CapitalVia Research Review – Subscription Fees, Recommendations, Services & More

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

Capitalvia Research is a prominent financial market research and consulting company aiming to clarify stock market trading. With its headquarters in Mumbai and a corporate office in Indore, CapitalVia is registered with SEBI and has expanded its reach to Singapore and Malaysia. Check this Capitalvia Research review to know about their charges, demat & trading account and other product offerings.

Capitalvia Research review

As a pioneer in the investment advisory space in India, CapitalVia serves over 70,000 customers worldwide, offering research-based trade recommendations across various market segments. From equity intraday to commodities and agro-commodities, their services cater to the needs of both short-term traders and long-term investors.

With a team of highly qualified market researchers certified by NISM, CapitalVia ensures the delivery of reliable and professional insights. The company also provides a dedicated customer app, allowing seamless access to trade recommendations, payment processing, and customer service.

Customer rating

 The customer rating for CapitalVia Research Limited indicates that there are areas where the company’s performance may be lacking based on customer experiences.

Service & Support 2/5
Content 2/5
Time to load 2/5
Information Depth 2/5
User friendly 2/5


Key strengths of CapitalVia Research Limited

 CapitalVia Research Limited possesses several key strengths that set it apart as a prominent financial market research and consulting company. From its highly qualified team of market researchers to its comprehensive range of services catering to diverse investor needs, CapitalVia is known for its expertise, customer-focused approach, and commitment to delivering quality recommendations in the stock market trading arena.

  • Extensive market research

    CapitalVia boasts a team of highly qualified and professional market researchers who provide research-based trade recommendations across various market segments. The in-depth analysis provided by stock brokers will be empowering to investors. with the help of it, you will be able to make informed decisions.


  • Wide range of services

    CapitalVia Research provides a wide range of services that cater to the needs of different types of investors. Whether you are an intraday trader or a long-term investor, CapitalVia Research has everything you need. They cover equity intraday, equity position, futures, options, commodities, and agro-commodities, providing solutions for various investment strategies.
  • Experienced and certified team

    The company takes pride in its team of market researchers who are not only highly qualified but also certified by NISM. This ensures that clients receive reliable and expert advice from professionals with a deep understanding of the financial markets.
  • Innovative trading platform

    CapitalVia provides a dedicated customer app, the CapitalVia Customer app, which serves as a one-stop solution for its clients. The app offers trade recommendations, facilitates payments, and provides customer service, ensuring a seamless and convenient trading experience.
  • Strong presence and track record

    With a global presence and having served over 70,000 customers to date, CapitalVia has established itself as a trusted name in the investment advisory space. Their track record speaks to their success and the satisfaction of their clients.
  • Educational programs

    CapitalVia goes beyond providing trade recommendations by conducting online webinars and publishing informative videos on its YouTube channel. They actively engage in investor education to enhance awareness and knowledge about the basics of Indian financial markets.
  • Quality control and customer satisfaction

    CapitalVia has a dedicated quality control department that ensures maximum customer satisfaction. CapitalVia Research is always trying to deliver high-quality services and does the needful to meet the requirements and expectations of its clients.

Online account opening/how to open demat ac with Capitalvia broker

Opening a Demat account is a straightforward process that can be done easily by following these steps:

  1. Choose a depository participant

    Select a depository participant who will act as the intermediary between you and the depository. Consider factors such as account opening charges and annual maintenance charges when making your choice.
  2. Fill out the demat account form

    Once you have selected your DP, you will need to fill out the account opening form provided by them. Provide all the required basic details accurately and completely.
  3. Submission of KYC and other documents

    Submit the necessary KYC documents, including photo ID, address proof, Aadhaar card, PAN card, and a canceled cheque from your bank account. Ensure you have copies of these documents readily available to expedite the process.
  4. Verification process

    Your DP will conduct a verification process, usually through in-person verification. A representative of the DP may visit you or use electronic IPV methods for verification. This step helps verify the authenticity of your documents.
  5. The signing of agreements

    Once verification is complete, you will be required to sign an agreement with your DP. Read and understand all the rules, regulations, and rights associated with holding a Demat account before signing. The authorized person from the DP will also sign the agreement, and you will receive a copy.
  6. Allocation of beneficiary ID

    After signing the agreement, your DP will process your Demat account opening application. Upon approval, you will be allocated a beneficiary ID, which will serve as your demat account number. You can then use your Demat account to hold shares in custody.


