TradeJini Review – Brokerage Charges, Trading Platforms, Demat A/C & More

Tradejini Review

tradejini review 2020

Incorporate in the year 2012, Tradejini is another discount broker that is quite popular in today’s stock trading segment. The discount broker has a certification from BSE, NSE, MCX, and MCX SX and offers its clients to invest across multiple segments. Check full TradeJini Review here.

The discount broker has centralized operations in Bangalore and is based on three key principles – good platform, best price and better service. It offers both trading and DP services under one name which is quite uncommon in the current league of discount brokers.

Being a member of CDSL, Tradejini also offers demat services to its clients. The discount broking firm claims to have over 10,000 clients coming from over 1000 locations within the nation.

Founded by Kishore Kumar J and Dinesh Kumar M, the firm has its headquarters in Bengaluru with an employee headcount of around 60.

Tradejini allows its clients to invest in the following segments

  • Equity
  • Derivative Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Mutual Funds
  • Debt Instruments

Tradejini provides depository services to investors as a Depository Participant with CDSL. It offers two ways to transfer funds to its clients. One option is through Atom payment gateway that allows customers to transfer funds from across 25 banks and avail quick credit for trading promptly. It levies a charge of Rs. 9+service tax per transfer.

Tradejini has a daily turnover of over 1000 crore covering across 1000 cities all over India and abroad.

Membership Information

Process to Open an account at Tradejini

There are primarily 3 ways to open an account at Tradejini.

  1. Online Account Opening – Opt for the online EKYC process. Fill in the required information. Print and send the physical documents at the company address along with necessary supporting documents.
  2. Fill an online form – Open Tradejini website. Fill an online form by entering your name, mobile number and email id. A company representative will call you back within 4 hours to help you apply for an account.
  3. Contact Customer Support – Call their customer support. They will send you the account opening form at your address. Fill and courier the form along with the required documents.
  4. Download Form and Send – Visit Tradejini website. Download the ‘Trading Cum Demat Application’ form under downloads>Forms. Fill it, sign, attach all requested documents and courier it to the address mentioned in the form.

Documents Required

If you’re a retail individual, you are required to furnish the following documents to open the account at Tradejini:

  1. Self-attested Copy of AADHAR Card
  2. Self-attested Copy of PAN Card
  3. Self-attested Copy of Address Proof
  4. Latest 6 months Bank Statement
  5. 1 Canceled Cheque

You may have to give income proof for trading in case of investment in derivative segments.

It takes up to 48 hours to activate an account after the company gets the application. You cannot check account opening status online. To check the account opening status, please call customer services.

Tradejini provides online account opening service which is quick and convenient. But, for some reasons, you need to download the PDF form and this can easily be done by visiting Tradejini’s website.

  • Tradejini Account Opening Charges (Trading Acct): ₹300
  • Tradejini AMC Charges (Trading Acct): ₹0
  • Tradejini Account Opening Charges (Demat Acct): ₹0
  • Tradejini AMC Charges (Demat Acct): ₹300

Tradejini Trading Platforms

Basis its client’s preferences and requirements, Tradejini offers different types of trading platforms to them. Though its platforms are used globally, the only issue with Tradejini trading platforms is that they are not in-house. It simply means that the discount broker has little control over the management of trading platform. All its trading platformed are sourced from NSE. Let’s get to know more below.

NEST or Next Generation Electronic Securities

This is a versatile trading platform and is primarily meant for high frequency traders. It is a terminal-based trading software and can be installed on a desktop or laptop. It ensures that traders perform stock trading at high speeds without any lack in performance. Some of the big features of this platform are:

  • Real-time availability of market quotes and trends
  • Highly encrypted and secure trading landscape with two-level authentication
  • Place, modify or cancel orders
  • Easy access to Order book, Trade book and Position book


NSE NOW is another offering by Tradejini. It is a web browser-based trading platform and can be accessed from any browser omitting the need for installation or downloading. This web-based trading platform is initially developed by NSE and Tradejini has the license for its usage. Both traders and investors can easily choose to perform stocking trading using this browser-based trading platform.

