Sharekhan Franchise / Sub Broker / Authorized Person / Partner Review

By TBS Team | May 18, 2024

Sharekhan Franchise has around 3000 sub-brokers in India, making it one of the major distributors of Stock Broking franchises in the country.

Sharekhan Sub Broker Offers, Sharekhan Franchise Commission Sharing, Cost, and Other Key Elements of the Sharekhan Authorized Person Program Will Be Analyzed in Detail in This Article.

About Sharekhan Franchise

Sharekhan, which has been around for 16 years, is consistently ranked as one of the best stock brokers in the industry.

Sharekhan FranchiseIt has built a solid reputation over the years, making it a popular choice among those seeking a sub-broker or franchise opportunity.

Sharekhan’s sub-brokers offer their clients access to the full range of the company’s products and services, including stocks, options, futures, futures contracts, commodities, currencies, mutual funds, initial public offerings, investment and savings packages, portfolio management services, and more.

Sharekhan values the opportunities for expansion that its sub-broker network provides, and as a result, the company has been actively pushing the sub-broker channel.

Additionally, it has introduced a number of business association models tailored to specific demographics’ risk and return preferences.

Sharekhan provides its business partners with a variety of resources, including educational programs and discounts, to aid in the expansion of their own enterprises.

More than 580 different cities are serviced by Sharekhan’s network of sub-brokers, which numbers in the thousands.

Please read on to learn about the qualifying conditions, revenue sharing, investment minimums, and offers that go along with Sharekhan’s various sub-broker models.

According to recent market reports, Sub Brokers are being transformed into Authorized Persons in accordance with SEBI regulations.

Sharekhan Authorized Persons will continue to perform the same functions and duties as Sub Brokers, but the registration procedure will shift.

Instead of registering with SEBI, they will do so with exchanges. The Authorized Person’s name will be used for all new registrations, but otherwise the system will function in the same way as a sub-broker system.

Types of Sharekhan Partnership Association

There are two types of Sharekhan Franchise association:

  • Sub Brokers / Power Brokers
  • Independent Financial Advisors or IAF

Sharekhan Authorized Person, Sharekhan Power Broker, or Sharekhan Sub Broker.

In order to succeed with this method, a solid infrastructure is required. Authorized Persons, such as a broker, sub-broker, or power broker, can solicit and service customers who conduct online trading on their own.

Sharekhan provides its customers with a wide range of adaptable and individualized service alternatives in accordance with this concept. Assigns a single point of contact for Equity sales, Risk Monitoring, and Operations questions.

Sharekhan handles everything related to the technology, service, and marketing.

This process also certifies that these institutions are well-versed on the many Sharekhan tools, platforms, and services available to them.

In order to better serve their vast clientele, brokers are periodically informed of the most pertinent share market news and projections.

In order to expand the business and make things work out well for both the broker and the franchiser, they will need help from the franchiser in the form of marketing. In order to raise awareness of the company, it organizes events and activities for its clientele.

Benefits of Sharekhan Authorized Person or Power Broker

  • Permits tailoring of offerings to the specific needs of affluent customers
  • The practice of hiring customer service specialists
  • By designating specialized relationship managers, sales, risks, and operations can be closely tracked and continuously improved.
  • Provides a variety of options in addition to individualized services
  • High-capacity data transfer for a busy service.

Independent Financial Advisor Sharekhan (IFA)

The mutual fund industry and related product categories are the only ones that this approach may be used to. Investment adviser is a key role in this strategy, thus it’s important to choose someone who fits that description.

For applicants who want to focus only on mutual funds and related products, this is the ideal company structure.

The Value of Sharekhan’s Independent Financial Advisor

  • Specificity to the Product
  • Relationship managers available to help with both strategic and practical questions
  • facilitates tailored options for the ultra-rich

Commissions for Sub-Brokers and Sharekhan Partners

Sharekhan’s revenue sharing approach is flexible and compensates its sub-brokers according on their success. In addition, the range of possible commissions for the activities carried out and the risks taken varies considerably between company models.

The compensation for each broker fluctuates based on criteria such as income earned, security deposit paid, investments made, and other important elements, so the term “dynamic” has been used to describe the remuneration structures.

Sharekhan Authorized Person Commission

Since the sub-broker is responsible for the bulk of the work and bears the brunt of the investment risk, their income share is maximized under the Power broker or Authorized Person model.

It’s possible that the proportion of profits shared will be higher than 70%*.

