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CapitalVia Research

CapitalVia Global Research Limited (Investment Advisor) is a well-known pure play financial market research and consulting company. CapitalVia is registered with SEBI and is based out of Mumbai. The company was founded in 2006 in India and expanded its roots to Singapore and Malaysia in 2010. The main objective of the company is to create clarity in stock market trading for the thriving trader’s population.

The company has its corporate office in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The company has a team of highly qualified and professional market researchers, who are also certified by NISM. The company has globally served over 70,000 customers till date and is the pioneer of the investment advisory space in India.

CapitalVia has its dedicated app, known as CapitalVia Customer app, which is a one stop solution for all its customers. It provides trade recommendations, processes payments, and also helps in customer service.

CapitalVia provides research-based trade recommendations in almost all market segments including:

  • Equity Intraday
  • Equity Position
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Commodities
  • Agro-commodities

The services are available to cater the need of every investor, from an intraday trader to a long-term investor. However, CapitalVia only provides services based on your risk appetite.

Service offerings and Fee Structure

CapitalVia charges a nominal fee upfront for all its services. Investors can opt for any service as per their requirement, risk bearing capacity, investment capital and horizon. The services are broadly classified into four categories.

  • Market Pro – Market Pro consists of five different services and is designed for intraday traders. It includes services from cash, derivatives and commodities.
Market Pro Monthly Quarterly Half Yearly Segment
Alpha Equity Cash 3000 8000            – Cash
Alpha Equity Options 3000 8000            – Options
Alpha MCX 3000 8000            – Commodities
Alpha FnO Pro            – 20000 40000  Futures and Options
Alpha MCX Swing 6000 15000            –  Commodities


  • TechnIQ – TechnIQ offers services for short term to mid term investors. It provides quantitative trading strategies based on back-tested analytics. With TechnIQ, you only need 5 minutes every week to plan your trades.
TechnIQ Quarterly Half Yearly Segment
Infinity Plus             – 15000 Cash
Prime Delta Derivative 25000 50000 Cash and Derivatives
Sigma Plus 8000 15000 Cash


  • QuantIQ – QuantIQ offers Quant based services for better risk management. It consists of two services, one each for cash and futures segment.
QuantIQ Quarterly Half Yearly Segment
Alpha Wealth 10000 Cash
Alpha Bank Nifty 15000 25000 Futures


  • Market Neuron – Market Neuron is for investors planning to invest for mid to long term. It is based on renowned investment strategies and also revolves around events and themes which could affect the markets.
Market Pro Half Yearly Segment
Prime Value Picks 5000 Cash
Focus 2021 3000 Cash


Awareness Programme

CapitalVia regularly conducts online webinars and publishes videos on their YouTube channel for educating investor about the basics of Indian financial markets. The company has a strong presence on almost every social media platform. They have a quality control department which ensures maximum customer satisfaction and leaves no stone unturned to achieve the same.

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