Zerodha Kite Web Review

By TBS Team | May 23, 2024

Zerodha is one of the leading discount brokers in India. In fact, it is considered as the change-maker in the stock broking landscape by bringing the concept of discount broking. It is a website based trading platform offered by Zerodha. In this Zerodha Kite web review we have listed all its features, benefits, cons, charges and other details.

The broking house formally started its operations on 15th August 2010. Going by its name, mixing the English word ‘Zero and the Sanskrit ‘Rodha’ (Barrier), would mean, Zerodha carries the vision to overcome barriers that different traders, investors and various other wishful money-makers encounter in the country’s economic scenario.

Zerodha Kite Web – Browser based Trading Platform

Now when it comes to checking the value offered by Zerodha to its clients, Zerodha Kite Web comes out as one of the most widely used browser-based trading applications in India. Alike its terminal and mobile-based counterparts, Kite Web allows investors to trade and invest across multiple segments with unparalleled ease and convenience.

It is one browser-based trading platform that is lightweight, easy to use and based on HTML 5, which means smoother trading experience. It is available in both Web and Mobile versions.

The Zerodha Kite web version comes in a responsive format, denoting you can use this trading application across the devices without any meddling in your trading experience.

Zerodha Kite can be accessed from any browser across devices such as Laptop, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. Here is a quick look at its web-version:

At present, Kite has been used by more than 800,000 clients and Zerodha claims to process 200 million requests every day through this platform.

Zerodha Kite Connect

This advanced feature is primarily meant for experienced traders who wish integrate APIs with Zerodha Kite. With this, a wide range of technical and fundamental features can be availed for stock market investments.

The application runs through ‘Connect’ to various groups of technical libraries as mentioned below:

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java
  • .Net
  • Node JS
  • ‘R’
  • Rush

The inputs and outputs defined through these integrations are totally encoded and safe to use

Zerodha Kite Web Key Features & Benefits:

  1. Multiple-multilingual

Kite comes in over 1o local languages including Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Oriya.

  1. Light in size and usage

Kite is a lightweight application and employs minimal internet bandwidth. Therefore, users living in third or fourth-tier cities do not encounter much of the network issue while using Kite Web.

  1. Global Search

The trading application offers a single comprehensive “Search” feature that enables traders to search across tens of thousands of records of scrips, financial offerings, contracts across different trading segments and indices.

This feature is of great use among traders who are looking to search and evaluate different stocks before trading and placing their capital.

  1. Zerodha Kite Charts

This advanced charting feature offers 6 different chart types including Helkin-Ashi, Kagi, Linebreak, Point and Figure Charts, Range Bars, HeikinAshi Charts and Renko Charts with 100+ technical indicators and 20+ drawing tools. This feature is of greatvalue to users who carry out their technical and fundamental analysis on their own.

In regard to timeline, for intraday charts, the tool gives data since 2014 and you can have daily-level charts for the last 7 years across different trading segments.

  1. Smoother use experience

Due to its minimalistic user interface, Zerodha kite offers one of the most satisfying user experiences to its clients with easy navigation and extreme usability along with an option to define shortcut keys.

  1. Browse alerts

Zerodha kite web provides notifications on your web browser with all kinds of updates linked to your demat account, market changes, major news and other related information that is considered important.

  1. Wide range of data points

If you love to perform fundamental analysis of stocks or even technical analysis of stocks before placing your trades, Zerodha Kite offers you a wide range of data points. Such data points include different ratios, information of P&L, cash-flows, shareholding patterns, corporate actions and others.

  1. Add-on features

Some add-on features provided by Zerodha Kite include:

  • Zerodha Brokerage Calculator
  • Zerodha Margin Calculator
  • Zconnect
  • Quant
  • Pulse

Zerodha Kite Charges

  • Zerodha Kite Withdrawal charges: There are nearly 25 banks with which the application is combined. For each transaction, a charge of ₹9 plus taxes is imposed.
  • Zerodha Kite Intraday Charges: For intraday trading, you will be charged 0.01% of your trade value of ₹20, whichever is lower.
  • Zerodha Kite API Charges: If you are a startup and wish to integrate Zerodha Kite with your platform, the integration is totally free. However, if you are a retail trader and are looking for API integration for your trades, then you will be charged ₹2000 per month. In addition, if you want to get historical data, then the charges increase to ₹4000 per month.

Other benefits of Zerodha Kite web

  • Runs feasibly even at low internet bandwidth across small cities and towns of the country
  • One of the most widely chosen trading platforms that offer multiple integrations with third-party tools such as Zerodha Varsity, Quant, Zconnect etc.
  • Comes in multiple languages so that users who do not understand English well can trade in their regional languages.
  • Option to subscribe to Zerodha kite alerts and notifications to stay informed about any explicit news the broker wants to share about this application.
  • Zerodha Kite can also be used in the form of a chrome extension where specific features (such as order placement, stock tracking etc.) can be availed. This is one of the prime benefits of using Zerodha Kite.
  • Zerodha kite charges are nil and the stockbroker levies no additional charts for the usage of this application from its clients.
  • Available in a mobile version as well.
  • In case Kite Web is not working, you may get in touch with Zerodha Customer Care team right away.
  • Zerodha Fund transfers are across multiple banks possible in a simpler way.

Disadvantages of Zerodha Kite

Some of the concerns faced by users while using Zerodha Kite include:

  • Back testingis not available on Zerodha kite.
  • Feature to place order straight on the chart is not possible at present.
  • some issues in charting features noticed in Firefox browser
  • Single sign-on feature not possible yet.


Now when it comes to take a final call on Zerodha Kite trading application, Zerodha Kite is a go-to web-application for users that want high-performance software with a great range of features.

If you are a beginner level trader, it may take some time for you to get accustomed to the different features offered in this application and how the overall navigation works etc. However, with time things become much easier to use.

Keeping all these things in mind, there are incidences of high-traffic, when the software may face some downtime or any other related contests. Therefore, you need to be prepared for such instances.

At the outset, it can be stated as one of the most successful trading platforms in the country.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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