Sharekhan IFA Commission

Sharekhan receives around 30%-40% and Sub Broker receives 60%-70%* of all revenues earned through this approach.

This percentage is variable and is based on the margins of the items being sold. Sharekhan’s offering of this model is unique, and it appears to have a reasonable and appropriate revenue-to-cost ratio.

The Sharekhan Franchise Fee and Guarantee Fee

An initial financial commitment is required to enter the sub-broker business just as it is with any other type of business.

The initial investment in a model with sub-brokers comes in two flavors: the security deposit that a sub-broker must hold with the principal broker.

The majority of the time, this deposit will be returned to you. As such, the deposit serves as a safety net in case the sub-broker goes into default.

Sharekhan Franchise Infrastructure Set-up Cost

Alternatively, one might put money into infrastructure projects. Powerbrokers and IFAs require initial capital for franchise setup costs.

A power broker or independent financial advisor, on the other hand, would need a nice office space to impress both potential and existing customers.

Another variable is the size of the initial investment. This sum is affected by factors such as the location of the sub-broker, projected earnings, the size of the business’s current clientele, among others.

Amount of Sharekhan’s Original Investment.

In most cases, a security deposit of roughly Rs.50,000* is required across the board. Investment in necessary infrastructure is very specialized and complex, but might cost anywhere from fifty thousand to one million rupees.

When we say “infrastructure investment,” we’re talking about things like a place to work, some desks, chairs, a phone system, a trading terminal, an internet connection, and some phones.

Provided by Sharekhan Sub Broker

Sharekhan constantly releases new promotions designed to stimulate and boost the operations of sub-brokers. Common promotions include:

  • Price cuts for brokerage services
  • decreased expenditures
  • Having a smaller margin of error
  • Ratio of changing revenue shares
  • Open a free Demat account
  • Procedures that are online and faster
  • After signing up for Sharekhan, any user with a valid Sharekhan Authorized ID may quickly and simply take advantage of all of the company’s current promotions.

Qualifications to Become a Sharekhan Franchisee or Authorized Person

It is crucial to recognize the legislative and regulatory standards prior to addressing the criteria unique to Sharekhan.

  • A sub-broker registration with a stock exchange, such as BSE or NSE, is required for anybody who want to enter the sub-broker business. If an individual does not already possess registration as a sub-broker, they will not be able to pass the necessary qualifications to join the industry.
  • You must be at least eighteen years old to become a sub-broker with Sharekhan, which is the second fundamental need.
  • The following qualifications need knowledge of the stock market and relevant academic background. Sharekhan establishes a set of requirements that must be met before a student may graduate. This might happen in any discipline, be it the hard sciences, the business world, or the creative arts.
  • An additional qualification is the theoretical and practical understanding of the stock market necessary for advising and assisting customers.
  • Extra credentials, such stock market certification, are always welcome.

Sharekhan Sub Broker Support / Advisory

Sharekhan provides its sub-brokers with support and advisory services similar to those provided by other stock brokers. You can get by without becoming an expert in everything.

Remember that the Sharekhan advising and support service is there for you to use if you’re struggling to find an answer to a query.

To help each franchisee maintain a constructive outlook on their business partnership, these amenities were created with their needs in mind.

The brokerage provides its business partners with the following types of assistance:

  • Administrative Aid
  • Swapping Help
  • To aid in marketing
  • Advice and Guidance
  • Help for Your Website

How to become a Sharekhan Sub Broker or Authorized Person?

  • Fill up the form with the necessary information, and we will put you in touch with the Sharekhan business growth team.
  • After sharing this information, the Sharekhan team will reach out to the potential employee to discuss the position and learn more about their motivations and expectations.
  • The next step would be for Sharekhan’s hiring staff to verify the information given.
  • After Sharekhan’s staff has finished researching a candidate, they will get in touch with them to talk in depth about the business strategy, the applicant’s and Sharekhan’s expectations, the business predictions, the revenue sharing ratio, the investments, etc.
  • At this meeting, the candidate is expected to present all necessary documentation, including but not limited to the SEBI, NSE, BSE registration form, academic credentials, ID card, etc.
  • After these talks, Sharekhan and the candidate will sign a contract.
  • After the agreement is signed, the sub-broker can begin working with Sharekhan as a business partner.

Required Paperwork for Becoming a Sharekhan Authorized Person

The following items must be submitted at the very least:

  • Identity proof copy
  • Address proof copy
  • Security deposit cheque
  • Proof of investments
  • Registration certificate copy
  • Experience certificates copy
  • Academic qualification certificates copy

Why Partner with Sharekhan?