NSE NOW trading platform is quite easy and flexible to use. As it has been used by traders since long time, it has carved a niche in the market due to its salient features like:

  • Easy access to NSE servers directly without any third-party server hindrance. This ensures high speed stock trading without any lags.
  • Timely alerts and notifications as per client’s preferences and trading patterns. Even one can choose to get notification on mobile phone through SMS or email
  • Quicker access to advanced charts that makes easier for make sound decision making prior to trading or investing

NSE Mobile Trading App

NOW Mobile App provides all the features of a fully developed online trading platform, right at your smartphone. It simply means easy stock trading no matter where you’re. Check and evaluate the markets and Trade from anywhere and everywhere. Really fast streaming quotes and charts, even at slow internet speed. You can download mobile app from Google play store and Apple iOS.

The main features of the smartphone app are:

  • Detailed market trends and monitoring information
  • Real-time access to market quotes, market watch and charts
  • Comprehensive information on market changers both on the gainers as well as losers sides

However, there are some concerns associated with NSE Mobile app like:

  • Low update frequency cycle
  • Ordinary user experience
  • No new technical inclusions

Tradejini Customer Care

Tradejini offers customer services to its clients through following communication channels:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social media

It is not only the limited number of communication channels that make this a drawback for the discount broker, but the overall customer care team’s performance is also below par. There is a general perception that discount brokers don’t provide excellent customer service but in case of Tradejini, things are far below average. From problem resolution TAT to communication quality and executive trading, things are really obtrusive at every stage.

Tradejini Pricing

The competitive pricing of Finvasia

Account Opening Charges

Details Fee
Demat Account Opening Rs. 300
Trading Account Opening Rs. 695
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Rs. 300
Trading Account Annual Maintenance Rs. 0


Trading Segment Margin Tradejini
Equity Delivery 10x with SL, 30x without SL
Equity Intraday 10x with SL, 30x without SL
Equity Future 2.5x with SL, 6x without SL
Equity Options 2.5x with SL, 6x without SL
Currency Future 5x with SL, 2x without SL
Currency Options 5x with SL, 2x without SL
Commodity Future 5x with SL, 3x without SL
Commodity Options



For the newcomers in the stock trading segment, Tradejini has a special section with the name of ‘Jiniversity’. The section boasts of insightful articles that tend to provide basic information about stock trading and related topics.

Jiniversity aims at educating new investors about stock markets and its related elements.

Smart Order

Bracket order is a great feature for day traders to take benefit of high margin exposure with safe and calculated risk. Bracket order is a group of three orders placed concurrently. Bracket orders can be used to performed trades with improved risk-reward ratio, where you want to control your potential trading losses and enable the profits to be gained with a pre-set risk reward ratio.

Cover order is a high leverage feature for intra-day traders to take advantage of high margin trading exposure with safe and calculated risk. Cover order is a set of two orders placed at the same time. Cover orders can be used to performed trades with better risk-reward ratio, where you want to limit your potential trading losses and allow the profits to run. Cover Orders allow traders to upkeep their trading castigation.


Flash by Tradejini allows investors to get the modified fresh financial and market related news from different news sources in a single frame. It is quick, smart and responsive and even works on low internet bandwidth to access Tradejini’s flash news application. It gives a snapshot overview about the markets and helps in keep you with the latest information about markets.

Tradejini Referral Program

The discount broker has also come up with a great referral program that allows a client to get 10% of the brokerage paid by the referred client. Moreover, there is no liability or hidden objects attached to it. It is much like a continuous annuity for traders as they can transform their associates, friends and family members to become Tradejini clients and ensure a steady income stream for himself.

The referred client will be contacted by Tradejini sales team and will be charted to you after registration. The status of the referred clients can be checked from back office login.

The Conclusion – Tradejini Review

Tradejini is largely considered as a great discount broker within the categories of pricing, exposure, transaction charges, and other factors. It clearly means that if you’ve hands-on knowledge about stock trading, it is a pretty decent option to go with.

However, if you’re a beginner and want step-by-step help at every stage of discount broking, it is better to go with full-service discount brokers or leading discount brokers like Zerodha, 5 Paisa or Upstox that provide detailed tips on stock broking.



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