Ventura Securities Review – Brokerage Charges, Demat A/C, Platforms & More

Ventura Securities Review 2021

Venture Securities Review

Started in 1994, Ventura Securities is one of the best stock brokers in India. It offers a wide array of trade & investment products and services through its 25 branches and 500 business partners present across 300 cities within India. Check this Ventura Securities Review to know about its brokerage charges, demat accounts, trading platforms, margins, offers and more.

Based out of Mumbai, the stock broker also offers advisory services to both national and international institutions, high net worth and retail investors with a strong snack on stock broking.

The major financial services provided by Ventura Securities include trading in Equity, Derivatives, Commodity, Currency Futures, investments in Mutual Funds, Insurance, Deposits and Depository Services.

Being active member of NSE, BSE, MCX, MCX-SX NCDEX, Ventura Securities enables its clients to perform trade across a range of stock categories including:

  • Equity
  • Derivative Trading
  • Currency Trading
  • Commodity Trading
  • Depository services
  • Mutual Funds
  • IPO
  • NRI Demat Account

Ventura Securities has presently an active client base of 75,092 until 2019-20 for this financial year. Being a Depository Participant (DP), Ventura Securities enables its clients to open a demat account directly with it.

The full-service stockbroker has a full-fledged research and advisory team at both fundamental and technical stags. Quality of research is evidently better than average and can be relies on to an extent.

Membership Information

The membership details of Ventura Securities are given below.

Entity Membership ID
BSE CM INB010760438
BSE FO INF010760438
NSE CM INB230760432
NSE FO INF230760432
NSE CD INE230760432
MCX-SX INB260760435
OTCEI  INB200760438
MCX TM NO 16115
Registered Address  I-Think Techno Campus, “B” Wing, 8th Floor, Pokhran Road No. 2, Off. Eastern Express Highway,Thane (West) – 400 607

How to open Demat Account with Ventura Securities?

Though most of the customers trade though a sub-broker or branch office, Ventura also provides a range of trading platforms to enable its clients to trade on their own.

Ventura offers 2-in-1 account; a mix of a Trading Account and a Demat Account. The Demat Account is not needed if you are interested only in trading in derivatives. POINTER is the online trading platform offered by Ventura.

Ventura is popular among its customer because of personalized local service offered though branches, sub-brokers and franchisee in the neighborhood.

Ventura has value-centric prepaid trading plans for high volume customer which offers reduced brokerage fee as you trade more.

Now when it comes to open a trading account with Ventura, the best option is to open a 2-in-1 account (trading + demat) which offers seamless trading experience to investors.

The entire account opening process with Ventura is extremely simple and quick. There are primarily two ways to open an account with Ventura.

  1. Request a Call Back

You can make a request to call back from Ventura Securities. Ventura sales representative would contact you within few hours and schedule a personal visit of local sales representative to your home or office.

  2. Visit Local Branch, Sub broker or Franchisee Office

Find the local branch or office of a Ventura sub-broker and give them a phone call. They will schedule a personal visit to open an account for you. They will also provide a comprehensive demo of the product and services offered by them.

The process of filling the form generally takes just few minutes once you submit all the required document. The account opening take couple of days.

Ventura Account Opening Charges

  • Ventura Account Opening Charges (Trading Acct): ₹150
  • Ventura AMC Charges (Trading Acct): NIL
  • Ventura Account Opening Charges (Demat Acct): ₹300
  • Ventura AMC Charges (Demat Acct): ₹400


Ventura Securities Trading Platforms

Ventura Securities provides a range of trading platforms to its clients in order to keep them updated with the best in stock trading. Let’s take a detailed look below.

  1. Ventura Pointer

Venture Securities Review

Venture Securities Review 2020Venture Securities Review 2019


  • Ventura Pointer is basically a terminal-based trading platform offered by Ventura Securities. A user needs to download the software to start trading across multiple stock exchanges including NSE and BSE. Traders can invest in Equity, Currency, F&O, IPOs, and MFs through this terminal based software. Ventura Pointer offers a range features to meet the requirements of the traders including:
  • Diverse order types.
  • Customizable bulk trade window.
  • Option Pricing Calculator.
  • Market summary space to show top-rated and best/worst 20 stocks.
  • Action window to reflect days high or low.
  • Regular newsletter to provide market-related information.
  • Customizable Market watch window.
  • Hotkeys to augment the trading speed.