Sharekhan offers a wide range of benefits to its partners, some of which are shown below.

Exceptional Deals Only Available Here

Sharekhan provides superior benefits to its sub-brokers compared to other franchisers. Sharekhan’s main attraction is the possibility of sharing up to 70% of trading profits.

Help with Advertising and Instruction

Sharekhan offers their sub-brokers a wide variety of promotional resources. In addition, every month they provide seminars and workshops for its affiliates.

Sharekhan franchisees benefit from a widespread media presence and widespread advertising assistance.

Advice and stock picks

Sharekhan’s sub-brokers get free advisory support, stock tips, and suggestions, all of which they then pass on to their clients.

Sharekhan places a premium on advising support since it knows its customers may boost their loyalty by actively contributing useful information on a regular basis.

In-House Technical Help

We use cutting-edge technologies to provide you a really remarkable trading experience. Making possible the day’s smooth 1.5 million deals without any hitches.


Sharekhan is well respected as one of the oldest brokerage businesses in the industry. It has established a widely recognized brand and gained widespread acceptance in the marketplace.

Rates for Brokers That Aren’t Out of Reach

In the client base, Sharekhan offers brokerage programs. A trader may choose from a variety of low-cost prepaid and postpaid brokerage plans, and investors, despite their often lower trading volumes, can also acquire competitive prices.

Exceptional Trading Platforms: Trade Tiger and the Sharekhan App

Sharekhan’s Trade Tiger platform is well regarded in India. They provide the Sharekhan App and Web Trading Platform in addition to Trade Tiger.

The trading and investing experience may be improved with the wide variety of tools offered by these platforms.

Advanced Tools for Business

  • Your full customer information for submitting a request on the Know Your Customer (KYC) or new account opening form is stored in the Customer Interface System (CIS).
  • Keep an eye on your margin gap or potential risks with the help of Risk Tiger. You may view the square-off report and validate the square-off results.
  • A look inside the ledgers and brokerage accounts of the eternal.
  • Last but not least, they provide a selection of business options for the sub-broker organizations.

Franchise Opportunities at Sharekhan: Pros and Cons

You will learn about the franchise’s restrictions either through previous franchisees’ experiences or from your own research.

Fortunately, the perks associated with the majority of franchises make it easier to form a favorable impression of their business strategy for merchants.

Indeed, we too have experienced this very thing when evaluating the Sharekhan Franchise scheme. Check it out

The Benefits of Owning a Sharekhan Franchise

  • Having a variety of revenue streams is an asset.
  • Strong and trustworthy as a label
  • Affluent Profit Splitting
  • expanded web presence

Disadvantages of Owning a Sharekhan Franchise

  • Reasonable offline presence
  • Heavy investment needed.

Franchise Registration with Sharekhan

Now is the time to investigate Sharekhan Franchise registration procedures. In a similar vein, what are the most important indicators to look at before submitting your franchise application? Look at the larger picture to see how things work.

Certain qualifying requirements must be reviewed before we can get directly to the step-by-step process.

Sub-broker experience and a degree in finance are two requirements of Sharekhan’s application process. To move on with the application process, please ensure you have the following.

Fortunately, a sub-broker is not subject to any coercion when it comes to these qualifying requirements. With relevant work or entrepreneurial experience, however, you may still qualify for the franchise.

In order to sign up, please follow these steps:

  • Please get started on the form by providing your name and phone.
  • Please return the executive’s call from Sharekhan.
  • After that, we’ll set up a time for a face-to-face chat.
  • Paperwork is exchanged between the two parties.
  • Then, the candidate must provide evidence of a financial commitment to infrastructure in the range of Rs 70,000 and Rs 2,000,000.
  • Once you’re ready, invite the customer to join the Sharekhan portal and have them log in.

Sharekhan Partner / Return on Investment Potential Earning

Investing in one’s future earning potential as a Sharekhan Partner has long been a fascinating topic.

A typical concern is how much money one can make by buying a Sharekhan franchise. Yet, we hope that the response we have provided is reasonable and acceptable.

Earning potential, however, is entirely dependent on the skill and effort of each individual sub-broker. The quality of your customer base is the single most important factor in your ability to create a steady stream of revenue. A sub-broker, in other words, has a good chance of earning a 70% commission on each customer.

