MasterTrust Review – Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Platforms & More

By TBS Team | June 10, 2024

Mastertrust-Broking-and-Investments-LogoSet up in the year 1985, Master Trust Capital is a full-service brokerage house which offers an extensive of digital services in the country. Backed by a strong client base of more than 1,50,000+ customers, the brokerage firm allows people to invest in equity, derivatives, IPO, mutual funds, currency and commodities sections. Master Trust also provides additional services including corporate advisory, equity broking, and insurance broking to institutional investors, all are mentioned below in this MasterTrust Review.

It made a foray in discount broking in the year 2014 and currently offers both standard trading plan and flat fee trade plan.

Master Trust in an active member of NSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEX. It also offers depository services due to its membership with NSDL and CDSL. The best thing about this brokerage firm is its extensive country-wide network which is comprised of over 500 branches, 2,50,000 clients and franchise offices.

Over the years, the brokerage firm has carved a niche in the market by offering unmatched features to its clients. Their two leading features are:

  • One trading and back-office software for all sectors including Equity, Currency and Commodity. Moreover, clients just need to use one login on their trading and back-office software, meaning extremely easy to use.
  • Master Trust offers supple balance feature under which the balance across various segments i.e. equity, commodity, derivatives and currency can be utilized as one single balance.

Types of Account in Master Trust

The brokerage house boasts of 2 major account types to its clients:

  1. Per Order Executed

This trading plan enables trading at flat ₹20 per trade no matter what’s the size of the trade. The brokerage is charged as ₹20 per executed order without charging brokerage for equity delivery. Trading can be done at BSE, NSE and MCX stock exchanges across various segments like equity, commodities and currency derivatives.

  1. Standard Brokerage

This trading plan is based on percentage based standard brokerage. The brokerage basically depends on the trade volume and investment segment. The standard charges are 0.30% for equity delivery, 0.03% for equity intraday, equity futures, and currency futures. Equity and commodity options are charged at ₹75 per slice. However, currency options are charged at ₹10 per piece.

Why choose Master Trust?

There are multiple reasons that make Master Trust a great option in the field of discount broking.

  1. Flat-fee and standard trading plans for trading at NSE, BSE and MCX
  2. Funds transfer facility with 45 leading banks.
  3. Intraday up to 33 times exposure
  4. No minimum cap on brokerage.
  5. Single-window login for different platforms across several segments.
  6. Flexi-Balance feature to trade across all segments using under which the balance across different segments can be used as one single balance for equity, commodity, derivatives and currency

Weak points on Master Trust

  1. Lack of 3-in-1 account
  2. No facility to invest in IPO, FPO, Mutual Funds, FDs, NCDs and Offer For Sale (OFS)

MasterTrust Trading Platforms

There are three channels through which a person can trade with Master Trust:

  1. Master Swift 2.0- Desktop Trading Platform

The desktop-based trading application boasts of features like detailed charting, pattern identification and back testing features. It also provides a range of online trading tools and functions for today’s traders.

  1. MasterMobile- Mobile Trading App

MasterMobile is a mobile trading app offered by Mater Trust which enables users to trade and track equities and derivatives anytime, anywhere. This app offers seamless movement across all the available trading sections.

  1. MasterWeb- Website Trading Platform

MasterWeb is mastertrust online trading platform combined with charting options, real-time price quotes, portfolio monitoring, news feed and research options.

Master Trust Account Opening Charges

The account opening charges at Master Trust are:

Transaction Fee
Trading Account Opening Charges (One Time) ₹100
Trading Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Annual Fee) 0
Demat Account Opening Charges (One Time) 0
Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges AMC (Yearly Fee) ₹300


Master Trust Brokerage Charges

The brokerage charges for equity, commodities and currency derivative trading for Master Trust are explained as below.

20:20 Plan

Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery ₹0 (Free)
Equity Intraday ₹20 per executed order
Equity Futures ₹20 per executed order
Equity Options ₹20 per executed order
Currency Futures ₹20 per executed order
Currency Options ₹20 per executed order
Commodity Futures ₹20 per executed order
Commodity Options ₹20 per executed order

Standard Plan

Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed)
Equity Delivery 0.30%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.03%
Equity Options ₹75 per lot
Currency Futures 0.03%
Currency Options ₹10 per lot
Commodity Futures 0.30%
Commodity Options ₹75 per lot

My Plan

Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed) Annual brokerage of ₹1000
Equity Delivery 25% off on existing brokerage
Equity Intraday 25% off on existing brokerage
Equity Futures 25% off on existing brokerage
Equity Options 25% off on existing brokerage
Currency Futures 25% off on existing brokerage
Currency Options 25% off on existing brokerage
Commodity Futures 25% off on existing brokerage
Commodity Options 25% off on existing brokerage


MasterTrust Transaction Charges

The transaction charges are given below:

Segment Transaction Fee
Equity Delivery NSE ₹325 | BSE ₹325
Equity Intraday NSE ₹325 | BSE ₹325
Equity Futures NSE ₹300 | BSE ₹150
Equity Options NSE ₹6000 | BSE ₹3500
Currency Futures NSE ₹120 | BSE ₹100
Currency Options NSE ₹4200 | BSE ₹1000
Commodity MCX ₹250


Master Trust Dividend History

Here is the past data of dividend payouts by Master Trust.

Dividend Date Record Date Dividend % Interim / Final / Dividend
21 Sep 2018 25 Sep 2018 10.00% Final
03 Oct 2013 05 Oct 2013 10.00% Final
22 Sep 2011 24 Sep 2011 10.00% Final
23 Sep 2010 25 Sep 2010 10.00% Final

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Master Trust Fundamental Analysis

The following table is meant to exhibit the performance of Master Trust share over a period of last 5 years. Look at all major financial ratios that would help you choose the best course of action with respect to your holdings.

Mar 2019 Mar 2018 Mar 2017 Mar2016 Mar 2015
Earnings per Share (Rs.) 1.71 1.68 0.54 0.04 3.37
PAT Margin (%) 22.37 9.81 10.19 0.44 21.68
Dividend per Share (Rs.) 0.00 1.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Return on Assets (%) 1.47 1.58 0.47 0.03 2.24
Cash Profit Margin (%) 22.80 10.18 11.63 1.30 22.59
Asset Turnover (x) 0.07 0.16 0.05 0.08 0.10
Price to Earnings 9.68 26.82 52.91 915.40 7.75

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