Note: Make sure to gain clarity on this trading app as it is known to carry a charge of ₹ 3500 as Pointer usage charges. You need to pay this amount if you’re not able to generate brokerage of the equivalent amount within the first month of account opening.

  1. Ventura Web

Much gets clear from its name. Ventura Web is the web-based trading platform that can be opened on any web browser. You would be required to fill in a login it and password to start trading. Due to its low weight and responsive nature, that application can be accessed on almost any browser. Some of its major features include:

  • Access to from any web-based browser.
  • Invest in diverse market segments across multiple stock exchanges.
  • Option to easily swipe through various indices.
  • Users can tap on a scrip to see the details.
  • Various chart types are available for technical analysis.
  1. Ventura Wealth

Keeping in mind the steadfast needs of mobile users, Ventura Wealth enables its clients to trade across various segment right from their smartphone. Along with trading, the platform also has various features like daily research reports, recommendations, trading calls and tips across multiple trading products. You can also transfer fund, cancel, modify, update & execute orders just at your fingertips while using the mobile app anywhere and anytime. Some of the key features of the Ventura Wealth app are:

  • Customizable market watch area.
  • Real-time portfolio tracker.
  • Live market updates.
  • Trade across Equity, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Bonds and IPO.
  • Access to the most updated market info
  • Transfer the fund from the bank account to Ventura trading account seamlessly
  • Gauge total margin, available limits and day’s positions.
  • View charts from 1 day to 5 years.
  • Various chart types such as line chart, bar charts, and candlesticks charts.
  • Change text setting in term of amount unit, size, preferred index, etc.
  • Access a real-time portfolio tracker.
  • Extremely secured data.
  • Fast order placing facility.
  1. Ventura Commodities

The mobile app is primarily designed to cater to the needs of those clients who are interesting particularly in Commodity trading. This app allows the broker’s clients to check margin status across commodities, place trades, edit or cancel orders, set watchlists and so on. Its major features are:

  • A market watch unit to gauge the performance of the commodities.
  • It offers top-traded/ best movers/ worst movers list across MCX and NCDEX.
  • Users can also customize order preferences, columns, display, watchlists and market status under the settings option.
  • By including scrips, one can track the performance of the commodities of your choice.
  • It also offers margin, order book, trade book and net position reports.
  • It is a free software application.
  • Ventura Commodities is a user-friendly and simple to use application.

Ventura Securities Review, Customer care & Ratings

The full-service stock broker features a number of communication channels to its client to deliver customer support:

  • Phone number
  • Fax
  • Offline branches
  • Email
  • Rating

In terms of customer services, the full-service stock broker’s performance is quite average. There is a huge scope of improvement in various aspects like turnaround time, communication tonality, call quality, personalization and professionalism shown by the customer care professionals of the broker.

If they are given proper training, these executives would have performed a lot better than what they’re doing presently.

Ventura Securities Pricing

In the field of full-service stock broking, there are various types of charges levied and as informed customer, you must need to know what all charges you are supposed to pay. Here we have tried to cover most of these payments imposed by the stock broker, but it is strongly suggested that take a detailed one look by discussing with the executive of the broker and make sure to get everything documented (in an email) post discussion.

Account Opening Charges

  • Ventura Account Opening Charges (Trading Acct): ₹150
  • Ventura AMC Charges (Trading Acct): NIL
  • Ventura Account Opening Charges (Demat Acct): ₹300
  • Ventura AMC Charges (Demat Acct): ₹400

Ventura Brokerage Charges

Customers are expected to pay commission (brokerage) when buying or selling stocks through Ventura. The ventura brokerage charges for equity, commodities and currency derivative trading for Ventura are explain as below.