Most importantly, Sharekhan has created a long-term revenue stream for its partners rather than just a one-time payment.

For instance, Sharekhan will pay you 70% of the monthly income they make off of each client you refer.

This continues until the client cancels their account or ceases to generate money for the broker.

Sharekhan Franchise Referral Program

Some individuals may prefer the referral scheme to Sharekhan Franchise, but both options are viable choices.

Sharekhan IFA program is the official name given by the broker. Earning potential is anywhere from 30% to 50% commission per client, depending on the nature of the program.

Brokerage Fees Paid by Sharekhan Partners Customers

The brokerage fees that Sharekhan collects from its customers will now be summarized. If you place an intraday order for stocks, you’ll have to pay a brokerage fee of 0.10 percent. The fee for equities delivery orders is also 0.50%.

There is a fee of Rs 100 per lot for Equity options with the broker. If you are involved in currency options trading, that equates to around Rs 30 each lot. Trades in currencies, commodities, and equity futures all incur a relatively low 0.10% fee.

Because of this, the broker may switch to an option that is less favorable for the option traders. However, when applied to other uses, it proves to be an excellent option.

However, franchisees can also entice customers with special deals, and the brokerage will share plenty of details with interested parties.

Products Authorized by Sharekhan – Responsible Party

In India, Sharekhan is among the most well-known and respected brokerage houses. As a result, you may view nearly all of the product options that the broker provides to its customers.

Similarly, as an Authorized person or franchise partner, you’ll be able to advertise the following goods and services:

  • Equities
  • Currency
  • Commodity
  • Contrasting Options and Futures

Alternative investment strategies such as mutual funds and initial public offerings (IPOs) are also on the table. However, the Sharekhan CEO is the best person to speak to about this.

For certain things, you’ll need to meet a specific need before you may purchase them.

Top Sharekhan Partners / Business Partners

Sharekhan is a full-service broker with just one partner program available at this time: the Sharekhan Sub broker or Authorized person business model.

This one, though, is the first brick of a massive corporate alliance.

The Sharekhan IFA program, however, is also managed by the broker, and its participants are included in the total.

Sharekhan Franchise or Sharekhan Business Partner – Conclusion

We may conclude from the preceding that Sharekhan provides many business plans to meet the needs of its customers.

It offers a fair percentage of growth in income to be split amongst all parties involved, and this percentage is variable and hence may rise as business grows.

Sharekhan’s guidelines for making investments are straightforward and not too onerous to follow. Sharekhan’s assistance in areas such as management, advertising, operations, advice, study, and more is also noteworthy.

It’s fair to say that their requirements for becoming a sub-broker are straightforward, and the process of meeting those requirements couldn’t be simpler: simply fill out this form, and we’ll do the rest.

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Sharekhan Authorized Person Program FAQs

1.Ques: Who is sub-broker?

Ans: To simplify, a sub-broker is a retail chain that operates under the umbrella of the main broker.

2.Ques: To what extent must one meet before being accepted as a Sub-broker?

Ans: Sub-brokers must be registered with SEBI and have a connection to a stock exchange in order to do business. In order to qualify as a sub-broker, you must meet certain legal and regulatory standards.


18+ age

Confidence gained from stock market expertise

3.Ques: What exactly does a sub-broker do?

Ans: Depending on the model, the capabilities might vary.

Opportunities, clients, and trading and regulation would all fall within the purview of a power broker.

The role of remisier would consist only of directing interested parties to Sharekhan.

An IFA’s duties are comparable to those of a stockbroker, with the primary distinction being the nature of the commodity being traded.

4.Ques: How to become a sub-broker with Sharekhan’s help?

Ans: The Sharekhan Partner Program offers the following types of assistance:

Instruction – Business, Technical, and Promotional


Scientific Study and Professional Counseling

Customizing approaches

Assistance with customer service

5.Ques: Is the Sharekhan Sub Broker Model available?

Ans: Sharekhan does, in fact, provide the sub-broker franchise model alongside its other franchise options.

Ans: This template is well-organized for both the current and future sub-brokers to use. Sharekhan has a large sub-brokerage network established in the nation.

6.Ques: Are there several kinds of Sharekhan Franchises?

Ans: There is more than one franchise business model available through Sharekhan. In the stock market, several brokerage firms provide many trading platforms.

Sharekhan, on the other hand, only offers two distinct business models: sub-broker/power brokers and independent financial adviser (IAF).

7.Ques: What is Sharekhan Sub Broker Commission?