CapitalVia Research Limited Trading platforms/Apps

 CapitalVia Research Limited trading platforms provide convenient and user-friendly interfaces, empowering users to access trade recommendations, process payments, and avail of customer service, all in one place. Explore the links below to learn more about the trading platforms and apps offered by CapitalVia.

Play Store Link : CapitalVia global

Subscription plans

 CapitalVia charges a nominal fee for all the services offered by them. You can go for any service as per your requirements and needs. You must also consider the other factors while selecting the subscription plan. These factors include risk appetite, capital size, etc. The subscription plans are categorized into four different plans.


Market pro

Market Pro Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Segment
Alpha Equity Cash 3000 8000 NA Cash
Alpha Equity Options 3000 8000 NA Options
Alpha MCX 3000 8000 NA Commodities
Alpha FnO Pro NA 20000 40000 Futures and Options 
Alpha MCX Swing 6000 15000 NA Commodities



TechnIQ Quarterly Half Yearly Segment
Infinity Plus NA 15000 Cash
Prime Delta Derivative 25000 50000 Cash and Derivatives
Sigma Plus 8000 15000 Cash



QuantIQ Quarterly Half Yearly Segment
Alpha Wealth 10000 NA Cash
Alpha Bank Nifty 15000 25000 Futures


Market neuron

Market Pro Half Yearly Segment
Prime Value Picks 5000 Cash
Focus 2021 3000 Cash

Pros of CapitalVia

  • Expertise

    With in-depth knowledge and expertise in the stock market, stock brokers can be very beneficial to novice investors.
  • Research and analysis

    Many stock brokers provide research reports, market analysis, and investment recommendations to assist investors in making informed decisions.
  • Trading platforms

    Stock brokers offer user-friendly trading platforms with advanced features, real-time market data, and tools for technical analysis.
  • Diverse investment options

    A diverse range of investments is offered by stock brokers. These include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, derivatives, and more.
  • Access to global markets

    Some stock brokers provide access to international markets, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios globally.
  • Customer support

    Stock brokers often offer customer support services, including phone support, live chat, and email, to assist investors with their queries and concerns.

Cons of stock brokers

  • Fees and commissions

    Various fees stock brokers charge. Such as account maintenance fees, transaction fees, and commissions. These fees can impact investment returns.
  • Conflicts of interest

    Some stock brokers may have conflicts of interest, as they may receive incentives or commissions from certain investment products, potentially influencing their recommendations.
  • Minimum account balances

    Certain stock brokers require minimum account balances, which may be a barrier for investors with limited funds.
  • Reliance on third-party research

    While stock brokers provide research reports, investors should be cautious as the quality and accuracy of the research can vary.
  • Lack of control

    When investing through a stock broker, investors delegate the decision-making process to the broker, limiting their control over individual investment choices.
  • Technical issues

    Technical glitches or system outages on the broker’s trading platform can disrupt trading activities and potentially cause losses.


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 To conclude it will be right to say CapitalVia Research Limited has established itself as a prominent financial market research and consulting company, offering a range of services to investors and traders. With its team of highly qualified market researchers and certifications from NISM, the company has gained credibility and trust in the industry. By providing research-based trade recommendations across various market segments, CapitalVia aims to create clarity and assist investors in their trading activities.

Disclaimer: This blog is written for educational purpose only. Data, Securities, Advisory and Quotes mentioned here are for guidance only. Doing research by investors itself is highly recommended.

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