risk entry into business partnerships, the broker is a good option.

You can secure a reliable source of income for the rest of your life if you have a sizable clientele or are connected to an audience that is receptive to what you have to say and is likely to convert to SAMCO customers.

Gaining half of SAMCO’s total revenue from a single client is a breeze.

SAMCO Partner Program FAQs

1.Ques: What kind of Marketing support does SAMCO Securities provide?

Ans: Posters, banners, and booklets are just some of the stationary items they aid with. Many seminars are held to raise public consciousness as well.

2.Ques: What are the benefits of adding someone as a referral to your account?

Ans: When you invite a friend to join, you’ll both earn 20 free transactions. In addition, you will receive 10% of the Brokerage share that the individual produces everytime he trades with SAMCO, forever. So, this is a source of revenue that will continue forever.

3.Ques: Does SAMCO have Sub Broker Model?

Ans: However, SAMCO, a stock broker, does not provide a sub-broker arrangement. Since they operate only online as a bargain broker, they have no need for sub-brokers. On the other side, they supply the Referral business model.

4.Ques: Does SAMCO have multiple Franchise models?

Ans: This brokerage does not provide any other franchising business models than the referral model. According to the company’s policies, this model is available to customers. This page contains all the information you need to verify the model.

5.Ques: What is SAMCO Sub Broker Commission?

Ans: No such information exists since the stock brokerage firm does not give the model. The franchise industry offers just one business model, the referral business model, to its customers.

6.Ques: How much does SAMCO Franchise Cost?

Ans: All investors are given only the Referral franchise’s business strategy to follow. According to the publicly available information and the guidelines established by stock brokerage company SAMCO, the willing user of the model is not obligated to pay any cost.

7.Ques: What kind of a Partner Program does SAMCO offer?

Ans: The remisier model describes a situation in which a stock broker provides no services to their clients as a business partner.

However, the company’s clients can choose the Referral Program model and get paid a commission for bringing in new customers.

8.Ques: What is SAMCO Partners Sharing?

Ans: No partner example was given by the stock broker. Their sole offered model is the Referral Business Model. This franchise business plan guarantees a fee of 10% and provides an extra 20 free transactions as a benefit.

9.Ques: Is SAMCO Partner Program Free?

Ans: Although the organization does not provide the Remisier or partner model, they do offer the Referral Business model at no cost to its customers. Nothing will be given to SAMCO in the form of an investment fee or a starting capital contribution.

10.Ques: Does SAMCO offer training aid?

Ans: The suggested model for investment or company eliminates the requirement for training support by having the business owner only direct prospective clients to the investors. If you need further assistance, you can always reach out to the support team.

11.Ques: How to Become SAMCO Sub Broker?

Ans: Select the “Become Sub Broker” link at the bottom of this page to get started. When you select it, a new window will open up prompting you to provide some information. The firm will call you for follow-up questions and conversation.

12.Ques: Does SAMCO Franchise provide Support?

Ans: The single option, the Referral Business model, does not need any initial office or infrastructure investments. Since this account is of little significance to the stock broker, they will not give any assistance with it. However, administrative and client services assistance will be offered.

13.Ques: Does Samco’s sub-broker make a profit?

Ans: When referring clients to SAMCO, sub-brokers are eligible for a 50% lifetime commission. Being a broker member is completely risk-free, and the rewards are substantial.

14.Ques: Does anyone know how much money a sub-broker in India makes for Samco?

Ans: Those who work as SAMCO brokers in India have the potential to make unlimited income. More important is the calibre of the customer. Earn 50% of any additional income generated by clients you refer to SAMCO until that client cancels their account with us.

15.Ques: Who is the most suitable franchise broker?

Ans: You may earn a lifetime commission of 50% per customer with no initial investment required, making SAMCO one of the greatest franchise systems available today.

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