Ans: In exchange for providing the franchisee with the Authorized Person or power broker model, the brokers will get 70% of the franchisee’s gross earnings. Only 30% of the royalty is considered for the brand’s collection, and it’s due every six months.

8.Ques: How much does Sharekhan Franchise Cost?

Ans: Sharekhan gives a combined total of two franchise models, and the initial investment required by each model is distinct.

The franchisee is required to pay Rs.50000 per the established structure and model.

9.Ques: Does Sharekhan have a Partner Program?

Ans: Sharekhan serves both the sub-broker and the independent financial adviser business models.

To advise customers on the best investments for them, one can use this approach.

10.Ques: What is Sharekhan Partners Sharing?

Ans: To summarize, under the Sharekhan authorized broker model, you stand to keep 70% of your gross earnings while giving 30% to the franchisor.

Conversely, the IFA model holders, or the advisors, might generate income in the range of 70% to 60%, while the franchisor will eat up 30% to 40%.

11.Ques: Is the Sharekhan Partner Program Free?

Ans: No, there is an investment expense associated with all of the stock broker’s models, including the IFA model.

If you want to put money into either the IAF or the approved model, you’ll need to come up with Rs. 50,000.

12.Ques: Can I get help with my training from Sharekhan?

Ans: To answer your question, the organization does have a system in place to help employees with their training. The franchisor is responsible for providing enough support to franchisees throughout the early stages of their businesses’ development.

Franchisees are occasionally offered events and training sessions.

13.Ques: How to Become Sharekhan Sub Broker?

Ans: To sign up as a sub-broker with this stock broker, please use the “Become Sub Broker” link below. Fill out the window that appears, and a representative of the firm will contact you to discuss next steps.

Before committing to a franchise agreement, both parties will meet to go through their rights and responsibilities in detail.

14.Ques: Will I get Help If I Buy a Sharekhan Franchise?

Ans: Sharekhan offers extensive Help with regards to IT, customer service, and promotion.

Franchisees receive thorough, expert instruction in all aspects of the brand’s products, services, and support infrastructure to ensure the integrity of the brand’s name and reputation. Franchisees are also given help in advertising their businesses to attract customers.

15.Ques: What is the minimum brokerage charge in Sharekhan?

Ans: You should know that Sharekhan has a minimum brokerage charge of 0.10%. Depending on the assets chosen by the customer, the charges ratio may potentially be rather high.

The highest fees, Rs 100 per lot, may be incurred in option trading, as an example. The costs associated with most assets, however, fluctuate within a narrow range.

16.Ques: Where does the Authorized Person fit in the world of stock trading?

Ans: An Authorized representative is liable for fostering and tending to consumer relationships across a wide range of items.

Your responsibilities will be comparable to those of a senior manager. You’ll have complete control of your franchise, after all.

17.Ques: When using Sharekhan, how can I designate a power of attorney?

Ans: Sharekhan will accept your opinion either through their website or by snail mail. The Proof of Address is an application’s own assertion that it is genuine and trustworthy.

18.Ques: To what extent does it matter whose stock broker the franchise uses?

Ans: In its franchise scheme, Sharekhan stock brokers provide revenue share of between 50 and 70 percent. Meanwhile, the broker provides its franchise partners with a wide range of support and consulting services.

One of the finest alternatives to the franchise, then, is an accurate description.

19.Ques: How does the Sharekhan franchise work?

Ans: The Sharekhan franchising system is built on a revenue sharing basis. Each client referred by a franchise partner to the Sharekhan Trading platform generates a 50% to 70% fee for the franchise partner.

20.Ques: How long does it take to start the Sharekhan franchise?

Ans: If the applicant has the necessary list of papers, the necessary investment funds, and a suitable place to conduct their company as a franchise partner, the process can be completed in as little as a week.

21.Ques: Sharekhan Franchise: How to Get Started in India?

Ans: Franchisee hopefuls in India can launch their own Sharekhan businesses so long as they have the necessary paperwork on hand. It is also necessary to have access to the necessary funding and operational space.

22.Ques: What sets a Sharekhan franchise apart from the competition?

Ans: Partners in the Sharekhan Franchise program receive a lifetime commission of 50-70% for each customer they introduce who signs up as a Sharekhan customer.

22.Ques: What are the hidden charges in Sharekhan?

Ans: In contrast to brokerage and other fees that only become apparent after a client has completed a transaction or order at Sharekhan, these costs are incurred up front.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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