Ventura Brokerage Plan – Plan 3500
Segment Brokerage Charges
Monthly Fee (Fixed) ₹3500 per year
Equity Delivery 0.20%
Equity Intraday 0.03%
Equity Futures 0.03%
Equity Options ₹50 per lot
Currency Futures ₹20 per lot
Currency Options ₹20 per lot
Commodity Futures
Commodity Options
Ventura Brokerage Plan – Plan 18000
Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed) ₹18000 per year
Equity Delivery 0.15%
Equity Intraday 0.015%
Equity Futures 0.015%
Equity Options ₹35 per lot
Currency Futures ₹20 per lot
Currency Options ₹20 per lot
Commodity Futures
Commodity Options


Ventura Brokerage Plan – Plan 72000
Segment Brokerage Fee
Monthly Fee (Fixed) ₹72000 per year
Equity Delivery 0.10%
Equity Intraday 0.01%
Equity Futures 0.01%
Equity Options ₹18 per lot
Currency Futures ₹20 per lot
Currency Options ₹20 per lot
Commodity Futures
Commodity Options


Ventura Demat Account Charges

The demat account transactions are levied separately from trading charges. Here are Arihant Capital demat account charges 2019.

Features of Ventura Securities Demat Account

  1. Four different demat account options (two with POA and two without POA) to meet diverse needs of customers. Option to switch between schemes.
  2. Get Lifetime Free AMC Demat Account with one-time deposit of Rs 3000.
  3. No stamp duty charges on transfer of securities held in demat form.
  4. Dividends credited repeatedly in associated bank account.
  5. Hold mutual funds in the same demat account.
  6. Local customer service through branches, sub brokers and franchises.
  7. Option to convert physical share certificate into demat through branches.


Sr Particulars Scheme A Scheme C
With POA With POA
1 Documentation Charges ₹300 ₹300
2 Refundable Deposit (Non Interest bearing) NIL ₹3000
3 Account Maintenance ₹400 (Yearly) Nil (Life Time)
4 Custody Charges Nil Nil
5 Dematerialisation Charges ₹50 per request ₹50 per request
6 Rematerialisation Charges ₹50 per request ₹50 per request
7 Transaction Charges
With VSL (Buy) Nil Nil
Within VSL (Sell) (Market & Off market) ₹10 ₹12
Outside VSL (Buy) Nil Nil
Outside VSL (Sell) (Market & Off market) ₹50 or 0.05% of value whichever is higher ₹50 or 0.05% of value whichever is higher
8 Pledge Creation ₹50 ₹50
9 Pledge Closure Nil Nil
10 Pledge Invocation Nil Nil


Transaction Charges

Segment Transaction Fee
Equity Delivery 0.0038%
Equity Intraday 0.0038%
Equity Futures 0.0027%
Equity Options 0.075% (on premium)
Currency Futures
Currency Options
Commodity 0.0025%


Ventura Securities Margins

Trading Segment Margin Ventura
Equity Delivery 2x with 24% interest per year
Equity Intraday Upto 5x
Equity Future 3x
Equity Options Nil
Currency Future Upto 2x
Currency Options NA
Commodity Future 3x
Commodity Options


Ventura Securities Research

Being a leading full-service stockbroker in India, Ventura provides its clients with daily research tips, suggestions, trading calls and recommendations across multiple trading products. Its customers may choose to carry out their own analysis to verify the information provided by Ventura, but more or less, their precision level is quite better than the industry average.

Here is a quick look at the different Ventura Securities Research products:

  • Stock Ideas
  • Quarterly Analysis
  • Daily Pointer
    • Market Technicals
    • Currency Derivatives Tips
    • Value Picks
    • Event Calendar
  • Mutual Funds Pointer
  • Commodities Pointer

As per the claims of the broker, a majority of these reports are refreshed on a regular basis and some of them can be downloaded, particularly the fundamental reports.

A number of data points such as top gainers, losers of the day, can be seen on their website but specific information is made available to the client base through email, SMS and trading platforms.

The Conclusion – Ventura Securities Review

Ventura Securities is one of those stock brokers that go to any possible extent to save a secured space for themselves in the Industry. Yes, they have been in the industry for a while, however, their main focus appears to be on diverse aspects. Due to this, they have made the things intricate.

For example, charging for the trading platform and expecting clients to garner at least ₹3500 of brokerage in a year takes away the attention of beginners and small traders.

In other ways, they want grave traders only who carry the capability to generate regular revenue to their business. Keeping this in mind, if they expect significance from their client base, their customer service must be one of the most appreciated too. On the adverse note, they provide one of the sub-standard services and support. Moreover, it’s quite complex in regard to Ventura Securities.

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